How To Seduce Your Husband (23 Seductive Ways)

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There’s a common misconception that femininity, sex appeal, seductiveness, and other properties attributed to women, come naturally. This can't be further from the truth! If you’re one of these women wondering how to seduce your husband, the good news is that you are not alone and you are not hopeless.

I, too, have wondered about this topic and am ready to share with you the different how-to’s when it comes to the art of seduction. Keep in mind that different men prefer different things so it's left to you to discover this and let your creative juices flow!

23 Ways To Seduce Your Husband

1. Your clothes speak 

Men are visual beings, so to know how to seduce a man, you have to think about your appearance. Lots Of women forget this and end up letting themselves go. The first step to the art of seduction is to dress tastefully. Start at home, don’t only wear sexy and attractive clothing when you’re heading out, wear something feminine and flashy.

2. Eat

A handful of men find eating to be very seductive, this is a good thing because presumably, every healthy person loves to eat. Try chewing your meals slowly, not in a sluggish boring way, but in a feminine seductive way. Make sure to maintain eye contact, reaching out to touch him at intervals. 

3. Chores can be fun 

Make doing chores around the house sexy, a lot of women don’t know how to seduce men using this seduction technique. Simply wear something seductive, then do simple chores in front of him, fold the laundry, sweep and mop the floor, wipe the tables and couches within his gaze. You could be playful about it too, purposely graze his leg whenever you walk past him.

4. The way to his heart is through his stomach

If you want to seduce your husband, surprise him with a tasty snack or dish, be sure to make it visually appealing also. A sweet snack like a Nutella sandwich or strawberry toast is better since they’re easy to make and universally considered delicious. You can join him, perhaps even feed each other

5. Space is sexy

No one likes to be choked up, everyone needs some space sometimes. Stepping away to read a good book, watch your favorite tv show or movie, or just to take a nap could add that flavor to your marriage, as insignificant as it seems. Let him wonder where you are and what you're doing, keep the mystery alive.

6. Communicate


Speaking is an everyday activity so why not make it sexy. Share funny stories about your day with him while playfully teasing and goofing around. This will make him more engaged as opposed to forcing him to listen to your complaints and challenges during the day. Talking in a seductive voice could make everything more interesting. 

7. Keep in shape 

It's very important for a woman to keep in shape, not just for her significant other but for herself also. However, the way you look is very important to your husband no matter what. Many people say that if he loves you, he should love you beyond your body, true! But overall appearance is quite important, it's the first thing he notices so be sure to keep in shape girl!

8. Be creative and unpredictable with your appearance

Change your hair frequently and try to make styles that he’s particularly fond of. For instance, if he’s into long hair then you could make hairstyles that involve hair extensions. Whatever, he likes, be sure to keep it fresh. Don't neglect your nails as well, use some interesting nail colors, his favorite preferably, but don’t be afraid to try new fashion trends. 

9. Your scent matters

Invest in more feminine scents. Some people believe that everyone should have a signature scent but that could get a bit boring. Change keeps the mystery alive, it's not a crime to own and use more than one scent. Get perfume and body splash scents which have interesting flavors like passion fruit, vanilla, or roses. 

10. Your home is your playground

Want to know how to seduce a man? Then don’t hold back when you’re furnishing the home you both share. Furnish it so it fits the mood you want to promote. You can fix in adjustable LED lights in the bedroom and sitting room as well as a good sound system so if at any time you both need to get into ‘the mood’  it won’t be a struggle at all. 

11. Highlight your best features

Wear clothes that emphasize your best features. Try your best to avoid wearing clothes that do nothing for your body or are clearly too tight or loose. You don’t have to follow trends, just make sure to know what colors and styles fit you, and clothes that make you feel like ‘the bomb.’ 

12. Note his hidden erogenous zones

The best way to spice up your sex life is to explore your man’s body. While your husband is talking, play with his hair, touch his earlobes, and the back of his neck. Those are the general male erogenous zones, find your husband’s. You can read more about the male sensitive spots here.

13. The power of a massage

Not everyone knows how to give a good massage, but there’s nothing that can’t be learned. When boo gets back from work or from a workout, ask him if he’d like a relaxing massage. The answer would hardly ever be ‘No’. Use some good smelling natural oils, put on some romantic music, and get in there.

14. Don’t be afraid of the sex talk

Don’t be afraid of the sex talk

The ‘communication is important’ popular statement is a cliche for a reason. You both need to talk about what you like and dislike during sex. These discussions shouldn’t be restricted to the bedroom, something could come up while you're Netflix-and-chilling or while you’re cooking. Tell him what you’d like him to do to you,  this could put him in the mood.

15. Undress in front of him 

This is yet another way to spice up your sex life, when you're back from doing some shopping, try on the clothes in front of him. You could even do a pretend fashion show for him. Encourage him to tell you how you look in them and even ask him things like “how does my bum look in this one?” 

16. Let your hair down

Try to leave your hair down when you’re at home. Statistics have shown that men are attracted to long hair, so letting your hair down at home could be a big turn on to him. 

17. Tease him

You can never go wrong with a healthy tease here and there. Send him flirty text messages when he’s out, send him voice notes in a sexy voice, telling him what you’re wearing and what’s waiting for him when he gets home. When he gets back from work, wear something transparent or lacy, these two materials spell out SEXY!

18. Know what he likes 

Know if your husband likes to be the dominant one or if he likes being dominated. This would give you the opportunity to slip this into your daily activities. For example, if he likes to be dominated, you could whisper domineering statements telling him what and how you’d like to be touched. 

19. Let him undress you

It would be great if he undresses you from time to time. To make it even more interesting, apply the no-hands rule. Tell him to use anything but his hands. This will excite him even more and make him creative. Touch him while he’s undressing you just to keep things spicy.

20. Send him seductive photos

In this age of hackers and internet trolls, it's risky to send your nudes to anyone, including your husband, they could easily get leaked. In this case, when you’re sending suggestive photos, take just hints of your body, like your upper thigh or your bare bum underneath a silky night robe. You can send him these photos while he’s at work or out with the guys, you’ll be on his mind all day.  

21. Take showers with him

Take showers with him

When he’s taking a shower, slip in when he least expects it. Use his sponge, with lots of foam, and gently, slowly and seductively rub him down with it. While you’re doing this, you can steal some kisses, but keep it slow

If you want to spice things up, you could slowly pour the liquid soap on your chest and let it roll down your body while maintaining eye contact, rub the soap in while he watches. Truth is, he may not even let you get to this point without diving in. 

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22. Leave your fragrance on his property

Spray your scents on his briefcase, gym bag, beltback, or whatever he’s carrying out of the house with him. You could spray them on your hands, wrists, and neck so that when you’re giving him a goodbye hug, it lingers on his clothes and skin. This way whenever he smells your scents during the day, he’d think of you.

23. Touch him in public 

Not everyone is bold enough to do this, but it could just be the thing that adds that extra spice to your marriage. When you’re both in public he’ll never expect you to be seductive so that creates the element of surprise. You could graze his leg with your naked feet, under the table at a restaurant, or slowly rub his thigh. This will keep him excited and intrigued. 


How can I attract my husband sexually?

Make sure you’re always neat, looking good and smelling great. Also try to keep in good shape, stay healthy also, looking unhealthy is not sexy. Try to exercise frequently and watch your diet. Men are visual beings so stay looking good.

How can I get my husband in the mood?

Invest in sexy loungewear, materials like silk, lace, or anything see-through is very sexy and suggestive. This will put him in the mood. Also, learn how to talk dirty; slowly whisper seductive statements into his ear while undressing him after work.

How can I seduce my husband everyday?

Treat him like you’re still on your honeymoon. Don’t get tired of teasing him or texting and calling even when he’s not home. Wear sexy clothing and lingerie just for him, change your hairstyles frequently, and remember to stay mysterious, also incorporate playfulness into the bedroom.

Why has my husband lost interest in me sexually

There are a handful of factors that could affect this. It may be stress from work, a medical condition, hormonal imbalance, depression, low self-esteem, or something between the both of you that he isn't able to discuss. Whatever the case may be, try your best to communicate with him so you can sort the issue out.

Where do you touch a guy?

A man’s ear lobes and the back of his neck are especially sensitive, there are tons of nerves around these areas. His ribs, armpits, fingers, beard, and hair are also pleasure spots. All these are just general sensitive spots on a man’s body, based on statistics. However every man has their individual pleasure spot, it's left for you to discover it.

To Summarize

I hope you enjoyed this write up. Remember seduction is an art and is specific to each individual. Don’t try to copy someone else’s methods, explore and discover what makes your man come alive and be creative. 

Let me know what you think in the comment section below and be sure to share this article with friends.       

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