Hero Instinct (5 Signs Your Man Has Hero Instincts)

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Men have always wanted to feel like heroes, it makes them feel masculine when they can save a damsel in distress. This is otherwise referred to as the hero instinct in a man. Aside from the knowledge that guys like saving the day, how does this information affect your relationship? 

The truth is, studies have shown that activating your man’s hero instinct could make your relationship blossom even more. Many women have put the knowledge of the hero instinct to great work and confessed that their relationships improved

I wrote this article to give you a little scope of your man’s hero instinct so that you can also reap its benefits. 

5 Signs Your Man Has Hero Instinct

1. He always wants to help out

he always wants to help out

Men want to feel useful, it builds their masculinity when they know a woman can depend on them for certain things. However, there’s always a conflicting balance to this truth. Women likewise have the natural ability to multitask and would prefer to feel independent. As a result, they could go for an extended period without requiring a man’s help for certain things. 

Men, on the other hand, don’t like it when a woman is too independent. A man naturally feels out of place when his woman doesn’t ask him for anything, he likes to feel needed. This is where the hero instinct comes in. One vibrant sign that your man has hero instinct is when he’s always requesting to help you out with things. 

If he likes to join in on your little home tasks and would prevent you from doing any tedious work, then your man indeed has the hero instinct. So, how do you trigger the hero instinct in your man

Here’s a little challenge. Try asking your man to help you with activities that require a professional; let’s say, a plumbing issue, or an engineering job at home. 

If he embraces the idea, it’s a positive sign that he has the hero instinct. On the other hand, if he responds grudgingly, then the reverse is the case. If your man has the hero instinct, you’re in luck because you can use it to your advantage. You can make your relationship even better by triggering his hero instinct into your everyday life. 

You don’t need to ask him to do anything and everything, merely ask for help with the right things. Jobs that would make a man feel like a hero, like fixing a tire, or moving something heavy will easily unlock the man’s hero instinct. 

On the contrary, asking him to do the dishes, or maybe handle the laundry could make any man feel like he’s less than a hero. 

2. He likes to be appreciated

Everyone can attest to the fact that being appreciated makes you feel good. You feel warm and fuzzy on the inside, making you want to do more for people. Men, in particular, thrive off the need to feel appreciated more than anyone else. It makes them feel needed and valuable, which in turn, makes them want to do more. 

Being appreciated makes a guy feel dependable, and nothing builds a man’s confidence like some sweet words of appreciation from a woman he loves. It triggers the hero instinct in your man. If his face lights up when you tell him, “thank you”, then it’s an indication that he has a hero instinct. 

Also, appreciation is synonymous to praise, which explains why it’s a confidence booster for men. When someone compliments you for something you’ve done, it means you’re reliable and great at what you do. It could make a man feel he’s winning at being masculine.

If you want to see how much the hero instinct in your man can work wonders in your relationship, then you should incorporate it with this useful step. Always appreciate him for every accomplished task that he does, no matter how little it is. The glee he feels in the moment will always make him want to want to do more. 

Also, he will always want to be around you because you make him feel good about himself.

Since men generally love being praised, if you continue giving him what he loves, he will love you even more for that. Apart from verbal appreciation like saying, “thank you,” you can take it even further with physical gratitude. 

When your man finishes a tedious task for you, like a plumbing job, you can appreciate him by giving him a massage, a kiss, or even taking things to the bedroom if the moment is right. 

Like verbal appreciation, physical appreciation produces a chemical reward in his brain, telling him he’s doing a great job. 

In the end, this makes him feel like a hero, when men feel like hero’s, they'll show more love which is great for any relationship. 

3. He likes challenges

he likes challenges

Men generally love challenges, the reason why they feel good about accomplishing a task is that they earned it by conquering a problem. In other words, they beat a challenge set before him. Whether it’s to fix a pipe or repair a car, they saved the day like a hero. This is one way to tell if a man has the hero instinct. 

When men don't feel they have earned appreciation for something, they won’t feel good about themselves. As a woman, knowing this should make you cautious not to give a guy empty words of appreciation to make him feel like a hero. He will know he doesn’t deserve it because he hasn’t conquered a challenge. 

In like manner, it’s essential not to underrate his ability to accomplish a task or overcome a challenge. Men have a zest to prove a point about their masculinity. To them, overcoming a challenge makes them feel manly, which drives them to put more effort into what they are doing. 

If you kiss your man just because he remembered to put his dish in the sink, he will feel underappreciated because placing a plate in the sink isn’t a worthy challenge. If you start to thank him for little insignificant things, he will feel your appreciation is futile because he hasn’t done something that’s worth the praise. 

For this reason, it would be best to know when exactly to appreciate your man. Only use it at the right moments. It’s even better when you set up a challenge and give him enough time to accomplish it. He’s silently trying to prove a point to you, so don’t interfere with the process. 

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If you get angry that he didn’t do something sooner than expected, he will feel defeated and underappreciated. Instead, put out the challenge and watch him try to impress you. When he accomplishes it, you can then appreciate him.

Let’s say he’s unable to complete the task, it would be best not to give him empty praises, or even worse, no appreciation. Acknowledge how far he was able to tackle the challenge and appreciate him for that. 

4. He likes it when you compliment him in front of others

Who wouldn’t like to be the center of attention for a good thing, to be the man of the hour, and even better, have people look up to you? 

Men love this. This is how you identify the hero instincts in your man. When you show your appreciation in private and public as well, and he loves it, you’ve triggered his heroic instinct. 

Men feed off praise because it tells them that someone is acknowledging their hard work. Another thing men love more than credit is respect. If they can be respected and praised simultaneously, it’s a fantastic moment for them. 

Commanding respect for your man by telling people of his good deeds will trigger the hero in him. He will love the way your words boost his self-confidence in front of others and strive to do more for you. He will also love the appreciation he will get from others simply because you’re saying nice things about him.

If you want to trigger the hero instincts in your man for the betterment of your relationship, then compliment him all the time to people. Tell people how he helped you accomplish something or the excellent favor he did for you the other day. Please don’t make it seem like you’re bragging; add a few nice words once or twice in your conversations. 

You can show up when you know he’s with his friends or coworkers, and present him with something you made to thank him for what he did. In everyone’s eyes, he will be a hero, and he will like how people will look up to him and appreciate him. The more you do this, the more he will fall in love with you.  

You should also strive not to talk badly about your man to people – unless you have a big problem in your marriage that needs others’ help. It would be best to always talk about him in high regard because after all, he’s your man, and you have to be proud of him. men feel broken and exposed when their business is discussed with other parties without their permission. 

5. He wants to make you happy

he wants to make you happy

The secret desire of every man is to be the reason why their woman smiles. For this reason, they would go to any lengths to provide their woman with what will make her happy. Being the source of one’s happiness rages a man’s masculine hormones because they can be counted on for something good. 

Men don’t want to feel like they’re failing at their job. If they feel like they’re not making you happy, then they’ll distance themselves. To them, failing at something as important as a marriage could mean they’re less of a man.

The manlier they feel in a relationship, the more they’ll want to stay and maintain it. No one would like to be associated with things that kill their self-esteem. If you’re going to trigger the hero instinct of your man, then you have to make him know that he makes you happy. You might feel he already knows, but the truth is, saying it means you’re appreciating him for it. 

The tendency to take your partner for granted is high because long-term relationships get all too familiar. As a result, you might not feel the need to continually remind your partner of little things like the way they make you feel. Realizing that this is important for your husband’s hero instinct to be triggered, you’ll be motivated to implement it more often. 

Men are relatively easy to please, if you can trigger the hero in him, he’ll be happy to be with you. The more comfortable men are, the more they’ll want to please you. Everybody wins, right?

So when the moment seems right, don’t hesitate to say, “You make me so happy!” trust me, your partner will love you even more for it and want to cater to your needs to maintain that happiness.


What is the hero instinct 12 words?

The hero instinct 12 words are a list of phrases you can say to a man to make him fall harder for you. These phrases trigger his hero instinct and make him feel like a hero saving you. 

What is the secret obsession of a man?

A secret obsession is anything he desires, craves, or something he’s secretly obsessed with - apart from love and money. If you find out a man’s secret obsession, you can make him fall in love with you by implementing it to suit him.

What is the infatuation instinct?

This instinct can be associated with a feeling of newness around a person. When someone is drawn to someone new, it’s most likely because their behavior or thoughts can’t be predicted. 

Is his secret obsession legit?

His secret obsession is as real as anything and describes the male mind’s psychology that no one pays attention to. If you’re able to find out a man’s secret obsession, you can win his heart over.

How do you trigger a guy’s hero instinct?

To trigger a man’s hero instinct, you need to get him to accomplish a task or conquer a challenge for you. He will feel more manly and confident, knowing he has helped you with something. Please make sure you appreciate him for it.

In Conclusion

Did you enjoy this article on hero instinct? If you follow all the steps listed above, your relationship will grow more than expected. Your man will end up loving you more and would focus more on building the relationship he has with you. Kindly leave a comment if you liked this article, and share it with friends and loved ones. 

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