How To Tell If An Introvert Likes You (8 Clear-Cut Signs)

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Introversion doesn't have a one size fits all definition. We must recognize that being an introvert doesn't necessarily mean shyness as an introvert has the ability to socialize when they want to. More so, extroverts are always taken aback by introverts; some people see the cocktail of silence and mystery in an individual and they are smitten. 

Maybe they see it as a challenge to crack an introvert open and read what's really going on inside of them. Nevertheless, the personality type leaves them wondering how an introvert really feels, what introverts don’t like, and how they relate in general. When you develop romantic feelings for someone, it is only normal to want to make sure the other person feels the same way about you. 

With introverts, it can be difficult to tell as they do not do so well with expressing emotions and are fantastic at hiding them. However, there are some subtle signs that should reveal if they like you or not. Listed below are the major signs that will show if an introvert likes you.

How Do You Know If An Introvert Likes You?

1. Making the first move

Introverts enjoy their own company and are less likely to make the first move if they like you. This does not mean they are shy as most people think; people are just different. These individuals are wired differently from extroverts and can get drained from excessive social interaction. Also, they are able to build up energy from their time apart from people, and would rather prefer keeping to themselves than socializing.

More so, they usually wouldn't be the first to start up a conversation as it involves a lot of calculation, energy, and risk. So, if you find someone with this personality type making the first move to interact with you then that's a sign that he is intrigued by you and most probably likes you. 

That said, it is also important to remember that an introvert’s first move will differ from an extrovert’s, he might get tongue-tied at the beginning of the conversation but he would definitely make an effort to start a conversation. 

2. Opening up

Introverts tend to be protective of their feelings and, therefore, might not express as much as they feel or think. Also, they like to see through an individual and connect with the soul, so opening up often takes longer for them. Extroverts, on the other hand, are quick to share their dreams, aspirations, and hopes with anyone willing to listen.  

If an introvert opens up about his feelings, his deepest desires, or shares experiences he has had in the past that his other friends don’t know, then that is a sign he likes you. It could also be from sharing a song he likes to allowing you to read something he wrote, painted, or scripted. This is one way an introvert can connect with you and share their world with you. 

It might not seem like a big deal, but introverts don’t usually feel comfortable sharing their personal space, so if he’s going out of his way to spark up small talk and spending time with you, then that has to count for something. 

3. Inviting you into their personal space

Personal space is sacred to introverts, sometimes personal space could be as much as him allowing you to visit him regularly, or sit close to him during lunch.

After a full day of social interactions, he wants to retreat into his space and usually would not want company, but when it's you, he not only welcomes you in but genuinely wants you to be there, that is a big deal. 

4. Constantly keeping in touch

It's one thing to make the first move, it's another thing to keep the communication rolling. Introverts easily distinguish between close and casual friends. If he makes the effort to keep in touch with you on a daily basis then you are someone he really likes. Also, introverts do not like elongated phone conversations as well and in most cases prefer to listen more than talk. 

I, for one, can attest to this as I would rather receive a text message, rather than have long talks over the phone. However, if he picks up the phone to call you and stays on the phone having long conversations, don't overlook it, he’s putting effort into getting to know you. An introvert likes their personal space, so if this guy seems to feel comfortable with doing things your way, it’s one of the signs he likes you. 

5. Stepping outside his comfort zone

It’s hard getting out of our comfort zones and it's even harder for introverts. For example, attending social events can be intimidating for an introvert as some of them tend to be reclusive and would rather enjoy their own company. Additionally, an introvert likes peace and quiet, and most times that makes them seem shy or strange, but it’s actually pretty normal.

Stepping outside his comfort zone

He might also push himself to do things he would not usually do, like attending a concert or even hanging around at a party a little longer than he would because he knows you would be there. It shows he cares about you if an introvert is willing to try new things and put themselves in uncomfortable situations for you. Certainly, this is a huge sign that they like you. 

This is all to show you that he wants to spend time with you even if it's at the cost of his own solitude. 

6. Showing extra care

This is yet another tell-tale sign an introvert likes you, introverts can generally be nice people however they consider most people they meet as acquaintances and not as friends. They care about people but usually do not have a vested interest in seasonal relationships and would pay more attention to processing their own feelings. If he is going out of his way to show you extra care, probably asking how your day went and encouraging you, these are sure signs he likes you. 

Also, an introvert who likes you would ask about your dreams and aspirations, that takes a lot from someone who would rather keep to himself. He would also offer you advice from all the wisdom stored up in their heads and will give you feedback on the ventures you decide to pursue.

7. He knows a lot about you 

Introverts make natural detectives and this can be a tad creepy but in a good way. You might be talking to him about your family and the dog, he is smiling, maintaining eye contact, and listening intently because he already knows this about you from your social media pages. 

One thing an introvert likes to do is their research; getting to know you comes easy for them, they just have to watch silently, and maybe do a little research on whoever it is they have an interest in, especially to know about their relationship status. It's a yearning on their path to get to know you deeply. They want to know what you like and what you don't like, your interests and places you've been to.

Also, if you're in a school environment, he might just get acquainted with your schedule and make sure it coincides with his. He would be sure to take note of your favorite ice-cream, how you like your eggs, and the tiny details that make you tick. No one really knows what’s going on in an introvert’s head per time, but if he likes you, be certain he’s done his homework and knows a substantial amount about you. 

8. His behavior changes when he's around you

This is a telling sign for even non-introverts, when someone likes you, he might tend to behave differently around you. If he's loud on a normal day, he might act calm and awkward. For an introvert, the behavioral pattern will change around you depending on their level of confidence. 

He might also be more attentive to you, or awkward or maybe even clumsy, does his behavior change when you walk into the room? have you heard his guys tease him? This may be a definite sign that he's into you.


How do introverts flirt?

Introverts might stick to the old fashioned way of getting to know you first, it would not entail the straight out flirting techniques people with other personality types might have but would be more subtle and reserved. Introverts are generally slow in making a move and would stir up a conversation first.

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How do introverts act when they like someone?

They will make the first move to strike a conversation and then subsequently act differently when they are around. They will be more attentive to the person, they might also show signs of awkwardness, nervousness, and talk less depending on their confidence level.

How does an introvert show interest?

Regardless of how slow and calculated an introvert can be as regards to a love interest, they eventually come around in expressing how they feel. If an introvert is interested in you, he will openly communicate with you and want to spend time with you.

Do introverts cheat?

Introverts are less likely to cheat on their partners, they come out of their comfort zone and put in the work to build a relationship therefore cheating might be far away from an introvert’s mind. They, however, expect the same level of commitment from their partners.

Do introverts like to cuddle?

Introverts are protective of their personal space, however, they like to cuddle with their partners rather than being out at social events.

To Sum This Up...

I hope this article has been insightful and has helped you decipher those signs your introvert love interest is giving. Without hurriedly jumping into conclusions, take time out to observe and apply these tips. 

If you enjoyed reading this, kindly share, I would equally love to know what you think so drop your comments in the section below.

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