How To Make A Man Addicted To You (11+ Proven Ways)

Last updated on June 16, 2022 by April Maccario

Trying to figure out what makes a man addicted to a woman? Guess that’s why you’re here. You’ve probably realized at this point it takes far more than having a pretty face to make your partner addicted to you. It also goes beyond granting him constant sexual pleasures every now and then. 

It’s natural for a woman to regularly crave the attention of her partner, but if you don’t know how to make him addicted to you, it might just end up being one of those relationships that come and go. Every woman wants her partner to love and cherish her and no one else, of course, you wouldn’t want your partner to turn you into an object of obsession

However, it’s always a nice feeling to know that your partner prioritizes every little detail about you and puts you first in his life. A certain level of addiction assures you that he doesn’t take you for granted and he values the relationship. 

There’s that self confidence that your love-interest will stay hooked on the love he has for you, but there’s still the question of how to make him addicted to you, so much that no one can come between both of you. 

The underlying secret is finding subtle means of making him value you and miss you at the same time, Still wondering how to get him to fall madly in love with you? No worries- here are a couple of ways to take that relationship to the next level

12 Ways To Make Him Addicted To You

1. Maintain a certain level of mystery 

Maintain a certain level of mystery

Nothing keeps a guy far away than a chitty chatty lady, he knew everything there was to know about you just after your first date. This guy would probably have very little or no interest in seeing you again because the air of mystery around you has cleared. 

If you’re one to share deep secrets and lead conversations during dates or phone conversations, that rarely wins you any points. The guy may feel like you’ve exhausted every little detail, and now things seem a bit boring

It’s important to maintain that air of mystery around you so that he keeps coming back. Overfamiliarity, they say, breeds contempt.  

2. Play hard to get

This one may sound a bit cliche but it has worked for countless women including myself. Men love the prospect of having to fight to earn a woman’s affection and love. This strategy will appeal to this category of men, they will strive and work really hard to get you to notice them and accept their proposal

For this to play out effectively, it’s important that you make yourself a bit unavailable. When he calls to confirm date plans, you can tell him that you’re occupied at the moment and further to suggest fixing it at a later time. Do this even when you’re free and have nothing planned. 

Also, don’t be too forward to calling or texting him, make him feel like he has to earn your time. Allow him to do all the work of ‘wooing’ you, trust me, it will get him hooked and devoted to you. 

3. Set standards for yourself

Don’t lose yourself completely when you are with a guy, don’t, out of desperation, pity or settle for anything less than you deserve. Let me let you in on a little secret- men appreciate women who are principled and are not afraid to stand by their principles. Interestingly, they value women who command respect and know what they want. 

If a guy knows that the lady he is trying to woo is a no-nonsense lady, he will be forced to step up the ante. Be bold enough to voice your concerns and don’t succumb to things that clearly oppose your personal standards. Knowing a lady is disciplined will get the guy to continue coming back

Here’s the secret to achieving this -- put in place certain standards and boundaries when it comes to your love life. Let him know the things you’re not at home with, at every slightest opportunity, he should be reminded that you deserve only the best. This kind of attitude answers the question of how to make him addicted to you. 

One of the ways to get that guy to love you is by letting him know you’re a confident woman who knows her worth, without being too cocky about it.  

4. Be the supportive and understanding partner

No matter how much self-confidence your partner may claim to have, a part of him will still crave some level of acceptance from the people around him. Your partner wants to feel like he’s heard, supported, and cared for, if he knows he can count on you, he’ll never want to look elsewhere.

You need to be that supportive and understanding partner your guy greatly longs for. Life can be very tough; one minute you’re doing so well and the next it seems like all hope is lost. 

In times like this, your partner needs to know that you’ve got his back, this also involves you becoming his biggest fan and supporter

It gives him the confidence to go ahead and face those everyday life situations, appreciate every little effort or thing he does, and respect his decisions. Get it now? Basically, massage his ego, and he will forever remain devoted to you. 

5. Pay him a lot of attention

This tip applies to women who are either single, dating or married. Of all the things I’ve learned in my years of dating and experience with men, it’s this; men love attention and are attracted to ladies who give it to them. Of course, this is after the relationship has developed to a more committed level.

Becoming a guy’s best friend involves you creating a conducive atmosphere where he can freely share things that concern him with you. I know everybody has their own problems but you just have to temporarily sacrifice yours to get him devoted to you. 

Communication plays a vital role in achieving this, also, being a good listener is a huge turn-on for most guys. When a guy knows he can rely on you in both his good and bad days, he’ll be completely drawn to you. 

The trick is to pay more attention to him by becoming a good listener, engage him to share his insecurities and worries with you. Let him know at the slightest opportunity that you care about whatever it is that is going on in his life. Then, sit back and watch as he gradually gets addicted to you. 

6. Strive to keep the relationship interesting

The fastest means to discourage a guy from going after you is by allowing the relationship to get unexciting and boring, it’s one of the reasons a relationship would fall through. It takes two to tango, but you can actually take on the lead role in ensuring your love life remains fun and exciting

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All it takes is for you to introduce and maintain the element of surprise in your relationship. The easiest means of keeping a man devoted to you is to always surprise him and offer him some form of intrigue. Showing him love goes beyond supporting him and listening to him, you have to pay attention to other things that matter in his life.

It’s as easy as paying him a surprise visit at his workplace, initiating wild sexual thrills at odd places (girl, you know what I mean), planning a surprise holiday trip, or organizing a birthday party for him. 

7. Appreciate him the way he is

What this means is that you shouldn’t try to change your partner, if what you want is to get him to fall head over heels in love with you, then trying to alter aspects of him might accomplish the opposite. 

You must understand that the relationship is not entirely about you, there are better ways of telling him you don’t like his dress sense or the type of friends he rolls around with. Perhaps you don’t like the fact that he does menial jobs and wants him to switch over to more paying jobs. 

Nobody really likes associating with people who make them feel inferior or less of themselves.  If the man in your life does anything that upsets you, let him know. However, his personality traits like the way he walks, dresses, or talks should not be tampered with. You need to learn to accept him the way he is or move on. 

8. Be well-grounded in things that interest him

In order to make him devoted to you, you have to become vast in subjects that interest him and get his attention. You may have to sacrifice some of your time and understudy things that matter to your partner. Don’t just talk about the latest entertainment gist or frivolous things when you are with him, rather, bring up a more stimulating topic that you know gets him excited. 

This would mean you staying up-to-date on the relevant subject and following the latest trends. It’s almost impossible to find a guy who’s not into sports or politics, guys cherish watching sporting events with their partners. Whatever your guy’s passions, hobbies or interests are, try to stay abreast and updated on them.

Let him know there’s a whole lot more to you than just a fine face by flexing your intellect when you’re with him. It also offers both of you more things to talk about when you meet. This ensures you never have dull moments and that you become the first person he turns to when he wants to discuss an important matter.  

9. Be happy always

Be happy always

Your partner already has enough issues to sort out as it is, whenever he is with you, you should make him feel relaxed and settled. When he sees that he can’t have peace of mind around you, he will stop coming around. Your partner will get devoted to you when he realizes that every moment he spends with you sets him in a good mood and takes his mind off his troubles. 

Men are naturally endeared to women who are always happy and smiling. The happiness kind of rubs off on them and in turn makes them happy too. Knowing that he is in a happy place with a person who is always happy relaxes him and allows him to cool off.

Learn to keep things light and simple by joking and laughing all the time with him. Genuine happiness and laughter are the sorts of things that make him addicted to you.

10. Make him become dependent on you

With so much going on in our society today, everybody needs that special person they can run to for solace and refuge. Try and become a source of physical and emotional stability for your man. Most men just want someone who they can depend on at every given time, be that person for your man by making him feel safe. 

All it takes is being there for him when he needs you and offering him support when he needs it. There’s no law against helping him out with some spare cash whenever he goes broke. Let him know you’re someone he can lean on for anything at any time. Playing this role of stability in a man’s life will make him addicted to you in no time.

11. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Piling up emotions is both a bad and unhealthy thing to do as a person, it would always find a way of getting out eventually, and when it does, you might snap and transfer the aggression on your partner. Stop acting like you have nobody to help you with your troubles. 

Fate has provided you with a man who loves you and has decided to be with you. This is someone who never shies away from helping you out whenever a challenge comes up. Now, you need to show him you trust him well enough to tell him about your problems and ask for his help. 

This might be a difficult thing to do especially if you don’t want to appear materialistic and demanding. Nonetheless, you must let your guard down and ask for his help, advice, or whatever it is you want at the moment. The good part is that he can provide a shoulder for you to lean on. 

When he helps you, show your gratitude, appreciation is one of the subtle ways to make him devoted to you. When he knows his efforts are valued and appreciated, your man will make sure to keep reciprocating his actions in the future.

12. Master his moods

This particular tip takes time to perfect and pull off, but the end will definitely justify the means. It entails you learning his various moods and temperaments. You should be able to know when he is happy and when he is not. A good wife or girlfriend should have a way of telling when her partner is in a bad mood or is bothered by something

What you need to do is to properly study his every move, character, and action. Guys are easily attracted to ladies who get them and relate to how they feel. This skill is not so difficult to master once you learn to pay attention to him. 

Also, try to conform to his moods at all times, what this means is; you should be empathetic when he is unhappy. Trying to understand his emotions and feelings will endear him greatly towards you.  


How do you make a guy addicted to you?

The secret lies in maintaining your distance and finding a way of making him miss you anytime you are apart from each other. If the guy is your boyfriend or husband, you could try spicing up your relationship, being a source of strength and stability for him, and respecting his wishes and decisions.    

How do you make someone addicted to you?

For someone who you just met or who is trying to woo you, don’t reveal all there is to you at once. Maintain an air of mystery around yourself while still paying attention to him. Engaging him in stimulating and thought-provoking conversations on subjects that interest him is another way to get him addicted. 

How can I make him addicted to me through text?

Let him be the one to initiate the texting and please don’t be in a hurry when responding to his text messages. Limit your texting to how often he texts you or less than that. Your texts should be concise, fun, and flirty so as to stimulate the conversation. Always strive to be the one to end the conversation. 

How do you make him think about you all the time?

Ensure that every time you guys meet; you leave him with fond memories of you. Sending him periodic good morning text messages won’t hurt a bit. Once in a while, you can make his favorite meal and pay him a surprise visit at the office. You could also call him occasionally to remind him of how much you love him. 

What makes a man fall deeply in love with a woman? 

This depends entirely on the man in question, things like her looks, voice, or personality can get him enchanted immediately. A man will also fall head over heels for a woman who brings him happiness and fulfillment and offers him a little bit of stability. 

In Conclusion

Believe me when I say that no man would be able to resist a woman who applies the various tips I highlighted above. I want to know what you think about them too, so please drop your thoughts and comments in the dialog box. If this article helped you, why not share it with your loved ones as well. 

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