Does My Crush Like Me? (17 Undeniable Signs)

Last updated on June 4, 2022 by April Maccario

We’ve all had someone we fancied secretly in the course of our lives, and we’d do anything to know if that person secretly liked us as well.

When you have a crush, your mind gets fixated on the thoughts of this person, so much that you begin to daydream about them, so it’s only natural to want to know if this guy is in the least bit interested in you. 

Nonetheless, apart from the exhilarating feeling involved in having a crush, unanswered questions like, “does my crush like me?” can spur up anxiety. Everyone wants to know whether their crush likes them, or likes someone else. 

If you’re in such a dilemma, then the signs listed in this article should adequately help you know.

17 Ways To Tell If Your Crush Likes You

1. They Always Want To Speak To You

When someone is attracted to you, one of the most obvious signs is how much they want to get to know you or speak to you. If you’re wondering, “does my crush like me?”, this is one of the most prominent signs. When you like someone, you seemingly want to hear that person speak, another sign that someone may like you is when they try to build a connection with you and find out the things you’re interested in.

Watch how much your crush makes an extra effort to speak with you, even when you’re not presently there. If he texts and calls, and seemingly does this excitingly, you’re certain that your crush likes you. 

More so, if you’re in the midst of friends or loved ones, and they still seemingly want your attention, to speak or catch up on things, then it’s certain that this person may like you more than you know. 

Always monitor if they ask questions and how much time they spend wanting to know more about you because this can easily show that he may like you back.

2. They Want To Physically See You

they want to physically see you

Apart from being totally immersed in the virtual world, this cannot replace the urgent feeling someone would have to see the person they like. If that person is your crush, then you can easily identify their emotions for you, by how much they want to meet up to see you. How a guy makes an effort to see someone dictates the kind of value they have for that person. This is because everyone is busy with a lot of things, and there’s little to no time to physically meet people. 

Nonetheless, when thinking, “does this crush like me back?” their actions towards meeting up with you can greatly tell. Even so, when it’s more on the spontaneous side, especially at times that you’re sure they’d rather be doing something else, yet they want to hang out and build a relationship with you, then it’s clear they certainly have some sort of affections towards you. 

If they’d rather talk to you without a friend, or try to sit with you when you’re in the midst of friends, this indicates that the attention is solely on you, and not just for the benefit of having a conversation. 

3. They Seem To Be Nervous Around You

This is one of the psychological behaviors noted about a person who has a crush on someone since the brain tends to picture a crush as a perfect person, there is a tendency to become worried about how they look, smell, or what they say. 

The question of whether they measure up to the perfection of their crush seems so overwhelming that they become nervous to speak when they are around you. 

Though this trait is not prominent in every individual that has a crush, it can definitely be spotted in some instances. If you notice someone being cautious with their words around you and isn’t as outgoing as usual, then it’s an indication they’re making an attempt to impress you. More so, if they seem to be monitoring their composure, in order to hide their nervousness, then indeed, your crush likes you.

4. They Make An Effort With Looks

One common behavior that’s apparent when someone has a crush is the attempt they make with their appearance. Anyone who’s had a crush can attest to the fact that looking-good is quite important. According to psychology, when someone has a crush, they see their crush twenty percent more attractive than the way their crush naturally views himself. 

With this type of impression, they would definitely try to level up on appearance. This can be closely related to the things you like; or in other cases, may be subjected to the popular opinion of what looking good really means. In most cases, it could be as subtle as the addition of perfume to his daily routine or perhaps dry cleaning his outfits even more.

Whatever it takes, there’s a certainty that your crush likes you when they improve the way they dress for you. This is in a bid to appear more attractive to or hopefully get your attention, if you’ve noticed an improvement in the appearance of your crush since you’ve been communicating, maybe he does feel something for you. 

5. They Stare

You can find out if your crush likes you by monitoring their eye contact, Psychological studies have shown that anyone with a crush remains fixated on their crush. This means that thoughts of them never seem to leave their minds. In like manner, whenever they get the privilege to physically fix their eyes on this person, they unhesitantly seize the opportunity. So, if a person has a crush on you, he/she would regularly steal glances at you.

Questions to ask if you’re curious whether your crush likes you include: Does he stare at you when you’re not looking? Do they gaze and make eye contact with you when you’re speaking? Does he stare even when you’re in the midst of friends? If at least one question here has a positive response, then there’s a tendency your crush likes you.

Apart from simply staring and making eye contact, you also need to monitor the expressions they make alongside. Is it filled with admiration? Do they seem nervous when you catch them staring? If yes, then that person may really like you. 

6. They Make Subtle Body Contact

they make subtle body contact

According to studies, the human mind craves physical touch once in a while, although there’s a great disparity between the magnitudes of desire a person has to touch someone, it is particularly high amongst people that are beginning to like someone. Thus, it’s natural for them to crave hugs, or crave holding hands with the person they like. This means that with every little opportunity, they make subtle attempts to have a body contact.

These signs may not be quite apparent, which means you need to be aware of the signs to monitor the actions of someone towards you. Thus, if you want to find out if the guy/girl you like, also likes you back, check if they make attempts to be super close to you, or perhaps, touch you in a subtle way

This is usually done with the intention of igniting a spark or building a connection in the relationship. Even so, it’s done with the hopes that you begin to feel the way they do when they’re around you.

7. They Don’t Hesitate To Help You

A trait that can be noticed when a person has a crush on someone is the unhesitant nature to help them. This is greatly associated with the need to impress them; and at other times, simply to make their life much easier. It can come pretty naturally by them offering to help you with things, despite not knowing the level of the tediousness involved. 

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This generally happens since their major focus is on helping the person they have a crush on, and in turn spending more time with them. Thus, you can find out if someone you like, likes you back, by asking them to do things for you. 

In most cases, try to make it little, yet, time-consuming, a task of which only someone seemingly interested in you would like to embark on. When you do this, be sure to monitor their response towards the offer, if they seem elated, then this is a positive sign. 

Nonetheless, since nervousness is also a sign that someone has a crush on you, he may painfully decline, despite their enthusiasm, but keep in mind that a positive reaction indicates they might actually like you.

8. They Always Want To Know More About You

When someone is attracted to you, their attention remains on you most of the time. They aren’t quite satisfied with the little things they know about you, but seemingly want to be updated about the occurrences in your life, both old and new. If the person you like is asking you a lot of things about yourself, don’t be dismayed, because this is a sign that they actually like you. 

In life, no one has the time to sit around to hear someone talk about themselves, except they’re truly interested in that person. Understand that this process doesn’t even have to be for hours. If that person you like is always throwing random comments expecting you to share what you like doing, or what you will be doing, it’s a positive sign that he/she is thinking about you, and may even like you.

More so, if you find out they’ve been following you on social media, and are seemingly interested in the things you share, then you can guarantee that they like you.

9. They Always Smile At You

This is another prominent behavioral trait that people exhibit when they like someone. A person who’s constantly smiling at you, or seems to light up when they see you, may actually like you. This process indicates that you’re a happy thought in their head, and looking at you is simply an elating feeling. If you notice that the person you like does this, you can easily tell that they like you back. 

If you’re with a friend or sitting far across a room, and you still catch them particularly smiling at you, then this is a positive sign. Though people generally smile at anyone they’re close to, and others may generally smile at everyone, you need to understand the difference between the smile of someone that likes you, and that of someone else. If someone really likes you, their smile is consistent and has a sense of adoration attached; whereas the smile of someone else is just basic. 

If you sense that feeling of adoration in the eyes and smile of a person you like, then without a doubt, they like you back. 

10. Everything You Say Excites Them

everything you say excites them

One of the signs that someone you like actually likes you back, is by their excitement towards the things you say. If they make comments about how funny you are, or how brilliant and knowledgeable your words are, then it’s certain they find you highly interesting. This is also one of the major signs of attraction, which hints that they actually like you

More so, as explained earlier, when a person likes someone, they see them as highly attractive, irrespective of how the person sees themself. This also shows in how the person talks to you, while you may not necessarily see yourself as funny or knowledgeable, and even a close friend may not be aware of these traits, but someone else telling you these things can indicate there’s keen interest towards you.

11. They Ask About Your Dating Life

When a person seems interested in who you are dating or seeing at the moment, there’s a probability that they have feelings for you. Nonetheless, understand the difference between a person who really wants to know about your personal affairs and a person that wants gossip. You can spot the difference using your intuition and based on the circumstance. 

If the guy you like, seems so keen on finding out whether you like another person, this is a guarantee that they like you too. The major reason why a person would want to find out anything related to this is because they fancy being with you. Most times, this can be asked as subtly as possible, so they don’t look too nosy. 

They can ask directly, or indirectly, by requesting to know whether you’re meeting with a person over the weekend. They could also ask who you spend most of your time with, in a bid to get you to talk about a probable boyfriend or girlfriend. If the person you like has ever asked you any of these things, it’s a sign that they actually have feelings for you.

12. They Get Jealous Easily

When a person shows jealousy in unlikely situations, it can easily put you off, nevertheless, it’s a sign that they actually care about you, and see a future with you. In reality, no one can stand seeing the person they love with another person; and this can happen even when the two parties aren’t even dating. So, if the sight of you with another person greatly upsets your crush, then it’s certain they have feelings for you.

Know that the feeling of protectiveness and jealousy arises when a person feels affection towards something. Since people display jealousy in different ways, always ensure to look out for the hidden signs in your crush’s actions. Signs that he may be jealous include anger, sadness, or the person keeping a distance from you. This happens because they may not necessarily want to disclose their jealousy to you. 

In other cases, he may choose to be vocal about his jealousy and may ask how important the person in question is to you. When they do this, be sure that they have feelings for you.

13. They Know More About You Than You Told Them

One way to decipher whether a person likes you is by their detailed knowledge about you – which you never disclosed to them. From studies, when a person has feelings for another person, there’s an urge to find out more about that person. Then comes the need to research, this can be done either by asking a close friend or perhaps innocently stalking the person on social media. This will in turn give them a vivid picture of the one they’re currently fixated on.

Synonymously, when a person that’s deeply interested in you is getting to know you, you probably won’t tell them so much, so if they are making more inquiries and the conversation centers mostly on you, they may probably be more interested in you than you think. So, knowing a lot of things about you that you never mentioned, can tell if this guy truly has a soft spot for you. Even more, it can easily build a connection between the two of you.

14. They Try To Make You Smile Or Laugh

they try to make you smile or laugh

If the person you admire has a habit of telling you jokes or doing certain things to amuse you, it’s an indication that your happiness is a reflection of theirs. In concise words, this person actually likes you. As a matter of fact, nobody would spend ample time trying to make a person smile or laugh, if that person wasn’t special in a way. 

In most cases, some of the people closest to us may not readily be trying to do this, except it was essential in a situation, but understand that the person who likes you is desperately trying to impress you, and this involves making multiple efforts to make you laugh. 

People generally know that laughing sponsors happy emotions towards a subject, and the more they can get you happy, the more you’re likely to be attracted to them. So, if a guy you admire keeps telling you jokes, or showing you funny memes and videos, it’s a major sign that they’re attracted to you.

15. They Reveal Intimate Parts About Themselves

Sharing deep things about one’s self is something that occurs over a period of time, and with a special person. Nonetheless, one way to tell whether a person likes you is by how much they’re willing to share subjects about themselves with you. This also indicates a high sense of trust, which can only be achieved when a person is deeply attracted to you. 

More so, this process allows people to build a deeper sense of connection with those they love, rather than simply relying on small talks. Apart from asking you things about yourself, if the person you have feelings for is eager to build a connection with you, by sharing a lot of personal subjects, especially the ones others don’t know about, then it’s an obvious sign that they also have feelings for you. 

Even so, it shows how comfortable they feel around you because in general, no one would fancy random people knowing secrets about them. This may even indicate that you’re special to this person. 

16. Their Body Language Reveals Attraction

Several studies indicate that attraction affects a person’s body language, this means that when a person likes another person, their actions towards their subject of attraction are seemingly different from others. The way they sit, stand, and generally act would reveal a certain sense of attraction, if you want to know whether the guy you fancy, likes you back, monitor the way they sit or stand when they’re with you, or in a room full of people.

In most cases, if their body is always facing you directly, it can indicate attraction. Nonetheless, if their body isn’t always in your direction, monitor where their feet are faced. If it is most times facing your direction, then this is definitely a sign of attraction. This is done consciously and sometimes unconsciously, to connote a desire to walk towards you whenever they have the opportunity. 

Also, if they tend to lean towards you, and stand at oddly close proximity, understand that this screams multiple levels of attraction.

17. They Indirectly Tell You

In most cases, when a person likes another person, there’s a yearning feeling to express this emotion. Due to nervousness, or the fear of rejection, some may shy away from revealing their true feelings. Nonetheless, the desire to let it out remains unshaken. Thus, he/she may look for other ways to let their feelings known. 

Most of the time, this is done in inconspicuous ways, if a person is constantly telling you how much they love your hair, clothes, sense of style, accent, and more, this indirectly connotes that they love everything about you. More so, such a person might use alternatives to the word ‘love’ or ‘like’, and tell you how much they fancy being around you and emphasize the positive impacts you’ve had on them.

All these indicate a high sense of attraction and an indirect manner of telling you how much they actually like you. If that person you admire has said anything related to this, there’s a high chance that he is attracted to you as a person. 


How do I know if my crush likes me?

You can know when a person likes you by their overall behaviors towards you, all their actions towards you would be different from others, and you would definitely sense a form of attraction from them. More so, if he/she is making immense efforts to impress you, you’re certain that they are indeed attracted to you. 

How do you get my crush to like me?

If you want a particular person to like and notice you, it’s pertinent to engage in what they love to do. Ensure you show keen interest. This is an essential key in building relationships, and it demands a lot of compromises; because in general, the hobbies of close one, don’t always mirror our likes and wants.

Does he have a crush on me?

If you want to find out whether a guy likes you, you can observe his body language towards you. From several studies, people generally reveal a sense of attraction in their body language. If he enjoys being in close proximity with you, or he stands facing you most of the time, leans in constantly, and makes efforts to touch you, then he’s definitely attracted to you.

Why does my crush stare at me a lot?

Staring is a prominent behavioral trait people exhibit when they’re attracted to a person. Since their minds are constantly fixated on their subject of attraction, staring only helps to pacify their craving to be fixated on you. If the person you admire stares at you a lot, then this is a positive sign that they also feel attracted to you. 

How can I win my crush?

You can win over the person you admire by simply being who you are, and taking further steps to engage in the activities that the person you admire likes. This will build a stronger connection between the two of you. More so, it will give the two of you reasons to be together, and spend more time together.


Did you enjoy this course on how to know when the person you admire, likes you back? Ensure to take note of everything listed above, and make efforts to observe your object of attraction. If you enjoyed this article, endeavor to leave a comment below, and share with whoever needs to see this. 

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