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When you're in the midst of a relationship meltdown, it's easy to get overwhelmed by emotion and take rash decisions. We're here by your side with research-backed and unbiased advice to help you get through it.
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April Maccario
August 29, 2022
Unforgettable Baecations (71 Perfect Ways To Do a Baecation)
Relationships can be boring when couples do the same things over again. The interesting thing is, not all couples find time to relax. While men are busy working and struggling to get more cash for their families, women are also busy with their careers and the kids. The same thing applies to singles. They get […]
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April Maccario
August 29, 2022
How To Stop Being Horny (13 Vital Tips To Control Yourself)
The last time I checked, being horny is an intrinsic part of humans. You don't have to feel silly or weird about it. As long as your body systems are functioning correctly, it's perfectly normal to have sexual urges. It doesn't matter what your sexuality or orientation is.  What's more, it's not wrong to think […]
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April Maccario
August 29, 2022
What Is Being A Lithromantic? (Top 17 Signs You May Be One)
Do you think you might be a lithromantic? Are you wondering what that even is?  You are not alone. Many people do not understand this romantic orientation. It is sometimes called apromantic or akoiromantic. It is on the aromantic spectrum. It just basically means that you are romantically attracted to people but do not want […]
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April Maccario
August 29, 2022
Is Sexting Cheating If You Are In A Relationship (21 Reasons Sexting Might Be Cheating)
It's now a virtual world, where most things depend on technology, including some relationships. Sexting is the act of sending explicit photographs and porn-related things through texts. Not every man feels sexting is cheating. Some of them feel it's just a way of keeping the chat interesting when other topics seem boring.  Why is that? […]
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Meet April

My name is April Maccario and I consider myself to be a big nerd when it comes to the inner workings of male & female interaction.
So much so, that I decided to study Psychology at University to give me a better understanding of the primary factors that drive...
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