10 Quirky First Date Gift Ideas To Make A Lasting Impression

Last updated on June 6, 2022 by April Maccario

I’m sure you never knew how great a single swipe on a dating app could be until you met who was ever ready to swipe right back and even ask you out on a date! Maybe, you ditched the dating app scene altogether.

Still, somehow you found someone, who happens to be a thing of wonder; who is also ever ready to take you out on a date because let's face it; you are amazing.

First dating might seem pretty easy - you decide on the venue, time, and the kind of date this first meeting is going to be, and then you're left with the last thing that'll make the evening even better; a first date gift. You thought this was going to be comfortable, and now you’re left thinking about a billion options, each one seeming more terrible than the last. So, which way will you go?

Will the first date gift be a subtle sign about the kind of relationship you see the two of you have? Are you looking to be a casual activity partner, or perhaps take the farthest step into marriage? These questions can be answered by the kind of gift you choose. Fear not, the below article will help you find the perfect first date gifts for that beautiful person, along with a few tips on what to do on first date.

The Best First Date Gift Ideas

1. Roses, Lots Of Roses!

You can never go wrong with a rose as a first date gift, thanks to everything it has come to represent over the years. The best gift ideas, perhaps, for your first date are red ones since they're universally accepted as a means of showing affection towards another. When getting this as a gift for your date, you need to be mindful of the fact that the number you get may or may not make you look like you're coming on too strong.

2. Jewelry

Things like jewelry never go amiss when given as a first date gift. It could be a trinket here or a shimmer there. When gifting jewelry, the most crucial factor to keep in mind is that it doesn't have to be overly expensive. Choosing something that's of quality but moderately priced ensures that you don't come off as a desperate person or a show-off. 

You can opt for jewelry such as simple bracelets, or trinkets; which both work well for men and women. More so, pieces of jewelry make good conversation starters.

3. Make A Gift Yourself.

Not a fan of store-bought items? Or you want a touch of yourself in the gift you want to get your date? How about making the gift yourself? Nothing touches our hearts more than a handmade gift, well thought of, and filled with the feelings of your date. It doesn't have to be extremely crafty, since its mainly the thought that counts

One of such DIY projects you can undertake include a photo frame, with a photo of the two of you together, if you've ever taken such, giving a handmade gift sends a subtle message about how much time you're ready to invest, and how committed to the future relationship you wish for.

4. Game Tickets 

For the perfect adrenaline rush, you can get your date game tickets as the ideal first date gifts. This can be done only after you've found out all about your date, their likes and dislikes, and also their favorite teams. Getting them gift tickets offers you a chance for a second date, and also allows both of you to bond better, after leaving a great lasting impression. Rush now and get those tickets as fast as you can, and get ready to cheer on your favorite teams as a future second date.

5. A Great Listening Session 

Before your first date, when you were getting to know each other, did he/she speak about certain things they care about? If so, you could show how attentive you are by getting a date gift related to this. If that person loves to cycle as a workout session, consider getting a cycling kit, with a water bottle and face towel. Choose your gifts based on conversations you've both had, to show that you are a great listener, and are always willing to offer a listening ear to everything they hold dear.

6. Time Well Spent, Together 

Getting your date a gift that will bring you both closer in the future is a great option. For example, if you're both bookworms, a Book Club Pass that both of you can enjoy is a pretty smart date gift. It can also be a gym membership if you're both gym freaks, such that you can spend time together as much as you can. Sharing an activity, you both love strengthens the bond between you, and can help you achieve that forever and always Taylor Swift has always sung about.

7. Sweet Indulgence 

Appreciate the sweeter side of life, by going in for caffeine-coco goodies. Whenever you’re in doubt about the best first date gift ideas for your special friend, a simple box of chocolates is something you can never go wrong with. Sweets and hot chocolate are a great way to induce sweetness in any new and blooming relationship, plus they’re a sensual delight you both can share. Don’t go too all out though; choose something small and sweet, not big and bulky. The right gift will result in your first date being very impressed.

8. Something Gentle 

Getting a great gift for your first date is mainly dependent on the information you have about them beforehand. Do this without raising any suspicion; you can undertake a mini stalking session by paying close attention to the things their online pictures usually include. Does she/he love cuddling teddy bears, then get them something cute. If its sneakers, sniff out a cute pair that matches their style.

9. For The Bookworms 

Get a book if you know, she/he loves to read - no one can ever go wrong with a book for a bookworm. Luckily, there are different kinds of books for everybody. So, find out about their favorite genre and surprise them with books they'll love forever. You can never have enough books, so go all out with this one, and be assured they will love them to bits!

10. The Ultimate Finishing Touch

The final date gift comes with a personal touch. Write a personal poem on greeting cards if you're good with your words. If you sing, dedicate and sing a song. This is something you can do, without investing a lot of money. Adding a personal touch to your gift ideas will most definitely top the most expensive diamonds you can think of. When writing or singing, do well to make use of a few 'I Love you’s’ as this will prevent them from seeing you as too clingy. 


What Is The Best Gift For A Girlfriend On The First Date?

You're taking your girlfriend or boyfriend on your first date as a couple, and you're lost as to the perfect gift ideas to offer. Don't fret! Here are some options; the first and best way is to opt for is something fuzzy, like a teddy bear; both girls and guys love stuffed toys and teddy bears; thus, you can never go wrong with either. This is a simple and cute gesture that can bring you more hugs and kisses than you expected.

What Should Happen On The First Date?

It is expected that during the first date, you're both going to be sharing and revealing pieces of yourself that will spark intrigue and interest in the other so much so that they'll be willing to go on a second date. The first dates are basically for deep conversations and engagement on a deeper level. 

Should You Kiss On A First Date?

Absolutely! However, a light kiss on the cheek is the way to go. But be patient; good things take time. After your first date, opt for a short peck, not a full-on making out session, which can scar anyone for life. If you met on an app, a kiss might not be the best thing to part ways with. Also, be sure that if you do kiss, it's done after the date and not before or during.

How Do You End A First Date?

Ending the first date can be done in many ways. The first thing to ensure is that the date is kept as short as possible, with limited stuff to do. It should also be casual. After the date, you can opt for a light peck, as mentioned earlier. Pass a cute joke in a bid to book your next date, if you had fun during this one.

How Can I Make My First Date Special?

The first dates are automatically select because they're the very first! To make it extra special, choose a very great venue, mind your manners, and engage yourself in conversations as much as possible. More so, compliment your date and also dress appropriately so as not to be embarrassed later.

To Sum Things Up

When you get invited for a second date, it's an indication that the first date went very well. However, many elements come together to help you land that second date, with a gift being one of the essential. Whether it’s tickets to their favorite game or show, a stuffed toy, or roses, the gift you choose for your first date should be cute and unforgettable.  

If your friends also need a helping hand when thinking of first dates gift ideas, and what to do first date, send this article their way, to help them get to that second level we all strive to achieve! 

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