27 Easy and Doable Ways to Show Respect in a Relationship

Last updated on July 4, 2022 by April Maccario

Respect is a fundamental aspect of relationships that are healthy in nature. You should show respect to the ones you love because it shows how much they mean to you and how they’ve made a positive difference in your life.

Without respect in relationships, you may find that your relationships become stagnant and unhealthy. Instead, show your partner a healthy amount of respect as a way to demonstrate how much you love and care for him or her. If you cannot do this, you may want to work on some self-improvement to make yourself a better person for your partners.

So, as you explore respect in a relationship, make sure you really care about the well-being of your partner. If you don’t, why are you in the relationship? Find a partner you can show respect to, so you experience having relationships that grow and thrive from the benefits of respect.

This article will give you some practical advice on the best ways to show respect when in a relationship. This way, you will know how to treat someone to make them feel loved and cared for. Without these things, you may find you are lost in the world.

Ways to Show Respect in a Relationship

1. Keep your partner’s information private

Do not gossip behind his back or tell his secrets to other people. This is a sign of disrespect. Imagine what you would feel like if the person you were closest to shared your secrets or even laughed about them with someone else; you wouldn’t see that as a sign of respect in your relationship at all, would you? Treat your partner the same way.

2. Be appreciative

No one enjoys doing things for their significant other when they go unnoticed time and time again. Show him you value the little things he has done for you and your household by saying thank you with a smile. Be genuine about it if you want to do it right. If you can’t do it honestly and don’t feel grateful, why are you with this person? Think about it.

3. Look presentable for your partner

Usually, when you walk out the door and out into public, you dress right, so that you are presentable for the world. Your partner needs to feel like you want to make an effort for him as well. When he’s about to walk in the door, put some makeup on and make yourself look cute with a little outfit and something other than houseshoes! Show love!

4. Show your partner you need him

Ask for the help of your partner when you can’t reach something or need something fixed right. Show him you value his contributions in your life and that from time to time, you need his help with the little things. Illustrating to him that he is a valued part of your life will let him know that you really love and care about him. Give it a try!

5. Be encouraging

Be your man’s cheerleader! You want him to know that you are there for him to support him with anything he’s got going on. If he is up for a new promotion at work, be there to listen to his interview questions and be open to his concerns about the change in his life. That’s how you’d want to be treated if the roles were reversed, right?

6. Watch your manners when arguing

This is a very important part when it comes to having respect in your relationship. 

Don’t resort to name-calling, yelling, or being hateful when fighting. Practice compromise and never stoop to the level of making fun of your partner or showing him you love drama over resolution. If you enjoy being ugly with your partner, you may need to work on yourself.

7. Practice patience

Many people love talking and telling others everything that’s on their minds, but keep in mind that your partner may need to feel like he can talk to you about anything without interruption. This means that you need to show him you can listen and respect his opinion. That’s what mutual respect is all about - one partner showing real love.

8. Be honest

be honest

Another crucial element of being in a relationship with respect, being honest and sincere when you talk is something you must do. Don’t fill your relationship with lies and fictional stories. You will never feel secure with your partner if you aren’t honest about how you feel and what you think. You must be a trustworthy person if you want to be treated well. 

9. Spend quality time with your partner

We all want love from one another, so be sure to make time for your partner to show him that he matters in your world. Quality time is one of the five love languages, and many partners need this to feel complete in a relationship. If this is your partner’s love language, be sure to make time for him whenever he needs it - uninterrupted time!

10. Practice active listening

Active listening is much different than just hearing what one person says. Instead, it means you genuinely care about what the other person says, providing them with your full attention, allowing him to talk freely without interruption, and giving real feedback when he is done talking. This shows that you value and respect him in the right way.

11. Remember what’s important to him

Most people enjoy pursuing their hobbies, and that’s an important thing to recognize in relationships. If you want your relationships in life to succeed, you must allow your partners the chance to do what they enjoy doing when they want to without complaint or guilt trips. One person cannot live happily under the opposite conditions.

My man just recently went on a fishing and hunting trip, something I would not like to be a part of since I don’t enjoy the outdoors. For one reason or another, I wasn’t thrilled about the timing of this trip, but he went ahead and went. When he returned, I didn’t make him feel guilty or ashamed for leaving when I wasn’t happy about it. 

I did this for a couple of reasons. First, in our relationship, I don’t see any point in harping on issues that are in the past, things that I can do nothing about in the current moment. Instead, I’ve learned to let go of my “nagging” instincts. Second, once something has passed, why nag about it? Look at the positives in life instead.

12. Don’t be overly critical

Back to what I just said about respect in a relationship, you can’t expect to be treated well if there isn’t mutual respect. You need to let the person you are in a relationship with know that you will allow them to be themselves with no repercussions. You wouldn’t feel comfortable in your own skin if you couldn’t be yourself around your partner, right?

Think about it this way. You forgot to make the bed, something that’s important to your partner. This doesn’t mean you are being disrespectful or mean; you just forgot. Your man may mention it if it makes him feel annoyed, but what good does nagging do after mentioning it once? It’s just petty, and that is not a sign of respect in a relationship.

13. Respect his boundaries

When your man needs his space to do his business or watch his favorite program (or even just collect his thoughts with you not rambling in his head), give it to him! Let him have the space he needs in the relationship as a beautiful symbol of respect and care.

14. Do not be cruel to your partner

It’s easy when you are angry to say hateful things to one another. You may easily become sarcastic or bring up stuff from the past. Do you really need to mention his ex-girlfriend when you are in a fight? That is not a sign of respect at all. 

15. Be a supportive partner

Unfortunately, in all our lives, we go through strife. We need one another as a source of comfort and support. Make sure you are there for him when he needs you to be. You would want him to treat you the same way, right? Be respectful and demonstrate genuine care by being his rock.

16. Allow your partner to do the little things for you

allow your partner to do the little things for you

Some guys are very old-fashioned, and it may seem pretty dumb to you, but let him do what he wants. If he thinks it’s important for the guy to be the one driving or opening doors for the ladies, just let him with no complaints from your mouth. These little things shouldn’t mean much in the grand scheme of life.

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17. Let the small stuff go

Don’t harp on the small stuff when you could just as easily let it go with no complaint. What does it matter if he throws his dirty socks on the ground? Yes, it’s annoying and inconsiderate when he could easily use the hamper, but does this topic really warrant an annoyance from you? Think of the big stuff (the good things) he’s done instead.

18. Be positive

Everyone has bad days, but don’t take it out on your partner. You may be irritable and look forward to venting to him, and that’s okay. Just don’t be excessive about it, or he won’t want to come home! Treat him like a human being, not a sounding board for your irritations that happened while he wasn’t around.

19. Be on your partner’s side

When it’s time to take sides against his family or friends, always stand next to him.

20. Don’t hold grudges

When something happened in the past, just forgive him and leave it at that. You don’t need to excessively bring old stuff up. Practice easy forgiveness instead.

21. Apologize when you are in the wrong

Admit when you’ve done something wrong. Apologize with no hesitation. Don’t let your pride get in the way!

22. Value the opinion of your partner

Who he or she is should matter to you. If it doesn’t, why are you even in the relationship? Ask yourself that, and start showing respect by valuing who he or she is.

23. Take responsibility for your actions

We all mess up, and it’s easy to cover it up, acting as though nothing happened. Don’t do that. Own up to the things you do so that you demonstrate a high level of humility and respect to your partner.

24. Give your partner room to vent 

give your partner room to vent

Give him space to voice his complaints and opinions. We all need that, so be there for him when he needs you. Don’t just allow him to complain when you are distracted or something. Give him your undivided attention and really listen to what he has to say.

25. Be empathetic

Put yourself in his shoes to demonstrate how much you care and love him. Try to feel what he’s feeling, so you can better give him an appropriate response that shows you really listen to his problems or concerns. 

26. Compliment your partner

Be boastful when it comes to the wonderful traits of your partner. Brag on him to others and tell him all the things you value about him so that he knows you notice all of this. Don’t forget to tell him all the great things you know he does for you! It’s important for you to recognize his strengths and give proper appreciation to him for what he’s done.

27. Don’t talk down to your partner

Never treat him like a child or someone unimportant. Don’t be dismissive, but instead, be open and willing to hear what he has to say to you. He’s taking the time to be there for you; why wouldn’t you do the same for him?


How important is respect in a relationship?

Respect is a monumental element of any relationship. Without it, you can expect to find constant strife and doubt in what could be a positive partnership. Don’t you want to be with someone who makes you feel loved and valued in life? Just implement respect to see everything change positively!

What are signs of disrespect in a relationship?

Criticism, sarcasm, name-calling, and shouting are all signs of disrespect in a relationship and should be avoided. Think about who you value and respect the most in your world, and try to treat your partner in that way. He or she deserves it, or why are you with them?

How do you get respect back in a relationship?

Begin by trying one of the suggestions listed in this article. It won’t be easy, but if you start with just one of the things in this list, you can eventually succeed in building respect in your relationship again. Just don’t let disrespect take over things.

How do you show respect to someone?

You can show a person you care about them in a healthy way by letting them know you value who they are. Do this by talking to them like a person should - with quality words. Do not talk down to them as you might to a child.

What is disrespect in a relationship?

Often, one partner shows another disrespect by talking to them as if they always know the better answer. Instead of behaving like that, try to implement compromise with your partner, showing that you value their opinion and love them. You may find you have more success with honey than vinegar.

To Sum Things Up…

When you are with your partner, try to show him respect if you want to continue in pursuit of a healthy relationship. Consider how you would want to be treated and act like that with your partner. What are your thoughts on the subject? Please share in the comments!

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