How Do You Kiss Someone For The First Time (25 Tips To Make It Memorable)

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Kissing someone for the first time can make your heart skip a beat. That can be because you’re in love, or because you’re unbelievably nervous. If you’re nervous about doing this for the first time or don’t know how to handle that first kiss, take a deep breath. 

These 25 tips will prepare you for that first kiss and guarantee that you leave a wonderful, lasting impression. 

How Do You Kiss Him For The First Time

1. Take a deep breath

If you’re feeling nervous about kissing someone for the first time, take a deep breath first. This will help you relax in the moment so that your lips are softer, and are a better kisser. Breathe in through your nose instead of your mouth to make sure they don’t kiss you in the middle of a deep breath. 

2. Prepare your lips beforehand

prepare your lips beforehand

Use lip balm, lip scrubs, or chapstick to make sure that your lips are not dry. Moisturizing lipstick might also do the trick, but keep in mind that you might leave it all over your future boyfriend if the kissing gets hot and heavy. 

3. Avoid food that will make your breath smell bad

If you’re out on a date, try to avoid certain foods, like garlic and onions, that are known for making you both smell and taste bad. The last thing you want is for your tongue to taste like garlic. 

4. Freshen your breath

Just in case, bring some gum or a breath mint with you to make sure that you both smell and taste fresh when the moment arrives. If you’re nervous, it can help to do this anyway. This will make sure that you can enjoy the experience instead of being filled with anxiety as you wonder if you taste like onion rings. 

5. Take an extra toothbrush

Taking an extra toothbrush in your purse can guarantee that you don’t taste like dinner. While he pays the bill, excuse yourself to the restroom and brush your teeth. This will be more effective than a mint or stick of gum. 

6. Avoid cigarettes before the kiss if they don’t smoke

No one likes kissing their partner and tasting cigarettes if they don’t smoke. If this is the situation, try not to smoke until after they head home in case they want to kiss first. It’s a considerate thing to do, and you know that they aren’t thinking about the taste of cigarettes. 

7. Watch for body language he wants to kiss you

If you’re not sure whether he will want to kiss, pay attention to how he acts. Is he lingering after a hug, not kissing you but not pulling away either? He might stroke your hair out of your face, maintain eye contact, or slightly part his lips. These are all indicators that he wants to kiss you. 

If you want to kiss him too, reciprocate by leaning forward, looking back into his eyes to maintain eye contact, or wrap your arms around him. You can also lick your lips or gently part them to give a stronger indication that you want to kiss him too. 

8. A small kiss is okay

If this is your first kiss, it’s okay to start off small. There is no rule that one must have a full make-out session for their first kiss. Instead, a simple kiss on the cheek for a first one is fine. 

9. The kiss should match the moment

the kiss should match the moment

A kiss should always be in tune with what is going on. For example, if your partner is upset, they might not want a French kiss. Instead, a kiss on the forehead is more appropriate. On the other hand, if you’re cuddling on the couch, his hands are all over you and he’s planting gentle kisses on your neck, plenty of tongue is always appropriate. 

10. Connection matters

If you don’t have feelings for someone or are kissing someone because you feel that there is pressure to do so, it will show up in how you kiss. When one person likes another, it affects everything about them, from their heart rate all the way to their blood lipid levels, and how they kiss someone. Chemistry makes everything better, including kissing people. 

11. Watch for their head tilt

One of the most embarrassing things can be when you go in for the kiss, and you accidentally bump into their forehead. If this does happen and you feel embarrassed, just laugh it off and tilt your head the other way. If you want to avoid it,let the other person go in for the kiss first. Then, tilt your head the opposite way. If there’s a bit of a height difference, you can see which way they are tilting their head first. 

12. Swallow first

Make sure to swallow your saliva before the kiss. If you kiss someone without swallowing, there can be a lot of spit in your mouth for the first kiss, which is going to make for a pretty sloppy kiss. 

13. Eye contact can make it less awkward

Don’t be too intense with eye contact, and make sure not to narrow your eyes, which can make it look like you’re glaring at your kissing partner. Instead, let your body relax. Soften your expression. Then, look them romantically in the eye while leaning your hips forward. You can also part your lips to indicate that you would like a kiss. 

14. Keep your mouth relaxed

If you’re nervous about the kiss or full of anticipation, two things will happen. First, the man will be able to sense it. Everything from your shoulders to your lips will feel tense. Instead of a soft kiss, it will feel like you’re pursing your lips together. 

15. Put your hands around them

Some people prefer to put a hand on the back of the neck of their partner or around their waist. If there is a height difference, you can put your arms around his waist if you can’t reach his neck. Or wait on him to lean down before putting your arms around his neck. Try to just let it flow naturally. 

16. Start closed mouth

When you kiss him for that first kiss, start with a closed mouth smooth. If it’s your first kiss, you can do this to make sure that they want to kiss if it’s hard to interpret their body language. This is also the icebreaker in the world of kissing. It instantly helps relieve a little bit of that kissing anxiety and gives you a moment to make sure that you want to kiss them more. 

If they didn’t bring some breath mints with them, it’s okay to cut it short. Just give them a cute smile to let them know you still like them. 

17. Kiss their bottom lip next

Going from a closed mouth kiss to an open mouth kiss is more than just sticking a tongue in their mouth. Kissing is an art. Instead, transition from one type to the next by gently kissing one of their lips. This sensual act will let them know that you want to spend more time with your lips together. 

18. Slowly slide your tongue out

After you open your mouth wider, slowly slide your tongue out. The tongue of your partner should meet you in the middle. This is the start of French kissing. 

19. Copy their movements

copy their movements

After you start French kissing your partner, just copy what they do at first. Every person has a different style and a different preference on how to kiss. If you’re not sure how to kiss, simply mirror the way that they kiss you this time around. After you get more comfortable, you can take your time and show them how you like to be kissed by your partner. 

20. Don’t overthink it

The first kiss should be full of magic and memories. When you think too much about how to kiss or feel nervous because it’s your first kiss, it kills the moment with your partner. Instead, try to relax and enjoy the moment. 

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21. Consider your intentions

If the two of you are already affectionate and are quickly moving into foreplay territory, it’s more than appropriate to work your way through erogenous zones. Plant a gentle peck on the neck, kiss their ears, and let your passion loose. 

Before taking it to this level, make sure that you have consent. It’s important that no one feels pressured into doing something at the time, and even boys can have a hard time saying no. If it’s the first kiss, this is very important because the other person may not feel comfortable taking it that far, but might not want to seem like a chicken either. 

22. Gentle biting is okay

If you want to take things up a notch for the first kiss, gently biting their lower lip instead of kissing it is the perfect way to do just that. Some people don’t care for hard biting or someone sucking on their lip. Instead, stick with gentle biting until you learn how to kiss them, which will more than likely happen after the first kiss. 

23. Consider the surroundings

It’s always important to consider your surroundings to ensure that kissing is appropriate. If your partner specified that they do not like public displays of affection, the first kiss should not take place in public. This will just make them feel uncomfortable. 

24. Give them feedback

give them feedback

While you’re wondering how I kiss him, he’s probably wondering the same thing. Telling what you do or don’t like is a great way to stay connected, and make sure that your kissing styles are compatible

25. Practice

If you’ve never kissed someone before, there is nothing wrong with practicing, and not on your hand. I practiced with my best friend, but kissing another girl might not be everyone’s cup of tea. It also sounds a little cliche, but people really do it. Another option is to practice with someone else that needs a bit of kissing practice themselves. 


How do you kiss for the first time?

When kissing for the first time, simply relax. Gently kiss them on the lips, and then slowly open your mouth if you’d like to take things up a notch. If not, a simple, gentle kiss on the lips will always work. Keep in mind what your intentions are when deciding on the type of kiss. 

What does it feel like to kiss someone for the first time?

It will leave a lasting romantic memory in your mind. No matter whether it’s a quick, tender kiss or a long, passionate kiss, you’ll always remember your first kiss. It gives you butterflies in your stomach and a cozy feeling in your heart. 

What do you do after you kiss someone for the first time?

After the first kiss, don’t look away or laugh nervously. Instead, maintain eye contact and tell them you love the way that they kiss. You can also prolong the moment a bit longer by staying wrapped in a warm embrace. 

How do you meet someone for the first time you kiss?

If it’s the first time that you’ve met someone, especially if you met them on a dating app, don’t assume you should instantly kiss at the end of the night. Instead, pay attention to the way that they act, their eye contact, and make sure to have consent first. 

How does a guy feel after kissing a girl?

Some guys walk away from a kiss disappointed. Other guys that are really into a girl might feel lightheaded, dizzy, and in a complete state of bliss. Depending on the kiss, some guys will feel really turned on. Last, there is the guy that just feels warm and fuzzy inside because it warmed his heart. 

In A Nutshell

Kissing a person for the first time can make you feel nervous, but it’s always important to relax and enjoy the moment. Do you remember your first kisses with different people? What advice would you give to someone about kissing someone for the first time?

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