How To Check Your Husband’s Phone (7+ Sneaky Ways)

Last updated on June 15, 2022 by April Maccario

Are you worried that your husband is up to no good?

Do you want to check his phone to find out what he’s up to?

Are you looking for a way to do this without him finding out you’re spying on him?

If so, you’re in the right part of the internet!

This guide features 8 clever and sneaky ways to check your husband’s phone.

One of the suggested ways to check up on your husband is to download this communications tracker.

You’ll learn more about the tool below - but let me say, this is one of the most comprehensive, intelligent and discreet I have ever used.

It’ll gather a wealth of information on your husband’s communications, and there’s no way for him to discover he’s being tracked.

Me and my friends have used this tool when we’re feeling worried about our partners’ behavior in the past. And it really helps to calm (or sometimes confirm) any fears we were having.

With that said, let’s now dive into the list.

How To Check Your Partner’s Phone

1. Know when to check your husband’s phone

So, I had to make it a bit clear that while I don’t support invading people’s privacy, there are times we have hunches as women, that we have to follow. A lot of cheating partners have been busted because a smart woman was kept tabs on what they were doing. 

It might seem unorthodox, but a cheating partner won't admit to promiscuity most times, except if they get caught. Knowing what they are doing behind your back might save you the humiliation, time, and maybe even an STD. 

If, for any reason, you have suspicions that your partner may be inappropriately chatting with a colleague from work, ex, or even a catfish account, finding out on time may prevent him from cheating in the first place. Yes, we know that a man that wants to cheat will always find a way, but a guy who is just in a bad place may realize how stupid his decisions have been and hopefully come back to his senses. 

2. Use a cell phone monitoring app

If you have the opportunity to get a hold of your husband's phone when he goes to the toilet, kitchen, or anywhere without his phone, that might be your chance to download spy software. The fantastic thing about such software is most of the time, your husband would have no idea you have access to information on the device.

You'll have to have an online account, depending on the spy software you're using; the necessary information on your partner's device will be transferred to the account. These spy software give you access to phone calls, messages and e-mails, GPS location, and allows you to record calls and track the URLs he has accessed.

This may sound a bit too advanced for some people who are just trying to find out if their husband is shady or not. However, it's useful for wives that need to know what their spouses are doing because of how detrimental it could be to their families, health, and livelihood as a whole. 

3. Learn his password

Learn his password

To access your husband's phone successfully without him knowing, you might have to get his password. It's the only way to ensure access to his phone if he has a security password protecting his cell phone's content. It takes you watching him strategically when he's putting in his password; try to be smart about it so he isn't aware of what you're trying to do. 

Simply walking by when he's unlocking his phone could give you a passing glance at what his password is. Once you know his password, you can register your fingerprint I.D as well, if you're bold enough. If you need to know what he's doing, maybe try asking him first to access his phone and see how he reacts and ensure you're snooping for the right reasons. 

Keeping tabs on your husband when you have no reason to suspect him may be unnecessary, and it is considered a breach of privacy and trust. No doubt, if your husband willingly hands over his phone, or gives you access to it, he may have nothing to hide. 

4. Ask to order food from his cell

Some spouses are extra careful with their phones; they have face recognition turned on, as well as fingerprint sensors ready to detect any access to their cell phone. They may leave their devices lying around, but with all the high-tech security enabled, you wouldn’t be able to get in even though he left you with it for a week. 

In this kind of case, you have to get tactical, maybe ask to google something on his phone, take pictures because his 'camera quality is better,' or even ask to order food. This may give you some minutes of access to his phone, allowing you to browse through his text messages or call logs for any phony business. Just ensure you end up doing what you said you would, to avoid any suspicions

Try to take some time when ordering food, act indecisive, and even ask him which menu he would prefer. This could buy you the time needed to do a quick yet productive sweep of his phone, focusing on the apps you see him spend more time on. 

5. Take note of the last app that was opened.

I have yet another detective move you’ll have to master if you want to know to search your husband’s phone. If you feel like your husband is cheating, staying back at work longer than usual, or being sneaky around the house, maybe it's time to pull out the big guns. In this case, the big guns are your phone checking skills. 

People may not focus much on their cell phone location or what position they left it in, but they might take note of the last app they opened. To make sure your husband doesn't notice you have tampered with his phone, ensure you take note of the previous app opened, before going through a text message or other apps. 

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6. Take advantage of the times he's schedule

Some of our husbands bring out the detective in us, and while it might sound funny, cheating is no minor deal. A cheating husband may bring shame and humiliation to his family; the wife runs the risk of contracting an STD or getting surprise divorce papers from nowhere. 

If you already know what he is up to, it allows you to address the matter strategically and, importantly, decide if you'd rather stay and fix things, distance yourself, or leave his cheating ass. 

One of the ways of getting ahead of the situation is by taking every opportunity he is away without his phone to try and get in. If he leaves his phone around without locking it first, you have about 15 to 30 seconds to get in there and find out what he’s up to. 

If there’s any evidence left, search for any suspicious text message or cell-phone call history to track you he has been contacting. Make sure you take into account how much time he’ll spend in the shower if he’s bathing, or when he’ll wake up, especially if he is a light sleeper. 

Also, remember to turn the volume down when you pick the phone up so it doesn’t ring in your hands and alert him. Once you're done snooping, place the phone back, and turn the volume back up again. 

7. Remember the exact position you picked it from

The last thing you want to be is a sloppy spy, if we are honest, a significant other that doesn't willingly tell you his password doesn't want you checking his phone without consent. However, desperate times call for drastic measures. If you can get a chance to pick up the phone when your husband is temporarily away, then you have to remember the exact position it was in.

Guys may act care-free about many things, but if something is hidden on your partner's phone, he may be a bit paranoid if he found the phone front-facing when he left it in another position. Simple mistakes like this give you away and might make him extremely careful with his phone in the future. If you couldn't get enough information the first time, that may spoil the chances of getting a second look at his device. 

Even when you have limited time, take a second or two to remember exactly where you picked it from and how it was lying when you picked it up. Don’t toss it back into position. Ensure it is carefully placed back, which makes you look unsuspicious until you can gather enough evidence, or hopefully none, that he is doing something shady.

8. The good old sneaky eye

Remember that meme where Beyoncé was seen taking a sneak-peek into Jay-Z's phone at a Basketball game in Brooklyn. See, even she does it! Sometimes it gets annoying when you're trying to enjoy quality time with your husband, and he keeps checking his cell. It could be on a date night, family gathering, in front of the TV or bed, they could be snuggling with you, but they're busy with their phones.

Take a cue from Beyonce's side-eye and skim over any messages he may be sending or sites he’s visiting at the time. For some couples, stealing a look at the screen is the only way they’ll ever get a whiff of what their husbands are doing. You can’t blame a lady for trying to read a text message or see who is calling then, because the husband has already created an environment of distrust.

I think married couples should have each other's passwords, that way, there's more trust between them, and that may reduce the temptation of checking their messages when they are not around. When that's not the case, and you think your husband is acting shady, take advantage of the times you're beside him, pull a Beyoncé, side-eye that screen, and you might just find something suspicious to hold on to. 


Can I track my husband’s phone without him knowing?

Technology has afforded us the rare opportunity to access a partner's phone; various software and apps have been created to track and monitor actions taken on his cell. With these apps, your husband won’t know that you’re keeping tabs on his phone.

Is it okay to check your husband’s phone?

Many people say that checking a spouse’s phone is wrong, I can’t disagree entirely, because relationships should be built on trust. However, a man who is cheating or hiding important information that could affect the family as a whole can't be trusted. If you have a hunch and feel like following it, no law or code says it's illegal. 

What is the best app to catch a cheating spouse?

Spyera is one of the best apps people use to catch a cheating spouse; it's free and can be used on both Android and Apple phones. If you're looking for an app that will work, Spyera should be a good choice as it lets users track devices and laptops, including the MacBook and Window, using an in-built keylogger that allows people read messages and view photos even though they have been deleted. 

How can I see my husband's text messages without his phone?

Another way to check your husband’s phone is by using the cloud, in most homes, couples share a cloud to reduce costs. It might be smart to check the cloud for any messages or pictures since they are automatically uploaded and don't go away even though your husband deletes them on his phone.

How do I track my husband's cell phone with him not knowing, and for free?

Download an app or software on his phone that apps like mSpy phone tracker will give access to any text message that comes in, the GPS location of the target phone, instant messenger chats, and phone calls as well. 

To Summarize

Did you enjoy reading through the list? I sure hope you did; many people are relying on such strategic ideas to keep tabs on what their partners are doing, whether they are at home or work. It may sound sneaky and wrong, but I have no judgments if it's what you feel you have to do. 

Please leave a comment below if you have any other creative tips or even an experience you'd like to share. Also, remember to share this with a friend or two that may need this as well. 

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