Ignoring Someone You Love (31 Reasons For Ignoring Someone)

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As children, we are taught that love conquers all differences, and it is the ultimate gift to humanity, but while all these may be right, it isn't always black and white. 

Sometimes, we encounter grey areas where couples discover irreconcilable differences or experiences that force them to ignore someone they love. In this article, we will look at 31 possible reasons why a partner would ignore someone they hold dear.

31 Reasons For Ignoring Someone You Have Feelings For

1. Parental disapproval

parental disapproval

Sometimes, the influence of our family and their perception of things can influence our choices. Perhaps, your guy may be ignoring you because his parents forbid him to date or be in a relationship with you. Don't take it too personal as this has nothing to do with his feelings for you, but simply their decision.

2. An argument

Think back to the last time you and your partner spent together and the issues you discussed. He is probably upset about something you said or did, and that's why he is ignoring you. 

3. Lack of attention

Ignoring someone to get attention is a trick as old as time. Studies show that when a person is not given attention, it hurts just as bad as physical pain, and they tend to crave it more. So, your partner probably wants more attention, and that's why he is ignoring you.

4. Mind games

Sometimes, ignoring someone is less about the situation at hand and more about playing mind games. When your partner doesn’t know what he has doesn't, or maybe keeps apologizing even when he’s being ignored, it could go two ways. He’ll keep begging, buying you gifts, and trying to get you to talk, or he’ll get tired of your attitude and ignore you as well.

5. You guys just broke up

Let's be real for a moment, ignoring someone is petty, and most times, it doesn’t help the situation. Having an actual conversation about what happened will sort things out faster than keeping malice would. However, when things are sour between couples, they resort to ignoring the other party to prove a point.

6. They are just dramatic

I remember having a college roommate whose idea of 'spicing things up' in her relationship was bringing up arguments or ignoring her boyfriend so that he will beg. So there you go, some people love to be dramatic. When they notice their relationship is going too well, they spring up issues out of nowhere, and one way to do so is by ignoring the person in question.

7. Cultural differences

Many people still find it hard to grasp the fact that cultural differences are still a cause for a rift in modern relationships today. In this case, one party may feel like their partner does not respect their culture enough, and that's why they are being ignored.

8. They need space to grieve

Sometimes, ignoring someone when you need some time to process your feelings is okay. Maybe you lost a loved one, a job opportunity, or something else terrible happened, all you’ll want is some time alone. The person you’re dating may not understand at first, because it’s difficult being shut out, but they’ll have to understand later. 

9. They are not over their ex

Ignoring someone because of an ex is a bit cruel, but it happens. Maybe the person finally got the opportunity to have a conversation with an ex they never got over. Now, all of a sudden, their current partner isn’t so desirable anymore. 

10. They want something from you

Couples react differently when they do not get what they want, and ignoring someone else just to get it may be their perfect strategy. This trick tends to work because the person who is being ignored will eventually miss their partner and give in to their request.

11. They need reassurance

Ignoring someone could be another way of getting assurance from them, especially when all civil conversation has failed. A partner like this could choose to ignore the other party, this places more pressure on them to do their partner’s bidding.

12. They are busy with work

Sometimes, the reason why a guy is ignoring you has nothing to do with you or the relationship you share. He is probably busy at work, focusing on his career goals, or trying to get major things done. In situations like this, it’s best to lay off and let them come home first.

13. They are sick

they are sick

Similar to being busy with work, a person could also be ignoring you because they are ill and restrained. Don't sit around and pout, instead check up on him and confirm if he is doing well. Some men do not like their partners seeing them sick, and that may be why he is ignoring you.

14. They want to hurt your feelings

Perhaps, you offended your partner, and instead of discussing it with you, they have decided to seek revenge by ignoring you. This is an immature and dangerous way to resolve issues in a relationship. 

15. He wants you to feel guilty

Forgiveness does not come easy to some people, and when they are wrong, they still expect their partners to take the blame. If you are with a guy who acts this way, he is probably ignoring you so that you will feel guilty about a disagreement and eventually take the blame and apologize.

16. They believe it's the right thing to do

There’s a mature way to handle things, but not everyone takes the high-way, do they? Sometimes, we feel ignoring someone is the right thing to do at that time, because giving the person an audience may be enabling a certain behavior.

17. They cannot meet your needs

Some men have certain expectations of how they would like to treat their women in a relationship, and when they are unable to meet those expectations, they feel like a failure. 

For instance, your partner may have lost his job and feels terrible about his inability to take you to lovely places or buy you things, and that's why he ignores you. To him, it's not because he doesn’t cherish you, he just feels bad that he can’t fulfill those obligations he sees as important.

18. They heard something about you

That's right, bad news and rumors travel fast. That may be the reason why your partner is ignoring you. He has probably heard something awful about you and is struggling to come to terms with it. It could be that he is scared of bringing it up or doesn’t know the right words to use but until then, ignoring you seems like his best bet, so he doesn’t make a wrong decision.

19. He does not trust his feelings for you

A guy could be ignoring you because he is not sure if what he feels for you is genuine. So, he needs time to reassess his feelings.

20. He is in a relationship

Some people who have affairs tend to hide it from both parties and those around them. So, you may just be dating a married man or someone who has another relationship. In this case, he may be ignoring you because he is with the other girl and wants to keep both relationships a secret.

21. He needs space

While we may all want to believe that we are perfect partners, it is not always true. Sometimes, we smother them with our care and attention to the point where they crave some independence away from us. 

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Understandably, this might hurt but do not let it bother you too much. Simply make sure you respect his desire to be alone and maybe dial things down a bit. After all, he loves you, and he will come back once he misses you.

22. They are going through a tough time

Tough times have a way of working at people's emotions, thereby affecting their feelings. Your man may be avoiding you because he is going through a rough patch in his life and he does not want you to see him in such a low state. 

23. You embarrass him

No one likes to know that their partner finds them embarrassing, but this could be a reason why a person would avoid someone they cherish. Even though he loves you, he is concerned about what others will think when they see you together. He probably needs time to warm up and accept you for who you are without bothering about what others think.

24. Inferiority complex

People with inferiority complexes self-sabotage in relationships at times. The perfect example would be ignoring someone they care about because they don’t feel worthy enough. 

Maybe they believe they don’t belong to the same class, or they are embarrassed about their background. If you ever notice this with your partner, a little reassurance will go a long way to boost their confidence.

25. You do not meet their needs

It may surprise you how many couples settle for their partners, and that does not mean that they don’t cherish them. What I mean is that they accept their imperfections and find a way around them. 

For instance, if he loves hiking and you do not, he might ignore your request to stay all weekend indoors and insist on hiking instead.

26. He is hiding something from you

Some people are terrible liars, and they find it challenging to look into the eyes of a loved one and lie. He might be avoiding you, so he does not have to lie and deal with the guilt afterward.

27. He wants to protect you

Your partner may have a dangerous past, and people are after him. So, while he loves you and wants to spend time with you, he knows being around you is dangerous and will make you a target to those bad guys. His best bet is to avoid you.

28. He wants you to know he is upset

Many use the silent treatment to communicate with their partners when upset. Your partner is probably upset and wants you to know how he feels, and that's why he is ignoring you. When you ignore someone in such circumstances, sometimes, they don’t even know what they’ve done. That’s why it’s better to skip the pettiness and have a mature conversation instead. 

29. He wants to prove a point

Many ladies get caught up in the thrill of being chased by a guy forgetting that these guys also have emotions and may eventually lose interest when they don't get positive feedback. A guy who loves you can ignore you because he wants to prove that he is capable of letting go.

30. He is planning a surprise

he is planning a surprise

Your partner may be planning a surprise for you, and that's why he’s ignoring you. He is worried that if he communicates with you, he will be forced to spill the beans about the surprise. Even though he doesn’t say anything, his body language could give him away. So he distances himself and may be dialing down communications just to ensure the surprise goes as planned.

31. To prove they can

I’ve heard a man boast about how his wife couldn’t stay five minutes without talking to him, of course, everyone laughed, except his wife. Maybe she took offense, or simply accepted the non-existent challenge and went three days without talking to him. The point was proven, and in her mind, she had won.


Is ignoring a sign of love?

Sometimes when a person likes someone, they may feel awkward being around them because they are not sure if the person likes them too. 

Can you love someone and ignore them?

There are many reasons why we ignore others, and it does not always have to come from a place of hatred and spite. So yes, it is possible to care about someone and ignore them, and this could be because of certain challenges.

What do you do when a person you love ignores you?

I can offer you three options here. First, confront them and demand an explanation as that will make it easier for you. Second, wait it out and hope they realize that they are hurting you. Third, carry on with your life, knowing that what's yours will always find its way back to you.

Can a man ignore you you love?

A man can ignore you even though he loves you. Perhaps he is just embarrassed to be around you or feels like he is not worthy of your love. It's not a healthy way to go about expressing emotions, but it happens, and people have different reasons.

Is silent treatment manipulation?

7 out of 10 times, people use the silent treatment to manipulate others into doing something they want. However, in other cases, it could be that they need time alone with their thoughts.

In Conclusion

It can be hard to grasp why someone who claims to love you would ignore you; however, I hope this list gives you an idea of the possible reasons why they may be acting that way. I hope you enjoyed reading this article, don't forget to leave a comment behind and share it with friends.

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