Meaning Behind Gifts From Men (11 Gifts From Men And What They Symbolize)

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In the early months of every relationship, we spend time trying to know about the other person. It doesn’t matter if it’s a friendship, romantic relationship, or marriage, there’s always that question of who the other person really is and what they like. 

This is where giving a gift comes in handy. Gift-giving is so important it’s a love language, and for some, a serious deal-breaker. Although the monetary value of a gift isn't always the most important factor, most experts on relationships agree that gift-giving could spice up the relationship.

Personally, I perceive gift-giving as a form of communication. In every form of relationship, there’s always a little issue of communication especially when there’s a kind of interest attached to it. This is why most men resort to giving gifts. But what do gifts mean? Does gift-giving automatically mean a guy likes you?

Don’t conclude too fast especially if you don’t know the guy so much. If you keep getting gifts from a guy and you don’t know the meaning of this gesture, let me take you through 11 popular gifts a woman gets, and what it could mean. 

11 Gifts From Guys And What They Symbolize

1. Jewelry

People generally love spending on quality things and gifts especially for people they care about. According to relationship experts, men don’t spend money on jewelry for women they don’t care about. When a guy buys a woman jewelry, it could signify his commitment to the relationship.

So, if you receive a beautiful piece of jewelry then you are special to him. However, it also depends on the type of jewelry, your preference, and how long you’ve been with him. 

If you get an expensive necklace or a pair of earrings after 5 years of a successful relationship when you were expecting to get a ring, that’s a wake-up call that he’s not ready for something more serious than dating.

2. Flowers

Flowers make you feel good. Scientifically, they’ve been proven to elevate your mood, improve intimacy, and fight depression. Receiving flowers from a guy could mean a lot of things depending on what kind they get and the type of relationship you have with him. So let’s take a little time to understand this more. 

Did he send you roses on Valentine’s or a special occasion with a little card that has a witty write-up attached to it? Then I must confess it's a really thoughtful and romantic gesture but that’s if you’re together or comfortable enough to be in a relationship with him. 

It shows that he values you and would want to have a more serious relationship with you. Did your male boss, colleague, or friend send you a bouquet of daisies or tulips? That could be a little appreciation gift for your time, dedication, or a little favor you did for them.

3. Chocolate

My yummy go-to gift is chocolate. It’s almost every woman’s guilty pleasure. Well, relationships gifts like chocolate are great, especially if you are having a bad day or something is bothering you. Men that gift women chocolates are very thoughtful.

It shows he really doesn’t know what to do to remedy the situation but he wants to see you out of the bad mood and happy. However, if you get chocolates only on Valentine's Day, it could mean he didn’t put much thought in the gift. 

But don’t get it twisted when you receive chocolates after complaining about your weight to him, that’s adorable. That’s his way of saying “no honey. I think you’re just fine.” And yes, I know it could be annoying. But you need that vibe. Don’t frown. *wink*

4. A book

The best thing about this kind of gift is that it begs for a conversation. Books to me are a way to open up or improve communication. So if the relationship you have with him has a dead end, the book extends it. 

If he is having trouble talking to you, he would use it to solve the problem. Plus, it’s a nice gesture from a friend, mentor, and colleague. Plus, gifts in a relationship don’t always have to be edible or luxurious, a book could help two people get to know each other.

5. Lingerie


Haha! If you’re a man and you’re reading this, think again. Gift-giving in relationships can be either selfish, thoughtful, or intentional. When a guy gifts a woman lingerie, it’s very sensual and intentional, but it could also be selfish or creepy

If you’re in a relationship and you get lingerie from your lover or spouse, we know what this means, and yes! THAT is sexy. But if you’re not in a relationship, getting a gift like this might be a bit creepy.

6. Perfume

Do you remember what I said about chocolates? The same thing goes for my love for perfumes. I know some people love the mild natural fragrance and that’s totally fine, but some women love a strong powerful scent.

It could be that he doesn’t like your present fragrance and doesn’t want to offend you by saying it directly, so he gets you a bottle of perfume. At the same time, it may just be one of those common gift ideas that always work for him without having to think too much. Or he could just be fond of scents and would like you to try one, especially the one he likes.

7. A household appliance

Getting a microwave or fridge is a thoughtful gift. It could be coming from a place of saving you the stress of having to get one or basically just saving you some costs.

I feel this kind of gift comes more from a man who really has your interests at heart. He sees you in another light, different from the way the rest will see you. He may give you a household appliance because he feels you need one especially if you told him you plan to get your own apartment or if an old appliance got bad.

8. A handmade gift

The thought here counts more, it may not mean he can’t buy you something more expensive. He may want to create the impression that not everything has to cost hundreds or thousands of dollars before it’s thoughtful. This is really positive and it happens with men that truly want something genuine.

If you’re not in a relationship with him, this shows that they listen to you and you’re of great importance to their lives. The case is different if you’ve both been in a relationship together. It’s going to be funny, romantic, and memorable especially when he knows you well enough.

9. Shoes

A nice pair of shoes could be as a result of his fantasies about you in different wardrobe outfits. Or maybe it’s a creative way of letting you in on what he likes as a person, but not imposing it on you. You know when they say people love to buy you what they love to wear. 

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Sometimes, I can sense a deep readiness from men to invest in women they are comfortable with so they buy basic things like shoes and bags just to see them look good in a particular way. Or they could see a random nice pair of shoes and think they would look good on you.

10. Concert tickets

concert tickets

Music calms the soul and relaxes the nerves. It’s proven by therapists to be a great way of relieving stress. Gift-giving that involves experiences rather than material things could mean so much more, depending on the woman.

If he gives you tickets to a concert or creates a playlist of your favorite songs or movies, he knows how important music and movies are and wants to have fun and create a lot of memories with you. 

11. Money

Gift-giving cash rather than something material could mean two things. A man could send you money when he feels you’re going through a tough time and he wants to help. But some of them may want to ‘invest’ with the ulterior motive of making you feel indebted to them so they can use it to ask for ‘favors’ or things you can’t offer

Also, they may have thought about getting you something but decided to give cash instead because they didn’t know what to get you.


What does it mean when a man buys you gifts?

A gift from a man simply means he’s trying to communicate something to you. It may be to date or marry you, be friends with you, or simply get your attention. 

Is it wrong to accept gifts from a guy?

Gifts are good, they make you feel happy and loved. If you’re in a relationship with someone, sure it’s safe but if you’re not, I would advise that you do not get frequent gifts from them especially if you do not plan on dating or getting intimate with them. 

What do gifts symbolize?

A lot of good things. it could be love, happiness, celebrations, or surprises. These are all symbols of gifts. They could also symbolize the beginning, end, or success of a relationship.

What does it mean when a man buys you flowers?

Gifting flowers is the easiest way of telling someone you were thinking about them. They could also be a safe and lazy option, especially when you get them too frequently. 

How do you test a guy to see if he really loves you?

Observe how he talks and says things to you and try to see how he treats you or your needs. Then think about the efforts he puts into always being there when you need him. But most especially trust your instincts.

In Conclusion

Most men are decent people, they always find ways to make their partners or female friends happy, and giving gifts is one way. I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope the few tips answered your questions. If you have any further questions, please drop them in the comment section, and don’t forget to share.

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  1. What if a guy has been looking for an old flame is whole life, hes already married to you but has still looks for her. He gets a job driving truck due to the job says he found her. Apparently they both work in the same industry. I found this out because one day I was on his laptop and saw he had done a flower shop search and so I clicked on the site only to find he had sent her red roses chocolates and a small bear to her about 3 or 4 years ago. In fact it was 4 days before he purchased a used car for me, about 4k. When confronted He says he sent flowers twice to her, once when someone she was related to died and her birthday. The gift I saw was the birthday gift. He spent more than 200 dollars. Later he lies and says he never said he sent her anything for the death of someone only her birthday. Says if I knew how he felt about her all these years I'd know why he sent them. Since she was working in the same industry and the amount of time he'd been looking for her and how crazy he was about her i assumed they'd been seeing each other or he was trying to get with her. I accused him of that he said that she's married and would never be in a relationship with him. I got the impression becauseshes a very moral person. I was going through the laptop in the first place because his sister brought up a friend, her best friend. Her best friend happens to be the wife of a very good friend he served with so he's known them about the same amount of time he's known me. So every time I went outside or to the store anywhere I was going to be awhile I came back to find his sister was in the bedroom. I was sitting at the table with them and they were each sitting on the opposite corner from each other. They were close enough that they were touching arms together and he was rubbing her arm with his other hand. 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Am I being obsessed with him as far as freaking out when he's in the bathroom right before bed downstairs and then again as soon as we go upstairs? Not one day but several in a row? What should I do. I love him but I can't live like this either. But if I leave what if it's worse?

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