11 Of The Best Tips For Millennial Dating

Last updated on June 6, 2022 by April Maccario

Whether you’re a Millennial yourself or you’re dating Millennials, the modern world of online dating, the prevalence of dating apps and social media DM’s, and the lack of real-life organic connection can seem overwhelming

There’s also a common preconceived idea that Millennials are bad at dating or that it’s hard to find real love in a world that’s so digitalized. This isn’t true at all, and although it might be harder to generate a real connection with someone through a dating app, Millennials definitely aren’t as doomed as everyone makes them out to be!

In this article, we’re going to be sharing 11 of the best tips when it comes to dating for millennials. If you take the advice on here, open yourself up to the idea of finding love and you’re ready to prove to the world that being a Millennial, or being on the dating scene with Millennials isn’t a bad thing, you’ll find yourself in a joyful world of romance and happiness.

How To Date As A Millenial

1. Be open to speaking to people you don’t know

Most singles want to meet the one by bumping into them whilst they’re grabbing their morning coffee or striking up a conversation about the book they're reading on the subway, and the only way you’re going to make this a reality is by opening yourself up and talking to others that you don't know. If you see a cute guy at your favorite coffee shop, why not strike up a conversation? He might be the one for you!

2. Put down the phone when you’re out and about by yourself

put the phone down when you're out and about by yourself

Someone is going to feel much more open to the idea of talking to you if your phone isn’t shoved in your hand and you’re not scrolling aimlessly, so put down the phone every so often. For example, if you’re heading out for lunch alone or your girlfriends are late to meet you at the bar, try to pucker up the courage to put down your phone for a few minutes and see if anyone strikes up a conversation with you.

3. Don’t force the idea of meeting someone organically

Although it would be great to meet someone organically rather than through online dating, a lot of people deny themselves happiness by forcing themselves to think that the only way they will find happiness is organic. Yes, it would be great, but it’s not the end of the world if you meet someone through online dating - it’s about the connection you have with someone, not about the way you met them.

4. Join clubs and take on hobbies

One of the best ways to meet somebody that you’ll most likely be interested in and share similarities with is by joining clubs and taking on hobbies doing things you enjoy. If you’re doing things you’re interested in, you’ll not only meet new friends with similar interests, but you might meet a potential partner with similar interests.

5. Try out dating apps

Give dating apps a go and see if you like them or not. Some get on really well with using dating apps, and others don’t, but it’s a good idea to give them a try! Don’t expect the app to find you the perfect man straight away and don’t put pressure on it, but you should give them it a try! Why not?

6. Go to a speed dating event

Throw it back and go to an old-school speed dating event. When you try speed dating you might not only meet someone you actually really like, but you’ll gain confidence in speaking to strangers that you haven’t already connected with online.

7. Get your friends to set you up

Close all the apps and ask the people that know you best to set you up with somebody. Going on a blind date isn’t only super exciting and exhilarating, but you’ll probably be partnered up and sent on a dinner date with someone that you’ll get along with because your friends have chosen to put the two of you together for a reason.

8. Ask previous partners what you can improve on

As long as you’re on good terms with your ex, asking them what you could’ve done better can actually be really useful when moving forward and trying to find a long-term partner. You should try and learn from every relationship, so there’s no harm in asking.

9. Connect with people on social media

Although this is something everyone thinks Millennials do anyway, you should utilize your social channels to connect with people that you want to be friends with or even potential lovers with. You don’t need to go and download the trending dating apps if you don’t want to, instead, connect with people you think you’d like as a friend first on your socials.

10. Practice clear communication with potential partners

practice clear communication with potential partners

Honest, clear communication is something that’s lacking in modern relationships, so make sure that you try and practice it. You’re less likely to get hurt if you and a potential partner can actually communicate clearly about emotions and expectations from the beginning.

11. Recognize that it’s ok to be single

Finally, just make sure you recognize that it’s ok to be single. You don’t need to find a significant other straight away and you definitely shouldn’t have to force it. Take your time, show yourself love, spend time with friends, and get to know yourself before jumping in and looking for a potential partner.


Are Millennials dating less?

According to experts such as anthropologist Helen Fisher, there’s research that supports the statement that Millennials are dating less, having less sex, and getting into serious relationships much later in life. 

How do Millennials find dates?

Although people are still meeting organically by bumping into each other in bars or getting each other’s numbers on the bus, most Millennials use dating apps and social media to connect with others on a romantic level and find dates. 

Why are Millennials bad in relationships?

Millennials aren’t bad in relationships. Well, of course, some will be, but so will others that aren’t Millennials, and it’s unfair to generalize all of them. The millennial generation just has to deal with so many more factors than people would even two decades ago. For example, social media, hookup culture, changing gender roles, and dating apps. These things don’t make Millennials bad at dating, it just means that there’s more to deal with for them.

Do Millennials believe in love?

This is a really personal question, and it doesn’t really have anything to do with Millennials. A lot of people believe in love, and a lot of people don’t, it doesn’t matter if what generation they’re from because it’s about personal opinion.

Why Millennial dating is so screwed up?

This is one point of view, and although you might believe it, it’s not really the case. Millennial dating isn’t ‘screwed up’ as such, but things are different for Millennials, especially due to the importance and popularity of dating apps and social media. Rather than getting to know someone face to face, like people used to in the past, Millennials often get to know people over the internet before they even meet them, and the dating pool is endless because it’s not just who’s in the local area, it can be national or international.

To Summarize

Hopefully, after reading this article you’re more ready to take on the dating world, either as a Millennial or as somebody that’s dating a Millennial. Just remember, it’s actually not about how you meet someone, but it’s about the connection that two people share in real life together.

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