Double Date Ideas (83 Clever Double Dates To Try With Your Partner)

Last updated on June 11, 2022 by April Maccario

Are you looking for some fun double date ideas to enjoy with another couple? Are you anxious to try something new when it comes to date ideas? Have you met a couple with who you and your partner are excited to do something with? 

This article is perfect for you because I have a bunch of great date night ideas for you and your partner to enjoy with another couple!

Did you know that double dates are actually preferred by some couples? 

According to Psychology Today, it’s true! When couples were alone or separated from one another, they found that the highest quality time they had was when they spent time together with friends. This was also a study done with married couples at times when their kids weren’t around.

I think many couples find that double dates are a great way to connect with each other and their couple friends. This gives them time to connect with someone like them, usually a good or best friend, with their spouse or partner being nearby. What fun double dates do you know of? Why are ideas of dates so hard to come up with

Let’s explore date ideas more thoroughly, now!


Awesome Ideas for a Date with Other Couples - Expensive Options

1. Dine out at a fancy restaurant

dine out at a fancy restaurant

What a great excuse to dress up for one night of elegance!

2. Join in the fun of ax throwing

This is a fun way to let off some stress or anxiety!

3. Participate in go-kart racing

This is a great way to get to know new people.

4. Check out an awesome local concert

Jam it out with your favorite band or one that the other couple enjoys!

5. Go see a play together (or an opera)

Another excuse to get dressed up in formal wear!

6. Join the Amazing Race and win one million dollars

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

7. Hit an amusement park and ride the rides

You might want to hit a rollercoaster or the Ferris wheel. 

8. Play laser tag one night

Pretend you are kids again!

9. Do a murder mystery night

These can be quite exciting and adventurous. Try solving the mystery the first time; if not, try again, and I will bet you solve it the next time!

10. Go shooting at a local gun range

This can be quite an adventure, especially for those who have never fired a gun!

11. Hit a fun gala together

This is another awesome excuse to dress up in your favorite formal clothing.

12. Have fun watching a sporting event

If you have the opportunity, check out an NFL game or something similar! This double date idea will leave you with many memories!

13. Go to an art gallery

While you do have to be quiet as a mouse, you’ll have plenty to talk over during dinner after the gallery exhibit.

14. Take Salsa lessons together

Join in this activity as a group and then hit the dance clubs to show off your stuff.

15. Go wine tasting

Double-date ideas like this are usually big hits! Almost everyone loves tasting wine!

16. Participate in an escape room adventure

I have some friends who love these kinds of double-date ideas! They are always trying to get us to go out and join in this stuff! If you are ready for a fun double date, consider trying something like this.

Fun Date Night Ideas On A Budget

17. Go visit a national park nearby

There’s nothing better than checking out nature at a local park. Think of all the beautiful creatures and flowers you may see!

18. Walk around your local lake

Watch the people as they enjoy nature! 

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19. Dress up and hit a holiday or costume party

Think of the many ways you can dress up and have a ball! (Maybe be Prince Charming and Cinderella)!

20. Hit a bunch of local garage sales together

I think sorting through people’s junk is a pretty interesting thing to do, but I wouldn’t call it “junk.” It’s more like hunting for treasure!

21. Visit an ice cream parlor together

We have a frozen ice cream parlor nearby! What do you have around your neighborhood?

22. Hit the beach

hit the beach

Be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen or sunblock (not baby lotion), and build some sandcastles with kids around the beach or among yourselves!

23. Have some fun at a farmer’s market nearby

There’s not much better than homemade pies and pastries!

24. Be unique and plan a scavenger hunt

Treat it like an Easter egg hunt, but get really creative with your clues!

25. Join a free poker tournament

It doesn’t have to be free, but if there are newbies in the group, you don’t want to take their money if they don’t know how to play the game. However, there is “beginner’s luck,” so watch out for that, too!

26. Have some fun with fantasy football

While this is usually reserved for guys, some girls love to pick the players in the draft and cheer their players on!

27. Go to church together

You may not be religious, but if you have a couple invite you to go with them, you could check it out and go out to eat somewhere afterward. 

28. Take an art class as a group

I actually do have a painting up that I painted in an art class! It’s no beauty, unlike my other art done by a professional artist, but it was an enjoyable experience!

29. Have a fun picnic at a local park

Go old fashioned and make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and remember those times being taken to field trips in school! Make your own adventure this time!

Adventuresome Double Date Night Ideas for Couples

30. Go on a road trip together

You don’t have to go on a long road trip, but you may find this idea to be quite fun! Play some car games or make funny faces at other drivers! Enjoy yourself as you gaze at the beautiful surroundings you pass by. 

31. Hit a Top Golf facility

Top Golf is a place that has indoor/outdoor areas for all types of people! There’s something there for everyone to enjoy!

32. Walk through a botanical garden as a group

What a pleasant way to enjoy nature!

33. Check out your local zoo or aquarium

If you enjoy walking around and love animals, this idea is made for you!

34. Go canoeing and/or kayaking

This will most certainly get your exercise in for the day!

35. Rent some jet skis and go wild on the water!

This is a neat way to spend time with other people!

36. Go on a hiking trip together

Get out your hiking boots and go!

37. Better yet, go camping together

Talk about a fantastic way to bond over smores and a fire!

38. Go snow or water skiing

What is your weather like?

39. Enjoy sailing or paddle boating

This is for some true outdoorsmen!

40. Go horseback riding as a group

Some people are made to go horseback riding!!

41. Ride bicycles together

ride bicycles together

Many people enjoy this form of activity!

42. Go rock climbing as a group

If you haven’t tried this, it’s a thrill worth doing!

43. Play volleyball

If you have at least four people, you can do this, for sure!

44. Go fishing

Better yet, cook up what you catch for dinner!

45. If it’s snowing, go sleigh riding

It doesn’t even have to be Christmas to enjoy this!

46. Go out dancing

Hit the clubs or just check out a disco nearby!

47. Hit the pool or ocean and swim

This is my favorite form of exercise! Who else is a fish out of water?

48. Run a marathon together

This may be a bit ambitious, but you can do it!

Unique Double Date Ideas for You and Yours

49. Check out your local comedy club

I found laughter to be a great stress reliever!

50. Go sightseeing around your town

Pretend to be a tourist for a day! Hit some landmarks or museums!

51. Join a pottery class together

Learn something new while getting to know someone!

52. Get chilly at an ice skating rink

This might take some practice, but you can do it!

53. Check out a magic show

This will be an activity you can talk about for days!

54. Go to a flea market together

Doing a little shopping won’t hurt, will it?

55. Go roller skating

Enjoy this during disco night at your local rink.

56. Go check out a spa

Have everyone get pedicures!

57. Go see the circus

If it’s in town, don’t miss this opportunity!

58. Check out your local drag racing scene

I like to try to guess who will win! Play that game with your friends!

59. Go to a drive-in movie theater

A classic that never gets old and can be a real blast when shared with friends!

60. Go play Bingo

You don’t have to be older to enjoy this game! Who said such a thing?

61. Drive around and look at Christmas light displays

I would have to say this is my favorite idea! Christmas is full of magic, after all!

62. Do volunteer work together

Join together to help others; what a rewarding experience! Why wouldn’t you want to share this with others? It’s such a blessing and exciting thing to do with others!

Best Double Date Ideas for Homebodies

63. Work a really unique puzzle together

There are puzzles made of maps of your city, state, or even street! You can buy puzzles in all kinds of shapes, too. This could be a great adventure for people who enjoy staying at home while they entertain others.

64. Have a Netflix marathon

have a netflix marathon

Watch some of the latest hit shows together; you may even enjoy this enough to make it a weekly get-together. Check out Blacklist, Hart of Dixie, or the Good Place. See what everyone is talking about when it comes to these shows!

65. Play a game of Trivia Pursuit

What a great way to show off your smarts! Just remember not to be too smart, or they may not want to keep playing! Ha! Consider “dumbing” down a bit if you think that they are becoming sore losers! 

66. Enjoy an old-fashioned game of Charades

This is an exciting way to show your stuff in action; plus, you get a little bit of exercise!

67. Play cards together

There are a million card games out there, and if you don’t know many, look them up! Or ask your friends about their favorite games and let them teach you something new!

68. Have a game night and play board games.

Break out chess, Monopoly, Risk, Scrabble, or even some dominoes.

69. Grill hamburgers at home for the group

My man loves doing this at home! It’s an excellent way to save money and enjoy the company of friends.

70. Create your own book club

That’s right! I said it! If you have the same taste, why not give this idea a try??

Traditional Double Date Ideas for Couple Friends

71. Hit the movie theater

If you don’t know the couple well, this is a great idea because you don’t have to talk!

72. Go bowling

This is a chance for you to be active and save money, as bowling isn’t very expensive, usually!

73. Check out a sports bar together.

You can watch your favorite teams and play arcade games!

74. Go to a dog park together

If this pair also has dogs, you can enjoy this activity as a group!

75. Take a cooking class as a group

Doing this together may even provide you with a group rate, and you get to learn something new!

76. Check out a local arcade

If you decide to bring your kids along, this is a great chance to really let loose, and even win some prizes!

77. Play paintball together

Although I have not played this, I’ve heard it’s a blast! Be adventuresome and give it a try!

78. Have fun with Karaoke or an open mic night

Are you too shy to do this? Oh, come on! No one is going to judge you! If you really have stage fright, let the others go first!

79. Go shopping at the mall

You can chat while you get your steps in and do all your shopping. 

80. Order in pizza together

If you are looking to save a little money, pizza joints often have delivery group discounts!

81. Go to a nightclub

If you love dancing, this is a fabulous plan!

82. Play mini-golf

This is a common date idea, but you can liven it up by eating sushi ahead of time or hitting a gala beforehand!

83. Play pool together

Provided you aren’t a pro; this can be a great challenging game to play together!

Tips for Any Date Idea

1. It’s okay to be nervous on a double date

Remember that it’s okay to be nervous when meeting another couple for the first time on a double date. You may not know them very well or have a clue as to what one thing would interest them. Double dates can often be just as nerve-wracking as a first date. Try some deep breathing before the date to see if that doesn’t help settle your nerves a bit.

2. Plan ahead

Consider mentioning these double date ideas ahead of time to see if they are truly interested in doing them or not. You should get “a feel” for which date idea they seem most interested in. If not, talk to your partner to see what kind of date he or she thinks the couple would enjoy. Come up with ideas, dates that anyone would love if you are still unsure of what they’d like. 

3. Be empathetic and understanding

Also, remember that they are probably just as nervous as you are. Try to enjoy yourself and remember that you have your partner as a buffer if things get awkward. That means, if the date gets weird or you feel unsure of the vibe that’s going on, you can always talk to your partner about his or her opinion on how the double date is going.

4. Let things flow

let things flow

Be yourself, and I think the sparks will fly; in fact, you may be surprised at how little effort you have to put forth to just have a fun time with new people. They will probably warm up to you right away, especially if you are having a good time. Who doesn’t love being on a date with another person who is enjoying themself?

5. Have an excuse ready if you need it

If you feel like there is no connection with the other couple, you can always make an excuse to leave early. Just explain that one of your children is sick or something came up unexpectedly. I really doubt you’ll need to do that, though. Usually, during a double date, you can manage to sit through a few hours of uncomfortable silence, if that occurs.

6. Believe in yourself

The best double dates often are full of honesty and truth. If you are getting a weird vibe, chances are they have one, too. Trust your instincts and laugh about what’s going on. Tell them that you are wondering what they think about how the date is going. You may want to explain that you aren’t used to date ideas like this, so this is a new feeling for you.

7. Ask questions

Consider asking them about what kind of double date ideas they usually have. What kind of double date ideas have they been on before? For them, which date ideas have been the most enjoyable? Get some date ideas from them for the next time you go out together. 

8. Learn what to do for the next double date

Now that you are fully equipped with some awesome double date ideas, you have some great things to try with the next couple of ideas that you can use with this pair. You are now full of ideas on what to do the next time you go on a double date, so enjoy this experience for all that it’s worth!


Is a double date a good idea?

If you have fun double date ideas, they can be really exciting!! It’s important that you all find something you have in common or learn new things about each other, so next time, you’ll know exactly what a fun double date would be! Get creative with dates, ideas, and more!

Is it good to double date in a relationship?

Some of the double date ideas mentioned are really fun, so wouldn’t you want to include your best buds on a double date? Invent your own double-date ideas to find what works best for you all. You may enjoy winter sports or board games! It depends on you!!

What can you do with another couple?

On a double date, you can do many of the same things you do on a first date. Think of your ideal dates. Now, just add two people to the mix! Enjoy camping at a concert? Ask a couple of friends to tag along and join in the fun!

How should I act on a double date?

Treat a double date like a date night with friends if you don’t know the other couple. If you are familiar with the couple you’re going on a date with, enjoy the closeness and oneness that you can have only with really good or even best friends. 

Are double dates bad?

Often, these date ideas aren’t ideal. For example, if this is your first date with your partner, you may wish to have some alone time so that you can get to know one another better. Some couples reserve a “date night” once a week for themselves - a night without kids.

To Sum Things Up…

What are your best ideas? What kinds of things have you tried and enjoyed? Which ideas flopped, and which were winners? I’d love to hear all about it!

Please leave a comment below and share this post with someone who may enjoy it!

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