How To Propose To A Man (17 Ways To Propose To A Man)

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The issue of women proposing to men has been quite questionable over the years. Many people are of the opinion that a woman should not propose to a man because of gender norms. While others believe that a proposal is a proposal regardless of which partner it comes from. 

Some others also think that a woman proposing to a man actually speeds things up; In other words, there is ‘’no more waiting for Mr. Slowpoke’’. This, however, means that women now decide when things should be taken to the next level

In view of this commendable development, here are a few helpful tips for women who are planning to propose to their men.

17 Ways To Pull Off The Perfect Proposal

1. Think carefully about your decision

Before embarking on this journey of no return, you should think carefully about your supposed course of action. This is certainly the right time to take your ‘’relationships temperature’’. Be certain that this is the right time to make things official. If for some reason, you perceive that your significant other is not on the same page with you, I suggest you reconsider your actions. 

2. Let your intentions be genuine

let your intentions be genuine

It’s not every day a woman proposes to a man. Getting on one knee and doing the needful is more of a guy’s thing. If you truly want to get married, and not just be a part of a statistic, knowing how to girl propose wouldn't be a bad idea.

Also, don’t propose simply because you want to see where your ‘’relationship’’ stands. More so, you must be careful not to propose out of desperation, as this might not end well. 

3. Talk about marriage with your partner

It would be helpful if both you and your partner first have a discussion about getting married. This would help clear the air on a lot of issues, as well as give you a clue as to whether marriage is on the table. You also want to know if he’ll be comfortable with a proposal coming from you.

4. Be sure he is on the same page

When considering popping the question, it is highly recommended that you ascertain if your partner is on the “same page” with you on the issue. A proposal going wrong is sometimes attributed to the fact that both parties were not in consonance on the said issue. Friends and family were present, the proposal was unique and intimate, but I guess the timing was off. 

5. Understand your partner

On the issue of proposing to your significant other, there is a need to understand his personality. Just as a guy would likely make an effort to be sure about the kind of proposal his lady would like, you have to do the same. You should take time out to study his personality; is he the shy type? Does he want it in public or private? These are the questions you should take into consideration. 

6. Buy a gift for both of you

Usually, it is expected that you give him an engagement ring as a sign of an official proposal. It is also necessary that you also purchase one for yourself. It does not necessarily have to be an ‘’expensive item’’, anything meaningful should be fine.

7. Keep things simple

When popping the big question, many people like to go down on their knees, while others keep it casual. It all depends on the individuals involved. However, it is highly recommended that you keep things simple and smooth. He is likely to think clearer and say ‘’Yes’’ in a less distracting atmosphere. Creating all that drama during a proposal usually has an effect on the outcome. 

8. Be yourself

A woman proposing to a man is not very common in many societies. For this reason, it is only necessary that you keep your composure; be yourself, and stay focused. More so, it is vital to stay afloat of the ‘’gender roles’’. When proposing to your man, do it with confidence, and do not allow societal pressure of misogyny get to you. 

9. Choose a serene location

Where you plan the proposal is equally important. Are you certain he’ll say yes? Is he all about women empowerment? If you are unsure, then I suggest a serene and quiet location. However, if you are certain that the outcome will be successful, you can go ahead and make it public, but still intimate. 

10. Be creative

be creative

So a friend proposed to her boyfriend and he said yes? That doesn’t mean you should copy them or the entire idea of their proposal. Be unique and creative. Don’t just follow the bandwagon of kneeling down and saying some rehearsed lines. Personally, I feel like women proposing to men should be more intimate and well thought out. Take out time to make it a special day for both of you, and remember, it is all about the two of you. 

11. Be sensitive to his feelings

As you may already know, men have a thing with ego and pride. Before you start planning the perfect proposal, consider his ego. Try bringing it up over dinner. Talk about a friend that did it and listen to his reaction. It wouldn’t be wise to go ahead with the proposal if he clearly had a negative view about it. 

12. Have a backup plan

Every good proposal should have a backup plan; your case is not an exception. As much as you are planning for success, you should also make arrangements for a plan B. If after you popped the question, he said ‘No’, you should not panic or jump to any hasty conclusion. I recommend you calmly ask him his reasons rather than acting up. 

13. Use his hobbies

When proposing, you could set up a theme that has to do with his hobbies. Assuming he loves playing football, you can propose after one of his football training sessions. This would show him just how sensitive you are about his passions or hobbies. 

14. Talk to your friends about it

There is always the need to share a plan like this with friends. You see, friends always have useful contributions. Getting them involved would not be a bad idea. It might make the day even more exciting when there are more people involved.

15. Take pictures

Taking pictures of this auspicious moment would go a long way to preserve the good memory. Plus, it’s an amazing feeling when you go through your photo album and behold the engagement pictures are right there. 

16. Ignore societal pressure

One of the necessary things you must take out time to address if you want this to work is dealing with societal pressure. It’s a norm for a man to go on one knee and propose to his woman. 

However, on this occasion, you are about to pop the question to your man. If you listen to people, you might not go through with it. So, if it’s something you’re really passionate about, then, keep it private, remind yourself why you're doing it, and let that show in the way you propose to him. 

17. Plan for success

plan for success

You should have everything all figured out, including a contingency plan. Pick the location, ensure to get there on time, keep the cameraman on standby, do not forget the ring at home, and make sure you are mentally ready for the moment. 


How do I propose to my boyfriend? 

Popping the question to your boyfriend is something that requires a great deal of creativity, courage, and confidence. First of all, you should be certain that this is what you really want, make sure you are doing it for the right reason, be sensitive about his ego, choose a good location, and keep things simple.

What do you say when proposing to a guy? 

There are several creative words you can say to your partner when proposing to him and they include; I can’t imagine growing old without you, you are the only one I want to share my future with, I want to be the mother of your unborn kids, I want to grow old with you, life would make no meaning without you in it, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. 

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Do you propose to a man with a ring?

The answer to this question remains yes. When you propose, regardless of gender, you ought to present an engagement ring or any other thing that is best accepted by you both. Most times, some people go for the expensive diamond rings, while others just go for something affordable. Regardless of the price, you need a ring to prove an engagement actually took place.

How do you get a guy to propose to you? 

If you want to get your boyfriend to take things to the next level, here are the things you can do; give him signals regarding getting married and hold an honest conversation with him about marriage. Don’t pressure him after this, be a little patient, but while you’re waiting, start spending more time with friends and colleagues. When he sees you truly enjoying your life, that might trigger a proposal without pressure.

Should a woman ask a man to marry her? 

The best answer to this question is, a woman should not have to ask a man to marry her. There is nothing wrong if a woman asks a man to marry her, however, if the guy honestly wanted to get married, he would have asked first. 

In Conclusion

I hope you can see that gender plays little or no role when it comes to who should pop the question. The most important thing is love and understanding. If you are still wondering if it’s okay to propose to your man, I believe that after reading this article, you will have some courage to take the bold step. 

If you found this article interesting, please feel free to share it with family and friends. 

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