Physical Touch Love Language Ideas (13 Playful Ways)

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There’s more than one way to express love, and until Gary Chapman wrote his book on the 'Five Love Languages', we were all just winging it. In every relationship, partners like to ‘experience love,’ in various ways and the different love languages serve as a guide to show many how to express love to a partner whose love language differs from theirs.

There are five different love languages which include words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, and acts of service. So, how do you know your partner’s love language is physical touch? Well, if you’ve been dating or married for some time, you’ve probably noticed which love language he appreciates more. 

If your partner’s primary love language is physical touch, then you’ll have to express that in more than one way. Physical touch doesn’t just end with sex; it’s the little things such as cuddling, spooning, kissing or even holding hands that matter.

That said, if you’re in a relationship with someone whose love language is physical touch, here are 13 ways to show him love just the way he craves it

13 Ways To Show The Love Language Physical Touch To Your Partner

1. Holding hands

Most people feel that physical touch has to be long, sensual and most times, lead to sex. Well, that’s not really the point of this love language, just a simple act of holding hands would make your partner feel loved and supported

If your partner is feeling down or is about to present something at work or in public, holding their hands and applying some pressure is one way of saying, I believe in you and support you no matter what.

2. Hugging

I love hugs, just one hug could do it for me when I’m feeling overwhelmed, down or a bit moody. It’s a physical touch that doesn’t need to be sexual; an intimate and meaningful hug could light up anyone’s day.  

Hugging is so simple, but it’s an effective physical touch method. You can start out the day by hugging your partner before he leaves for work, and do the same when he gets back. So how do you know if your partner likes this kind of physical touch? Well, there’s only one way to find out, right?

3. Kissing

This physical touch doesn’t have to be too passionate or intimate, a soft kiss on the lips before heading off to work would do the trick. When one person is traveling or visiting a place for some time, a few kisses on the lips before he goes shows him how much you love and miss him already. 

It may be a quick or brief kiss, but it still leaves memories of you on his lips long enough for him to feel valued and treasured by you. 

4. Sensual touches

Have you ever dated someone who just randomly worked their hands up your legs when talking to you? or rubbed your ears or trailed a fingertip around your lips and jawline? Yes? No? Well, you might want to try this if your partner likes physical touch. 

It doesn’t have to be too seductive; it could be a head rub, your hands trailing up and down on his thighs or pulling his toes when his legs are on your laps. 

5. Massages

Picture this, you get home before your partner, order or make dinner, then proceed to the bedroom for a mini-transformation. Get some scented candles, essential oils, clean white towels and petals, (if you’re feeling extra romantic) arrange some rose petals on the bed. 


So when your husband gets back, he undresses, has a nice dinner, gets into the shower and with his wet body, lies down on the towel for an intimate massage from his beautiful masseuse of a wife. 

Trust me, he’ll thank you for it later. He shouldn’t have to ask for things like this every time; you can switch things up every week, and let him have a feel of your hands on his body now and then. 

6. Tickling

This physical touch will definitely have your partner laughing, and it’s also a great way to lighten the mood. If he’s in the bedroom reading, or the living room watching a documentary, sneak up on him and give him a quick tickle from behind. 

Trust me; it’ll probably turn into a tickle fight, just ensure that you don’t overdo it. Give him time to catch his breath before starting again, and once he says stop up to two times, then it’s time to lay off. 

7. Sitting close together

Your partner is at home, maybe watching a TV program or reading a book, you don’t have to interrupt him or plan anything too sensual. If he’s reading, grab a book, and sit close beside him; let your arms and legs touch as you both sit there reading. (or not) 

Sitting close together

Sitting together silently is very intimate; you don’t need words of affirmation at this time, just the unspoken expression of closeness and intimacy. Even when your partner is in a bad mood, and you don’t know what to, just sitting beside him quietly with your hands touching his will show him how much you love and support him. 

8. Dancing

Have you ever put in a CD, or simply played a song from your wireless speakers in the kitchen, and invited your partner for a fun yet sensual dance? No? Then you should try it; it doesn’t matter if the music is slow or fast, you could create a playlist that mixes them up. 

A partner who loves physical touch would appreciate how much fun he is having being close to the woman he loves. Play his favorite songs, sing along, but don’t forget to maintain body contact, whether you’re moving with your hips or doing the cha-cha, keep your eyes and hands on him. 

9. A high-five or fist bump

Yes, a simple thing like a fist bump counts as physical touch, especially if he does it a lot. If you notice he likes encouragement like this, be the first to initiate it. When he’s team wins a game, give him a high five, when he gets a promotion, give him a fist bump before you hug and kiss him. 

This kind of contact is great for partners who like physical touch, but are a bit evasive about it. A fist bump would be brief and not too sensual, but would still pass the message across

10. Rubbing their back

Your husband is down with a cold or is feeling bad about something, of course, that’s not the best time to initiate sex. Take things down a notch and employ simpler ways of showing him you care. A gentle back rub would do the trick, let your hands go up and down his back slowly while you tell him everything will be fine. 

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11. Working out together

There are so many ways to incorporate touch into your daily activities, and working out together is a great choice. Picture this; both of you get into your gym clothes, set up the living room, then search for work out activities for couples

Working out together will encourage both of you to achieve your fitness goals, and also give you ample opportunity to touch, kiss, or hold your partner while burning those calories. 

12. Taking a shower together

Okay, so things might get steamy when you do this, but isn’t that the point? I know some couples don’t like getting naked in front of their partners, but it would actually improve intimacy in the relationship. If he has asked you before to join him in the shower but you declined, maybe it’s time to come out of your comfort zone.

Surprise him on a day he least expects it, and slide into the shower when he’s bathing. Take the soap from him, lather his sponge, and rub his back and chest sensually, trust me, that shower will last longer than you know. 

13. Make love 

So I said that physical touch is not all about sex, that doesn’t mean it’s not a major part of it. Here’s the thing, a lot of that tickling, back rubbing, massaging, and dancing may probably lead up to sex anyway. People who love this kind of intimacy would turn an innocent hug into a full-on sexual experience anyway. So don’t be afraid to initiate sex in and out of the bedroom.


What is a physical touch love language?

The love language of physical touch expresses love mostly in a physical way; this could include kissing, cuddling, or holding hands. Such physical closeness is what brings warmth to the heart of someone who loves physical touch. 

How do you give a physical touch love language?

It depends on the person involved, and most times, you learn as you go. However, you could start by hugging them passionately before and after they come back from work, give sensual massages, kiss their neck, forehead or hands, and even hold their hands in public. 

Can you feel love through touch?

Yes, a lot of people with love languages that are primarily physical touch and maybe quality time, feel love through touch. A kiss or peck on the cheek could be all they need to feel the warmth of love, care, and affection from their partner.

How does touch show affection?

People show and feel love through touch; it’s one of the ways to calm them down, encouraging them, teasing them, showing support, and of course, stimulating them sexually. A partner's physical touch could be one way of reassuring his spouse of his undying love and affection. 

What is a sexless relationship called?

A sexless marriage is usually referred to as a marriage blanc; which means there’s little or no sexual activity going on. Some couples have agreed to stay in such marriages either because of medical conditions. In contrast, others find that some disconnections in the relationship make them neglect this physical touch love language. 

On That Note...

I hope you enjoyed reading through this list on the different ways to express the love language; physical touch. Remember, to feel free to explore the kinds of touch your partner enjoys the most, and ensure you show them regularly. 

I’d love to hear your views on the topic, leave your comments below and kindly share this article with someone else who needs it. 

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