How To Fall In Love Again (31 Lively Tips)

Last updated on June 12, 2022 by April Maccario

Although everyone thinks that forming new relationships and the beginning of relationships are complicated and confusing, a few years down the line in a committed relationship can actually be the most challenging. 

From the outside looking in you might seem like the perfect couple with very little to complain about - you’ve found each other, are committed to each other, live together, and see a future together. What in the world could you be complaining about?

Your relationship could look like the perfect pairing from the outside, but you might feel that you and your long-term partner have fallen out of love with each other. 

You might have gotten to the comfortable stage where instead of spending evenings in bed getting steamy under the covers you spend time sat on the sofa watching TV whilst you both stare at your phones. Although this might feel monotonous and depressing, don’t worry because there are so many great ways you can fall in love with your partner again. 


How To Fall Back In Love

1. Remove phones from the bedroom

One of the best things you can do for your relationship is to remove phones from the bedroom, or at least stop looking at your phone and put it down at a certain time every evening. Instead of watching something or catching up on your social media channels, put your phone down and talk to your partner to recreate an intimate bond.

2. Compliment your partner every day

A great way to fall in love again in your relationship is to start acting like you are already falling in love again. So, compliment your partner every day like you used to. They will feel fulfilled and will compliment you back.

3. Hold hands in public

Hold hands in public

Holding hands with your partner might seem like a small thing, but it’s an intimate act of affection in public that’s guaranteed to create more of a spark between you both.

4. Find time for cuddles

There was once a time when you’d never want to leave the warm embrace of your partner until life got in the way and cuddling turned to rolling over onto your side of the bed at night. Make sure that you find time to cuddle your partner, as it deepens the bond between you and could even be a precursor for things getting steamy!

5. Dedicate one night a week to date night

Dates and romance should continue for the longevity of a relationship, so make sure you schedule a date night every week without distractions.

6. Don’t bring negativity home with you

If both you and your partner have had a long day at work, the last thing either of you will want to hear is complaining. Try to stop yourself from unloading all of your negativity from work onto your partner as soon as you walk through the door because that’s only going to dampen the mood between you.

7. Ask how your partner’s day went

How often do you actually ask your partner how their day went? You can reconnect with your partner by simply asking them how they feel, how their day was, and what they were up to. Make sure you’re actively listening to their response and they will appreciate you showing them care.

8. Leave love notes around the house

Love notes are adorable, and everyone feels happier when they hear something kind and romantic. So, start falling in love again by taking the lead and being romantic. Your partner will most likely reciprocate your actions.

9. Surprise your partner on their lunch break

Stopping by your partner’s office to grab lunch with them on their break is a great way to surprise them and make them smile. It also gives you time to catch up with just the two of you if you have children at home. 

10. Treat yourself (and your partner) to a new underwear set

New underwear can make you feel great, but it’s also exciting for your partner! If you’re trying to fall back in love with someone, you need to make it fresh and exciting. Do you know how you used to buy cute undies for you and your partner to enjoy? Do it and give him a catwalk in them!

11. Make sure you’re having sex

Make sure you’re having sex

Sex is a vital part of a relationship, and it helps keep the romance alive. So, make sure you’re having sex with your partner regularly, and keep it interesting. If you get too tired in the evening to have sex, give it a go in the morning or spend an entire day in bed together.

12. Spend time apart

Being away from someone makes you appreciate them, so take some space from your partner, and both of you will realize just how much you love each other.

13. Go out of your way to make your partner happy

Whether it be making your partner breakfast in bed, helping them with household chores, or making them laugh, going out of your way to make your partner happy will not only be rewarding for you, but it’ll fill the relationship with happiness and love.

14. Don’t make every chat into a logistical discussion

When was the last time you actually sat down and had a deep conversation with your partner? If you can’t remember when this could be the problem - you are making everything about logistics and domestic life. 

15. Write down all the reasons you fell in love with your partner and share

It’s a great idea to do this together, as a bonding exercise. Reminisce together about why you fell in love in the first place and see the sparks fly again when you discuss it.

16. Go back to places where you had special moments together

You and your partner should take a trip down memory lane and physically go to the places where you had special moments together. Being back in these places together will help your love to resurface.

17. Take a trip together

Obviously, if you have kids or commitments, this one might be a bit difficult, but taking a trip away together just the two of you can help you reconnect and you should find yourself falling in love with your partner again when seeing them in a new light and exploring with them.

18. Reach goals together

A great way to reconnect with any person is by working together on a project. Do you both want to lose weight? Or perhaps you’d love to renovate your home together? Whatever the goal is, start to work together towards it and it’ll bring you closer.

19. Spice things up in the bedroom and bring fantasies to life

If you’re not having sex that often or your sex has gone a little too vanilla for your liking, it’s a great time to bring some sexual fantasies to life! Sit down with your partner and speak about your fantasies, then get to it. Trying new things in the bedroom will help to reignite the sparks you share.

20. Surprise your partner every so often with a gift

Although gifts aren’t an essential part of a relationship, it’s always nice to not only receive gifts but also to give them. You can recreate the start of your relationship by surprising this person will small gifts to make them happy. They’ll most likely do the same, and you’ll both start striving to make the other happier.

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21. Plan and talk about your future together

Talking about future dreams, goals, and hopes with your partner can reignite the sparks you felt for each other when you first met. Getting excited about the future together and also looking back at how far you’ve already come will make you stop and appreciate your partner and the relationship you share.

22. Forgive the arguing and put a stop to it

If you’re arguing together and you think that’s why your love life is slowly dying, the simple remedy for this is to put a stop to it. Forgive and forget previous arguments and just stop bickering with each other.

23. Ask for your partner’s help

Everyone likes to feel needed, especially men, so ask for your partner’s help with something. You might be able to bond through working on a task together, or you might become impressed by your partner’s skills alone and feel more attracted to them.

24. Actively listen

Bad communication is one of the biggest reasons people break up. So, you need to make sure that you actively listen to your partner, their needs, and their desires. Once they feel heard, they will mirror you and you will also feel more heard.

25. Act like children together

Act like children together

Having fun and laughing is essential to keep a relationship alive, so make sure you fool around with your partner, have moments when you act like children and laugh together. Having fun with your man will help you to fall in love again.

26. Text your partner during the day

Show your partner you care about them and want to hear about their day by catching up with them during the day. Send them a text wishing them luck with their meeting or ask how they’re doing. They will appreciate it and reciprocate the care and attention.

27. Double date with another couple

Double dating with friends of yours not only means that you’ll be enjoying romantic time out and about with your partner, but you’ll also want to match the happiness and love in your friend’s relationship, so it’ll push you to be more affectionate and loving.

28. Make a conscious effort to not complain after you wake up

This might seem difficult, but if you’ve slept badly, keep it to yourself. In the morning you should turn over and give your partner a kiss or a cuddle, not complain to them, as this will only start the day negatively.

29. Take on a new hobby together

Taking on new things together will bring you closer, so if you both want to start a new hobby, now is the perfect time to do so. You’ll fall back in love when you experience new things with this person for the first time. 

30. Think about what life would be like without your partner

If you think you’re falling out of love, take a minute to think about what your life would be like without your loved one in it. They might not feel like your favorite person right now, but do you really want to end what you two have together? Thinking about your life without them will make you appreciate them way more.

31. Love yourself again

One of the reasons you might not feel in love with your partner could be because you are not in love with yourself right now. If you think this is the case, make self-love and self acceptable a priority so that you become the person you want to be.


Is it possible to fall back in love?

It is definitely possible to fall back in love with someone that you are in a relationship with, or someone that you used to be in a relationship with. The truth is, you probably never fell out of love with them, but instead the relationship changed from being exciting and new to monotonous and flat. You can easily fall back in love with your partner, and the 31 tips in this article will help you.

Can you fall in love again after heartbreak?

This is a completely different take on falling in love again that’s not actually covered in this article. However, yes, of course, you can fall in love again after heartbreak and you will. Heartbreak is something that everyone will experience unless you stay with your first love forever, and although it hurts like hell, it does get better and you will love someone else. 

How do you make someone fall back in love with you again?

You can take a look at the 31 tips on how to fall back in love within a relationship for more details, but overall, you need to dedicate more time to this person and act like you did when you did first meet them. Shower them with more affection than usual, tell them how much they mean to you, take them on dates, and something fun together.

How do I know if I've fallen out of love?

You’ll be able to tell if you have fallen out of love with someone if you’re simply not that bothered about having them in your life anymore. You will no longer see this person in your future, you will find someone else more attractive and want to act on those attractions, you’ll think less and less about this person and you’ll feel happier alone.

Do guys fall out of love easily?

There’s no evidence to support the claim that men fall out of love easily or more easily than women. However, typically men can find it harder to commit to one woman and get scared when they feel trapped in a relationship. Although women can also feel the same, so it really does depend on the individual.

On The Whole,

These 31 tips should really help to get your relationship back on track and help you to fall in love with your significant other again. Just remember not to panic if you feel the relationship has flatlined because it can always be saved if you and your partner really are meant to be.

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