I Don’t Want To Be In A Relationship (5 Important Principles)

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The desire to be in a relationship is what keeps it going after you walk in. If you don't have that personal longing to be deeply connected with someone, then there's no need to force yourself into a relationship. 

That said, never allow society or anyone to pressure you into a relationship if you don't feel ready. The truth is that there are lots of reasons a person would cross ‘relationship’ off their to-do list; this could be temporary or perhaps a permanent decision. However, if your decision is based on past traumatic experiences, you might want to see a therapist while on the break. 

Other than that, it's normal not to want to be with anyone for as long as you don't feel ready

Many people feel that if they aren’t a relationship, their life is incomplete, that’s not how things should be. People should feel more comfortable simply enjoying every day, whether there’s a life partner to share it with or not. 

Plus, there are several things that make a relationship work, and you have to make sure you’re ready before getting into one. No doubt, relationships have their timing, it could be that you're not there yet, so here are some tips to help you if you’re in this situation. 

What To Do When You Don’t Want A Relationship

1. Be honest

Be honest

You have to be honest with yourself about this decision, and when you’ve decided it’s what’s best for you at the time, let whoever is directly affected by this choice know. Not being honest about it with someone interested in a relationship with you can turn you into a dishonest person

If your decision is based on your fear of commitment, a past traumatic experience, or you're just at a time in your life where you feel you need a relationship, talk to him about it. A partner who has your best interests at heart won’t pressure you into being a part of something you’re uncomfortable with. 

2. Avoid casual sex

You might want to lay off casual sex with a partner that is interested in a relationship. Men would hardly agree, but sex with a woman, especially someone they like, makes them want her more. You will be sending a lot of mixed signals to him if you agree to casual sex with someone who’s interested in you

Relationships require both people to be committed emotionally and physically, so this guy may think you see him as your life partner when he’s just someone you like having ‘fun’ with, in a way, that’s a bit unfair.

It could be misinterpreted as you not knowing what you want or you taking advantage of the feelings he has for you. Unless you've had a conversation with your partner about your decision not to date and he still wants to stick around, then that’s okay.

3. Use that time

Many people aren't aware that there's a difference between dating someone and being in an actual relationship. It's easy to get a person who wants to have dinner with you, go on road trips, have sex with you, and all that physical dating stuff. Relationships, however, require more than the physical. 

It's about knowing how vulnerable someone is, being a part of their life, and finding a way to make them happy. In relationships, you depend on each other, become more selfless and caring. Dating other people may not be an option, at least for most couples who want an exclusive relationship.

It's essential to use the time you're alone to achieve goals you set out for your life instead of making someone else miserable. Finish up that school, visit that place, and discover who you are, get to know other people before entering a relationship, there are other ways to enjoy your life.

4. Work on you 

If your decision not to be in a relationship is based on a traumatic experience or some sort of fear, see a therapist if you have to (not everyone does), learn what a relationship requires, and equip yourself for one when you are ready. It doesn't mean there won't be hurdles when you are in one, but you would be prepared for a serious relationship with a life partner. 

You have to be emotionally intelligent to understand and go through some things in a relationship. The vulnerability, openness, dependence could all be overwhelming, and you need to know how to handle something like that. A relationship with a life partner is serious, and you should be as ready as you can be, no one should talk you into it. 

5. Don’t lead someone on 

Don’t lead someone on

If you are sure you do not want something, why act like you do to frustrate someone else? Like I said earlier, it's easier to sort out if you're honest. Put it out there on the first, second, or third date that you are not ready for a relationship at the time. State, in clear terms, what you are looking for, avoid manipulation, it's okay to want to be single. 


Is it normal to not want to be in a relationship? 

Of course, it is, even when your decision to not be in a relationship with someone is based on trust issues, it's reasonable to withdraw; you should see a therapist or find a reliable source to help you get over your fears. Still, that doesn't make your decision to be single until you can handle being with someone weird at all. It's okay not to want one, it's a mature decision to make when you feel unfit for it. 

What is it called when you don't want a relationship? 

I don't think there's a specific term for something like this. However, asexual people are prone to deciding not to be in a romantic relationship forever. Other than that, it's more a phase of a person's life and a personal decision they make that could change. When you don't desire a relationship, you're single and satisfied with being so. 

What to do when you don't want to be in a relationship anymore? 

You have to find the perfect place and time to tell your partner how you feel. You must talk to him and give him time to process the information. Be as honest as you can be, don’t bottle up your feelings or wait for later. Before you decide something like this, be sure it's what you want, it's not fair to toss his feelings around. 

What does I don't want a relationship right now mean? 

This is self-explanatory, in my opinion, but I know how it can be complicated to understand in a tough situation. Saying "I don’t want a relationship" doesn't mean you hate the idea of relationships, it just means you're not ready for one now. 

Is not ready for a relationship excuse?

I think it's a good reason not to be in one, but it could be used as an excuse. It depends on the person using it and the situation. Knowing why you aren't ready helps justify your reason for not wanting one, even though you owe no one an explanation for making your choice. 

All In All 

I hope you enjoyed the article, remember, it's your choice to be in a relationship. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section, and please share this article too.

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