How To Meet A Successful Man (7 Great Places)

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The truth is that everyone knows what they want, even people who say they don’t. Deep down, we all know if we want a tall guy or even a successful man. Just like every other thing in life, if your aim is to meet successful men, you have to go for it

On rare occasions, the man is practically handed over to you on a platter of gold. But for the most part, it's all about strategically planning everything out. If you have no idea how to start, don't worry, I've got your back. With all I'm about to reveal below, you'll know exactly how to meet a successful man in no time. 

Note that it's not magic, rather, it's a process. Embrace the process, trust the process, and more importantly, be patient. It'll all fall into place if you do all this and you'll have the man of your dreams. 

Top 7 Tips For Meeting Successful Guys 

1. Go On An Online Dating Site 

This may seem a bit too on the nose, but it actually works. I'm not talking about your run of the mill hookup site. There's a handful of elite dating sites that make it quite easy to get yourself a successful and rich man. Once you've managed to sign up, make sure your dating profile stands out. 

Don't drone on and on about who you are, your picture and a brief bio should be able to reel the man in. Don't just take my word for it, this research shows that guys don't spend as much time looking through dating profiles compared to women. In fact, they spend 50% less time doing so. 

2. Change Your Choice Of Hangouts 

If you're looking to spur up a relationship with successful men, you've got to stop hanging out at your local bar or restaurant. You really need to class up your go-to places, because that's where you'll meet successful men and people as a whole. Even though you aren't really into sporting events, frequent some golf tournaments. 

That's one sport that's as high-browed as they come. Attend everything from charity events to networking events and so much more. Being within the same circles ups your chances of meeting someone new. 

3. Consider A Career Change 

Now, it doesn't have to be something drastic, but if there's room for you in his organization, give it a go. There's a higher chance of you getting together with the top news anchor if you're a production assistant. This is opposed to if you were some random woman off the street. 

One thing to keep in mind is that though they are successful men, they are men nonetheless.

Also, a whopping 14% of people who run into each other in the workplace end up married. That's a whole standard deviation compared to the 11% that met through friends.

4. Be Confident And Exude Value 

If you're really into successful men, it's not just enough to be pretty. You need to be able to bring something to the table. In fact, most men, regardless of whether they are successful or not, want a well-rounded woman. Aim to be successful in your own right, because that looks good on just about anyone. 

Even if you're just learning the ropes of your given career, be confident, and always put your best foot forward. Best believe that this works like a charm. Before you know it, you'll have quite a number of men looking to be more than friends with you. 

5. Network, Network, And Network Some More 

Successful men do not just fall out of the sky. If they did, we'd all be out in our yards trying to catch them. As I mentioned earlier, you need to go out of your way to interact with them on their own turf. But when you get there, you really need to know how to carry yourself. 

By all means, try your best not to come off as calculating. Be cool and picture these men as your besties. Sure, you may not be as successful as they are, or maybe you are. Just keep it together and act natural. So, nobody ends up feeling like a piece of meat.

6. Do Your Research 

I'm not asking you to go around stalking successful men, there's no situation where that's ideal. But, you can arm yourself with background information on their industry. Maybe do a Google search on their success story and learn a few tidbits about them in the process. 

Even more, when you get there, don't recite this information like a poem. That's not going to land you in a relationship because it comes out as stalkerish. Rather use that information to your advantage and strike up an interesting conversation. Like I said earlier, successful men are men nonetheless and all men enjoy a riveting conversation here and there. 

7. Look Good

You don't have to be successful to look and smell good, that's a fact. The truth of the matter is that men are first moved by what they see. So, you have to start by appealing to his sense of sight. That translates to a whole lot of stellar grooming on your part. If the way you look can grab his attention, then you're basically halfway there. 

Go for classy and not tacky, but stay true to your sense of style. There's a lot of different ways to elevate your look and you don't need to break the bank. Simply getting a Pinterest account can help you visualize your look ahead of time.


How Do I Meet A Good Successful Man?

First, you need to position yourself properly. Make sure you go places that successful men are. You can't expect to find one in a grimy tavern, so go to high-end places. Once you meet them, you need to exude value. You don't necessarily need to be pulling in 6 figures, just don't come off as a leech. 

Where Can I Meet A Rich Man?

It could be anywhere from a coffee shop to a dating app. Just don't expect it to be at down-town grocery stores or a hookup app. You need to go to neighborhoods that are a bit high-browed. Also, in terms of online dating sites, there is a handful of them tailored to the wants and needs of the rich. Try to get yourself registered on a handful of them. 

How Do I Meet A Man In Real Life?

If you want to meet a man in real life, you have to make yourself available. The chances of him coming to meet you in the comfort of your home are slim to none. So, go out once in a while; it may not even be to a party. 

Take a stroll, visit coffee shops, go window shopping, heck, go sky diving. You can meet someone anywhere, it doesn't have to be through online dating. 

How Can I Attract A Powerful Man?

First of all, look good and polished. As vain as this may sound, chances are that he's not going to see your personality first. So, let there be something aesthetic that can initially hold his attention. 

Then, as mentioned earlier, you need to exude value. 

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Where Do Single Successful Men Meet?

You need to source out places that the rich and affluent hang out. Go to top-notch restaurants, bars, and networking events as a whole. When you insert yourself in these settings, you'll be sure to find yourself a successful man. 

To Summarize...

There are different calibers of men out there and it's your choice to find someone who suits you. In that vein, I hope this article has given you a nudge in the right direction. If you have any contributions or contrary opinions, drop a comment below. Even more, share this with your buddies and family members who are curious about this topic. 

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