Reading Men’s Body Language Of Attraction (37 Striking Signs He’s Into You)

Last updated on June 17, 2022 by April Maccario

Body language is something that we all do unintentionally. We often don’t stop to think about the way we’re standing, or how we’re holding our hands. This makes it easy to tell what a man is thinking and whether he’s attracted to you. 

Men show specific signs of attraction depending on the type of attraction. For example, the body language of sexual attraction will look different than being interested in getting to know someone. 

This makes it important to understand what body language to look for, and to be able to interpret it properly. These 37 signs show that he’s into you, and I’ll help you determine what he’s interested in. 

Men’s Body Language Of Attraction

1. Open Legs

If a man is giving you the eye and then uncrosses his legs, those open legs are a sign that he is sexually attracted to you. He’s showing off the goods, so to speak. This is also an invitation to determine if you’re thinking the same thing. If you are, let your eyes wander a bit. 

2. Staring

If a man is staring at you, you can trust that he’s interested. Men look at women that they like. However, you’ll need to pay attention to determine what he’s interested in. If you notice him staring at your lips or other areas that are sexual, like your butt, he’s sexually attracted to you. When a man makes eye contact and stares into your eyes, it means that he’s interested in you, not just your body. 

3. The Dominant Stance

When a man is interested in being intimate with you, he takes a more dominant stance than one that is interested in dating you. You’ll notice that he stands with his legs apart, his shoulders back and his chest slightly puffed out. This is one of the more obvious body language signs to keep an eye out for. 

4. Leaning Forward

People lean forward when they are interested in something. You’ll notice a guy leaning forward when you speak if he’s truly attracted to you. 

5. Smiling


Smiling is one of the biggest body language signs that a guy is into you. He’ll flash those pearly whites as soon as he sees you looking his way. This is because he likes you and wants to catch your attention. 

6. Open Body Language

Open body language consists of him opening his legs, leaning back, and uncrossing his arms. It means that he might be open to getting to know you. 

7. Adjusting Himself

When a guy is sexually attracted to you, things can get a bit uncomfortable down there, especially when he’s wearing tight pants. Interested guys might also want to draw attention to the area to see how you’ll react. 

8. Hands On His Hips

This is not a commonly known stance for the male body language of attraction, but it is a sign that he likes you. Be wary of this, though. It can also signal that he is feeling argumentative and can be a dominant stance as well. Watch for other body language signs to make sure that he likes you. 

9. Raised Eyebrows

When men are interested, they accidentally raise their eyebrows. Most people do this when they find something interesting. This doesn’t necessarily say that he’s sexually attracted, though. A man might just think your hairstyle is amazing or find your demeanor impressive. Keep an eye out for other signs to be sure. 

10. He’s Nervous

Men, especially shy men, get nervous around girls that they like. You’ll know that he likes you if he starts to squirm as soon as you walk into the room. He will wring his hands, fidget more, and get obviously nervous. These men might intentionally divert their eyes or avoid eye contact. This is because they like you, though. 

11. Feet Pointed Towards You

You’ll know that he is interested in you if he always points his feet in your direction. This requires keeping an eye on his body language. If they are already pointed in your direction, that doesn’t count. Instead, he’ll move them in your direction when you take a seat. 

12. He Suddenly Looks Better

he suddenly looks better

Even if he looked good before, he’ll look ten times better when he wants you to want him. His hair will always look good. Clothes will be on point. He’ll look good from head to toe. 

13. Lips Part

When you make eye contact with him, keep an eye on his lips. If they part while your eyes are locked, it means that he is attracted to you. 

14. Nostrils Flare

Men don’t make an extra effort to do this one either, but it happens. When his lips part and he’s lost in your eyes, his nostrils will flare. 

15. Friendly, Open Face

The end result of those small signs of male body language all coming together is that he has a friendly, open face. His whole face will appear more open. The flared nostrils might not be attractive, but consider it a good sign that he would like to get to know you.

16. He Touches His Hair

A guy with messy hair will ruffle his hair while men with a more polished look will take the time to smooth their hair. This is because he will want to look good for you. Most men do this subconsciously when they like a girl. 

17. He Wants You To See Him Checking You Out

Some guys will hide the fact that they are checking you out while others will let you see their eyes wander up and down your body, stopping at their favorite parts. He not only lets you see him do this, but he will also make sure that you notice. It’s because he wants you to know that he is sexually attracted to you. 

18. He’ll Touch You

he'll touch you

If he’s already familiar with you, he might put his hand on the small of your back to guide you. Men that don’t know you will “accidentally” touch you. It’s not an accident though. 

19. He Points His Body In Your Direction

Both men and women often point their knees, feet, and shoulders towards something they are interested in. If a man is suddenly turning towards you, it’s because he is interested in you. 

20. He Tilts His Head When You Speak

Unless you’re talking about something he’s really interested in, he’s doing this to express interest in you. The head tilt means that he’s fascinated with you. 

21. Mirroring Body Language

Guys that aren’t displaying body language on this list might not be because they are mirroring yours! This is a common thing for one person to do when they like someone else. They will mirror all of their movements.

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22. Blushing

When he spots you, his heart rate instantly increases. This leads to an increase in circulation, and his cheeks will turn an adorable rosy red. 

23. Smiles Get Larger

When a guy is in your friend group, you’ve already seen him smile. When he’s attracted to you, his smile will get larger when you’re around. Instead of a quick grin, expect him to smile ear to ear. 

24. He Suddenly Can’t Communicate

Guys that get nervous around a woman tend to lose all communication skills. It’s because their nerves are on edge, their heart is beating a mile a minute and they just can’t find their words. 

25. He Scoots Closer

he scoots closer

Maybe he’s got a huge crush on you, but he’s too shy to initiate touch, like brushing up against your arm. In this situation, he’ll scoot closer toward you. 

26. He Listens To Every Word

Guys that are interested in a girl beyond a sexual conquest listen to every word that they are saying. They want to learn about you, your story, and your future plans. This is because they are mesmerized by you and they are probably trying to determine if you are compatible. 

27. He Pulls Up His Socks

Long ago, most guys wore suits. Because of this, it was common for their dress socks to constantly slide down, resulting in them constantly pulling them back up. The traditional business suits have faded in favor of jeans, but the sock pulling has lasted. It’s because he is fidgeting and definitely wants to look nice for you. 

28. He Smooths His Shirt

This is subconscious grooming, similar to the way that he will fix his socks or his hair when you’re in the room. It’s usually related to him wanting to look good for you, or it may be because he’s feeling self-conscious and nervous. Either way, it’s a sure-fire sign that he’s into you. 

29. Explosive Laughter

The laughs always get louder when you’re around. It’s because the guy that has his eye on you is trying to make you aware of his presence. He could be trying to get your attention too. Certain zodiac signs are known for getting someone’s attention when they are interested in them. 

30. Exaggerated Movements

Instead of simple open body language, expect boisterous movements. These guys get carried away with everything as they attempt to be the center of attention. It’s not just the laughter, it’s the hand gestures, etc. Every movement is more than it should be. They want you to look their way. 

31. They Stare A Lot

they stare a lot

Certain signs will actually not make a move at first. Instead, they seem to study you. This is because they are studying you. They are watching for signals that you like them and determining what it will take to impress you. It’s also because they are trying to decide if they want to date you. 

32. He Doesn’t Turn His Back On You (Literally)

When a guy is into you, he will rarely turn his back on you. Perhaps you’ll see it while he’s walking to the bathroom or to grab you a drink, but that’s about it. Instead, you’ll notice that he’s almost constantly facing you. 

33. He Gets Softer Around You

If he’s known for being the tough guy, you might just be bringing out his sweet, sensitive side. He says nicer things, and his body is not as tense around you. He’s trying to show you his gentle side. Guys tend to lose that rough exterior when they start to open up to a girl. This might not happen in front of a group of guys, but it will when you’re spending time one on one. 

34. He’s Always Around

Even if he’s not talking to you or dancing with you, you can’t help but notice that he’s always right there next to you. He slides up to the bar to order a drink at the same time, started sitting next to you when you’re out with a group of friends, and so on. 

35. He Acts Differently When You’re Around

Sudden changes in his behavior start as soon as he sees you. Those little changes, like a louder or softer voice, signal that he likes you. He may be more outgoing or suddenly go from wanting to be the center of attention to being more reserved. One way or another, he always acts differently when you’re there. 

36. Scared Guys Will Have Closed Body Language

This man is sending mixed signals. He seems to like you, but when you enter the room his body language is closed instead of open. This is actually a huge sign that he’s really interested in you. 

The closed movements are because he’s scared to make a move just yet. Give it time, and he’ll open up. When that does happen, expect him to act nervous or anxious while he builds up the confidence it takes to make the first move. 

37. He’s Out To Impress You

he's out to impress you

Whatever he finds out you like, he can suddenly do it. If you love dancing, he’s a master on the dance floor. Even if nothing is said, you’ll find that his body language is meant to be impressive. 


How do you read men's body language with signs of attraction? 

Reading men’s body language of attraction involves paying attention to everything that they do. They will be open, stare at you, point themselves towards you, and show that they are into you. Reading a man’s body language involves paying attention to his actions, facial expressions, and gestures. 

How do you tell if a man is attracted to you?

You can tell by reading his actions. He will stare at you as though he is staring into your soul. Men’s body language often includes his facial expression, which will be open, his stance, which will be dominant or open, and his movements, which might be nervous. 

How do guys show attraction?

Guys show attraction by striving to impress you, such as by splurging or showing off. They will also puff their chest out, stare at you, and might make an extra effort to touch you. Guys will want to be close to you, even if that just means sitting next to you. 

What body language shows a guy in love?

A guy in love will be more intimate. He’ll want you to know you’re the one by staring into your eyes, pulling you closer, and being more affectionate in general. He’ll also go above and beyond to do things for you, whether it’s fixing the house or buying flowers. 

How do you tell if a guy is a player?

When a guy is a player, he’s emotionally closed off. He gives you the impression that he’s hiding something, such as never being on his phone around you or only answering calls at certain hours of the day. You will never meet his close friends or family.

In A Nutshell...

When you’re attempting to read his body language, it’s important to pay attention. How do you know when a guy is attracted to you based on his actions and not his words? Is there one particular thing that you look for?

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