How To Make Him Miss You And Commit (9 Simple Ways)

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When it comes to a romantic relationship, knowing how to make a man miss you and want to be around you is a must; a finesse every woman should acquire. That longing and hunger for your intimacy should be an everyday reality, even if you’re with him every time.

It’s a thing of beauty, to know how to make him want you and commit to you, also, figuring out the way to do it means that you’re in the right direction to setting up a strong base for your relationship.

Perhaps, you’re in a committed relationship where your better-half gives you less of his time, and now you’re worried about blowing your youthful years on a man who doesn’t want to commit. Or, you’re in a long-distance relationship, and you feel the spark starting to fizzle out, and you want to up your game.

There’s also the case where you had a bust-up with your partner, and you’re trying to get him back; either way, I’m here to open your eyes to a whole new world of possibilities, and to guide you through various ways you can make your relationship come back to life. So, sit tight and read through.

9 Tips That Will Make Him Miss You And Commit

1. Goad him to go out and have fun

Goad him to go out and have fun

This particular one may look counter-intuitive, but, for the most part, it’s such a compelling emotional approach to get your man to miss and commit to you, with all his heart and soul. You don’t have to be spooked by the fact that he’s going to forget about you, if you’re playing your game right, any man would want to spend time with you.

I will put it to you plainly, the best way to make a man miss you and commit to you is to tell him the magic phrase ‘don’t forget to go out and have fun.’ It sounds like hocus-pocus, right? So to swing this, you’ve to be self-confident, that’s why you need to say those magic words.

Also, you must innately be aware that you’re a perfect catch and exceptional, and that it will be hard replacing you. Then, you can dauntlessly tell your partner the words above, as Clausewitz amusingly remarks, when a man knows he can have his way in a relationship, he will fall in love with you more, and may not even want to have the freedom anymore. No that’s what’s up!

2. Go out and have fun yourself

Follow your happiness, engage in things that make you happy, and ensure you stay in touch with your friends. You know when a woman is smug, it’s attractive to a man, and he will fall in love more with her.

Moreover, when a man loves you, and you always show him that you’re a happy person, he will pine and also commit to you. The best way of making yourself more irresistible and lovable is by loving yourself first. It’s charming when you’re in love with yourself, you will be more appealing to him because you’re comfortable in your own skin. 

Even without trying, you’ll naturally string him back to you, just like light keeps the moths coming. Also, I’ll give you this little secret, go out and spend time with your friends, start that gym or dance class you always wanted, just don’t let your life revolve around him too much.  Make sure you gist him, all the fun you had with your friends, and how a guy was hitting on you.

Though this might be a trickier one to handle because you don’t want to sound like you cheated on him, all the same, you still need to tell him to get him on his toes. On the whole, if he loves you, he will want to be the only one that perks you up. So, if you’re having a wonderful time without him, then he will want to be part of the fun.

3. Focus on yourself

With all intents and purposes, your man is not going to commit to you, if you’re consistently and conveniently available to him. He may feel like you’ll always be there, at his beck and call, and sometimes, the appeal kind of just wears off. Furthermore, most men don’t like clingy women, and it’s a turn off for them. 

In retrospect, a man admires a woman who has a mind of their own and is enthusiastic about it, she doesn’t need a man telling her every single step to take or making all the decisions in the relationship. So, it’s okay to let him wonder what you’re up to every now and then, it’s not a prerequisite for him to know every one of your moves. Just keep a sense of mystery around you, even if you’ve been together for a while.

It’s the best way to get his attention, the less he knows, the more he wants to know. A little mystery always makes the man want to get more involved, he may also feel the need to commit more time to the relationship. In the long run, this desire will overpower any thought of him leaving you because he will always seek new things to learn about you, and he will come to love your singularity. 

In conclusion, as a woman, it’s about where you fix your core, if you get yourself busy with other essential things apart from your man and his feelings, then you’ll be somewhat less available, which could make him more attracted to you.

4. Look good

We have to at least explore this option, it’s because there’s a case where a woman will be whining about her man not shaving his unsightly beard, but she’s not putting much effort into her looks either. 

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being passionate about your partner’s look, but this works both ways. If you look like the same conservative, sporty, or casually dressed woman every single day, what’s the mystery in that? If you really want to get his attention, you’ll have to spice things up a bit. Try a new make-over, buy some new dresses, shoes and even lingerie, just make sure you don’t have the same old look on every time.

It’s not breaking news that men are attracted to what they see, so, you can take advantage of this by going the extra mile to look good for him and yourself as well. Also, hinge upon how well you know him, you can provide for his oddities. For instance, some guys go off the deep end for pony-tail, for some, it’s a girl with red lipstick.

For that reason, if you’ve figured out his inclination, there’s nothing wrong playing around with them. If he figures out that you did it on purpose, it will be an edge for you. 

5. Talk to him

Talk to him

Most times, the easiest thing to do is to approach your man and tell him how you feel about his commitment to you. Like he won’t bite if you do that, also, try not to let it seem like you were on the docket for him, it may send a different signal than what you intended.

At that point, he’ll feel comfortable to express himself and tell you the truth, without getting pissed off. Don’t feel the need to force him to commit, give him some room, in the future, that will get him to open up with you.

Most times, you’ll see some women dwell on trivial things, in a quest to have something to make a fuss about, and you chew over what they truly want from a man.  As a case in point, how do you even explain getting upset with your man because he called you 30 minutes late? This kind of behavior won’t make him want to commit because men value their peace of mind.

6. Show appreciation

A practical way of making a man miss you and commit is to give him a relic, it doesn’t have to be in the form of a gift, but little gestures like showing appreciation. It’s not only just his job to get you to feel special. You can also return the gesture, and it will go a long way to leave a trail, also, simple gestures like taking him out for a meal, watching his favorite club play, or giving him a special massage can get him to burn for you. 

Another way you can express this is by listening passionately to what he has to tell you without inquiring too much. For instance, he came back with the good news of a big bonus at his workplace, but instead of congratulating him, the first thing you ask is how much? He may not want to share such news with you again, and that’s how he will drift away from you.

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You can leave some simple memorabilia, like a photo of you for his phone or computer. One of my favorites is hiding a love letter among his stuff. Picture him seeing that and the grin on his face, also, the memory of you will automatically fill his mind.

7. Learn how to prepare his favorite dishes

Food is one of the ways a woman can show a man that she cares, and a lot of times, they can be very traditional when it comes to relationships, especially when they have a preference for women that can cook. If your man is indifferent about this, he will not mind if you can’t cook, so don’t bat an eyelid. 

That doesn’t stop you from trying to learn though, by the way, cooking is not that difficult, you just need to put in a little more enthusiasm, and you’ll get it going. Pick his favorite meals and learn how to cook them. 

Once you become familiar with how to prepare his favorite dishes, all you’ll need to do is send him a picture of the meal you’re cooking, then your place will become his port of call. Also, try out new dishes with him, you can even take it as a competition. Tell him to choose a recipe that he wants you to cook, also get your own choice. 

Then you’ll both compete for the best cook, it will even build a connection between both of you and give him more reasons to commit to you.

8. Be a helper

Firstly, this one is quite important, because a lot of women get carried away when their men shower them with gifts. As much as you love the presents he gives to you, and the DIY jobs that he does in your house, next time, try fixing them yourself so that he won’t see you as a burden. 

He may likely not make a fuss about it, of course, he is a man, but things like that can get him not to miss you because he sees you as a problem, and naturally, people don’t like going where they face a lot of trouble. 

So, prove to him that you can handle things too, when you go out for dates, don’t let him be the one who foots the bill all the time. His pride as a man, may not allow him to voice out to say these things, but, helping him out once in a while to pay the piper, will help him blow off the steam, and still keep his crown on.

Even if you can’t afford to foot the bills, you can provide inputs to prepare the meal yourself, in such a manner, you’ll cut costs for him, and probably have more time with him. Finally, as I said earlier, it doesn’t matter whether the guy is moneyed or indigent, if you don’t help in some way, he will feel you don’t care, and he may become less engaged in the thought of a long-term relationship.

9. Don’t let sex take over

Don’t let sex take over

I almost didn’t want to share this option, because I have mixed feelings about this point. Katie Wang suggests giving him passionate sex anytime he comes around again. Though this may work to a certain level, I’m still in doubt if that will get him to commit. My case in point is that, if you want to keep him don’t use sex as bait, it will never work. As much as all that drive is needed to fuel the relationship, sex is not the panacea. 

If you want a committed relationship, you’ll direct your energy more to build trust, connections, and communication, which you can achieve outside the bedroom. Also, you can’t use sex to make him think that he wants you, sex is a two-edged sword. The same goes if you give an ultimatum; telling him you can’t have sex with him until he commits, you’re going to blow up everything. 

The cue here is building that chemistry together with him by doing other things than sleeping with each other. For example, going out for dates or seeing a movie. Just do anything that doesn’t involve you both getting naked first, spend more time bonding so that the times when you do have sex, it will be much more meaningful. 


How do you make a man miss you and commit?

There are various ways you can pull this through, but you have to understand that there’s no guaranteed way. Just discern what your man wants, all in all, men are attracted to the women they love. So, if you want to win him back, you’ve to magnify what got him attracted to you at the initial stage of the relationship.

How do I make him worry about losing me?

You don’t have to play emotional games with the people you love or care about you unless you’re a teenager, and you don’t understand what it takes to build a good relationship. So, I will advise you to focus on what you both share and how to communicate with each other more. 

How do I make him miss my presence?

One of the best ways to get a man to miss your presence is to have fun without him. I perceive this may sound absurd, but it’s the real deal. A man who truly loves you will always want to be the only one that can make you smile. So, if you’re smiling without him, he will notice and will pay more attention to you.

How do you make him miss when you are away?

I guess this is very simple, as the old saying goes, absence makes the heart fonder, so the distance is already tearing your man, apart. Also, update him with pictures and videos of the fun moments you’re having while you’re away. I bet you, he will rush to come and see you when you’re back.

How do you test a guy to see if he really loves you?

For one, if he makes time for you and always goes out of his way to make sure he sees you regularly, he truly loves you. Throw a little tantrum, you know, the whole mood-swing thing, then watch how he reacts, but don’t make it too much before it backfires.

To Wrap It All Up,

Every woman should know how to make their man miss them, but if you don’t, I believe the points I’ve shared above have helped you. I’m open to your contributions and comments, kindly drop them below. Also, take it up a notch, to share this with your friends and family, one of them might need this.  

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