How Do I Find Out What Websites My Husband Is On? (10 Effective Ways)

by April Maccario

Do you want to find out what websites your husband has been visiting?

Are you looking for advice on the best way to discover this?  

Perhaps you want to know a way to do this, without them finding out you have been tracking their web usage? 

If so, keep scrolling down because I have listed 10 ideas to help you satisfy this desire. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about your husband’s web usage, you may also be interested in using this communications tracker tool.

This tool can reveal who they are communicating with on their phone, plus what smartphone apps they’re using, among other things. 

It’s commonly used by spouses who are suspicious about their partner’s behavior, because it’s 100% discreet. There’s no chance of getting found out with this tool

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the best ways to find out what websites your husband has been using.

Best Way To Find Out What Websites Your Partner Is On

1. Go through your partner’s browsing history

If you have access to your husband’s phone or PC, the first thing you should do which is the easiest is to check his browser history. Many browsers offer different options to find this, so it depends on what he's using.

Like in Google Chrome, they're two ways you can find this. Firstly, you can click open the ‘menu’ at the top-right of the window, which will display the ‘search history’. The second method is to click "Control + H" on the computer keyboard your partner uses, and the browser history will pop up. You can use this approach for other browsers.

Also, you can make a list of popular dating websites, to check if you can find any of them on your husband’s history. Make sure you target sites like and eHarmony that encourages infidelity.

Finally, understand that you're taking a risk snooping on your partner - more, so this can lead to a split. It’s not a healthy thing to do and will surely make him have a bad impression about you. No doubt, if you have good reasons to suspect he has been on a dating website, on his mobile phone or PC, it’s fine; however, if you're doing this out of jealousy, it doesn't speak well of you.

2. Google search your partner’s profile

Google is one of the easiest ways to find people online. Here, you need limited information like his name, phone number, and email to find out if your partner has been snooping. 

First, start with searching for your husband’s name; chances are, that he may not use his real name for dating profiles on dating sites. You can also add the city you are based in as a backup. During the search, you can click on "images" to see if his photo will pop up. If you are in luck, it might display a number of sites he has been using and if relevant, the various dating profiles he has.

Also remember that while searching for his name, use quotation marks, to help you search for a specific phrase. It will help narrow down your search. For example, if you're looking for the name ‘Noah Williams’ two million results may pop up, but if you envelop the name with a quote, the results will be streamlined to few results.

Google search your partner’s profile

Another way you can find your husband is by using a reverse image search on Google. Visit Google images, you will see a camera icon; just click on it to get started.

If your husband has current profile pictures, use them as a reference, and run a search. It will bring up any websites or social media accounts that the image is on and maybe you will get a match.

3. Monitor your partner’s email address

Do you have access to your husband’s email address? There's a probability he might not use that email since it's quite easy to create one. But don't take chances, check his trash and spam folders - you may find something you need.

Additionally, check his Google accounts to see if he has more than one email. If so, enter them into the "forgotten password" feature, of popular websites, or a dating site or dating app you think he might use. It may not give you complete facts about his activity on the dating apps, but you'll know whether he has used the site before if he has dating profiles.

Also, there's another innovation of Google you can use, that is, Google alert. It helps you monitor the internet for any information related to the person's email address, or a combination or other search terms.

All you have to do is to input his email addresses, or with a combination of other search phrases, and set the amount of time you want the message to be coming in, then wait for the feature to do its work.

Finally, you can use his email to find him on Facebook. Log in to a Facebook account, then copy the email address and paste on the Facebook search field at the top of the page. Once done, simply click ‘search’. Once searched, you will be offered different results, then click on "people" to filter out everything except their user profiles. Afterward, you can check for the one that matches the email, then go for it.

4. Monitor your partner remotely

Before now, this wouldn't have been achievable, or you would have to pay a large sum of money for this service. But, nowadays, some sites will offer these services for free, or sometimes you'll pay a little amount for it. But you have to be careful before you install malware.

Instead of trying to go through the computer or call log of your partner all the time to find his history, you can do that remotely. You can check up apps or sites like XNspy, MobiStealth, iKeyMonitor, etc. The only problem you'll have to face is installing the app on his phone then the rest will be history

However, although it's a free app, you'll have to pay to upgrade to the premium version before you can access the complete functions. After you have installed the app on your husband’s phone, you'll wait for 48 hours for the app to transfer its data from his phone to its website.

Finally, you'll then log in to the website to have full access to his internet history. Afterward, you will then be provided with the links to the website he visited, also the date stamps for each Url.

On top of this method, you can also use sites or apps that can monitor his GPS location and their historical log; this way, you'll know when your husband is telling the truth about his whereabouts, and the exact time.

5. Register on dating sites too

If you have an idea of the dating sites or dating apps your husband loved visiting when you were dating, then it's high time you should find out things from the inside. First, create a fake profile around his vicinity, then use any picture of a beautiful lady as your display picture, and try hitting from there.

I believe by now you must have known your husband’s weakness in women, so write a short flirty profile, that suits this fantasy woman and wait for him to bite. Also, you can use his physical features and location and find your husband. You never know, you just might come across his profile. 

Similarly, you can try adjusting your profile to align with that of your husband, so the dating site or app can easily match you both. It works very well on dating sites or dating apps like Tinder that allows for a match based on location and similar likings.

If you’ve created your profile, you’ve to be careful because if the friends of your partner find you, you’ll have a difficult time trying to explain yourself out of this one. However, If you've gotten to this point, you need to do some thinking; what will be your response if your husband catches you? I hope you know how you’ll go through this.

6. Search with your partner’s phone number

Many dating sites require a phone number during the signup stage; so, with this in mind, he may likely have used his phone number to register. More so, since you have access to your husband’s email, try logging into the dating site with his phone number then click on "forget password". You will receive a mail with the link to reset the password. Don't forget to delete it afterwards.

You can also try this one out. Search on Facebook with your partner’s phone number. It will be easier than using his name and you will probably get better results with a phone number than a name. However, your search is only limited to Facebook, and that's the sad truth.

If your partner is already cheating actively, then he will likely move on to a messaging app. Your best bet is to check his Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp messages. Also, check for deleted or blocked users - he might be careful to remove them.

Additionally, some spy sites, like, will uncover your husband’s media data, online activities, phone logs, photos and more with just inputting his phone number. This way, you can secretly monitor, record, and track a series of phone calls made by your partner, if the app is installed on the target phone.

7. Use your partner’s IP address

Apart from spying on him remotely, you can find what site your husband visits (without snooping around his phone or trolling him on dating sites), by turning on the login of your home cable modem or wireless router. The login will show the internet protocol address of the modem or router. Then copy it and paste it on your browser, and it will resolve to the website he's been on. It will look this way: "".

More so, even if your husband browsing with his phone, it will still work, since a lot of people use their wireless connection to browse with their smartphone while at home. But if the IP doesn't resolve, the reason will be that there is more than one website in that address. However, a popular dating site will have its address.

Additionally, mobile phones use IP addresses anytime you are involved in a conversation with someone through a messaging or dating app like WhatsApp. In fact, sites like and can be used to create trackable links, so you can send a message to him with these links; another method of grabbing his IP address.

8. Check your partner’s bank statement

Here, you're watching out for eerie transactions from your partner’s social platform accounts. It's a quiet and silent way to find out what your partner is up to without looking shady or suspicious.

No doubt, a lot of dating sites require money to get in, and since you have access to his bank statement, you can scan through his bank card history to check if there's any record of him subscribing for one.

So there's a possibility that if your partner is using these sites and has dating profiles, you might catch up with him because it's not something that he can easily erase, and he won't have any reason to suspect you. Also, he may likely use other bank documents for these transactions that you’re not aware of; certainly, nowadays you can buy a fake credit card online, or with cryptocurrency. 

All in all, make sure you check well for this information since this is the less risky approach that you would've taken.

9. Hire a spy

Despite taking the above actions, if you are still suspicious about what your partner is up to, a spy should clear all that. But, understand that you're opening up your marriage to a third party and that might not end well.

I will suggest you don't use this measure unless you have plans of divorcing him. Obviously, I can't stop you, because it's your choice to make. However, if you're going for any spy, opt for someone who does the job professionally.

Professional investigators are not going to work with emotions, so they may not likely make mistakes. Also, they will be fast in gathering hard evidence, which would have proved difficult if you were the one handling it. So, hire the service of a professional to save you from stress, and frustration that comes with finding out what your partner is up to.

Hire a spy

Note; going for this is a two-way situation. It's either you end up spending money fruitlessly If it's proved that your suspicions were baseless. 

10. Talk to him

I will advise you to talk to your partner. If you have a reason to believe that your spouse is on a dating site, the first thing you should do is to relate with him your fears and concerns, before progressing to do anything.

No relationship can run without good communication. Until you and your husband discuss this over, you'll still be having doubt. Moreover, you can do all the snooping on his gadgets and private investigations, it won't ease the pains and distrusts you'll face.

Okay let's say you find nothing, will you accept husband is not cheating, or will you think instead, you didn't look hard enough? If you strongly believe your husband is using secret emails or fake names to go on dating sites, what will be your plan, If it's true? Will you file for divorce or you'll pray he changes?

Don't drive yourself crazy. Whether you snoop around, or you don't bother the result is still the same. Moreover, you should not be in a relationship that there's no trust. I will advise you to seek therapy, and talk to one that will be neutral and help you see through what happened.


How can I find out what websites my husband is on?

There’re a few ways you can tackle this. The first thing you have to do is to check your husband’s browser. Find the tab for history and click on it. You will see the recent websites he visited, and the ones of last week. If he had cleared it, then there's something fishy he's doing.

How can I see if my husband is on dating sites?

You can find him by phone number. Most dating sites and apps like Tinder and Bumble link their user's to their phone numbers. So you can try logging in with your husband’s phone number when you're with him, and he's with his phone. If he looks at his phone while you're at it, then that's a sign he just got the login verification code.

How can I find out if my husband has a secret Instagram account?

There are programs out there that could help you. The problem with downloading them is that you don't know which one is malware. You'll need an expert in that field to put you through. But, you can find it in his email account, luckily you can find his new Instagram signup details.

How do I monitor someone’s browsing history?

There are plenty of apps out there, like XNspy and MobiStealth that can help you monitor another person's browser remotely. But they're few risks you'll have to take, like installing the app on their phones. Then, you'll have to wait for 48 hours for the app to transfer the person's data to their site, before you can access their history.

How can I track my Husband’s cell phone without him knowing and for free?

Nowadays, there are many websites and apps created for this purpose. But, a few of them are safe, flexible, and secure. Famisafe, Google maps, and Spyic are a few I can recommend for you. Though Famisafe and Spyic are free, you need to upgrade to the premium plan to access all functions.

To Conclude

These tips may sound technical and tedious, but If your gut tells you there's something wrong, I believe these guides will be helpful to you. Moreover, If it's doesn't worth the stress, don't push for it.

I hope you loved the article, looking forward to reading your comments, and please share with family and friends.

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