He Stares Into My Eyes Deeply (11 Intriguing Reasons)

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It’s no longer a mere cliché that the eyes are indeed a pathway to our souls. They reveal so much about our moods, emotions, and desires. Interestingly, there are different types of eye contact used in conveying emotions and feelings. Oftentimes, these things happen on their own when someone stares deeply at us.

Prolonged eye contact or deeply staring into another person’s eyes is unarguably the most powerful form of eye contact. Human beings have developed a subtle way of conveying their emotions and desires through deep levels of eye contact. 

It’s a major body language that people can’t hide, in fact, it’s usually the first body part to give a guy’s emotions away. 

That being said, you’re likely reading this post because you can’t seem to wrap your head around this guy who maintains prolonged eye contact. He stares deeply into your eyes for a while before trying to look away. 

Now you’re asking yourself why would someone gaze at you deeply, without backing up his actions with words? Well, there is more than one way to find out, so let’s delve in.  

11 Things It Could Mean When He Stares Deeply 

1. He is unconsciously doing so

I am sure you may have observed that people sometimes get lost in thought in the heat of a very interesting conversation or argument and lose consciousness of their immediate environment. A guy who is engrossed in a conversation with you unknowingly stares deeply at you because his mind is wandering off at the moment.  

This happens subconsciously and is usually the most obvious reason. He is probably genuinely interested in the subject of the conversation and is taken aback by your own opinion on the matter. He will stare at you so deeply to let you know that you have his full attention. 

He could also be using his deep fixed look as a means of appreciating you for your time and for engaging him in the discussion.

2. He’s showing you the green light

He’s showing you the green light

This one is likely to occur frequently among shy people who have feelings for each other. Sometimes, the shyness is one-sided and is limited to the man in question. He doesn’t know how to approach you so he stares at you to get your attention. 

What he is trying to accomplish with the fixed look is to hint at you that your interests are aligned. Most of the time, guys make use of this body language when they are not certain if the lady they are attracted to is interested or not. 

You wouldn’t blame them; nobody likes to be rejected or turned down. If you have mutual feelings, why not make things easier by giving him some reassurance

3. He wants attention

Men like to be pampered most times and use every possible means to achieve this aim. Sometimes, they use a deep and persistent look to get you to notice them and attend to their needs. This is common with married guys and long term partners who have used this body language one too many times for their partners to mistake it.

They could be so into you that a minute apart from you could seem like forever. Men can be very funny at times too, they would approach you and start muttering some inaudible words just to catch your attention. 

They are not usually deterred by distance and can give you hard and prolonged eye contact from a distance. A man who is innocently crushing on you might also try to adopt this body language to get your attention. 

4. He’s flirting with you

Making eye contact is one of the oldest tricks in the book used by men who want to flirt with you. Though it is old, it’s quite difficult and takes a lot of confidence on the part of the man to pull off. Most women find this flirting tactic really admirable in men. However, for this to work, there must be some sort of chemistry or vibe between the two of you. 

In your own case, this guy may need some reassurance to sustain this kind of prolonged fixed look. Since you are also into him, you can respond to the gaze with a gentle smile to give him more courage to forge ahead. 

Also, try not to break the eye contact once you notice a sexual attraction between you two. Instead, embrace it and see where it leads. 

5. He’s probably in love with you

This is usually the reason behind a man’s focused look on a woman. Shy guys usually have difficulty locking eyes with ladies they are attracted to for obvious reasons. The long and deep stare makes them very nervous whenever they are with their crush. People usually refer to this as the love eye; maintaining one long, emotion-filled gaze to show a woman they love her. 

This particular man in your life right now has feelings for you and is trying to let you know by staring deeply at you. You may have probably noticed that whenever your eyes meet, the guy starts acting all confused and disorganized. 

This is usually the first sign to look out for to know when a guy is into you. The deep gaze is simply a way of letting you in on his feelings for you.

6. He wants to have sex

Imagine your partner telling you in the presence of friends and loved ones that he wants to make love to you. That would just be awkward, and maybe a little too forward, but hey, where words fail, body language is sure to triumph. The eyes love to come out and play when it’s flirting time, and that may be the case here.

Long term couples are fond of using this body language to let their partners know when they are in the mood to get naughty and creative, regardless of where they are. Your significant other is simply trying to tell you through prolonged eye contact that he wants you intimately at that moment. It can also be a very handy foreplay tool to get you aroused and in the mood. 

You will know this once you begin to notice some sort of flirtatious and dirty talk alongside the deep fixed look.  As a woman who knows her partner and his desires, you should be able to pick up these signals as soon as they pop up and respond accordingly. 

7. He’s trying to distract himself from an obvious fault

This is a very rational reason behind why a guy would stare so deeply at you. Most guys tend to maintain eye contact with ladies in order not to be caught staring at other appealing parts of their bodies. Maybe you dressed really nicely, leaving a little to the imagination. He is obviously attracted to you but he doesn’t want to come off as some rotten pervert. 

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On the other hand, he may not have been expecting to behold what he saw and it suddenly overwhelms him. It could be a slight tear on your skirt that is revealing your thighs or a stain on your blouse. 

Whatever the fault may be, guys no it is rude to stare and in order not to make you uncomfortable, they’d rather stare deep into your eyes. This shows that the guy respects and regards you very highly. It’s also a way of telling if a guy’s feelings for you are sincere. 

8. He’s simply displaying some character traits

He’s simply displaying some character traits

It’s natural for men to want to show off around women they are attracted to in order to win them over. Body language is an effective tool for expressing certain traits and behaviors. Guys like to go all masculine on ladies to woo and get them hooked. This particular guy probably wants you to see him in a tougher and fearless light. 

He may not know it yet but he is just displaying his core character trait. It’s nature and there is really nothing he or you can do about it. Tough guys like to go all out to show the ladies just how tough they are. Keeping his eyes fixed on you is a subtle way of exercising that dominance and authority. 

9. He wants you to take him seriously

Whenever a guy wants you to completely trust him, he will stare into your eyes. This act assures him of your full attention which is vital for what he’s about telling you. Imagine trying to tell someone you care about something serious, but their attention is divided, how would you respond? 

You’d probably hold their hands firmly, stare at them deeply and directly in the eyes, and repeat what you’ve been saying with more emphasis. Your partner may be maintaining prolonged eye contact with you because he has something serious to say to you. 

In this case, his body language isn’t signifying anything too mysterious, he’s just trying to get you to pay attention or believe what he’s saying. This doesn’t mean that your partner can’t look you straight in the eye and lie. You’re in a better position to know if the person you’re involved with is trustworthy or not. 

10. You’re the subject of the discussion 

Guys are fond of discussing ladies whenever they gather in groups. When they do, they can’t help but steal a glance at the person who is the subject of the conversation. It’s human nature to want to get a feel of the person that is being talked about. 

The easiest way to know if you are the subject of discourse between guys is to carefully observe his body language and posture. You will know If he talks with his head lowered and then looks up to take a swift look at you.  

It’s very possible that you are being spoken about in a good light. The person staring deeply into your eyes probably likes you and is getting updates from people around. He could be a shy person and lacks the courage to walk up to you. 

11. He’s obsessed with you

There’s a distinct line between love and obsession. What could easily pass as love can equally turn into an obsession? Some men have an obsessive love for their partners or ladies they are attracted to. In your case, it’s possible that the thought of you continually preoccupies his mind and renders him powerless in resisting you whenever he sees you. 

Obsessive signs are not so easy to spot but this could likely be one of them. The funny thing is that you may not even be romantically involved with the guy in question, but he chases you and suffocates you with his stares and the look in his eyes. As a relationship expert, my advice is that you maintain your distance from such people. 


What does it mean when a man stares deep into your eyes?

This body language could mean different things depending on the situation at hand. He probably likes you and wants you to notice him. If the person in question is your husband or partner, he may probably want sex or an intimate moment with you. On another note, he just wants to discuss an important matter with you. 

What does prolonged eye contact mean from a man to a woman?

Prolonged eye contact has a very powerful undertone to it. Not just that, it signifies truth and a no-nonsense stance. Any man that is unable to look his woman in the eye is probably cheating on her, untrustworthy, or is hiding something. For most women, a straight and prolonged fixed look is a sign of confidence and courage. 

What does intense eye contact mean?

Intense eye contact simply put is when a person maintains a prolonged and deep stare. It is sometimes referred to as continuous and fixed gazing. It also means maintaining a fixed look on someone for over three seconds. People with serious intentions tend to maintain intense eye contact with people they love.  

Can you tell if someone loves you by their eyes?

The eyes are uniquely crafted to reveal the deepest emotions of people. Taking a direct glance into a person’s eyes can tell you if they love you or not. Most people may be shy to look you directly in the eye while some may be brave enough to do so. 

Why does he look into my eyes when we make love?

The eyes have a way of revealing our true feelings and innermost desires. He’s probably trying to communicate his feelings at that moment through his eyes. This is a simple case of your partner trying to make the best out of the moment. Any man who avoids eye contact during sex is either shy or untrue about his feelings for you. 

In Conclusion

Now you know what that deep stare means, you can easily decide on your next line of action. I hope you found this post interesting and enlightening. Let me know what you make of it by dropping your comments in the dialog box below. Feel free to share this article across to your friends and loved ones.

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