How To Treat A Man Like A King (11 Ways To Treat Him Like A King)

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Men seldom express their emotions, so as not to appear weak or less masculine. But, I can categorically tell you that most men, if not all, like to be valued, respected, and specially taken care of by their significant other. If you ask me, I’d say that’s how a woman should treat a man. 

You need to consistently remind yourself that you owe it to your man every day to make him feel like a king. Besides, there is nothing wrong with going beyond your comfort zone to ensure your man feels more loved and cherished in the relationship and vice versa.

What most ladies fail to understand is that any guy you treat like a king will, in turn, treat you like a queen. The right words and actions can make your man feel like royalty and help validate his masculinity. 

Plus, if that man is already treating you like the queen that you are, then surely, you have to return the favor right? Here are a few ways on how to make your partner feel like a king.

11 Ways To Treat A Man Like A King

1. Respect him wholeheartedly

Your man deserves the utmost respect from you, irrespective of whether he is your boyfriend or husband. Respecting him means to accord due regard to his feelings, views, and wishes. The regard you have for your man should go beyond words and transcend into actions. 

Let every word or deed be a testament to your deep reverence and admiration for him. Furthermore, the respect you accord him should go along with complete sincerity and commitment. Besides, he is bound to treat you like a queen because, as they say, respect is reciprocal.

2. Genuinely appreciate the things he does for you

The importance of showing appreciation to your partner is often understated despite its many benefits. Endeavor, as a matter of priority, to take out time to appreciate him whenever he does something for you. Even when he doesn’t do anything tangible, appreciate him for sticking by you, and always supporting you.

Randomly appreciating your partner when he does something for you tells him that his little efforts are seen and appreciated. What’s more? It will encourage him to intensify his efforts and do more than he is already doing. Not just that, it will also make him very happy and loved in the relationship.

3. Compliment him regularly

Tell your man how much he means to you as often as you can; it is the least you can do as his woman. Please take advantage of the slightest opportunity to let him know how much you care for him and how much he has impacted your life. Continuously doing so builds up his self-esteem and reinforces many positive attributes about him. 

When complimenting your man, focus on different aspects of his life and not just one particular area. Additionally, ensure that your compliments are sincere and that you genuinely mean them. Also, try not to overdo it so that it doesn’t lose value.

4. Sing his praises in public gatherings

This point is a follow-up to number three as it touches further on the same ideal. In addition to complimenting him to his face, you should not fail to compliment others. As his queen, it behooves on you to sing his praises to outsiders whenever you can. It’s something that would make him smile when he hears how you always talk nicely about him to others.

What’s more, their respect and regard for him will increase tremendously. The happiness that will envelop him will be priceless when he discovers how proud you are of him. 

5. Support his dreams and aspirations

support his dreams and aspirations

If you want to make your man feel like royalty, become his number one fan. Show up for him anytime he needs you, no matter how inconvenient it is for you. Additionally, show him you support him by encouraging him with cheers and kind words as he pursues his goals. 

Let him know how much you believe in him and his aspirations. Furthermore, demonstrate that he can rely on you anytime he requires your guidance and support. Be like a queen who stands by her king in the good and bad times.

6. Ask him for help

If you want your partner to feel like royalty, develop a habit of always running to him for guidance and support. No matter how strong you are, it would be best if you didn’t have to do everything yourself. Get him involved in things that you hold dear and never turn down his offer of help or counsel. It’s a subtle way of saying you welcome and value his opinions. 

Even if it’s something you can easily get done yourself, just asking him for advice will make him feel important. Furthermore, to make him think highly of himself, let him know some of your weaknesses and past experiences. Men cherish the idea of being a pillar of support for their partners. So feed his ego and grant him that desire.

7. Place a premium on spending time with him

For any relationship to thrive, both parties must be committed to spending quality time with each other. While it’s normal for you to want some time for yourself, try to map out adequate time for your partner. No matter how tightly packed your schedule is, prioritize spending time with him and be attentive to his needs.

The truth of the matter is that no matter how busy we claim to be, we always make out time for the people and things we love. Placing a premium on spending time with your partner entrenches the belief that you love and value him. 

8. Regularly treat him to romantic gestures

There are many ways of making your man feel valued and loved; this is one of them. Take out time from your busy schedule and cook him a sumptuous meal. If cooking is not your thing, treat him to a delicious meal at his favorite restaurant. Furthermore, you can make a habit of getting him something anytime you go shopping. 

Little gestures like buying him gifts will go a long way in making him feel treasured. The mere thought that he is always on your mind will make a huge difference.

9. Spice up your love life

The responsibility of spicing up your love life shouldn’t be the sole prerogative of your partner. Once in a while, take up the challenge and look for ways to improve sexual relations in the bedroom (or anywhere else). In doing so, allow him to play the lead role to boost his morale and self-esteem.

Furthermore, try to give in to his sexual demands to satisfy him properly. Avoid criticizing him when he performs poorly; instead, appreciate his efforts by cheering him up. 

10. Dress like a queen

dress like a queen

Regardless of how many things you have to do, ensure you give special attention to yourself and personal hygiene. Make sure you look breathtaking as much as you can. Exercise properly, eat well, get your hair and your nails done, and sleep well. (but only do what you can)

Appearing in public not properly dressed and untidy reflects poorly on your partner. Imagine how proud he will be when he hears tales of how you always appear beautiful in public. 

11. Ask him for suggestions

If you still don’t know the best way to treat your man like a king, candidly get some ideas from him. The goal is to be a better partner to him, so you shouldn’t be scared to ask him for suggestions. Be an active listener and pay attention to his words. Actively listening to him will enable you to grasp how he likes to be treated. 

Additionally, ensure you note whatever he says to you, consider them properly, and try to implement them as much as you can. Notwithstanding, you don’t have to change salient things about yourself to please him.


How do you get the king out of your man?

The depth of a woman’s influence over her man is sufficient enough to drive the actions that will unleash the king in him. Respect and support him wholeheartedly regardless of the circumstance. Learn to massage his ego and sing his praises at all times to show him how important he is to you.

What does it mean to treat someone like a king?

Treating someone like a king simply means bestowing on the person’s special privileges befitting of royalty. Additionally, it implies making someone feel more special, valued, respected, and loved. The way you behave and act around the person will indicate some sort of deep reverence and admiration. It also transcends into how you apply yourself to meeting his needs.

What is the best thing to say to a man?

Saying sweet things to your man is a subtle way of communicating your love for him. Tell him how proud you are to be his woman and the level of positive impacts he has had on you. You can also tell him how much you need him and how you have grown to depend on him for support.

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How can I make him feel special?

One way to make a guy feel extra special is by genuinely complimenting and appreciating the little things he does for you. Also, consistently treat him to romantic gestures through the things you know he likes. Nothing makes a man feel important like giving him all your love, support, and attention. 

How do you inspire a man to be his best?

You can start by accepting his weaknesses and appreciating the little effort he puts into his work and the relationship. Furthermore, men get inspired to be their best when their partners support them fully while pursuing their dreams and aspirations. Also, learn how to criticize him in a way that won’t dampen his feelings or hurt his ego. 

To Conclude

I hope you found this article interesting and insightful. Kindly note that the tips provided above are proven ways on how to treat a man like royalty. Let me know what you make of these tips in the comment section below. Furthermore, be a good sport and share it across your social platforms.


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2 comments on “How To Treat A Man Like A King (11 Ways To Treat Him Like A King)”

  1. 3.5. Don't flatter a guy regularly. It makes you look beneath him. Sincere compliments about his personality, accomplishments, or behavior, not his looks. Confident dudes have internal locus-of-control, self-image, already know we're hot, and don't need just anyone's approval. Honest appreciation and gratitude are cool, because taking for-granted isn't.

    4.5. If you're interested in passing your guy around to your gfs, describe his unit, how much fun he his, and gush about whatever girls gush about. They will finagle his phone number or volunteer theirs, and send faceless lingerie pics with "just got these. what do you think?" And also, not every guy wants to be the town horse or a social status accessory.

    10.5. Some guys like varying amounts of conservatism to sexy to trashiness, depending on the situation. Style is the big thing.

    12. Morning oral alarm clock. Taint. Rimming. (No one wants hair while going down, so shaving and sanitation are "duh".)

    13. Take initiative on domestic stuff. Laundry, dusting, dishes. Every guy secretly wants a helper. French maid outfit optional.

    14. Play. Minor mischief. Spontaneity. Break some laws.

  2. I have a guy friend and he is 10 yrs older than me and I’m 23. I’ve known him since I was 21 and this is the longest time I have dealt with a man on a certain level. We have sex sometimes but he teaches me and he likes me for me. I really want to be with him for some reason it’s so hard for me to show my affection for him and, I know we are friends. I love him a lot I thought it was fake. I honestly do love him and I’m scared if I want him to be my boyfriend I will lose him forever so do I stay friends with him or wait for the right time to be his girl.

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