How To Tell If A Man Is Attracted To You But Hiding It (35 Ways)

Last updated on June 12, 2022 by April Maccario

Are you wanting to know how to tell if a man is attracted to you but hiding it? Do you have a crush on a man who you suspect likes you? Do you think he feels around the same way you do?

Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell whether a guy likes you; men give off mixed signals. You may find he’s attracted to you but doesn’t want to tell you because he’s afraid of rejection. This puts his feelings into hiding. This makes it very difficult to tell whether someone likes you. However, you can watch his body language and behavior to tell if a man truly has feelings for you. 

We will figure out how to tell if a man is attracted to you but hiding it in this article. In fact, we’ll go over 35 different ways that a man may show he’s attracted to you but hiding it.

Body Language

1. He Stares At You

he stares at you

Men are visual creatures; they love staring at women they are attracted to. He may not be able to control it; he’s probably doing it subconsciously. If he can’t stop staring at you, that’s one way you know that he is really attracted to you. It’s nice to have an admirer, though, right? But how do you feel about him? Are you attracted to him?

It feels horrible to like someone and find they feel a different way about you. It’s best when feelings are mutual! You want those who like you to be potential partners. Also, keep in mind that guys hate rejection. Guys want to know you like them before they ask you out. If you catch him staring in your direction, you know he’s into you!

2. He Maintains Eye Contact

According to the Power of Positivity, eye contact means a man wants to spend time listening and caring about what you have to say. It also can make the person you’re attracted to remember you better. Guys often maintain eye contact, as they hope to make a lasting impression and form a deeper connection with their crush.

He may also just be captivated by your gorgeous eyes. He knows that by staring at you, there’s a good chance you’ll smile and get close to him. Power of Positivity also states that men who maintain the gaze of the women they are interested in develop intense feelings if they look for more than 10 seconds! If you’re crushing on him, stare back!

3. He Smiles At You

If he smiles as soon as you walk in the room, he’s crushing on you hard! He may not be able to stop grinning from ear to ear. He may try really hard to hide it, even though he physically cannot, but he wants to get closer to you. He would be smiling even if you don’t do it back. It appears that your presence makes him happy!

Scientific studies show that when he sees you enter the room or event where you are, neuron signals go to the cortex of his brain, which signals the smiling muscles in his face to create a smile. When he smiles, his brain gives him positive feedback resulting in a feeling of joy. Did you know that you can spark joy in another person? 

4. He Checks You Out

Yes, we’ve established he looks and smiles at you plus, he maintains solid eye contact, but what about one of those looks. You know what I mean - when he turns around after he sees you and does that once-over thing where he looks at you head to toe, all around you. That’s a definite way that guys show their interest in a girl.

5. He Fidgets With His Lips

Men indeed try to find a way around confessing their feelings. Make no mistake about it; guys may get very shy when they are around the girl they like. They try to hide it, but their flirty instincts can’t help but show you that they want you in their life. Fidgeting is a clear sign that a man is attracted to a woman. 

Fidgeting with the lips is a typical way that a man is attracted to you but hiding it. If you find he’s biting, licking, or touching his lips a lot, he may have real feelings for you. The lips are one of the most erotic parts of the body. Another way men get their crush on is when they stare at your lips! This means he’s turned on by your beauty.

6. He Watches Where You Are

Are you in school with this guy? Do you work in a cubicle next to him? If he watches the places you are around, he wants you to be in his life! He’s sweet and protective of you. He’s trying to make sure everything is good with you and your area. So, if you spill a drink or something, he’ll be able to notice, run to your rescue, and be closer to you.

7. He Gets Close To You

he gets close to you

Guys also show their interest by leaning in slightly when you talk to you. People lean into things when they’re interested in them. Conversely, people move away from things they don’t care for.

For example, if you caught someone peeling an onion, you might back up. This response won’t be obvious, so you’ll need to watch for it.

A man who tries to get closer to you in the room the both of you are in, enjoys your company. Leaning towards someone they like is just a natural response to the situation. He wants to be as close to you as possible. He may not even realize he’s doing it!

8. He Touches You

He may find ways to touch you - lightly, not inappropriately, I hope. He may try to give you hugs or handshakes quite frequently. Does he bump up against you whenever you’re near one another? Does he try to pick the lint off your shoulder? If he’s looking for any excuse to touch you, he’s very enthusiastic about you.

Sometimes, men like to do things like this to see how women will respond. One study revealed that when a man touches a woman, it actually can get her a little hot. Experts have found touch is a way to communicate emotions. A nice guy will respect your boundaries and won’t go overboard with the touching! Don’t let a man disrespect you.

9. He Maintains Open Body Language

This is one way a man can show he likes you, most likely unintentionally. The way his body is situated can tell you whether he’s interested or not. Open body language means a person leans in when listening, uncrosses their arms, opens up their palms, and faces you. They want to hear about your life and whether he can be a part of it.

10. He Mirrors You

You fold your arms; he folds his arms. You get what mirroring is all about, right? Often, when a guy likes you, he mimics your movements, unconsciously. When you talk to him, does he imitate your body language? For example, he might cross his legs, tussle his hair, or touch his face because you are doing the same thing. 

Mirroring is actually a biological response; it’s actually hardwired into our brains. We don’t mean to do it; we just do. So, what does it mean? According to Forbes, mirroring is something we do when we’re interested in someone, so if this guy likes you, he may be copying your body language to unintentionally show you. It’s like a free clue!


1. He Messages You

Does he instant message (IM) you on social media? Have you caught him liking and reading your stories? He may be trying to find a new means by which to communicate with you. Plus, he is wanting to learn more about your life, even though it seems a little creepy. It’s actually a smart way to learn more about another person.

2. He Tells You Everything

Is this guy a talkative little man? I mean, we all know how guys act when they like girls. It’s natural for them to be little Chatty Cathys; they’re nervous. He may reveal things about himself that he didn’t think about in advance. It’s one of those moments where you say to yourself, “Whoops! Why did I say that?” Take it with a grain of salt. 

He probably doesn’t mean to be so talkative, so give him the benefit of the doubt. If he talks very little with you, it can also mean that he’s nuts about you. He may just be too nervous to talk when you’re around! Try being friendly and talking to him.

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3. He Teases You

Like when you were in middle school, some guys just act ornery. He may not play practical jokes on you, but he’ll probably tease you somehow. Teasing is just a nervous reaction that guys have when they feel attracted. Understand that he likes you; he’s just not confident enough at the moment to properly ask you out.

4. He Asks You Lots Of Questions

he asks you lots of questions

Communication in life is one of the most important elements. It makes up who I am and what my life is all about. If your guy is very inquisitive, it may just mean he wants to learn more about you. If you’re interested in him, make sure you answer his questions and do the same the other way around - ask him questions! Get to know each other!

5. He Follows You On Social Media

He may try to link up with you on social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. He probably wants to know more about your life to see if he could even get his foot in the door! If you’re interested in him, allow him to follow you and return the favor. You can learn more about his life that way!

6. He Uses Emojis When He Texts Or Messages You

We know that emojis are just a part of our digital vocabulary today. Not everyone uses them, but it’s a popular way for guys to flirt with the people they are interested in. It’s representative of a wink or head tilt in real life. If he’s always throwing emojis in the texts or messages he sends you, he’s attempting to flirt with you.

7. He Listens Carefully

He doesn’t just sit there trying to think up the next thing to say while you are talking. Instead, he practices active listening. Active listening is more than just hearing; it’s about hearing intently what the other person says and responding with relevant, helpful feedback. When someone listens actively, they are better able to retain the information.

If you’ve noticed these things about him, he wants to know everything about you. 

8. He Remembers The Details

Does he notice when you do your hair differently? Does he pay you plenty of compliments, trying to make you feel special? When a guy likes you, he actively listens to get to know you better. He’s working to find things you two have in common. You can tell he’s into you when he remembers the little things you said weeks ago. 

9. He Pays Attention

Does he watch your area? What if he overheard someone talking bad about you? Does he immediately stand up for you? If he closely pays attention to what others say or does around you, even though he’s not your boyfriend, he’s crazy and protective of you. That’s the kind of guy you want around! 

10. He Compliments You

Compliments are a definite sign a man is attracted to you. He may get nervous when he’s around you and wants to have a deep conversation but gets stage fright. Even if you aren’t attracted to him, be a lady and thank him politely. 

11. He Stutters When He Talks

It’s normal for a person to get flustered when their crush is talking to them. Some people stutter, whether they mean to or not. Watch how this guy talks to other people. Does he talk with confidence? Does he just stutter when talking to you?

12. He Finds Common Ground With You

he finds common ground with you

When he talks to you, does he pay extra close attention to the things you feel most passionate about? Does he mention that he, too, loves those things? He’s hoping to find things the two of you have in common, so you can bond on a deeper level.

13. He Asks You To Go To Group Events

Has he mentioned events where his friends are going in the hopes that you will join in? Have you noticed him trying to hang out with you more? These are good signs that he wants to be more than just a friend with you.

14. He Tells Jokes

If this guy secretly likes you, he may be absolutely in love with your smile. He may find it the best part of his day, even! If you’ve noticed him telling lots of jokes or funny stories when you’re around, he’s into you!


1. He Gets Nervous Around You

Don’t be too hard on the nervous energy he exhibits;.he’s high on dopamine because he likes you. It’s a physical reaction to feeling attracted to someone. So, give him a break if he trips and falls in front of you or accidentally spills his drink in front of you. It’s not his fault, and it certainly doesn’t mean he’s a pushover! It just means he’s uncomfortable.

Give it time. He may just need to be close to you more often so that the two of you can begin to feel a deep connection with one another. Over time, he’ll loosen up; you just need to be patient.

2. He Protects You

I love the protective gene that guys have. My man always stands on the outside of a sidewalk when we walk, in case a car jumps the curb. He does it as a means to protect me. Is this man a gentleman? Does he hold your hand when you two cross the street together? Does he act like an overprotective brother sometimes? 

This protective behavior means he cares and likes you. He’s working to earn your trust through his actions. He’s hoping you will like him, too. You may be torn between the bad boy and nice guy, but trust me; nice guys are in it for the long haul. 

It’s not a bad thing. I mean, doesn’t it feel good to have someone by your side?

3. He Preens Himself

Preening is the act of fixing oneself up. It’s all about making yourself look as attractive as possible for the guy or gal you’re trying to impress. Part of preening involves flicking your hair out of your face or straightening out your clothing. A more showy form of preening is when someone wipes the fake dust off their shoulders. 

If he grooms himself when you go near him, consider that a sign that he really finds you attractive. To test this theory, try moving in his direction and see what he does. Does he mess with his hair or clothing, adjusting his appearance to try to make a better impression on you? He may be trying to impress you! He wants to look his best!

4. He Introduces You To His Friends

He wants you to meet his friends because he’s been talking nonstop about you with them. They want to know if you even really exist!

5. He Does Nice Things For You

he does nice things for you

Does he bring you coffee or send you flowers (even if it’s just anonymously)? Those sweet, little things he’s doing are signs he wants to be more than friends with you!

6. His Friends Whisper And Joke

They don’t laugh at you; they are teasing him! He’s probably told them all about you; they can now put a face (and body) to the name and stories! That’s why they are giving him such a hard time!

7. He Tries To Impress You

Guys will go to the moon and back to try to win a girl over! What does your guy do for you and in front of you? Is he out to impress you with his best side? What’s your opinion of him? Do you think he needs to be put out of his misery and saved (AKA ask him out)?

8. He Makes Fun Of Your Dates

One sign he’s into you is him roasting the guys you date. He may be doing this partly because he’s jealous, but also because he’s protective of you and interested in being more than friends with you!

9. He’s Helpful

Biologically, most men feel that they must be providers for their women. They want to help women whenever they can be useful. He might offer you a ride, help you move a sofa, or bring you soup whenever you are sick. A man who goes out of his way to do these things for you is a real keeper, so don’t let him get away! Nice guys rule!

10. He Laughs At Your Jokes

You may not be Jerry Seinfeld, but if you can tell a joke or a funny story, I bet he laughs at it! It’s his way of showing acceptance and affection. He hopes that his laughter will brighten your day!

11. He Shows Up

You may not even realize it, but some guys pay attention to social media and where their crush is going to be at any given time. If he sees you’ll be at a certain club because of your social media posts, he may show up - just so he can be around you more!


How do you know if a guy is hiding his feelings for you?

Men often secretly like women but don’t want to make themselves vulnerable. They don’t like the thought of being rejected by the women they like. If he’s hiding his feelings and you like him, you’re going to maybe have to make the first move. Tell him you like him, too!

How do you know if a man is attracted to you?

The best way to tell if a man likes you is to watch his body language. When someone likes another person, they often don’t know it, but they are telling you everything you need to know through their movement and posture. He’s interested if he keeps his body open.

How do you tell if a married man is attracted to you but hiding it?

If someone likes you but doesn’t want to show it, he’s going to show it unintentionally. You may feel unsure as to whether this married man really likes or wants you. One way to tell if a married man likes you is if he puts his wedding ring in hiding.

When a man is fighting his feelings for you?

If you suspect someone likes you but is hiding it, make sure you spend time with him and tell him you like him, too! Sometimes, someone likes you but is unsure as to whether you like them back. Make the first move because some men hide their feelings.

Will a guy avoid you if he is developing strong feelings for you?

Sometimes, when a man likes a woman, he’ll feel very uncomfortable around her. He wants to make the first move; he’s trying to muster up the courage to ask you out, but he’s hiding it until he can make sure you feel the same. He wants to avoid rejection.

To Sum Things Up...

If you have a guy who you’re into and you think he’s secretly into you, you’re probably going to have to make the first move. He’s probably shy and wants to know you like him before asking you out. Take the initiative since the other way around isn’t working. 

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