How To Get My Crush To Like Me (26 Little-Known Ways)

Last updated on July 13, 2022 by April Maccario

In the past, I’ve wondered how to get my crush to like me, but through the years, I’ve learned some fabulous tips on the best way to do this. Through the help of videos like this one, which shows you sneaky ways to make sure your crush likes you, and books like The Rules, I think I’m a pretty good resource when it comes to getting my crush to like me.

Lucky for you, this article is solely about how to get your crush to crush on you back. We’ll cover the best ways for you to look and act around the guy or girl of your dreams. You can rest assured that these tips really do work. So, let’s figure out how to get your crush to be crazy for you!

How To Become The Person Your Crush Has Been Looking For

Before you even get your crush to notice you, you need to become someone he will want to know. Work on yourself; make the most of your good features

Showing up in sweats may be comfortable, but is that really how you want him to first see you? Even if he does think you’re hot, he’ll likely think you aren’t looking to date anyone right now because you aren’t all fixed up pretty. So, make an effort, work on yourself - inside and out, and flaunt your beauty to grab his attention.

This isn’t just about looks either. If you want to make sure your crush will like you back, you need to know who you are and what you want. What if he’s not the right guy for you? Wouldn’t you like to realize that before you make an effort to impress him? Understand who you are and what you want, and then, see if he fits the bill. 

1. Look your best.

Find the best hairstyle for your face, learn to put makeup on the right way by going to the mall for a free makeover, eat healthily and exercise, and take care of your teeth. Be the most beautiful version of yourself. 

2. Find your passion in life.

Find something to love, other than men, like a sport, game, hobby, or work. Consider branching out and broadening your horizons with things like chess, a new language, or a craft like knitting. Men love women who have passions and are passionate about life.

3. Wear flattering clothes and accessories.

Find in-style clothing that fits you well and flatters your figure. Buy purses and jewelry you love that make you feel like a princess. Then, wear them with confidence.

4. Illuminate confidence.

No one is sexier than when they are radiating confidence. Being sure of yourself doesn’t mean you have to be cocky, just illuminate your unwavering self-confidence.

5. Maintain good hygiene

Don’t be a “smelly Mellie” as it was said on the show, Scandal. Shower daily, brush your teeth, and wear perfume and deodorant. In other words, take care of yourself. 

6. Learn good manners.

Men like polite women who say please and thank you. It shows you are kind and have a good heart. So, treat other people with respect.

7. Get busy.

Have a busy life, or start getting excited about your new passions. Find ways to love life and yourself, and the beauty of your personality will radiate!

How To Act Around Your Crush To Make Him Want You

You are now a beautiful creature, unlike any other. It’s time to figure out what to do when you’re around your crush. It’s important to come across as an enigma, someone he wants to get to know better, a person who he’s now interested in.

If he notices you, you now want to stand out, and you need to make sure that you don’t come across the wrong way. Instead, let’s look at things you should and shouldn’t be doing around your crush to make sure he notices you, and so you appear in a good light.

How To Act Around Your Crush

8. Flirt a little.

Of course, you need to show him you are interested in him but don’t go overboard, or you might scare your crush off! Giggle, touch his arm, tell funny stories, and tease him a little about something cute he does. Just don’t do it too often.

9. Watch how you appear and act on social media.

Watch what you post on social media, and don’t go crazy stalking him. You can go through his old pictures, but don’t be obsessive. And don’t “like” old pics; that shows him you are cyberstalking him. 

Make sure your social media pics are tasteful (forget showing your big bruise to grandma) and have good lighting. Show pics of you and your friends going to fun places. Demonstrate that you have a social life by showing off your greatest moments.

10. Compliment him.

You can give your crush a compliment. This might show him that you’re really interested in being more than just friends, but do it the right way. 

Be nonchalant about it or give him a backhanded compliment like, “That shirt looks great on you, but blue would bring out your eyes better.” Smile when you do this. He’ll be putty in your hands. Why? Because you weren’t obviously flirting. Instead, you gave him something to think about. Be a mystery to him, so he’ll want to get to know you better.

11. Don’t talk too much.

You need to talk to your crush to show him you are someone he should get to know better but don’t tell him your life story. If he wants to know more details about your life, make him ask. You don’t want to reveal all the specifics about you, or when you do finally hook up, they’ll be nothing for you to talk about.

12. Avoid drama.

If you like the excitement of drama, try to tone it down. Avoid starting fights with people for no reason. This isn’t an appealing characteristic in someone. Instead, be easy going and loveable. Try to avoid arguing with people endlessly; argumentative people just aren’t attractive.

13. Don’t be high maintenance.

Okay, so you are a princess, and you should act like a creature, unlike any other, but don’t overdo it. If you can easily grab a soda out of the vending machine, don’t sit back with your feet propped up and ask someone to retrieve one for you. That makes you unapproachable and entitled.

Also, don’t be needy and helpless. Guys do like to feel wanted and enjoy doing things for girls, but if you act like you are incapable of doing something you clearly can do, you just seem like a hopeless little one. Instead, be independent. If he wants to help you, he’ll offer. If you really need help, just politely ask.

14. Touch him subtly.

To properly flirt, you will probably want to get your crush to notice you by touching him. Don’t go overboard, but when you’re talking to him, just touch his shoulder, or when you’re telling him something funny, you can playfully hit his chest.

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15. Smile.

Try to be cheerful and smile as much as you can. Happy people attract others, and you want to be approachable. Plus, smiling shows you are into him.

16. Surround yourself with other people.

Being around your friends or coworkers shows that you are a people person, someone who can be approachable and fun. Plus, if you stand out among a crowd of people, he’s going to notice you.

What To Do To Win The Heart Of Your Crush

There are things you can do to encourage your crush to like you. You’ve now fixed yourself up to be the best you that you can be, and you’ve learned how to act around him. Now, it’s time to show him you like him by being a good friend and person. 

You don’t want to be stuck in the friend zone, but you also need to be around him, so he knows you exist. When you are around him, there are things you can do to win him over and let him know you want to be more than friends.

Win The Heart Of Your Crush

17. Be mysterious.

You want to be the one that catches his eye. To do this, you need to be a mysterious one, someone who he will want to learn more about so he can see what makes you tick.

18. Point out your common interests.

Listen to his stories and find things you have in common. Once you do, elaborate on those things. If you love fishing and he tells a fishing story, talk about what you love about fishing, at what age you first did it, and how you incorporate the sport in your life today.

19. Make him a special gift.

Don’t go crazy and create a weird, uncomfortable moment by giving him a huge gift that you spent months on, but if you knit, make him a scarf or a set of coasters in his favorite colors. Then casually say, “I had some extra yarn, knew you needed this, and was just thinking of you.” No big deal; just a thoughtful way to show him you care.

20. Be sweet and show kindness.

Guys want girls they can take home to meet their mother. While your sex appeal may attract him at first, when it comes to a lasting girlfriend, he’s looking for a girl he can marry someday. If you act too slutty, he may not ever feel more than just lust about you, so show your softer side when you’re around him.

21. Be a positive influence on others.

Be kind to others. Show him your positive influence in the world by doing volunteer work or helping someone out in front of him. It doesn’t have to be a show or a fake performance in front of him; just show your sweet, compassionate side.

22. Be a good friend.

We all want to date or marry our best friend, so be a good friend to him. Help him out if he needs it and offer your sound advice. Pay attention to him and treat him well.

23. Listen closely.

If you’re used to the world revolving around yourself, take a step back and learn to listen. Listening is an important part of winning someone over. How else are you going to find things in common?

24. Be around.

This may sound obvious, but if you aren’t around him enough, how will he know you are into him? Don’t stalk him or show up wherever he goes, but be around enough to become friends (for starters).

25. Be fun and playful.

Knock those serious boots off and show that you can have fun! Talk about your personal life if he doesn’t know anything about you so that he knows you can let loose! Joke around with him, too. 

26. Show him you’re interested.

You don’t have to blurt out your feelings, but you can subtly indicate you’re interested in him by flirting or by doing one of the other suggestions in this article. Make sure he knows you’re single in case he shares your feelings and wants to ask you out.


How do you get your crush to like you back?

You can’t just admire him from afar, or he won’t know you exist. Instead, integrate yourself in his life somehow; give him the opportunity to get to know you. Once you’re a part of his life, don’t come on too strong. Be mysterious, and don’t be too easy.

How do you know if your crush likes you?

Pay attention to his body language. If he likes you back, he will show it by facing you, pointing his feet toward you, and having open body language. For example, he may have his arms uncrossed when he talks to you or maintain eye contact with you during conversations.

How can I impress my crush?

The best way to stand out is to be an enigma, someone he can’t figure out. Don’t blab your life story when you meet him. Instead, be mysterious. This will make him want to know you better because he can’t quite figure you out, and he’s curious.

How can you make someone have a crush on you?

Look your best; show up in style. Stand out by being fun and outgoing. Show him that you have a winning, smiling personality that everyone loves. Make friends and be popular, and he’ll want to know your secrets and your story. Try to be a little mysterious, though.

What are the signs of your crush liking you?

He may compliment you a lot, bring you coffee for no reason, listen and remember the little details about you and the things you say, and keep his eyes on you, especially when he doesn’t think you can see him doing this. He may act nervous or clumsy, too.

To Conclude

Do you have a crush that you are trying to win over? What have you done to get your crush to like you?

We’d love to hear about your experience in winning over the guy or girl of your dreams, so please comment below and tell us all about it!

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