Does Love At First Sight Exist? (5 Signs You Have That Love At First Sight Feeling)

Last updated on July 4, 2022 by April Maccario

We’ve all seen the movies in which people fall head over heels for each other the moment they meet or hear romantic stories friends have told about meeting their partner for the first time

However, have you ever truly thought about whether love at first sight exists? Perhaps you’re pretty certain you’ve experienced love at first sight and want to find out if it’s real? 

In this article, we’re going to take a look at whether true love really can be felt the moment you meet somebody, and what kind of signs will be shown if you are experiencing that feeling. So, let’s jump right in and take a look!

Do People Think Love At First Sight Actually Exists?

There is so much about love that we don’t know and will probably never be able to figure out - that is the beauty of it after all. So, really, there’s no conclusive answer to the question of whether love at first sight actually exists, and it’s up to you what you believe.

However, saying that, most people don’t seem to think anyone has ever fallen in love at first sight, simply because love is something that needs to grow over time, as you develop a deep and meaningful connection with someone. You don’t love someone for their appearance, but you love them for their soul.

This means that love at first sight really is lust at first sight - you just feel a strong attraction to someone when first meeting them and it gives you the sensation that what you’re feeling must be true love. 

Of course, if you feel attraction straight away for someone and you then get close to them and start to develop a deeper connection with them, you might then start falling in love with them, but this isn’t the initial feeling you had. 

So, even though love-at-first-sight might not be real, people can perceive it to be because they think they fell in love with a partner the moment they laid eyes on them, but they are actually perceiving it wrong and thinking about how they feel currently.

5 Signs Of The Love At First Sight Feeling

1. You’ll only be focusing on them

If you think you’ve experienced love at first sight with someone, you will know that feeling of everyone and everything in the background simply disappearing or getting blurred out, giving you tunnel vision for this one individual. 

It won’t matter what’s going on around you or who’s around you, you will completely focus on this one person and everything else seems unimportant, even if only for a few seconds or minutes. Every bit of your attention will be focused on this person, and nothing anyone does or says to you will change that.

The focus that you have on this individual will be amplified if they are attracted to you, because it will create sexual tension between the two of you, and the eye contact will be incredibly intense. In fact, if someone you feel an initial attraction towards looks back at you with the same attraction, you may well believe that the intense eye contact that makes you feel as if the world around you doesn’t exist, is falling in love at first sight.

2. You’ll go weak at the knees

youll go weak at the knees

When people think they’re experiencing love at first sight, they will go weak at the knees, their heart rate will increase, they’ll get sweaty, and probably feel a little dizzy too. You are so overwhelmed with attraction for this person that your body goes into overdrive, causing you to feel dizzy and bringing on the nervous sweats.

If this person speaks to you, all of these factors will probably become more exaggerated and you might not even be able to get the words out, or you’ll be speaking gibberish. Your personality might even change to the point where people around you ask you why you acted the way you did around this certain person, and you honestly won’t have an answer for them.

All of these physical changes, and personality changes, occur because you’re extremely attracted to the individual that you just met. The majority of people become nervous and don’t act like themselves when they’re in the presence of someone they’re attracted to, and with someone that you’re extremely attracted to, the nerves are only intensified.

3. You immediately imagine the future between the two of you

When you meet someone that makes you believe in love at first sight, you will immediately picture your future with them. This person might be walking past your office, you might lock eyes at a bar or you might have bumped into them in the street - whatever the situation is, your brain will immediately fast forward to your future together.

Even if only for a few seconds, your mind will paint a picture of what your life would be like if you were with this person, and this idyllic daydream will make you even more attracted to this individual. Of course, the daydreaming doesn’t just stop once they’ve left the room. In fact, you might spend a lot of time daydreaming about someone you’ve only ever said a couple of words to afterward. 

The more that you daydream about this individual, the more you will become attracted to them, to the point of infatuation. Then, once you have the feelings of infatuation, you will truly believe that the first meeting between the two of you was incredibly magical, or love at first sight, if you will.


4. You feel extremely sexually attracted to this person

you feel extremely sexually attracted to this person

If you experience a love at first sight moment with someone, you will experience a rush of raw, unfiltered sexual energy towards them. You’ll feel so compelled to rip this person’s clothes off right there and then, and you won’t be able to think straight because you’re thinking about pushing yourself on top of this person and experiencing the best sex of your life with them.

This individual doesn’t even have to be your ‘type’ or give off strong sexual energy to others around you, but something will just be pulling you towards them. You will feel much more sexually aroused by them, just by seeing them, than you ever have before even when you’ve been sexually intimate with someone.

What you will be feeling is lust, and lust is constantly confused for love, especially when it comes to love at first sight. You may feel as if you’re falling in love with this person, but the truth is that you just really want to get underneath them.


5. You may feel as if you already know them

When you meet someone and you feel like it could be love at first sight, you may feel as if you’ve already known this person for years. Although you might be a nervous wreck, as talked about above, there’s also another, a much truer side, to love at first sight. 

If you feel like you can be instantly open with someone and you feel really comfortable with them, like you’ve known them for years, this could actually be the start of true love.

Sometimes, for whatever reason, we do instantly meet the one and we realize that that’s who we are going to be with for the rest of our lives, even when we’re only meeting them for the first time. 

One of the most realistic signs of actual true first sight love is if you feel as if you already know someone. It will feel like there’s already a deep connection with this individual, and you simply won’t be able to explain how you feel after meeting them for the first time.


Does love at first sight exist?

It’s debated as to whether love actually exists or not, as talked about in the article above in more detail. A lot of people believe that they fell in love at first sight with the person that they’re in a relationship with, but what probably happened was an instant attraction that then led to love after getting to know the person.

Why is love at first sight not possible?

Love at first sight technically, is impossible, as we can’t simply gather evidence or research love in that way. However, it’s most likely not possible because to be in love with someone, you have to really get to know them as a person and bond on a deep and meaningful level. This is why typically you can’t feel real love from the first sight of someone because you haven’t been able to actually get to know a person’s soul. 

How does love at first sight happen?

You may feel like you have experienced love at first sight because initially you felt extremely drawn to someone in an attractive way and you may have even felt infatuated by them immediately. The feeling of love at first sight is not very different from seeing other people you’re attracted to when you initially look at them, except it’s amplified.

Do you believe in love at first sight or should I pass by again?

This question is actually a very common pick-up line, even if it does sound a little cheesy! However, trying to answer this question on a more serious level, like so many things when it comes to love, the belief of falling in love-at-first-sight is a matter of personal opinion. It’s completely up to you to decide if you think love at first sight exists.

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Does it really take 4 minutes to fall in love?

Journalist Mandy Len Catron led a study in an attempt to prove that it takes only 36 questions and 4 minutes silently staring into a stranger’s eyes for both people to fall in love. Although this may actually work for some people, Mandy Len Catron admitted that it’s a choice to fall in love and that the study won’t work magically. However, what’s the harm in trying!

To Summarize

Hopefully, after reading this article you’re a little more clued up on what falling in love at first sight really means, and what 5 things you will be feeling if you think that you have experienced love at first sight.

Just remember, like many things in love, it’s up to you to decide whether you think people really can fall in love at first sight, or whether there’s nothing more to it than infatuation and attraction.

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