If A Guy Knows You Like Him How Will He Act? (15 Ways)

Last updated on August 29, 2022 by April Maccario

Okay, so the guy you are crushing on now knows you like him. It's normal when things get a bit awkward when he's around. Since you may not know for sure the guy likes you back, his every move will naturally become a matter of interest, especially if you’re interested in a relationship.

You'll want to know if any of his actions are because of you or not. The great thing is, men are not complex creatures. Yes, they sometimes appear emotionless and tough. Well, that's because they want to avoid being vulnerable. However, it's easy to decipher why he's acting a particular way. 

That said, if you want to know how a guy will act after finding out you like him, you just need to sit back and enjoy this article. In the end, this article will not only help you with some of the behaviors to expect from him, but you’ll also know how to manage the situation, especially if he’s someone you’ll likely run into frequently.

15 Ways He’ll Act When He Knows You Like Him

1. He’ll likely give off some nervous vibes.

Now, being nervous around you isn't because he's uncomfortable with the idea that you like him. On the contrary, he may like the idea and is just being careful not to push you away or blow his opportunity. 

You may notice occasional stuttering, avoiding your eyes, trying hard to make you laugh with bad jokes, and other body languages. It's all a good sign he's totally into you too.

On the flip side, being nervous around you after finding out you like him may also mean he doesn’t feel the same way but doesn’t want things to get awkward. 

2. His body language will give him away.

It's easier to restrain and limit your actions. But when it comes to our body language, we sometimes scream out loud without knowing. Similarly, if a guy finds out you like him, you'll notice some of this body language, especially when he likes you too.

  • If you are super attentive, you'll notice dilated pupils if he's standing closer to you.
  • Men like to appear confident and tall even when they are not physically tall, so you may notice the change of posture to appear more confident.
  • He'll almost likely mirror your body movement every time you are close by.
  • He’ll run his hand through his hair to appear more attractive or hide being nervous.
  • He might consciously try to avoid your eyes. Don’t mistake this for not being interested, he’s probably just a shy guy act. 
  • He’ll laugh and smile more to look more appealing.

3. He’ll be more touchy.

Once a guy knows you are into him (or you’re after a relationship), chances are he'll become more confident around you, or should I say more comfortable. If you are dealing with a guy that’s not shy, he’ll want you and him to quickly get closer. So, initiating mild touches every now and then will be one of the ways he’ll act around you. The reason for this is to make you more comfortable with him too. 

4. He’ll want to sit close to you.

If a guy knows you are into him, chances are he'll want to be close to you. If you notice he suddenly changed his usual sitting position in class or staff meetings to somewhere closer to you, he probably likes you too. 

This move may be more common with guys that are a bit shy and do not want to be too forward so that he doesn't blow his chance. So, instead of going all out to say hi and start a conversation, he'd rather just sit nearby hoping that you both will spontaneously get the "show" on the road. 

5. He starts talking with you more.

Another thing you’ll notice is being more willing to talk and hold a conversation with you than before. You should expect this because I just mentioned that knowing you are into him can make him more confident. Even if he’s a timid guy his confidence meter would have jumped up since he’s now “armed” with the information that you like him. 

6. He’ll start texting more.

he'll start texting more

This point is slightly related to the one above only that it’s a remote and coded way of telling you he’s interested in knowing you. If you only seldom text or send each other WhatsApp messages before, it shouldn’t surprise you when he starts being nice by sending warm or flirty messages. You know it’s easier to express feelings remotely via messages than in person. 

7. He may start throwing compliments your way.

This is basically letting you know he's game since he's aware you like him. While the compliments may be genuine or not, you also want to be careful as he might just be pretending. Only guys will throw you fake compliments just to get their way into your pants, it's not a woman thing. 

8. He'll be more outspoken than normal.

If you are not close friends, perhaps you are only colleagues at school or work, you may notice a significant difference in the way he now talks with others when you are in the picture. Maybe it was just a hello-hi thing with you initially, he may now become more outspoken in a way to catch your attention. This is all just a move to make you more impressed with him. Bottom line is, he wants you to start knowing the other sides of him so that you can be more interested in getting closer.

9. He’ll make moves to go out with you.

There's no beating about the bush for some men. If a guy knows you have the hots for him, he'll just come out and tell you he wants you to be his girlfriend. Like I said earlier, having that information about the state of your heart will naturally boost his confidence. However, you need to be careful so that you don't become a victim of "use and dump." 

Instead of getting all excited and falling into his arms when he comes to ask you out, take things slow. You don't have to switch to a hard-to-get mode, but you don't have to be cheap either. The truth is, he may not feel the same way but may still approach you because he thinks you'll be an easy lay.

10. His flirt game will get tuned up.

A guy that knows you are into him will naturally worry less about being rejected. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying he'll think you will automatically want to go out with him. However, the chances that he can get close to knowing you are significantly higher to him. So, a common guy act here will include flirting from time to time. 

You also want to be careful not to allow his flirt moves to get to an uncomfortable level just because you like him. An occasional touch on the shoulder or a warm hug shouldn't be harmless. But don't make him too comfortable to make him think you are cheap.

11. He acts the same.

If a guy doesn't feel the same way after knowing you like him, there's a chance he will act indifferent or oblivious about the information. While he may be playing games, he may also just be acting this to avoid hurting you or passing any wrong message. 

If you are friends, this may be his way of managing the situation so that you both don't ruin the friendship. Try not to overthink things when you notice this behavior. With time, whatever tension that exists between you both will naturally fizzle out.

12. He’ll let his guard down.

he'll let his guard down

While men like to go for the chase in the dating world, it's also not uncommon for them to appear a little tough. It's a way of avoiding being vulnerable. Like I mentioned earlier, knowing you like him means he's not expecting too many negative vibes from you. So, you may notice he let his guard down by opening up to you, letting you know all about him, including his strengths and weaknesses. You don't need me to tell you it's a good sign he likes you too.

13. He’ll go out of his way for you.

It's no longer news that men have hero instincts. It's in their nature to want to be prince charming that saves a damsel in distress. So if a man knows you have the hots for him, one of the ways he'll act is to go out of his way for you. This move is a great sign he feels the same way and is probably interested in being more than friends. 

14. He may become distant.

Whether you told him yourself, or he accidentally found out about the butterflies in your stomach, becoming distant is another possible way he can act. It can be partially or completely distant. If it's the former, it may be that he feels the same way but also doesn't know how to act around you without ruining everything. 

On the other hand, if it's the latter, for example, he suddenly stops talking to you, it just means he's not at all into you and isn't interested in entertaining the idea. Don't look at it as a bad thing that he's not interested, maybe it's for the best.

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15. He’ll avoid talking about other women.

As a woman, rivalry is something you won't like. Men know this, so the first thing they do when they want to win you over is to let you know there's no one else but you. Similarly, when a guy knows you are into him and happens to feel the same way, he'll avoid talking about other women to make you feel there's no other room for any lady but you.


How do you act around your crush if he knows you like him?

Try to play it cool because you already gave him a loaded gun. Don’t act all too desperate so he doesn’t take advantage of you. Just because he knows you like him doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it time. You don’t have to automatically date him because he’s sending you positive signals too. He might be pretending, so get to know him so you can decide if he’s someone you really want.

How do guys act when they like you?

Men can be more straightforward than women, so when they like you, it's easy to know from their body language and actions. If a guy doesn't come out to tell you how he feels, you'll notice deliberate eye contact, checking you out frequently from afar, telling a bad joke, flirting whenever he has the chance, going out of his way to please you, and other body languages. 

How do you know if your crush knows you like him?

If your crush likes you back chances are, he'll be more confident being around you, engaging you more in conversations, and also flirting with you. His body language will also tell as he may act awkward or nervous when you are around. Also, if you notice he suddenly pulled back from you, it may be because he doesn't feel the same way, or he's trying to play it cool so as not to make you lose interest.

How do you flirt with a guy so he knows you like him?

As a lady, you can say a lot to a guy without opening your mouth. That said, the first move is to initiate prolonged eye contact. If you want to turn up the heat, walk past or stand closer to him with an obvious sexy smile. You can also become friends with his buddies and ask about him every time you see them.

Why do guys act rude when they like you?

Guys act tough just to hide their venerability. While playing hard to get is a female thing, it's not uncommon among guys to play hard to get too even while they like and chase you. Because they know you can toil with their feelings if you don't feel the same way, they want to pretend like they are not so into you in case you reject them.

In Conclusion

Usually, if your crush likes you back after knowing you like him, chances are you shouldn’t have a problem getting the “show” started. Altogether, it’s also important to play it cool and not be overthinking things. You can even talk to him (not in a terrified way). A simple talk will help you understand if it will lead to a relationship or not as some men can pretend to like you back just to take advantage of you. I hope you enjoyed the article, feel free to drop an improvement comment or two and share it with friends.

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