How To Impress Your Crush (13 Fail-Proof Ways)

Last updated on June 7, 2022 by April Maccario

The feeling of crushing on someone can be overwhelmingly magical and comes with an exciting list of a 'Disney World’ kind of experience. 

This includes the feeling of butterflies in your stomach when seeing your crush walk past you, as well as the romantic fantasy of you and him all dressed for a wedding and ready to walk down the aisle. 

You are completely stumped at how cute his smiles are, the way he talks, and even when he’s not doing anything at all, he still looks charming. These feelings are indeed very extraordinary. I have crushed on people a few times and I can relate to that diabolical, yet thrilling desire. 

If you would love these fantasies to become a reality, you’d probably want to know how to get your crush to like you. He might even be friends with someone you know, but how do you impress him just enough to make him want to be friends with you? 

Or, you’re both already friends, but you feel a lot more for him and need to get him to see that, or at least feel it too without freaking him out or acting weird. The question remains how do you do it without freaking him out or acting weird? 

In this article, I will baby-step you through the necessary steps on how to make your crush like you. 

13 Ways To Get Your Crush To Like You

1. Be Yourself And Don't Fake It

be yourself and don't fake it

Nobody wants to be lied to or deceived, if you were to order a package from Amazon, you expect to get what you ordered for. You would feel disgusted, furious, and upset if you ordered a blue dress and then received a red dress. 

This is the same feeling when you pretend to be someone you're not; eventually, they will always find out. If you really want to impress your crush, you’ll have to be no one else but you from the get-go.

Therefore, when trying to create an impression for your crush to notice, make sure you are giving him a true feature of yourself – talk and behave as normally as you would.

Also, being yourself has a way of attracting people to you, which is the person inside of you, rather than the outward figure. You do not need to spend so much time or effort attracting people to your outward features, this will only lead to a 'conditional relationship' which is based on false expectations as opposed to reality.

2. Be Confident And Optimistic

That breath-taking moment when your crush walks past you can make your mind skip a couple of times. Most times, you begin to imagine what it would feel like getting together with him; that's when your mind quickly tells you to snap out of it, that he is probably above your league. 

Look at him, a hot guy like this would probably have a pretty girl in his life already, or, if he doesn't, then he's probably got lots of pretty girls throwing themselves at him already. This is the negative mindset that you must change to achieve your goals in life. If you really want to impress your crush, you have to be confident; self-confidence is sexy.

Most times, we are already defeated in the mind even before things start to get interesting. You are scared of getting rejected, so you'd rather not try, don't write yourself off even before your crush gets to notice you, stay confident and optimistic. 

One frequent cause of this could be low self-esteem, study has proven that people with this condition are usually 'hyper-vigilant' and ‘hyper-alert' to signs of rejection and inadequacies. However, surrounding yourself with confident people sure has a way of boosting one's self-esteem. 

3. Stay Independent

Being independent is one of the best qualities you can use to impress a guy you like. Let him see how much you can accomplish by yourself without having to rely on others. Show him how decisive you are, how much you can uphold the principles you stand for. 

Nobody wants to be friends with someone who would eventually turn out to be a burden on them or, with someone who cannot decide on what they want out of life. 

Your crush needs to see the independent lady in you, if you want to impress your crush, being Independent and decisive does not mean you should be rude, arrogant, and self-imposing. If you behave like this, you will only succeed in scaring away the poor guy, no guy wants to be friends with a rude lady. 

4. Treat People Around You Nicely

treat people around you nicely

Treating others around you with respect is another effective way of impressing someone you like. Everybody wants to be around a nice lady, you need to actively communicate this message to your crush that you are not selfish; neither are you a stone-hearted person that does not care about other people's feelings. 

Volunteering to assist others in need, saying nice things to people, holding the door for the person behind you, or talking to the waiter nicely, just goes to show how nice a person you are. Your crush would be impressed to see how you treat others, the better the woman you become, the higher your chances of winning his heart.

5. Build A Friendship

The feeling of crushing on someone runs deeper than wanting to be 'just friends' with them. It goes farther into wanting to be a part of their lives, sharing emotions, and affections with them, or doing more intimate things with them. 

You feel so much chemistry within you for this person that you would get mad seeing him smiling with another girl. However intense, make sure you put these feelings in check and focus on building a friendship with them for a start. 

A look at the story of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin is a story of a girl who built a friendship with her crush until it eventually led to something real. Regardless of how long it took, they kept the friendship alive until things blossomed into a full relationship. 

6. Stay Fit And Healthy

Staying fit and healthy is another effective way of getting this guy to like you, this does not mean you should go around feeling depressed for being fat or being overweight. Remember, confidence is everything, but you’re also trying to be your best self not just for him, but you as well. 

Ask questions about reasonable meal plans that will improve your hygiene and overall health, hit the gym regularly, sign up for yoga classes, watch your diet, and practice a healthy lifestyle. Men will always be attracted to those they consider physically fit and healthy. 

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‘Is that how to get guys to like you?’ You may ask, beyond wanting to impress your crush, there should be the drive to live better, upgrade your fashion sense, and put more working into being the best you. 

7. Be Outstanding In Your Work

be outstanding in your work

Men are naturally attracted to successful women, a man will always want to be associated with a woman who is not just attractive but doing very well for herself, career-wise. It’s things like this that make them notice you in the first place, and beyond wanting to impress your crush, you’ll be crushing your personal and professional goals too.

As a lady, it should be your primary objective to push to be the best in your career or area of specialization. There is no point stressing about impressing your crush when you can simply work hard to become the best, and he will be left with no choice but to aspire to be with you. 

A lot of ladies spend so much time and effort to improve their physical appearance, leaving their intellectual capacity lagging behind. I am not saying that it is entirely wrong to get your nails done, look elegant, or smell good at all times, that’s all part of the package. 

However, getting a butt surgery and looking rich when you do not have the means to sustain that lifestyle is a bad idea, also, make sure you stick to things that are sane, reasonable, and profitable in the long run.

8. Show Genuine Concern About His Life

Sometimes, we get too carried away by our personal feelings that we ignore basic things about the person we are crushing on. It is important to genuinely be interested in their lives by asking basic questions about the things they like, their ambitions, dislikes, their childhood, and parental upbringing. 

Also, it would be very helpful if you held close to important details such as birthdays, favorite colors, or favorite meals to mind, the list is endless. However, this will go a long way to show how interested you are in the details of his life. 

Furthermore, when you have an opportunity to hold a conversation with him, allow him the space to share his views on issues, do not be in a hurry to speak. Pay close attention to the specifics, also, feel free to share your views with him. Make him see how similar your interests are with his. 

9. Always Have Something Nice To Say

always have something nice to say

As easy as it may sound, this is one very important attribute that will not only present you as a positive person but will make your crush always want to confide in you. Everybody is going through some sort of challenge daily, it is usually a heartwarming feeling to have that one friend that you could easily share your issues with. 

Therefore, in a bid to impress your crush, you need to have a positive mindset, and always be positive both in words and in action. When having a conversation with your crush, let him see the positivity in you. Always have something nice and positive to say instead of being mean or critical about him or others.

10. Have A Good Sense Of Humor

Laughter remains a vital key to someone's heart, impressing your crush does not only revolve around looking good, staying fit, or saying positive things. Sometimes, there is a need for a good sense of humor. Feel free to share with him some funny embarrassing stories of your life, crack a joke, and show him your goofy nature. 

This may seem meaningless at first, but it helps to reduce the tension and formality between you two, especially on the first date. Also, this may open up another dimension of your beauty to him, seeing how funny you are. Men love to spend time with funny and enthusiastic people. 

More so, you cannot be overly serious whenever you are around him, sometimes you have to show him the fun and unserious side of your life. 

11. Smile Always

A good bright smile sometimes has a way of attracting people to you, it makes you appear very friendly, welcoming, and approachable. It equally makes the other party feel calm and comfortable around you, it’s a great attribute that could help you impress your crush.

Smiling at your crush will go a long way in passing a message to him that you might be interested in him. Let's be honest, only very few men can resist a girl once they know she is interested in them.

12. Sustain Eye Contact

sustain eye contact

Usually, making eye contact with someone can be a great way of passing a 'secret message'. However, this technique, if applied properly can greatly increase your chances of being noticed by your crush, this does not mean you should stare at him. 

If he is sensitive enough to notice the eye contact, he will know by this time that you are interested in him. 

13. Initiate A Conversation

There is really nothing wrong if you initiate a conversation with him, this might not be very easy for you because of how nervous and anxious you are, the butterflies in your stomach at this point may be actively buzzing. 

Nevertheless, there is a need for composure and self-control, especially when speaking to him. Try not to act nervous so you don't freak him out, one major challenge you may encounter in doing this is finding the right moment to initiate the conversation. 

It is important that you exercise patience while waiting for an opportunity to present itself; do not stalk him. 


How do you get your crush to like you?

Getting your crush to like you is usually not as simple as having a crush on someone. It involves a lot of patience, calculated steps, and carefully approaching the situation. One of the most effective approaches to this include, being yourself at all times, being honest with your feelings when you have the opportunity to say it, being a good listener when conversing with him, and taking note of basic details about him. It will also be helpful if you make eye contact with them because this has a way of sending a message.

How do you know if your crush likes you?

You can easily tell if someone likes you by paying close attention to their body language whenever they are around you. The way they look at you and smile at you are key details that can help you know your stand. If he is replying to your messages quickly and initiating conversation, that's a good sign that he just might be interested in you. Plus, if he is asking you basic questions that infer that he wants to know you better is a sign. 

Sometimes, he may even know details you didn't even tell him, he wants to hang out with you, he calls or texts frequently. All these are good signs that your crush might be developing interest in you. 

How can I flirt with my crush?

Flirting with the person you are crushing on is usually a very nervous moment, especially when you are not sure if he likes you back. However, such risk is considered very healthy and worth taking. If he's on Instagram or Snapchat, I suggest you go like and comment on a few of his pictures. 

Note that you cannot like too many of his pictures so he doesn’t consider you a stalker. You can also watch his stories and snaps, usually, if he likes you back, he would reply to your comments or like a few of your pictures as well. Maybe invite him to hang out with a group of mutual friends, there you can have the opportunity to hold a conversation with him and it won't feel awkward.

How can I impress my crush guy?

The most effective way of impressing your crush is to stay simple, not faking or pretending, be real. Your male crush will be impressed when he gets to know that you are on top of your game in class, at work, and even in sports. This means you should put in more work in improving yourself to become the best because men love successful women

Also, you should be nice to people as this would tell him that you have a good and kind heart. Volunteering to assist people, holding the door for the person behind you, or talking nicely to the waiter could help convey this message.

How can I be attractive?

Being attractive comes in two forms – outward appearance and inward attributes. For the former, you simply have to stay fit, watch your weight, eat healthily, dress well, smell nice, and put up a good, charming smile frequently, first impressions matter after all. 

On the other hand, the inward attributes include, having a kind and charitable heart, being smart and intelligent, being positive and always having something good and encouraging to say in every situation, be happy and self-motivating. These inward attributes will always endear people to you more than the outward appearance. Nevertheless, it is important to work on both areas as they are both important. 

At The End Of The Day,

Having a crush on a guy can be very magical and frustrating at times, especially when you are not sure if he likes you back. It is important that you stay and be yourself, focus on improving yourself rather than trying to change to please him. These steps that I have discussed above should be helpful to you when trying to impress him. 

I hope you enjoyed and found this article helpful, please feel free to share it with your friends, colleagues, and family as well.

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