Facebook Secret Conversations Cheating (7 Obvious Signs)

by April Maccario

It’s no secret that people often connect with others to be unfaithful by making use of online sites or apps, and Facebook has recently created something that makes doing this even easier. The first thing we need to clear up is ‘What is a secret conversation in messenger?” 

Facebook messenger has recently come out with a new update that gives people the option to have private conversations with others that no one can see or tap into. It allows two people to speak using the messenger app with each person’s device having individual and non-traceable keys that make the chat they use completely encrypted

A lot of people believe there’s absolutely no reason for any social media app to have this kind of tool, but Facebook has provided it and a lot of people are concerned that it just makes cheating online much easier. 

So, if you’re worried that your partner could be making use of social media and in particular the secret conversations Facebook feature, to talk to other women or another person, in particular, that he’s cheating on you with, then you’re in the right place to find help on the matter.

How Do You Know He’s Having A Secret Conversation?

Although it might be difficult to find proof that your partner is cheating on you, there are certain signs you can look out for. In this article, we’re going to help you and take a look at the 7 signs your partner will be showing if he is making use of the Facebook messenger secret conversation tool. 

In addition, we’ll also share some advice and help you learn how you can confront him and get back to living your best and happiest life free of the concerns about social media apps and cheating.

1. He’s always on Facebook but has an old profile

Although Facebook is still one of the most widely used social media apps out there still, and a lot of people tend to prefer to use Instagram or Twitter. Therefore, those that use other social media apps more will rarely make sure that their Facebook profile is still up-to-date. If you know that your partner uses other apps instead of Facebook or has an outdated profile on the site, it’s a red flag if you see that he’s constantly on Facebook messenger.

The only reason that someone would be on Facebook messenger all the time without the social media app being their most used out of all the other apps, is that they’re speaking to someone in particular. This person is probably someone they want to keep away from the rest of their life that they share on other apps.

2. He acts jumpy around you

He acts jumpy around you

A classic sign that someone is cheating or being unfaithful is if they are jumpy even when asked about nothing related to being unfaithful. Of course, this could mean that they are actually cheating on you in real life, but if they act jumpy and shady around you when they’re on their phone in particular, it could be because they’re using Facebook to chat with another woman.

They might also get defensive when replying to any questions you answer about their phone or the way in which they’re acting. If so, this could definitely be a sign they’re cheating.

3. He’ll always turn his phone to face down

Do you notice that whenever you’re around your partner turns his phone downwards so you can’t see the screen? Of course, some people do this so it’s not rude when you’re out for dinner or spending quality time together. However, if you never see the screen of his phone or he’s always super speedy to get it turned over whenever you walk into the room, he’s probably hiding something.

4. He has private Facebook settings

If your man is cheating on you with someone he’s speaking to on Facebook messenger, even if he’s speaking on secret conversations mode, he will most likely make sure that his Facebook settings are private. If he tells you he just wants to be more secure when you ask, don’t panic as this is probably not related at all to him potentially cheating.

However, if he doesn’t have an explanation for you, he’ll go private so that if you go to look at his profile or anyone he knows goes to take a look, his friend’s list will be private. He might have even stopped the ability for people to post to his wall so that the person he’s talking to doesn’t realize he has a partner.

5. You can see that he’s always online

You can see on Facebook messenger when someone was last on their device to send messages. So, you’ll want to take a look and see if you can see that your partner is always online or spends a lot of time on the messenger app, in particular, it could be because he’s speaking to someone a lot. This will be particularly obvious and worrying if you can see he’s online but he’s not replying to you.

6. You know that he doesn’t speak with his friends on Facebook

Let’s be honest, the main people that we have to speak to on a daily basis, whether that be our friends or people we’re related to, do not connect with us and speak with us via social media messages. Instead, most people will text, call, or possibly even Whatsapp their close friends and family. So, if you know that your partner doesn’t have any reason to be using Facebook messages, it will definitely be concerning if he’s constantly sat on the app.

7. You find proof

You find proof

Obviously, if you find proof that your partner is speaking to someone else using the secret conversations tool on Facebook, it’s a clear sign that he is hiding something wrong from you, and is most likely cheating on you. 

How To Deal With It?

One of the most important things you need to do after finding out that your man is having secret Facebook conversations with someone else is to communicate with him. 

Whatever you do, do not jump to conclusions and accuse him of doing anything. You could be completely misunderstanding a situation, and you don’t want to risk your relationship ending.

Relationships should be about honesty, and communicating is the only way you’re going to get honesty. Ask your man why he has to use Facebook so much, especially secret conversations on the app. Hopefully, he will then be the one to either deny he’s been cheating on you or tell you that he has. If you have proof and he continues to lie to you, you can show him the proof.

After you’ve both talked the entire situation over, it’s completely up to you whether you decide to stay in the relationship and work through it, or walk away and move onto better things. Just remember, everyone deserves to be with someone loyal and faithful, so don’t deny yourself that, even if you think you’ll never love again.


How do you find your secret conversations on Messenger?

You can only find secret conversations on Facebook messenger on the phone that actually sends and receives the messages. So, if you’re trying to check if your partner is using secret conversation on messenger you will have to go on his phone directly, not just on his account related. Once you are on his phone, go to his messenger, go to start a new message, and then you will be able to see who the secret conversations have been with.

How do secret conversations work on Facebook?

Facebook secret conversation works by encrypting both people’s devices that are speaking to each other, so that no one from the outside is able to see their messages. So, even if you use another device but sign into your partner’s account, you will not be able to see the messages.

Do secret conversations show up in Messenger?

To access secret conversations on messenger, you will have to know where to look, which you can take a look at above because the chat will not show up as a normal, not encrypted one does. Secret conversations are designed not to be seen (obviously) and therefore unless you really know what you’re looking for and how to access it, it’s incredibly hard to find anything.

How do you compare keys in a secret conversation?

Keys in secret conversations on Facebook are what keeps it encrypted. You can see keys in a secret conversation by going onto the chat, clicking onto the person’s details, and going to their keys information. Once you have this information, you can go to the related person’s phone and go to compare their key from their device. 

What is a secret conversation on Facebook Messenger?

As mentioned above, using the Facebook messenger app you can start an encrypted chat with someone by making use of the secret conversations tool. If you choose to start a secret chat, your device and the related person that you are speaking with’s device will be encrypted by special keys, to make sure no one can have access to the messages other than yourselves.

On The Whole,

Hopefully, now you’re all clued up on everything to do with secret conversations on Facebook messenger. It seems hard to understand why a messenger app created by Facebook would need this kind of secrecy, and it can definitely make it easier for people to hide it when they act unfaithfully online. Just remember that if you think your partner is being unfaithful, communication is key.

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