Online Dating Guys To Avoid (10 Types Of Men To Avoid On The Internet)

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Online dating comes with many advantages. People get to talk to more than one person at a time and meet people from different works of life. 

More so, with many options, online daters get a chance to preview their options before they get serious and start a serious relationship

Meeting guys online might seem easy; simply swipe right, right? 

Well, the thing about meeting men on social media or dating sites is that not all of them are sane, or even good for you. Meeting a man online is the same thing as meeting one face to face.

So, if you are exploring the world of dating men on social media or other dating platforms, here are ten types of men to avoid. 

10 Types Of Guys To Avoid

1. The angry guys

A lot of men with anger issues mask their hostility for a long time. However, it takes only a second to reveal a person's true nature. 

An angry man is someone who is overly controlling, likes to shout, and makes unnecessary demands without considering boundaries. Hostile men also tend to be offensive, or verbally abusive when things don't go their way.

It's easy to spot an angry man though, but can be difficult in some cases. It's essential to observe how he presents himself to you, either through his profile or from the first chats you have. If he sounds condescending rather than conversational, then you should know he has anger issues. 

Also, if he's making unnecessary demands, and getting angry when you don't fulfill them, then it's clear he's a hostile man. At this point, the best thing to do is to call it quits and move on. Know that you'll never be able to satisfy an angry man, so it's not prudent to take yourself through that emotional rollercoaster in the first place.

2. The overly sad men

the overly sad men

Getting to know someone online is a bit different from dating someone in real life. First, online dating doesn’t reveal people’s attitudes, so it’s harder for women to tell when a guy is too moody.

However, there are some ways to tell; through their overly sad stories – whether in their bios, or through their chats, or when they talk about their exes, breakups, and sad life challenges. Any man that hasn't left his past behind isn't ready to include you in his future, which is why it's best to keep away from him.

You might feel tempted to help men like these through their struggles, especially if you've gone through something similar. However, before you embark on this mission, make sure you consider your intentions. It would be best if you didn't use another person's struggle to try to win them over. You should genuinely be concerned about helping them without any clauses attached.   

3. The players

Players appear charming but aren't, they're great with words and know how to make women feel special. They spend time getting to know you, help you with your flaws, and make you feel confident and beautiful. Meanwhile, they're saying the same things to several other girls as well.

The problem with players is that you don't realize that they’re wasting your time until it’s too late. You feel you've finally found your special someone, and you're turning down other men to spend time with him; meanwhile, it’s not what it seems. If you get a hint that the man you're dating is a player, then you should become more observant.

Players don't like to be caught, so if he gets overly defensive when you ask him questions and tries to pry in his personal life, then know that he might be deceiving you. When you've confirmed your facts, don't fall for his sweet persuasive words. Move on and continue searching for someone better. 

4. The ones that haven't gotten over their ex

You know that thing people do, where they date someone they don’t really like after a failed relationship? Some men online are only looking for rebound relationships because they haven't fully gotten over their exes yet. They keep dating one woman after the other just to fill the void, and with online dating, it’s so easy.

In a nutshell, keep away from men that cling to their exes. Rebound relationships usually have an invisible third party, which is the ex that hasn't been forgotten. Slowly, you might find yourself trying to outdo the ex, and create a better impression so your man can finally move on. 

What you don’t know is that you’re in silent competition with someone who isn't even in the relationship. A relationship where you have to prove your worth to your partner isn't a relationship to be in. 

You shouldn't be compared to anyone else because you're unique and different and you deserve someone who will see that. Understand that you cannot make a man forget his ex; he’s the only one that can make that decision. 

5. The cheap men

Dating involves a lot of investments, so if you’re finally meeting this guy physically, then money has to be spent. You have to pick a favorable location because this will determine whether or not there'll be a second date.

However, since it's the first date, the two parties would have to make each other feel special, even to the very least. This is why you should keep away from cheap men. Anyone reluctant to spend any cash on you, even to the barest minimum, does not care about you as much as you think. 

If they make you pay for everything you're getting, when they organized the outing, then it's a bad sign. For example, if you go for a coffee date, the man can order some coffee for the lady. 

If he demands nothing but expects you to order what you'll be eating, or even worse, orders something ridiculously small for you, and gets something large for himself, simply to ridicule you, then it's time to call it quits and move on. 

6. The hookup guy

the hookup guy

Online dating is different for many people, some men view dating apps as hookup sites and are only there to find someone to share a night with. Chances are, you might run into some of them sooner or later. 

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It’s best to keep away from them because they'll never commit. Check his dating profile, if it suggests anything about sex, then it's a bad sign. Also, if his first chat with you is about how sexy you look, chances are, he only wants to sleep with you.

If he's not trying to get to know you better but is more focused on how the both of you can meet up for late-night dinner, then it's a bad sign. Anyone who is looking for a profitable relationship will take their time to build one, and wouldn't rush into anything yet. 

If you spend your time responding to these types of men, you'll limit the time you can find someone worthwhile. So it's best to keep away when you come across them, or if they happen to find you.

7. The reschedulers

There is a category of men that are dating online only for the thrill of it. They love matching with women, making casual conversations, and having their dating profiles seen and pages liked by thousands of people. They have no real intention to build anything profitable, but will gladly lead you on, and schedule dates with you. 

There are understandable reasons why someone has to reschedule a date. However, if this happens quite regularly, then you should get suspicious about the guy you're dating. He might only be talking to you for the thrill of it or might be a phony that loves getting attention from women.

Whatever the reasons are, you don't deserve to be in such a situation. When the number of reschedules get far too suspicious, then call things quits and move on to find someone new. In the end, you'll be thankful that you didn't waste your time on someone who wasn't ready for anything serious.  

8. The narcissistic men

We've all accomplished something in life but in different magnitudes. Regardless of how little someone’s accomplishment is, nobody should make them feel insignificant. This is why narcissistic men are to be avoided. Any man that's so full of himself, and talks only about himself, will not care enough for you in a relationship. 

To him, everything is about how much of a great catch he is; and he will always use this against you when there's a little problem. He will remind you how every girl wants to be with him, and why you shouldn't mess up. He'll make everything revolve around him to the extent that you'll feel like a third wheel in the relationship.

If he's bragging about his accomplishments, and how much of a great guy he is, it's best to keep away and move on. In the end, not all that glitters is gold, he might only be bluffing to get your attention. It's better to find someone who will genuinely have your best interest at heart to cater to your needs. 

9. The scammers

There's another category of men women avoid when using a dating app. They feed off the needs and desires of women on dating sites and use them as avenues to request favors. If they feel you're lonely, they'll give you all the attention you need. If they know you're looking for love, they'll give you all the love you desire. 

These men will do anything to make you fall for them so that you can send them some money, but don't be fooled. Someone asking you for money on a dating site is already a bad sign. You shouldn't send money to a guy you just met and haven't seen physically. 

To test whether they're genuine, they should stay whether you give them money or not. Don't be under pressure to find love, so that you don’t fall into the hands of someone that will cost you your hard-earned money.

10. The 'love at first sight' squad

the 'love at first sight' squad

This last category of men can also be referred to as 'manipulators'. Though it's entirely possible to fall in love at first sight physically, it's impossible to fall deeply in love by only seeing someone's picture or by a first chat. Profitable relationships take time to build, and that means getting to know the individual intimately.

When this doesn't happen, it suggests that the person might be professing love to play you. In most cases, the reasons for their games aren't favorable to you. If a guy you just started chatting with is already talking about how much he loves you, then it calls for suspicion.

Try to keep away from these men as much as possible and don't fall for their empty words. Focus on finding someone who will take time to get to know you before genuinely professing feelings for you.


How do you know if a guy is serious about you online?

A guy that is serious about you online will take his time to know you, will reply instantly, compliment you, ask about your day, and more importantly, respect your boundaries. His consistency will reveal his interest. 

How can I date online without getting hurt?

The only way to date without getting hurt is by trying your best to keep away from men that will only waste your time. When you notice a red flag, the best thing to do is to immediately move on and focus on finding someone who will be serious about you. 

Is it OK to date someone online?

Meeting people online is a good option because you get to know some background information before making a serious move. The beginning stage helps you identify if you're a match with that individual, which saves more time than traditional dating. 

How do I protect myself from online dating?

The best way to protect yourself when meeting men online is by refraining from revealing too many personal details. Keep private discussions private until you're sure you're safe revealing such information to that individual. If you get suspicious about the person, then fall back and find other options. 

How do you know if a guy is no longer interested?

If a guy keeps your messages hanging or reschedules dates all the time, and replies reluctantly, then it's a sign that he's no longer interested. The best thing to do is to move on and look for someone new. 

In Conclusion

Did you enjoy this article? Not everyone knows how to date guys, and it's easy to get carried away by their flattery. Nonetheless, when you suspect that the individual you're texting is playing games with you, don't hesitate to call it quits and move on. Kindly leave a comment below and share this article if you liked it. 

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