How To Give A Hickey To A Guy (17 Ways To A Hickey)

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Hickeys are otherwise known as love bites; it's one of those sensual things lovers do to each other to mark some sort of territory. Or maybe, it’s just for the kinky feeling. It's mostly done on the neck, but you can give someone a hickey almost anywhere on the skin. 

A lot of people think this sort of thing is out of fashion and shouldn't be done anymore, but I beg to differ, and I'm sure you agree with me. I understand it's a little embarrassing on apparent spots like the neck, but secret hickeys between lovers are cute

Knowing how to give hickeys isn't rocket science, but you've got to be delicate with your moves. 

There's also a strong chance you'll look creepy without the right moves. 

In this article, I’m spilling some hot tea on how to give a hickey. Since a hickey is something sensual, only the right method should be used. You don't want to hurt anyone in the process, trust me. 

17 Ways To Give Someone A Hickey

1. Set the mood

set the mood

You can't dive straight into someone’s neck to suck it; they're going to think you're a vampire and ward you off like an evil spirit! You have to create a mood between you, a romantic one where a kiss turns into a soft love bite.

2. Find a good spot

While having a conversation with your partner, do a quick scan over his body and think of a spot you'd like to leave the hickey on. Remember, hickeys are like a temporary love tattoo, and you can put it anywhere. Even though the neck is a safe spot, it's been so overused and it’s a very visible spot. So get creative.

3. Ask for permission

Before you nibble on your partner’s skin, you’ll need to ask for permission. Love bites can actually burst some blood vessels under the skin, that’s why you need to be careful before giving your partner a hickey. They should be aware of the risks, if you bite too deep, they are a lot of medical terms you’ll be hearing at the hospital.

Make sure you ask them if they’re into it (because consent is everything) then take it soft and slow.

4. Maintain a pace

Find a good pace and keep it. Don't be all over your partner in a random motion. A good song would help you maintain speed. 

5. Wash up

Ensure you and your partner are all cleaned up before you indulge in this activity. It's better when his neck is clean, that way you’ll feel safer about what’s going in your mouth.

6. Calculate the timing

Don't spend even five minutes giving someone a hickey that’s too long. Practice yourself to see how long it'll take you to bruise and then keep the timing in your head. 

7. Avoid the face.

When giving your partner a hickey, you’ll probably look for other places to explore aside from the neck. Here’s a hint - avoid their face. That's going to look bad, like a fight gone wrong. That's not the picture you want to paint when you give someone a hickey. 

8. Find a comfortable position

Once you’re both in the mood, you need to find a comfortable position not just for you but also for your partner as well. You don't want to get cramped up while you are trying to give a hickey. If your partner isn't in a comfortable position, he may shift and that could be another lovebite mishap.

9. Pay attention to your partner's body language

Paying attention to your partner's body language is one of the most critical factors when giving a hickey. You can tell from his body when he thinks you should stop or if he's enjoying what you're doing to him. One thing that'll zero your chances of ever giving a hickey is if the first attempt is rough and painful to your partner. He might not be open to it again, and you can't blame him. 

10. Don't overdo it

Don't go printing love bites everywhere on his body. One or two bites are enough. If you do too much you're going to look like a crazy person and I'm positive you don't want that. So make sure you keep it simple and neat. 

11. Caress


While you’re trying to burst blood vessels with your tongue, use your hands to caress other parts of the body you can reach. This helps spread your attention to other parts of the body and not just the area you're making the hickey. Plus, it gets awkward after five seconds if that's all you're doing. 

12. Be open to one as well

You can’t give a hickey and not be open to one as well — it's the unwritten law of hickeys. If you're giving, you must take it as well. Except your partner doesn't want to, but if he does, it's not fair to refuse it. Don't be the kind of person who can’t take what they dish out. 

13. Tender pressure

I know I said ‘suck hard’ but it's supposed to be tender pressure. You're trying to show someone you care about them, or that they mean something to you. So don't be brutal about it. 

14. Don't make it a habit

Nobody wants to be with anyone whose major sexual move is a love mark, there's got to be more to you in bed. Note that hickeys are only one of the many sexy things to do in bed, not the only one. 

15. Relax

Don't panic or be in a rush to suck on your partner's skin. Take your time with it but suck hard enough to leave a kiss mark. 

16. Give your reasons

give your reasons

Before or after the love bite, it's sweet to have a conversation about what it means to you and why you want to give it to him. Let him know you feel it's a romantic gesture or a gift. Talking about your reasons makes people more open to the idea. 

17. Don't use teeth

Remember, you're not a vampire, and the idea is to cause a bruise not to make your partner bleed. If you taste blood, then you may have taken things a bit too far. Only professionals know how to apply a little pressure with the teeth to get the desired reaction from their partner. Many people find small teeth action hot as well. However, do not try this if you don't know how to handle it. 


Do hickeys feel good?

Not everyone finds pleasure while getting a hickey. Some people enjoy the pressure on the skin, and others are irritated by it. You can never tell which category you belong to until you get a hickey. It's the build-up to the hickey that feels nice; the skin is a susceptible part of the body. You might not even notice the entire process until you find a scar. 

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How do you give someone a bad hickey?

A bad Hickey takes a longer time to disappear, and the scar hurts more than it should. This mostly happens to people with very sensitive skin. If you suck on the skin too hard for too long, the hickey can turn out to be very painful, and that's less romantic. See a doctor if the bruise from a hickey feels too sore and won't disappear. 

Why do people give hickeys? 

Hickeys are like sexually possessive marks for some people, and others feel it's part of the kinky build-up to sex. They're many reasons people choose to give a hickey; it could be done as a romantic gesture to a partner, as a joke between lovers, or even given as a gift. It just depends on the giver's intentions.

Does giving a hickey hurt? 

It feels a lot like sucking into something for some time. You might feel a little bit tingly on your tongue for a couple of minutes, but that's all there is to it — except you gave a bad hickey and they're complications for you like swelling or redness of the mouth. 

What does hickey mean sexually? 

A hickey is a mark given in the heat of passion; it means the person who gave it enjoyed being with you a lot. A love bite can also signify someone having feelings for you. 

To Conclusion 

This article has everything you need to know about giving a hickey to your partner or even friend. Just keep practicing. You can even try it on yourself first. 

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