Gut Instinct In Relationships (11 Factors To Consider)

Last updated on June 12, 2022 by April Maccario

Truth be told, when you don't trust your gut instinct, it's as good as not trusting yourself. 

With your instincts, you don't need validation from anyone else. It's about you and what you feel on the inside that no one can tell or explain. Everyone is intuitive, and we should all listen to that intuition, especially when we're going into a relationship.

Listening to your instincts in relationships will help you determine what's right for you outside the opinions of other people. This instinct is so personal; it's almost like something inside of you is telling you what to do. 

It’s not easy to trust your intuition. It takes a while to get to that place mainly because we're prone to get pulled by other people's opinions. However, even though you haven't been in touch with your intuition all your life, as soon as you summon its wisdom, it'll spark up. 

Following your instinct in relationships would not be pleasant all the time; sometimes it'll lead you to make tough choices. The beauty is in knowing that whatever decision you make from following your instinct is ultimately what your body and mind want; it's what's best for you. However, below are a few factors to consider before following your gut. 

11 Factors To Consider When Trusting Your Gut

1. Your mental state

your mental state

You need to be in an excellent headspace to judge your instincts, let alone follow them. We're prone to be led astray by our intuition when we're angry, afraid, anxious and all of those other negative vibes. 

As soon as you get a gut feeling about something, consider your mental state before choosing to follow the way you feel inside. Moments like this, it'll be wise to sleep on that feeling, eat if you're hungry and ease yourself so that your mind can be nourished. 

2. Think about it

Have you ever had a deep-seated feeling to punch a guy in the face or say horrible things to your significant other? Yes, that’s exactly why you should stop and think before acting out. When you do so, you're also getting yourself into a safe headspace to make the right decision concerning that feeling. 

Intuition is a pointer that our brain picks up from experiences; they're not fact or truth. With time your instincts can be developed. Until then, think critically about the choices you want to make based on intuition. 

3. Wait for signs that follow

It's possible that your intuition could be based on an assumption. Take, for instance, a gut feeling that someone likes you. Remember, your intuition is only picking up little pieces of information to create a picture in your mind. 

The signs that follow that feeling validate them, for example, your intuition tells you that your coworker likes you, then you see signs that prove he does as well. These signs are; eye contact, physical touch, and a desire to be around you. Almost every time you get the right intuition they're signs to validate it. 

4. Déjà Vu 

Your intuition could be a déjà vu; a feeling that something in your present relationship is going to end up like the one in the past. Remember that our instincts come from our experiences. This is what makes trusting ourselves difficult; we fear we would make the same mistakes we made in the past so much that we forget to move on from them. 

5. Discuss it with your partner 

discuss it with your partner

You may have a feeling that things in your relationship are about to change, it’s best to discuss it with your partner. Sometimes, those little warnings from our bodies aren’t merely a translation of how we are feeling. 

Gut instincts could actually save your love relationships if you act fast. Yes, there’s a probability it could all be a big assumption in your head, but you would never know that if you don't consider it with your partner. 

6. Intuition or desire 

Sometimes your intuition can come from something you want, which is generally not a bad thing. However, it's not all the time we desire what's right for us. Take, for instance, the desire to cheat on your partner, do you want to follow that feeling? Keep them in check by thinking about it and even writing out the pros and cons of the choice you want to make. 

7. Has it been off lately

If your instincts have been leading you in the wrong direction one too many times maybe is best you reconsider taking actions based on that. It could be that what you're following isn't your intuition or your making decisions based on extreme feelings like anger

I suggest you take your time to go over your feelings next time and perhaps run them by someone who has your best interest at heart. 

8. Challenge it 

Challenging your gut instincts means putting them through the test to prove it right. Waiting for the signs that follow is an excellent way to test those feelings. For instance, an intuition that your partner is cheating on you would need evidence. 

You can either find that evidence by confronting him about it or catching him in the act. However, do not make decisions based on your instincts without challenging them.

9. Connect with your body 

Your body reacts to every situation you're faced, whether good or bad; it would give you clues. If you're in tune with your body, you will be able to make the right decisions based on the reaction of your body. You blush and shiver when you're around your crush, that's your body reacting to the gut feeling that you like this person. 

Your body also cringes at situations you don't find pleasant. If you connect with your body's response to conditions, it'll help you make good choices based on your instincts. 

10. Understand your instincts

Learn about your intuition and how you feel it, it will help you handle things in your relationship. When it comes to love, we can be oblivious to what’s happening around us. Understanding your instincts and acting on them might help you know when to put in more love, step back or leave the relationship. 

11. Express yourself

express yourself

Don't be afraid to express yourself clearly when you have a strong feeling about something. You are entitled to having instincts, don't let anyone make you feel bad for following them or deceive you into feeling your instincts need to be validated by them. 


Can your gut feeling be wrong? 

Sometimes, your instincts can be clouded by stress, anxiety, and overthinking. It's essential to think intuition through because they may be unclear to us at first. Also, I think what makes your instincts right or wrong is dependent on your principles. Your instincts can be triggered by fear of something as well; at these stress points, I don't need to advise you not to listen to them, you already know it's not the right thing to do. 

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What does a gut feeling feel like? 

This can be described as that inside voice or thought that pops up about a situation. Some people call it the “uh-oh” feeling you get about something; others say it's a pull at the bottom of your heart to go a specific direction. Instincts feel differently for everyone, but one thing they do have in common is the strong pull. 

Should you trust your gut feeling that someone likes you? 

This depends on how strong your instincts are; mine is always spot on because I know how to differentiate it from wishful thinking. Generally speaking, they are a few signs you should see in a person before hopping on your instincts that they like you. When you get that feeling, look out for the ”I like you” signs as well. 

How do you trust your gut when dating? 

Be your own best friend; research shows we're better at giving good advice than taking it. You must stay focused and pay attention to this person to be able to pick up the right gut feelings. As much as you have an intuition about something, wait for the signs that follow before taking action. 

Should you trust your gut feeling about cheating? 

Cheating is never worth it. This is a typical example of one of those gut feelings clouded by stress, anxiety, or fear. Ignore this kind of instinct when it comes up, it's not in your best interest because you're not in the right frame of mind. 

At The End Of The Day

I'm glad your gut feeling led you to this article. See how simple it is just to follow what your heart says? In relationships, consider the factors above before going with your instincts. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below, and please share this piece with your friends. 

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