41 Perfect Excuses For Sending Drunk Texts To Your Ex-Boyfriends

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Communication is an essential element of any relationship, but what about communicating with an ex-boyfriend? Also, what happens when you send drunk texts to ex-boyfriends? What do guys think about drunk texting? More importantly, how do you get over drunk texts to an ex?

If you find drunk texting to be a normal part of your life, you may want to rethink a few things. You don’t want this to happen again, because you usually regret any mistakes. So, what can you do if this happens to you? 

First, you should be more careful when drinking alcohol so that you don’t make mistakes you regret later on. Second, you may want to delete the phone number of your ex so that you aren’t tempted to make repeat offenses. Third, go ahead and block your ex if you are no longer friends with one another or no longer want to have any contact with that person.

In this article, we will go over some great ways to recover from doing something stupid the night before, like when you text an ex that you still want to be with him or say you wish things hadn’t ended when or how it did. 


How To React When You Realize You Sent A Drunk Text Message

how to react when you realize you sent a drunk text message

Often, your first instinct when you send something you didn’t mean to is to respond and apologize. This isn’t always the best course of action, because your recipient probably can guess that you were drunk and didn’t mean to communicate with them in the middle of the night. If you didn’t get a response from them, more than likely, they know what’s going on.

There are actions you might want to take to ensure that you aren’t misleading the people you accidentally send messages to. You don’t have to say anything, but you may want to be sure it doesn’t happen again, especially if you said something you regret to someone you don’t want to continue talking to. If there was a messy breakup, you probably made a mistake talking to them.

Consider taking the following actions if you are one of those people who doesn’t like talking to exes after breakups. Many people realize that talking to their exes just leads to the same issues you had when you were in a relationship together. You may start fighting with them even if you’ve agreed it’s over. The last fight you had may just be rehashed forever if you let it happen.

1. Say Nothing

2. Delete Your Ex’s Phone Number So That It Doesn’t Happen Again

3. Block Your Ex So You Don’t Have To Worry About How He Might Respond

The Top Excuses For Drunk Texting Your Ex

the top excuses for drunk texting your ex

We’re all guilty of drinking too much and making mistakes, but what can you say to people you talk to during your drunken state? People who receive drunken messages from their exes may feel like their exes want them back when really these people were just drunk. In cases like this, it’s a good idea to give these people a good excuse or at least the best excuse you have.

By doing this, you will let these people know that you didn’t mean what you said, that it was an accident and that you have still moved on from the relationships you had with these people. Probably, the last thing you want to happen, as you nurse your hangover, is to have an ex show up at your door, thinking that whatever you said really meant something when it didn’t.

1. Whoops! It looks like I was pretty drunk last night…

2. I had a dream that I sent you a message last night. I guess it was reality! Oops!

3. Well, at least I didn’t drink and drive!

4. Oops! I butt-texted you last night.

5. Sorry about that. I was in a fight with my boyfriends and got drunk.

6. Someone stole my phone. I see they sent you a message

7. Did I accidentally send you a message last night?

8. I know that was SO random! I was actually the drunk one for once!

9. My cat was playing with my phone last night. 

10. Ummm… I was playing truth or dare with my best friend last night.

11. That text was SO not on purpose!

12. I am SO embarrassed about what I said.

13. I guess “drunk me” REALLY missed you last night!

14. Sorry for misleading you. That was an accident.

15. I sent that message to the wrong person!

16. Wow! I really didn’t mean what I said!

17. I think my phone is broken!!

18. I REALLY didn’t know what I was talking about last night!

19. I don’t know WHAT I was thinking last night! I was really drunk!

The Best Texts When You Still Want To Talk To Your Ex

the best text when you still want to talk to your ex

Some people want to hear back from their exes and see this as an opportunity to talk to them again. If you are one of these people, you might want to strike up a conversation by apologizing first and then asking them a question to keep the conversation going. The question is the critical part here because you want them to reply. You’ve got to give them a reason to do so.

You never know; you may find that they are still interested in you, as well. In fact, they may have been delighted that they heard from you and are excited to start something new. They may have been thinking of you this whole time and just were looking for a sign that the two of you could connect together again. Just remember why you broke up to see if the issues are still there.

1. So, what did you think about what I said?

2. So, do you think MAYBE I have a drinking problem? Ha!

3. I wanted to touch base with you, but certainly didn’t mean to send you something when I was drunk!

4. Wow! Long time! I guess I was the one talking nonsense last night!

5. Since I have your attention…

6. So, I want your advice on something. Didn’t mean to send you that last night, though.

7. Hopefully, you found that text cute

8. Maybe we can laugh about what I said when I was drunk??

9. I figured you would know that I was drunk and didn’t mean that, but what’s up?

10. I guess I kind of missed you last night…

11. Is your phone working? I accidentally drunk-dialed you last night. Just wanted to check.

The Best Way To Apologize For Drunk Texts To An Ex

the best ways to apologize for drunk texts to an ex

1. Sorry about that.

2. I’m sorry for what I said! I was drunk!

3. If that text bothered you at all, I’m sorry. I was intoxicated!

4. I was SO very drunk last night. Sorry!

5. I totally apologize for what was sent to you.

6. Hey! I didn’t mean to text you last night. A thousand apologies!

7. I really hope that the text I sent didn’t wake you up! Sorry!

8. Sorry! I meant to delete your number so I wouldn’t drunk text you! 


What do you do when you drunk texts your ex?

There are many things you can do after drunk texting your ex. You can tell your ex you accidentally drunk texted him and apologize for your text messages, or you can just ignore the situation and hope that your ex-boyfriend doesn’t say anything about it.

Should I apologize for drunk texting my ex?

You can, and you may want to, depending on what you said. If you were the one who broke his heart, and you said something like, “I miss you and wish the two of us were back together,” you will want to clarify what you really meant by saying that. 

What do you say when someone drunk texts you?

You may want to ignore a drunk text from ex-boyfriends. They may not mean what they said, and you believing what they sent won’t make the words true. How does it affect your life today? Do you believe they really have those feelings and want to get back together?

Is it ever a good idea to text an ex?

If you want to get back together, you may want to text your ex to see if they still have feelings for you. If the two of you miss one another, he may want to come back into your life. Make sure you aren’t the only person with feelings, though.

Why do guys drunk text their ex?

Often, people let alcohol affect their judgment, and they act irresponsibly. If you want to know how to stop drunk texting in your life, the best way is to delete and block your ex or whatever person is bothering you. This way, you won’t be bothered by drunk texts.

To Sum Things Up…

Have you ever sent a drunk text message to an ex? What kind of excuses do you use when you wake up discovering you spent the night sending messages to an ex? I’d love to hear from you! Please comment and share this post with someone today!

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