Play Hard To Get With A Guy (9 Fun Ways)

Last updated on June 15, 2022 by April Maccario

If you’re interested in playing hard to get with someone, a crush perhaps, you should know that there’s a fine line between that and being difficult. You have to be careful not to chase him away with your little ‘hard’ games, so as to not make him feel like he is unwanted. It's exciting to mess around and not make yourself so easy to get with. 

Men love a little challenge in their lives; if you're too easy, he’d probably not do so much to get your attention ever, even lose interest. Sometimes you're choosing to play how to get just to see how far he would go to be with you, be careful because it can backfire. What you want is for him to work hard for you not to give up, so be careful how hard you push. After all, you like him, right? 

Everyone is different, you don't know him well enough to tell what his limits are. Pay attention to the signals he's giving off at every turn; it'll help you understand when to end your fun. Playing hard to get has to bring excitement for you both (that means he's feeling your vibe). 

Not everyone is patient enough to play around with someone they want a relationship with. That said, I will show you the best ways to play hard to get below, if you follow them, I’m sure the relationship will work out fine with time. 

9 Tips To Play Hard To Get Like A Pro

1.  Make him put in work into the relationship 

He has to want to talk to you and initiate things with you. This can be achieved by putting him in positions where he has to show that he is attracted to you and likes you enough to want to try everything within his powers to get your attention. Try as much as you can not to give in to his tactics, stall a little while. 

If this man is your boyfriend or partner, it's tricky. We don't want him thinking you don't want to be with him anymore, so whatever you do, keep him interested in you and reward him when he does put in the work you want him to. It's okay to ask for what you want to be done; as much as you want him to think for himself or study you, there is no harm handing out clues. 

Trust me, there's such a thing as too much work; if you stress this man even a little, he might get tired of trying to get to you. 

 2.  Be a tease 

Be a tease

This is particularly exciting to do, I mean, tormenting him with the idea of things that could happen when you both get together. You have to learn to be smooth with this by observing his body language. It would help you tell how he's taking what you're serving. Always keep in mind that things could go sideways, and that's not the intention

Try not to be too cautious about yourself around him, drop a few witty comments to keep the entire charade going. You don’t want him to think you don’t like him, or want a relationship; so even while you’re playing hard to get, make sure you’re not chasing the guy away.

To pull off being such a good tease, you have to be confident, mention the things you know he would want to do with you, but don't dwell on that. Sending him pictures of you in lingerie is rock bottom, but it is worth the shot, especially if you think he's that type of guy (freaky and all). 

That would get his attention, but then remember not to make a lot of reference to the photo; we're only teasing here! 

3.  Give selective attention

You can't completely ignore your partner or boyfriend just because you're playing hard to get in the relationship; it's very risky and could be interpreted to mean a lot of things. Pay attention to the usual day-to-day care you give each other but not so much to the things he wants (make him work for that). 

This entire process is supposed to be exciting for you both; you must keep him wanting, you don’t want to push him away. Add a little more spice to love life by not giving in to your partner all the time, throw in a little challenge here and there. Denying your man special attention would make him crave for you. You would probably be shocked how far he would go to get you to see him again. 

4. Wait for sex

If you've already had sex with this man, wait a while for the next one. As much as sex is lovely and exciting, you need to be very careful about it. Nobody, no matter how cool they seem, wants to be with a loose lady. Even when you're not trying so much to play hard to get, you should keep your pants on, not everyone should get in them. 

You need to have a good build-up before sex, making him wait would give him enough time to crave you. You don't want to wait too long, or he may lose the vibe entirely. Plus, the plan is to starve him a little, not to death. Take your time and let him work for it, especially if you’re not in a relationship yet. 

5. Don't be too available

You can’t be at your crush’s beck and call if you are playing hard to get. It's important to show that you have a schedule of your own and aren't lying around doing nothing. Let him see that your life can go on pretty well without a man in the picture. Avoid being clingy like a plague, that type of thing chases him away instead. 

Most guys are attracted to independent women, if you show that you have a job and are doing that, it’ll make him more interested.  It would be difficult, especially if you like this man but always wait for him to make the first move before you follow. If you want things to progress into an actual relationship, then you have to look and act the part as well. 

6. Be confident 

Be confident

When playing hard to get, you need to be your true self. Confidence is such an attractive force in a woman, even to other women. You need to talk to him confidently and mean what you say when you say them. He should be able to tell just by looking at you how comfortable you are under your skin. 

Confidence shows a person your ability to know what you want and goes for it regardless (you have a mind of your own). This man may want to poke you a little bit to find weak spots, don’t give home the pleasure of discovering it quickly. 

It’s such a good feeling when a man you like is giving you a lot of attention and doing the most just to get to you, and confidence is what pulls that type of energy from a man. 

 7. Express subtly 

Open up to him slowly, don’t rush into anything with this man but give him hope. Let him know that if he pushes enough, he might just get your attention. If you look even a little bit desperate, it could be a significant turn-off. Desperation on its own is already a lousy vibe that shouldn’t be brought to the mix. 

You could also give him some insight as to what happened at girls' night out but no juicy details at all. However, you cannot allow just anyone into your life without, first, vetting them. Be conscious of the type of image you're creating in his head about you when you're talking about yourself. 

Also, be aware that it's a bad idea to discuss your previous partners with this guy, no matter how tempting, leave a little to the imagination. Allow him to work hard to earn a position in your life; there's plenty of time for him to figure you out if this is going to progress into a relationship.

8. Don’t say you like him right away  

Wearing your heart on your sleeves and being upfront about your feelings could be a dangerous move to make, especially if you don't know this man yet. Allow him to be the one to make the first move on that. Be receptive to him, so he has the idea that there's a chance you like him

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You're not sure what he wants from you, it's wise to be patient and play hard to get to draw it out of him. Drop some hints and observe for reactions to them, it'll give you an insight into the type of partner he would make. 

Sometimes when a man is aware of how you feel about him, he may want to take advantage of that feeling. So, keep your heart and emotions a mystery for some time; instead, play games with him to see how deep he goes and discover what he wants from you. 

9. Look good 

It's no secret that men chase attractive women, but the chase is even more intense when you play hard to get. When you bring your A-game in respect to looks, it makes everything else you're going to play hard to get very effective. As much as you are investing in looks, remember they can't take you all the way. 

Strike the right balance between beauty and brains, you want him to fall in love with who you are, not what you look like, so captivate him with your nonphysical virtues as well. Show him how smart you are, your sense of humor, and other things that pick your interest. In all of your efforts, don't forget to be your true self.


Should you play hard to get with a guy? 

Playing hard to get with a gentleman makes the chase a lot more exciting. The games take his desires up a notch and make him desire to be with you more. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to know just how bad this man wants to be with you or what he wants with you in the first place. If you're already in a relationship with this man it helps add a little spice and keeps it going so, yes, you should play hard to get. 

Do guys play hard to get when they like you? 

Nobody wants to be labeled, “easy,” and that includes guys. They take their time when they like some to be sure they're feeling the right energy, so you should take your time as well. Guys play hard to get all the time, especially when they want to know how you feel about them as well. They do it too when they feel like that's what you're playing at, could happen as a defense mechanism

How do you play hard to get with a man you've already slept with? 

Oh, sis! You have to make him work for it next time. Don't just give in to him the next time he asks, make him wait, and keep luring him with the idea that you want him too (we both know you do). It's a lot harder with a boyfriend, but you've got this! Keep giving your man all the attention he needs but particularly not the one that he desires. Give it to him in Little doses and let him know it's because he put in work. 

How do you know if a guy is playing hard to get over text? 

He'd not text as often that's for sure, but even when he does he would only hint ideas and let you take up the conversation. Most of his text would be filled with emoji's to draw you out or give you ideas that suggest he wants to be with you. A guy would tease you a lot over text when he's playing hard to get, you'd have to ask direct questions to lure him out. All the while, he's dropping words that keep you texting him. 

How do you know if a guy is playing hard to get? 

He's playing hard to get if he makes you work a little extra to get what you want. A lot of guys result in teasing and pretending they don't want you a little bit. He would still initiate conversations with you and ask to spend time with you if he's playing hard to get. You can tell from the way he looks at you that he's into you but is just not making it easy. Watch out for his body language that doesn't lie. 

In Summary,

This article has exactly what every lady needs to help her play ‘hard to get’  the best way. All you need to do is apply the steps above, and you're good. I'm open to reading your comments, so drop them in the comment box below, and please share this article with your friends! 

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