Does My Ex Miss Me? (15 Ways To Tell If He Misses You)

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If one could get a nickel for every time the question “does my ex miss me" has been asked, there will be a jar full of money every day. Did you just go through a breakup and you’re wondering ‘does my ex miss me’? It’s normal to feel like confirming you’re not the only one still affected by the breakup. 

Loving someone doesn’t come with any guarantee unless both parties can create that guarantee for themselves. At a point, there will be issues that a simple sorry won’t fix, and a couple would need to go their separate ways. 

However, that doesn’t mean the feelings of love, sexual attraction or affection will fade away so easily. Most times, couples who break up usually find their way back to each other, so your recent ex may want you back.

Whether or not you want your ex-boyfriend to come back, you may want to watch out for the signs that show he wants you back. Read to the end of this article to get the tips that show that your ex still has feelings for you.

15 Ways To Tell if He Misses You

1. How often does he still communicate with you?

For most people, it is difficult to just sever ties with someone who had meant the world to them for months or years, so, it’s expected that an ex will still keep in touch. 

However, how many times does your ex still call you in a day? Does he send random texts like he used to do when you were still in a relationship with him? Does he look for any reason at all just to hear your voice? Then, your ex still wants to get back together with you.

2. What are the things he says when he calls or texts you?

It is one thing to have your ex still communicating with you but, what he says in his text messages or calls will inform you about what he wants. Does he call you to reminisce about what-ifs or what could have been? Or is he calling you to know when he can come to pick up his stuff that is still at your place? 

If he is calling or texting to talk about the good times and what may have been, he still misses and wants to get back with you. 

3. Does he constantly show up at places you go to?

If you run into your ex a few times, it might be a coincidence but, if he continues to show up in the same places you frequent, it means he’s trying to keep tabs on you. He doesn’t want you to forget his face because he hasn’t forgotten yours.

As long as he isn’t acting completely stalkerish about his appearances, it shouldn’t bother you. However, if you’re not cool with his constant presence, you may want to issue him a warning to stay away from you.

4. Do you think he sends mutual friends to make you feel like the breakup was a mistake?

This can either be a subtle or blatant attempt but, if your ex-boyfriend’s friends give remarks that suggest you should still be with him, it means your ex may still miss you.

Note that your ex might not have sent them to do that on his behalf but because they know him, they know that time hasn’t made him forget you. It is also possible that your ex sends mutual friends you share to talk to persuade you to come back to him.

5. Do his family members still mention the relationship to you whenever you meet?

Are you still close to his family members? If yes, they may mention your ex in your conversations. He is their relative, so they care about him. They are in the best position to let you know your ex misses and wants you back. If you want your ex back as well, this may be a good way to tell that the feeling is mutual.

6. Does he still call you to be his designated driver when he’s drunk?

So, he likes to have a good time at bars and parties but he’s never been known to hold his liquor well? Before the breakup, you were the designated driver every time you went out together but, now that the relationship is done, why does he still call you when he’s drunk?

It can be two things; he misses you terribly and just wants to talk or, he doesn’t have anyone else on speed dial except you. Either way, you’re still on his mind and he does miss you. 

7. Is your name still on a joint venture he set up for the both of you?

is your name still on a joint venture he set up for the both of you

If your relationship with your ex was so serious that you had started building the future together, it may be hard for either of you to move on. You both invested time, money, and other valuables into the relationship. Moving on from this kind of relationship will take longer than a relationship with no serious plans.

If he opened a joint venture in both of your names, he’d still have reasons to keep in touch, either to dissolve the business or to convince you to get back together with him. This kind of development will complicate matters, especially if you don’t have any intention of taking your ex back.

8. Does he openly tell you that he wished you were still together? 

Another way to know if your ex does miss you is when he makes himself vulnerable by telling you he still misses you. If the guy loved you so much, he won’t consider his pride but, he’ll let you know he wants you back. Even if he was the one to initiate the breakup, he will put aside his pride and ask you for another chance.

You’re the only one who knows how you feel so, you shouldn’t jump back with him because he says so. If he does miss you and wants you back, without the ulterior motives of just having sex, that’s the only reason you should consider reconciliation. 

9. Does he set up casual dates with you even though you might say no?

If your ex still invites you on dates, especially when the breakup is still fresh, it means he wants more than casual hangouts. He may even be in denial that it is over between both of you, and refuse to admit that he actually does miss you. 

However, do you miss him too? It is only a delusional person who will keep setting up dates with someone he’s broken up with. It’s either you set him straight, ignore him or, give in to his invites if you still love him.

10. If he still remembers to wish you on your special days like your birthday, he misses you.

Your ex won’t forget your special days so soon. As such, you should be prepared for his birthday wishes and congratulatory messages when you achieve something.

His thoughtful gestures show he cares for you and that he does miss you still. Not all exes would do that and so, if there’s any chance that you want him back, such an occasion is a good time to kiss and make up.

However, if you don’t have any interest in getting back with him, let him know so he won't stay hopeful. 

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11. If he sends you memorabilia from trips and moments you shared with him.

An ex who still misses you will look for every means to stay in touch. He will call you when he has problems with the recipe for the favorite meals you used to cook for him. He will text you about the wedding you were supposed to attend together. He will send you pictures and other memorabilia from trips you went on together. 

You know he truly does miss you when he delivers your things in person instead of allowing you to pick them up yourself or having them delivered to your house. Memories are strong influences and if your heart is still connected to his, you might fall back in love with him.

12. If he leaves everything he’s doing just because you called him to come over.

When you were in a relationship with your ex you found it hard to get or maintain his attention. Now that you’re no longer together he has all the time in the world to attend to you.

You call him about something important and he drops everything he’s doing just to get to you. You text him about something and he replies in nanoseconds, it means he realizes how much he misses you. 

It may be risky to fall for this new change in him because there’s no guarantee that he won’t go back to being irresponsible if you give him another chance. Let him know you’re reaching out to him only because it’s necessary. 

13. If he hooks up with a different girl so soon after the breakup and makes sure you see them.

This is a petty thing to do but people do it a lot, even men. If your ex hooks up with different girls or one in particular just to make you jealous, he isn’t over you yet.

If you often run into him with the same girl, you should know he’s doing it on purpose to see if you’ll bite. If your emotions are still too raw, he might succeed because you would leave the place as quickly as you got there. 

However, if you’ve gotten over him, his pettiness won’t bother you too much and he'd be forced to drop the act.

14. He follows and comments on each of your posts on social media. 

he follows and comments on each of your posts on social media

Your ex will become your loyal fan if he still misses you. You’ll find him jumping on every Facebook post and he’ll retweet most of your tweets. When you get to Instagram you’ll find a long list of notifications showing he liked all your pictures. He will figure out all the social media platforms he didn’t know you were on while you were dating him and he'll follow you there too.

If you’ve been trying to make your ex miss you, this may be the signal you’ve been waiting for to get back with him.

15. If he remains single months after you had moved on to someone else. 

If your ex does still miss you and is still pining for you, he may remain single many months after the breakup. It is even more glaring if you are already in another relationship but, he is yet to get together with someone else. 

Of course, it may mean that he’s having casual dates with benefits but, it is also possible that he hasn’t found anyone to rouse in him the kind of feelings he had for you. Even if he stays away from you, it doesn’t mean he isn’t wishing you could return to him.


How do I know if my ex misses me?

If your ex really misses you, he’ll call you regularly even though you’ve broken up, he will keep in touch through friends and family and find ways to run into you. Also, he will send you pictures and songs that remind you of what you meant to him.

Does my ex miss me no contact?

If your ex misses you but doesn’t contact you directly, he would do so through third parties. He could send mutual friends to plant seeds of doubt in your decision to stay away from him. Also, he might hang out with someone new in places he knows you go to frequently so that you’ll feel jealous. 

Will my ex miss me at all?

If you are with someone for a long time and you had such good memories together, you will miss them and they will miss you in return. The feeling may not last for so long but, it will still be there, especially during the first weeks of the breakup

Will time make my ex miss me or forget about me?

During the early stages of a breakup, your ex will miss you, even if he doesn’t say so. However, with time, he will forget you because he will move on to someone else, especially if you refused to get back with him when he asked you to.

How do you know if your ex secretly wants you back?

He will create genuine reasons to see you often. If you are business partners or work together, he would make sure you’re paired up for each assignment. He may also drop hints that he’s still a single man.

In Conclusion 

There is always a high probability that your ex will miss you after a breakup but, you shouldn’t go back to him if it’s not what you want to do. Hopefully, the tips in this article will help you tell if your ex-boyfriend still misses you. Please leave your thoughts in the comment section and share the post with friends if you found this helpful.

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