How Do I Write A Letter To My Husband During Difficult Times? (8 Steps You Need To Take)

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Sometimes, nothing is better received than a beautifully handwritten letter with tonnes of emotion and love. If your husband or partner is currently going through a difficult time, whether the difficulty lies within the relationship you share or something in his personal life is really taking its toll on him, it might be time to get out your pen and paper and get to work. 

There’s something not only incredibly therapeutic about writing a letter to your partner and letting all of the emotions you feel spill out onto paper, but there’s also something incredibly special about receiving a letter, especially in a time where we’re always connecting through text, calls or social media.

Whether you want to send an array of love letters to your husband of the year or you’re ready to show your support for your partner going through hard times the old-fashioned way, this article is here to help. Let’s dive right in and take a look at the 8 steps you need to take when you’re writing a letter to your partner who’s having a bit of a tough time.

What To Write on Your Letter For Your Husband

1. Think about what you want to talk to your husband about

think about what you want to talk to your husband about

Is your husband feeling a bit low for no real reason? Have the two of you had a big argument that’s not yet been resolved? Perhaps he’s dealing with loss, or something groundbreaking has happened in his life? Before you even pick up a pen, you need to think about exactly what it is that you want to say to your husband. 

Ask yourself what the purpose of writing this is. Do you want to make him feel supported and loved? Or are you trying to fix something you’ve done wrong? Whatever the reason is that you want to write to your husband, make sure you know exactly what it is and what you want to come out of it.

2. Do a mindmap or journal

Once you’ve set your intentions for this letter, it’s time to get all of your emotions out and let everything that’s in your head, flow out onto paper. This is the most therapeutic part for you, as it allows you to get everything you feel off your chest and out into the open. Of course, this part is completely private and this will not be the final draft that you send your partner, so just let your emotions flow

Whether you prefer journaling about how you feel or you’d rather use a mindmap, just allow yourself to write freely. You will need all of these emotions to help with writing your final edit, so keep them safe.

3. Start the first draft

Once you’ve written out how you feel about this situation, it’s time to start your first draft. Like anything a writer produces, a first draft will never be the final edit, so don’t panic if you spell things badly or if your words don’t turn into sentences the way you’d like them to, just try and get the point across. Use your mindmap or page from your journal to bring your emotions into the letter, editing things down, and making it all more understandable.

4. Put yourself in your partner’s shoes

One of the most important things you need to do when writing a letter to your partner is to put yourself in his shoes. Imagine how he’s feeling at the moment and think about what he really needs to hear right now. Think about what you wish someone had said to you when you’ve been going through difficult times in your life. 

Even though you’re writing it, this letter isn’t really about you at all, it’s about your partner and telling him what he needs to hear at this moment in his life. No one going through difficult times wants to hear about how you feel or what you want, so delete any selfish parts of the letter - don’t add to the stress.

5. Let him know how much you support him

During hard times in life, everyone wants to feel supported, and this is exactly how you want to make your partner feel. You need to show him, through your words, that even though he might be dealing with things in his own head, he isn’t alone and you are right behind him, supporting him with anything and everything. 

6. Talk about the future

Dwelling on the difficult times is useful to no one, so make sure you don’t do that. Of course, you can mention how awful times are briefly, but this letter should be uplifting and positive, making your partner feel your love and support when they read it. 

One of the main features of your letter should be talking about the future and how life will get better and it will all work out. Talk about how you’re going to be the one to support him through these times and you’ll work towards a brighter future together.

7. Write your final draft of the letter

write your final draft of the letter

Once you’ve really thought about all of these points, and you’ve edited what you want to say multiple times, it’s finally time to get to work on the final draft. Everything from the paper you write it on and your handwriting to the letter’s content and the length of it is important, so give it your all and produce a piece of writing you know will really boost your partner’s spirit and make him feel loved and supported.

8. Act on what you’ve talked about

Once your partner has read the letter, it’s essential that you actually take action and do the things you said you were going to do. If one of the main points of the letter was to support your partner, then make sure you’re showing him support in daily life, or if you said you were going to change something, then change it. You need to actually show your partner how much you want to help him through this time, as well as writing it down.


How can I help my husband through difficult times?

You can help your husband through hard times by just being there for him every day, showing him that you support him, and letting him know that you are always there for him, no matter what’s going on in your own life. One great way to tell your husband all of these things is through a letter, and hopefully, after reading this article you’re going to grab your pen and paper and start writing.

How do I write a letter to my husband to save my marriage?

If you’re trying to save your marriage, writing a letter to your partner can definitely help. You should follow the eight tips in the article above, but overall, you just need to let how you feel spill onto a mind map or onto a journal page, then think about how what you want to actually tell your partner, think about what he wants to hear from you, edit it and give it to him. If you’re trying to save your marriage or rekindle the love, you’ll definitely have to put whatever you say in the letter into action in real life.

How do I write an emotional letter to my husband?

The best way to begin writing an open letter that shows your emotions are by journaling or mind mapping how you feel about him and the situation you’re in together. Of course, this won’t be what you will send to him, but just get every single emotion onto paper at first. Then, think about what you really want to say, what he wants to hear, edit it and give it to him. 

What to say to your boyfriend when he is going through a hard time?

If your partner is going through a tough time in his life, you need to show him that you support him, that you appreciate him, and that you’re here for him if he needs a shoulder to cry on or someone to show him love. He needs to feel like you’ve got his back always, but especially when he’s dealing with difficult things.

What is the sweetest thing to say to your husband?

The sweetest thing to say to your husband will depend entirely on the relationship you share together and what really has special meaning between the two of you. However, overall, it’s incredibly sweet to tell your partner how much you love them and why you love them. If you’re wondering, “how do I even write letters for my husband?” this article should answer every part of this question.

To Conclude

If your husband is going through a difficult time in his life, writing a letter to him can make him feel appreciated, supported, and loved. Just remember, you need to follow up with actions in real life that support all of the statements that you have made.

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