I Am In Love With My Best Friend (3 Cautious Steps)

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Are you thinking, "I am in love with my best friend"? Don’t worry; I’ve been there. I fell in love with my best friend several years ago. Love and friendship can be quite complicated. Should you tell them about your feelings?

What does having a romantic relationship with your best friend entail? How will telling him about your feelings affect your life and your friendship? How do you think your best friend would react if he knew how you felt about him?

Understanding the answers to these questions may help you as you take the next course of action. What if you confess your feelings, and he doesn’t feel the same way? You don’t want to go through that, do you? That’s why you should take your time before making any confessions.

In this article, we will look at the answers to these questions and how they will affect your friendship and life. 

Is That Love For A Friend Real?

Is That Love For A Friend Real

According to Elite Daily, this feeling can be like a rollercoaster; you may one day have a feeling of intense joy while another day, you feel confused or overwhelmed. The overwhelming feeling is normal because love can be all-consuming. It can engulf your life, making you feel like every aspect of your world is full of bliss and uncertainty. 

Elite Daily also explains that this emotion can lead to an intense feeling of joy and peace. But, let me ask you this: Does your best friend feel the same as you? If you suspect he does not, you may have more feelings of confusion or rejection rather than joy and peace and vice versa. No one enjoys being rejected, so take caution before making changes in your friendship. 

Another characteristic of this strong, all-consuming feeling is the uniqueness of it. You may feel things that another person does not. Falling in love with your best friend may make you feel uncertain or uneasy, while another person feels complete happiness and bliss. It means different things to different people. Make sure your feelings are real before confessing them. 

What To Do If You Are In Love With Your Best Friend?

1. Talk about your feelings

Instead of blurting out your feelings to your BFF, try talking about it with other friends and family members. You may even wish to write about it in a journal or diary, or depending on how your emotions affect your life, speak to a therapist. Talking to other individuals (or yourself) will help you best get out any confusing emotions you are feeling.

As you reveal your true emotions, you may discover that you actually have feelings of best friendship rather than true romance. The emotions you feel for both are very similar. The closeness you feel for your BFF, and the bond you share in your friendship may make you feel like you are in love when really you just have a loving relationship. 

After all, you care about this person deeply, right? They make you happy; in fact, you may have found that the two of you are very compatible. This can make you think that the two of you would make a great couple, but know that there is more to a successful relationship than just compatibility. Keep this in mind before taking action. 

2. Take a break from your best friend to sort out your feelings

This may be a tall order, but sometimes, taking a step back can help you sort through the way you feel about him. You don’t have to be rude or nasty to him; he’s done nothing wrong. Instead, just explain you are busy with work or family matters. Use this time to take care of the last suggestion - revealing the way you feel to someone else.

3. Take caution if you have decided to confess your feelings

Remember that you are risking your friendship. If you are thinking, "I’m in love with my best buddy!" you may want to confess how you feel to him. If you’ve made up your mind, do this delicately. Consider flirting and showing him how you feel before voicing your deep emotions. This will give him a hint you are into him before catching him off guard. 

What If Your Best Friend Has Feelings Of Love For You?

What If Your Best Friend Has Feelings Of Love For You

If your emotions are reciprocated, that’s great news! The two of you feel the same about one another! Remember, there are many factors involved in a successful relationship. Before risking your friendship, ensure that the two of you are ready to be a couple. Are you both in the same place in life where you are ready to begin dating? Does he want to be exclusive?

Knowing the answers to these questions can help you determine if you should enter a relationship with your BFF. Also, understand his emotions for you. Does he feel lust for you, or is it true love? Do you both feel the same emotions and intentions for one another? Ensure his intentions are mutually felt before rushing into a relationship. You want to be on the same page.


What should I do if I'm in love with my best friend?

First, you should determine if your feelings are real. Realize that love and attachment are very similar feelings. Second, don’t rush to tell your best friend that you have romantic feelings for him or her. Finally, talk to a friend you trust about these feelings.

How do you know if you're in love with your best friend?

You may find yourself wearing more makeup and doing your hair when you are in love with your best friend. You may also have overwhelming feelings of excitement and joy when you are around them. Do you have butterflies in your stomach when around him or her?

Should I tell my best friend I'm in love with her?

Having a best friend who you trust and care about isn’t always easy. You feel you can tell her everything, right? Before telling your friend your feelings, you should make sure you want to risk your friendship, because she may not feel the same way.

Can you fall in love with a friend?

Yes! You can fall for anyone! You may have feelings of attachment for a friend if you spend a lot of time together. The closeness you feel may make you feel like you are falling in love, even if you aren’t. Closeness and strong emotions go hand in hand.

Why is my best friend jealous of me?

Human beings are complicated; you may find a friend is jealous of you because of the attention you are paying to the person you are crazy about. Having multiple best friends can complicate things because one wishes to be the object of your affection.

To Sum Things Up…

Take your time telling your best bud your true emotions. You don’t want to ruin your friendship. Instead, take the time to talk to other friends about your emotions; get objective advice before telling your BFF.

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