Quality Time Love Language (7 Impactful Ways)

Last updated on June 15, 2022 by April Maccario

When it comes to interpreting affection to friends, loved ones, and your significant other, you’re going to need the knowledge of love languages to put you through. 

Thankfully, quality time, which happens to be one of the most famous, is easy to interpret. Some might say the quality time language of love is being around your better half all day or watching a movie together. 

However, it’s much more than that. It’s about the attention you’re giving to someone while communicating with them. This article provides a brief overview of everything you need to know to show love through quality time.

7 Quality Time Love Language Tips

1. Pay attention and have eye contact

Pay attention and have eye contact

People often think that quality time has to do with spending ‘time’ with a loved one and nothing more. However, what’s more vital is what you’re doing with that time. You need to ensure that you’re paying attention to that person, but this cannot be successful without eye contact.

Looking directly into your partner’s eyes when both of you settle down to talk about each other’s day will mean much more to them than you just sitting and listening. Eye contact shows that you’re listening, and you’re concerned about what they have to say. 

Even better, it makes them feel important, the more important they feel, the more love you’re communicating to them. If you sit beside your better half and decide to scroll through your phone or play with an item while your partner talks, they’ll eventually feel that you don’t care about them. This, in turn, will make them feel less loved. 

2. Be present

The ups and downs of life can leave a person emotionally unstable and at the same time, life gives many people golden opportunities to connect with their partners at such times. 

The best you can do when your better half is going through a tough time is to show up and be there. You don’t have to put the pressure of fixing the problem on yourself, because not every issue can be resolved immediately, or even at all. 

The most important thing that your partner will cherish is the fact that you’re available when they need you the most. Encourage them with your words, help them when needed, and, if necessary, be with them without saying a word. The attention you’ll be giving them will be enough encouragement for them to get through their challenge. 

3. Focus on the present

Focus on the present

Tomorrow is unpredictable. No one can tell what exactly would happen, and how events will turn out. With so much left unknown, the only thing that anyone can focus on is the present. If you know your partner’s primary love language is quality time, you should focus solely on spending time with them now, rather than postponing it till tomorrow. 

If you have free time, invest it in building your relationship with them, because you might be too busy tomorrow. The more you keep postponing spending time with your better half, the less loved your partner would feel. 

It’s also essential to be mentally present at the moment, and enjoy it to the fullest, rather than thinking of what you would rather be doing. Cherished memories are only created when everyone is making efforts to make the moment count.  

4. Be an active listener

Another important aspect of quality time is active listening. It shows that you’re not only passing the time with your better half, or doing it because you have to, but you’re concerned about what they have to say. 

Active listening incorporates all aspects of your senses. In turn, your body language will reveal that you can relate to what the person is saying. It will also make you express genuine care. The most crucial thing people who want quality time crave more than anything is to feel understood. They don’t necessarily want advice or opinions except they outright ask for it. 

Engaging active-listening in your conversations like leaning towards your better half, asking relatable questions, and agreeing with their statements would go a long way in making them feel loved. You don’t have to have all the answers, simply asking for clarification will make your partner know that you’re genuinely concerned about what they’re saying.

5. Make a routine

Most times, it’s hard to maintain healthy quality time with your better half. It’s even normal to forget about it mostly when you’re carried away by life’s worries. Nonetheless, making a routine will keep you one step ahead. 

Maintaining a daily routine with your partner will naturally become part of your everyday life, as long as you do the needful. This routine could be as short as five minutes every day, making sure you spend time with your better half. 

You could go for a walk, or do an activity both of you love. It could even be as simple as sitting down to have casual chit-chats. This act is otherwise intentionally choosing to spend quality time with your partner, and they’ll value the effort more. 

6. Have intentional time together

Have intentional time together

Everyone expects quality time to happen without any artificial help. Indeed, the best type of quality time occurs naturally, but sometimes, it’s essential to go the extra mile and be intentional about it. 

You can decide to do this in small measures, and make time from your busy schedule to talk to your partner. Or, you can make more extensive efforts by planning a special outing to a place where both of you can spend time together.  

The anticipation that builds towards getting to spend quality time together is what communicates love to your better half. To them, it’s not about the outing, but the thought behind it. Being intentional about how you spend quality time together will show your partner that you care about them. This act will communicate love better than waiting for quality time to happen naturally. 

7. Quality is important

Quality time has often been misconstrued for the quantity of time spent. People tend to feel like the love language quality time should be interpreted by spending most of their time with their significant other. This, in general, would not make your better half know they’re loved. The most important thing to do is to focus on quality and not quantity. 

Spending just a few minutes with your partner to do something meaningful will mean much more to them than spending an entire day without quality interaction. It would help if you also strive to keep up to date with all the latest occurrences in their life. 

Whether it’s as insignificant as narrating how boring their day went, know that every little detail matters in their life. These small acts of concern will communicate love to your better half in the best way possible.  

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Why is my love language quality time?

No one gets to pick what love language they want. These types of things happen naturally and are infused in our personalities. If your affection language is quality time, it means you feel loved when you spend time doing a meaningful activity with someone.

What is quality time in a relationship?

Quality time in a relationship means spending meaningful time with your better half. This forms the basis of a relationship, because the more time you spend either talking or doing something the both of you love, the more the relationship would grow. 

Which is the best love language?

There’s no competition between the languages because everyone is entitled to interpret love in their respective ways. What’s most important is getting to understand your partner’s love language and trying your best to effectively communicate to them in that love language.

What are the 5 different love languages?

According to Gary Chapman, the 5 love languages are quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, and physical touch.

What are the 7 love languages?

There are only 5 love languages: quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, and physical touch. All these can be respectively interpreted in different ways. 


Did you enjoy this article? To communicate this love language to your better half, you need to have a genuine mindset and desire to show affection and care to your partner. Please don’t forget to leave a comment below, and share this article with someone who needs it. 

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