Giving Up On Love (7 Noteworthy Signs)

Last updated on June 14, 2022 by April Maccario

According to studies, giving up on love can be one of the hardest decisions anyone can make; because as humans, our minds are programmed to want to fix broken relationships, especially if it involves someone we love. Irrespective of how things may seem, we would still try to fix the problem. 

Even so, the fear of being single, or not finding someone as good as the previous partner, can make people persistent in finding a solution to the problems in their relationship. The feeling of love or infatuation can also make people entirely engrossed in relationships that aren’t meant for them. 

That’s just how life is, and people have taken advantage of this fact to either put less effort into building a healthy relationship, cheating or being abusive. There’s so much you can give or do when trying to mend the broken pieces of a relationship, that’s why it’s important to know when to let go

How then can a person know when it’s truly time to give up on love? If you’re curious to find out, the seven reasons in this article will help you identify when you should find a better partner. 

7 Reasons To Give Up On Love

1. They’re unwilling to get better

In a relationship, both parties are bound to find out some displeasing qualities about their partners. When they have a nark of doing something that affects you, either physical, emotionally, or mentally, the first option you would take, is to explain the need for change. However, if you’ve done this countless times, and they remain unwilling to change, then there’s a need to worry.  

Feeling that you love your partner, you might simply get used to their habits, even though you don’t want to, and it’s affecting you. Love can make anyone overlook certain things – but how long should this continue? If you keep giving people the opportunity to hurt or ride on you, they’ll grab it with both hands, that’s just life.

Compromise in relationships is a two-way street, this means that if these two people declare that they love one another equally, then the two parties should be ready to compromise to make each other happy. More so, the fear of one party leaving is enough motivation for compromise.

Nonetheless, in a situation where a person remains unyielding to certain changes, it indicates that perhaps they don’t love their partner as much as they claim. More so, that they’re willing to keep that habit, as opposed to keeping their significant other. 

This is the point where you can decide that it’s time to give up on love, because if someone you claim to love, doesn’t love you as much, they would fight for your happiness, even in the years to come. 

2. They don’t meet your needs

Everyone has needs in a relationship – both physical and emotional ones. In order to maintain the affection and the quality of the relationship, some of these basic needs demand satisfaction. You might desire to spend ample time with your partner, or perhaps want physical affection from them, but when these things are actively being deprived in the relationship, it makes the entire association futile

When your needs aren’t being met, your partner becomes more or less like an associate or acquaintance, and the love you share gradually fades away. Since our minds are greatly dependent on certain satisfactions, it can most times take a toll on our capability to function properly with that person. 

You feel as though you have to find other reasons to make the relationship worthwhile because all the essential things are missing. You might be forced to constantly remind yourself why you love them, despite the absence of essential factors to remind you. Also, you might tell yourself that these things don’t matter, but they actually do

If you’ve talked to them, and they’re still unwilling to make an improvement, then a prudent option might be letting go in order to meet the right person that will one day, give you what you need and deserve. 

3. They demand more than they give

This is somewhat similar to the previous situation where someone demands more but is not adequately satisfying the needs of their partner. Living with selfish people can most times elude the importance of the relationship because giving is more or less an expression of love. This means that when someone only wants to receive, they probably aren’t as invested in the relationship as you think.

They demand more than they give

In a nutshell, you would find yourself trying to please someone like this, because you feel like it’s the gratification they would need to love you even more. On the contrary, this rids you of your happiness, and the one you’re supposed to get from your partner. Active involvement in things and satisfying needs involves compromise, and someone who can’t compromise doesn’t love you enough.  

You know it’s time to find someone new when you’ve tried all you can to make them become more generous to your needs. Even more, you’ve talked to them to an extent that it seems like giving up is the best choice, but they remain hesitant in their ways. Understand that you deserve optimal love, and to find someone who will provide these things or you. This is why giving up on love in this situation, is the best option.

4. You rely on others more than your partner

In situations where you’ve unconsciously given up on love, and you find yourself seeking for things outside your relationship that your partner is supposed to give, then you know giving up on love is your best call. 

One of the results of not granting a partner what they desire, especially when it’s an essential part of any relationship, is that they consciously or unconsciously start relying on others to provide these things for them.

Perhaps, you feel like quality time is the most important, and your partner isn’t offering you that, you might find yourself spending unnecessary time with someone else just to fill that void your partner is creating. You might also start spending all your time on social media, or on other sources, simply to fill up that void.

In another situation, perhaps your partner doesn’t listen to you, imperatively, you will start to talk about your problems with new people outside your relationship. In cases where one person satisfies your needs more than your partner does, you might find yourself being attracted to them more than your partner. 

This is a notable sign that giving up on love, in order to find love, is the best option you need in your life at that moment. 

5. You can’t talk about issues anymore

After noticing some of the specific problems in your relationship, and speaking to your partner about it, you might decide to give it some time, to ensure you’re not giving up on love too soon. Nonetheless, when you feel like you’re too scared to bring up these issues with your partner again, then you should consider thinking things over again. 

Perhaps, the problem is that your partner isn’t satisfying your physical needs, and you’ve been persistent at the need for change. Getting to a point where these matters can’t be brought up again even when there’s no improvement means that you might never find a solution after all. 

Trying to fix what can no longer be fixed is what many people try to do, but when you know that your desires can never be met, it’s an indication that moving on will better your chances of finding love. 

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The longer it takes, the more the relationship will take a toll on you, making you feel that perhaps your desires aren’t important – when as a matter of fact, they are. You simply need to find love with someone special and experience true love. 

6. Being with your partner is an obligation

In order to identify when giving up is the best option, you need to properly consider what’s keeping you with your partner. In most cases, a lot of people tend to mistake the feeling of love, with an obligatory feeling. You might have feelings for this person, but in reality, you’re only feeling obligated to stay and to fight for a better situation. 

Most people think love is the most crucial reason to stay, nevertheless, being in love but choosing to remain despite having the freedom to get someone new in your life, is better than being in love and forcing yourself to stay, even when you deserve better. In the latter situation, love becomes the only obligation.

Nevertheless, love should be without constraints, understanding this will help you know when giving up to find love, is what you should do. Plus, keep in mind that leaving a stagnant relationship doesn’t mean you’re giving up love, no, it means you know you deserve better and are giving yourself the chance to find love elsewhere. 

If you find yourself not being free around your partner, and there are many circumstances that inhibit your true idea of love, then you should consider finding love somewhere else. More so, if you’ve ever felt like giving up before, but stayed back because you felt obligated to, understand that you need to be happy in life, and whatever that entails, you have to go along with it. 

7. You’ve been trying to fix the same problem for years

One of the things people in relationships find difficult to do is leaving their partners after a very long time. You’ve grown with this person and had life-changing experiences with them – both good and bad.  Therefore, irrespective of circumstances, it’s exceedingly difficult to let go.  

However, this doesn’t remove the fact that sometimes, it just has to be done. One way to identify when it’s time to give up and let go is when you’ve been trying to solve the same problem for a long time. 

Perhaps you’ve tried to make it work, and even compromised or neglected the problem, but nothing seemed to work. In such a situation, you would only be in the relationship for its length and not it’s quality. 

Though the length of relationships are encouraging factors, it doesn’t guarantee that things will get better in the future. It’s important to know when a relationship is simply not going to work, despite the magnitude of emotions you might feel. The pain of hanging on to a broken and potentially unfixable relationship can easily be eliminated by making a better decision to move on. 

In a nutshell, it’s exceedingly important that you find the person that loves you,  and makes your life happy, which is why choosing to let go is the best option in this case.


Is it OK to give up on love?

Though it’s natural for us to want to fix problems in our relationships, it’s important to know when some situations are unfixable. When no one can provide the essential things needed for the relationship to survive, then it’s time to give up and move on. More so, it’s okay to give up, when you know it’s threatening your emotional, mental, and physical peace. 

What does it mean to give up on love?

Forfeiting a love with your current partner means you’re making a brave decision to find what you really need in a relationship. Perhaps you’ve come to a breaking point in your association with a person, and you realized that nothing can get better. Deciding to follow your heart, and look for something better, is what it means to give up on that love.

When should you give up on a relationship?

This should occur when you know you’ve given your all into making the relationship work, but it doesn’t seem to be working. In such a situation, the best that can be done is to let go of that person, in order to find something better. Any situation that deprives you of what you truly need to be happy, should be left for something better.

How do you let go of a relationship when you still love them?

Though the feeling of love can sometimes affect our willpower to give up on someone, most times, it’s best to understand the difference between being in love and not truly being happy. This will help you identify the need to find a person that can love and also make you happy. With this understanding, you should be able to leave bad relationships for better ones. 

How do you recognize your soul mate?

The only way you can recognize your true love is when your ideas of building a relationship, distinctively match one another, and the two of you are willing to compromise to love and make each other happy. Whenever these things are absent, you know they aren’t your soul mate, even though you might have deep feelings for them.

On That Note...

Did you enjoy this article on leaving an unhealthy relationship for something better? Making this decision will always be difficult, but over a period of time, you will be grateful you chose to be in a better situation. Leave a comment below, and kindly share this article if you liked it.

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