Never Been On A Date (11 Important Tips)

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This article will tell you all you need to know about what to expect if you have never been on a date before. If you have been asked out on a date but you have never been on one before, you may be wondering what to expect, what you should do, how should you prepare and how do you act

It can be daunting but these tips will help the experience run smoother. 

The thought of having to talk to someone that you have never met before and maintain a conversation with this person for a whole evening can be really scary, but it is important to remember that everybody gets nervous before a date and you are not the only person to have ever found themselves in this situation. 

It can be hard to find the strength and confidence to go through with it and while it may be tempting to cancel, these tips can help you get through the date without any mishaps. Dating can be one of the scariest things if you have never done it before, but it is often a lot easier than you think it will be, especially if you meet the right person

I've Never Been on a Date: What Should I Expect?

If you have never been on a date before, you may be regretting even agreeing to go on one. There aren’t any set rules and you can’t know for sure how the date is going to go, but it will make it easier to plan some things ahead of the occasion to ease your worries. Keep reading for tips to make your first dating experience a little bit easier

1. Pick a setting that suits both of you

Pick a setting that suits both of you

Before you go on the date, make sure that you both agree on a place that you feel comfortable in. If you don’t fancy the idea of sitting in a restaurant or having drinks in a busy bar, then don’t wait until the evening to say so. If you don’t feel comfortable with the suggested location, suggest switching to somewhere else that may be less intense.

2. Ensure you have something to talk about

Starting a conversation with someone new can be one of the hardest things about going on a first date. Don’t worry, almost everyone has been in this situation at least once in their lives so remember that you are not the only one. Your date is likely feeling the same way too. If you find making conversation difficult, ensure to plan a little ahead of time. 

There is no harm in having an idea of what you want to talk about during your date and there is no way that your date will know anyway. Just make a little list in your mind beforehand of what you think that you would like to talk about whether it be your favorite music artist, your favorite Netflix series, or any mutual friends that you have in common with each other. 

Make sure that you ask each other questions too so that you aren’t the only one talking and ensure that you engage in what they have to say. If you do come up with a list in your head, don’t be too dependent on it and know that it is okay to steer away from it as other topics arise. Let the conversation flow naturally, and maybe avoid talking about politics, at least at the start. 

3. Don’t worry about the awkwardness

If you have never dated before you are likely worried about the first date being awkward. But there is usually no way to avoid at least some amount of awkwardness, especially if you have never met this person before. It is normal for every first date for them to be some awkwardness but this happens for everyone and your date is likely feeling the same way too. 

Don’t worry too much about awkwardness and instead just try and go with it and have fun instead. It is likely that you have looked your date up on social media, one thing to remember here is to avoid mentioning any random information that you remember when you were looking at his profile, as this is a sure way to make it awkward and weird between you. 

4. Be honest with your date

There is no point in lying about yourself during your date or pretending to act like someone you are not. They will find out eventually who you are so make sure you are honest about yourself. Don’t make up lies about yourself in an attempt to impress your date. They will probably like you even more for your authenticity and honesty anyway. 

While it is important, to be honest, there is no need to share everything about yourself on the first date. You don’t need to tell this person all of your deepest secrets and fears the first time you meet them, just make sure that you don’t tell any lies. If they find out later that you lied to them, they may not be able to put their trust in you any longer afterward. 

5. Be yourself

Be yourself. This is important. Don’t try and be the person that you think your date wants you to be. Be yourself completely from the start. Don’t try and change anything about your personality or try to be someone you are not just to impress your date. This applies to appearance as well as your personality. Be authentic and they will like you for it. 

6. Don’t rush anything

Make sure to lower your expectations for the first date, don’t expect too much, and don’t rush anything either. It is important to remember that it is just a first date and you are likely not going to meet your life partner on the first date that you ever go on in your life. Just relax and try and enjoy it instead and see what happens naturally

7. Don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable

Don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable

When you go on any dates in your life, even if you like someone, make sure that you never do something that you are not okay with or something that you don’t feel completely comfortable with. Be honest about what you like and what you don’t like. Make sure that you tell your date if things start going somewhere that makes you uncomfortable

Remember that you are not obligated to do anything that you don’t want to do. You don’t have to take things further than you are comfortable with. If you are not into someone, then ensure that you let them know. If they don’t respect your feelings or requests then get out of there and look for people that will treat you right instead. You can leave if you don’t feel comfortable. 

8. Put your phone away

Even if you are not having a great time on this date, ensure that you aren’t on your phone texting other people all of the time. If things are going well you must put your phone away and focus completely on your date instead. Enjoy the moment and have fun without any distractions, rather than wasting your time on your phone. 

There is nothing more annoying than when someone is trying to have a conversation with you and you spend all of the time checking your phone or your social media. Be present and be in the moment, otherwise, you may never realize that you have a connection with someone. Put your phone away and you can check it when you get home instead. 

9. Ensure that you are dating for the right reasons

One of the things to remember if you want to start dating people is to ensure you don’t rush anything and that you go on dates for the right reasons. There is no point in going on dates with someone that you don’t really like just to prove your friends wrong if it is the one thing that they might laugh about, etc. 

Ensure that you get yourself in the right headspace, ask yourself if you are ready, and talk to your friends in your life about what they think and how they can help you. 

10. Understand your fears

It is important to check in with yourself and ask yourself how you are feeling. Meeting someone new can be a scary thing so ensure that you actually want to do it before you go through with it. Instead of letting your worries and fears overcome you, try to find out where it stems from. Perhaps you even think you don’t deserve to find someone. 

When we are scared of something, our feelings can alter our behavior. To help this situation become easier, it is important to understand why you are experiencing these emotions in order to move on from them. 

11. Keep things casual

Meeting someone for the first time doesn’t have to be overly romantic or over the top. Keep things casual, especially if casual places make you more comfortable. If you are not a person that loves fancy restaurants, then ensure to go somewhere a bit more chilled. There is also no need for this first meeting to be really long, keep it short and sweet. 

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Don’t put any pressure on the first meeting, and instead, just try and relax and enjoy it. Take this time to get to know each other by talking about your lives and past experiences. It is better to choose a place that makes you both relaxed so that you can get the most out of the evening.


What should you never ask on a date?

You have a first date planned with someone that you are really interested in and you are worried about potentially saying the wrong thing. Don't complicate things too much, just remember to avoid asking anything too personal on a first date until you know that person a bit better. It is definitely never a good idea to ask someone about their ex on a first date as it will likely only kill the mood. 

What are good date questions?

It is never a bad idea to think of a few questions that you want to ask your date beforehand, but make sure that you don't overthink things either. It is a good idea to ask your date about their childhood, favourite pastimes and passions. If things go well, then you can move on to asking deeper questions such as their views on spirituality and philosophy, but test the water first. 

How do you start dating when you have never dated before?

Perhaps you have never been on a date before and now you have a first date planned with someone. It is normal to be nervous, but remember that nerves are also closely linked to excitement. Don't overthink the situation or stress about things too much, if things don't go well you never have to see this person again anyway. Be yourself, smile and try and have a fun time. 

What is the most important question to ask on a first date?

There are no set questions that you should ask on a first date, it is rather more important to get to know the person naturally. Try not to force the conversation and don't ask them anything that they seem uncomfortable talking about as it will likely only make the situation awkward. On a first date, it is a good idea to avoid deep, emotional questions, at least until you know them better. 

What a guy should never say on a first date?

When on a first date, it is a good idea to avoid talking about bad experiences that you have gone through in the past. A first date should be fun, natural and lighthearted. It is not likely to go any further between you if you talk about topics that are too intense this early on. Stick to learning more about their everyday life, their hobbies, work and family.

To Put It All Together…

Going on a date with anyone can be scary and nerve-wracking. However, if you haven’t ever been on one before, it can be even more terrifying. It is important to remember that your partner likely feels just as nervous as you do. Follow the simple tips above to help your dating life become easier and ensure that your dates run as smoothly as possible

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