My Boyfriend Has Bad Hygiene (21 Things You Can Do To Change That)

Last updated on June 7, 2022 by April Maccario

Whether your boyfriend constantly forgets about brushing his teeth or he’s always missing his daily shower, lack of personal hygiene is a tough issue to deal with in a relationship. 

Although many people will argue that there are a lot of bigger issues that could occur in a relationship, trying to get your partner to change their unhygienic habits is uncomfortable as it will often come across as a personal attack.

In this article, we’re going to share some of the ways you can encourage your partner to become more hygienic.

What To Do If He Has Bad Hygiene

1. Figure out the root of the problem

figure out the root of the problem

One of the first and most important things you need to do is figure out where the root of the problem lies because typically there will always be a reason for someone not taking care of themselves. Is your partner depressed? Is he struggling financially

Once you’ve solidified the reason why your partner is unhygienic, you can work on it. For example, if he’s financially struggling and you’re not, you can offer to buy him showering products.

Talking to your partner and being open is the best thing you can do when it comes to relationship issues of any type. Sit down with your partner, away from people, and share your concerns about his personal hygiene. Try to be as sensitive as possible to avoid upset. 

3. Buy him some bath products

A great way to not only treat your boyfriend but also encourage him to shower is by giving him some bath products. When you give him the products you can talk about how much you love the scent of them and you can’t wait until he smells that good.

4. Shower with him

Although this obviously won’t work all the time, you could make shower time seem more appealing to him by joining him. Whether you get intimate in the shower or not, showering together increases closeness and you might even be able to wash him while you’re in there!

5. Do the laundry together

If the problem doesn’t only lie with the cleanliness of the body but also of clothes, a simple way to tackle this is by doing the laundry together. Everyone loves fresh sheets and clean clothes, so after you’ve done laundry a few times together, your man will be inclined to continue doing it even when you’re not there.

6. Make yourself smell extra nice and be extra clean

You should lead by example and make sure you’re always super clean, smelling good, and wearing fresh clothes. Your partner will most likely want to match your effort and pick up his game if you are outdoing yourself.

7. Ask him to wash before being intimate

It’s perfectly normal for you to want your partner to be clean before you get intimate with them, so just simply ask your partner to hop in the shower before you get it on. You can always do the same so he doesn’t feel offended. 

8. Don’t kiss him unless he’s brushed his teeth

don't kiss him unless he's brushed his teeth

You don’t have to hack kissing him when he has bad breath, instead, make a point of only kissing him when he has brushed his teeth. He’ll get the message pretty quickly...hopefully!

9. Brush at the same time

If you make it something that the two of you do together, your partner will be inclined to brush his teeth. So, invite your partner to do it with you and he’ll be into the routine of doing so in no time at all.

10. Talk about how nice it is to feel clean

Feeling clean really is a great thing, so talk about it! Say how much you enjoy fresh sheets or how great you feel after a long bath, and maybe all your talk about it will make him want to join in on the fun and take care of himself too!

11. Bring some of your bath products to his house and leave them

Take around some of your bath products or skincare products to your man’s house and use them whilst you’re there, letting him smell how amazing you smell, and how great your skin looks after using them. Then, leave them there. Your partner will probably be intrigued and try to use these products whilst you’re away.

12. Tell him how important good hygiene is for job prospects

If your partner doesn’t seem to mind about hygiene when he’s in front of you, it might be something he cares about in front of other people. So, tell him how being as unhygienic as he is now isn’t good for his career and he needs to step it up for his colleagues or boss.

13. Don’t nag him about it

Nothing good ever comes from nagging, so don’t nag your partner about the fact he can’t take care of himself - this is only going to put him down and probably make it worse.

14. Make a joke about it

Your partner may respond better to humor, so make a lighthearted joke about his smell or the fact he doesn’t take care of himself. Although it’s a joke and he shouldn’t get offended, subconsciously the message should go through. 

15. Treat him to an aftershave

If you treat your man to aftershave and tell him how much you can’t wait to smell it on him, he’ll be inclined to use it and he’ll immediately start smelling better.

16. Make it obvious about showering when you get in

As mentioned above, you need to lead by example. So, when you get in, make it obvious that you’re going for a shower, and always do it. Your partner might either join you or take note of it and start doing the same himself.

17. Talk to him about it when you’re being intimate

Although this is typically not a great time to speak about any issues, this is a good time to handle a hygiene problem if you do it properly. For example, you could tell him how you’d be more into giving him oral if he showered more. 

18. Don’t get intimate unless he’s clean

If your partner is in dirty clothes and hasn’t washed in a while, just straight up don’t get intimate with him. He’ll soon learn when he’s most attractive to you.

19. Make being hygienic part of your routine together

make being hygienic part of your routine together

Make being clean something the two of you do together. Come home together, shower one after another, wash your faces, and do your teeth together. Do this over and over again and make it a routine.

20. Reward him when he’s hygienic

You can sexually reward your partner when he is hygienic. If he’s showered, smelling great, and wearing fresh clothes, let him know how much you appreciate it by going crazy making love to him.

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21. Compliment him when he is hygienic

Positive reinforcement is important, so make sure you compliment your man when he is being hygienic and taking care of himself, especially when you don’t have to encourage it.


What do you do when your boyfriend has bad hygiene?

All of the 21 points listed above will help you if you are dealing with your boyfriend having a lack of hygiene. You can subtly hint at how his cleanliness isn’t good enough, try to introduce hygiene products into his bathroom, and get him into a routine of cleaning himself. However, you may need to be completely honest with him and tell him why it bothers you.

Is bad hygiene a deal-breaker?

Although poor hygiene is difficult to deal with, it doesn’t need to be a deal-breaker straight away. You can increase the hygiene habits of your partner by using any, if not all, of the 21 points in this article. 

How important is hygiene in a relationship?

Personal hygiene is obviously incredibly important as an individual, and also within a relationship. In a relationship, if your partner has a hygiene issue you are going to be less inclined to be intimate with them and this can take a great toll on the connection you share. You may also be embarrassed by the way they smell or look in public, which also can cause problems.

How do you tell someone they have bad hygiene?

It’s difficult to figure out how to tell someone they have bad hygiene, but it’s important that you do. If you have tried subtly hinting and being lighthearted about the subject to no avail, you need to just speak to your partner. Talk to them in private, in a kind way in which they won’t think you’re attacking them, and just be honest about your concerns about their lack of personal hygiene. 

How do you tell my boyfriend he needs to shower?

If you take a look at the 21 points in this article you should get a number of good ideas of how to both encourage and tell your partner that they need to shower. You can start by subtly hinting at him, taking a light-hearted approach, and trying to get him into a more cleanly routine. However, if this doesn’t work, you’ll have to speak to him more seriously and tackle the problem head-on.

At The End Of The Day

After reading this article you should now be fully informed as to how you can not only tell your partner that they have poor personal hygiene but also how you can change their cleanliness. 

Did you like this article and find it useful? Let us know in the comments and feel free to share!

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