Does He Need Space Or Is It Over? (7 Ways To Tell)

by April Maccario

It is never a nice thing to hear when your partner tells you that he needs time away from you for a while. This may also even lead you to worry that the relationship is even over. It can be easy to think the worst and assume that the relationship is over for good. You may be wondering whether you can do anything to fix things. 

However, in his mind, it may not necessarily mean that the relationship is ending and he thinks that you need to breakup. It is normal to think the worst if he asks you for space, you may be worried that things are moving toward a breakup and he is pulling away from you. It may be hard not to ask does he need space or is it over?

It is not easy to know what the answer is to these questions. Many people find themselves in this situation and it is never easy. If your boyfriend tells you that he needs space, you may be extremely upset and worried that things are over between you. However, it is important to find out what is really going on.

Does He Need Space Or Is It Over?

If he has told you that he needs space, you might immediately assume that this means that your relationship is over. But it is important not to jump to conclusions before you know what the facts are. He might just need some alone time, especially if he has been stressed out recently or has been really busy at work, he may just need to clear his head. 

If you spend every hour with someone, it is normal to need a bit of quiet headspace at times. It is healthy to spend a little time apart every now and again, no matter how great your relationship is. You may have even stopped making the most of your time together if you have been with him all of the time. 

It might just take some time apart for both of you to start appreciating each other again. Give him the space that he needs even though it might be hard to do. You may even realize that you needed the space too and that accepting that you do need time apart may even strengthen your relationship when you are together.

1. He’s Asked For Space Because The Relationship Is Moving Too Fast For Him

He’s Asked For Space Because The Relationship Is Moving Too Fast For Him

It is important to remember, that even if you are completely comfortable with your relationship moving really fast, your boyfriend may not feel the same way. If he has never been in a really serious or long-term relationship before then it may be scary for him to notice that things are starting to move really fast and become serious. 

If he is not ready to take your relationship to the next step, then allow him some time to think things out. Give him the space that he needs and then talk things through properly afterward. Just because he is not yet ready, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care for you as much as you do for him, it just means he may need a bit more time. 

Don’t jump to any conclusions and assume that the relationship is over because he says he needs some space. If he tells you that he needs space because things are moving too quickly, it just means that he needs things to slow down so that he feels comfortable. Give him the space that he has asked for and he will catch up to your thoughts. 

2. He Needs Time Because He Is Scared To Commit To A Serious Relationship

If he says he requires space it may be because he is frightened of his own feelings that he is experiencing for you. Not every guy is completely in touch with their own feelings. He may find it difficult if he starts feeling deep feelings for someone. If he hasn’t felt this way about someone before he may not know how to deal with it. 

He may feel like he needs to step back because you are the first person he has felt this way for, before. If he considers you as a potential serious partner he may be scared of this thought. He may be freaking out at his own thoughts if he has never experienced this before. Give him the time he needs and he will likely be able to figure out his thoughts.

However, it is important to remember that if he is completely terrified of a commitment then you may not be able to force him to commit to you. He may even end things with you if he thinks that the relationship is moving too fast or becoming too serious. Either way, give him space so that he can decide what he should do. 

3. He May Want To End Things

If your guy does not spend much time with you as it is and you are the only one putting in any effort into the relationship then him asking for space may mean that he wants to put an end to the relationship. If you are the only one that is investing time and effort into the relationship and he is never there for you, then this may be a sign he thinks things are over. 

These are all things that point to the fact that he is pulling away from you. If he says he needs space in addition to these other things, your relationship may be heading toward a breakup. He may be looking for space so that he can start to decrease the seriousness of your relationship. He may not be sure about the relationship anymore

If you know that you do spend enough time apart already, then the fact that he is asking for space may just be an excuse for wanting to end things. Think carefully about the situation, but if you don’t spend much time with each other anyway, then him wanting space may mean that things are moving toward the end. 

4. He Feels Pressured

If your boyfriend wants space, it may be because he feels pressured into committing to you. If his friends and family have been pressuring him to commit to your relationship and to take things to the next level, to buy a house together, to have kids or to get married. The pressure he is feeling may mean that he needs time to think. 

If he feels too pressured it may spell the end of your relationship. Try and make it clear to him that you don’t need things to move too quickly even if his friends and family are pressuring him into doing things that he does not yet feel ready for. Give him the time that he needs but make sure that he knows the pressure is not coming from you. 

Talk to him honestly and reassure him that you are not forcing him into anything and you don’t want him to agree to do anything that he doesn’t yet feel ready for. Tell him that you are happy for things to happen when the time is right

5. You Fight All Of The Time

You Fight All Of The Time

If you and your partner are fighting all of the time, you never agree with anything he says and you have been having a lot of issues in your relationship. If he is asking for time apart because of this, it may be time to consider whether the relationship is working anymore and whether or not your partner is actually making you happy. 

Just because you love each other, it doesn’t mean that you are completely compatible with each other. If you are fighting all of the time it may be because you don’t really suit each other. Some time away from each other may do your relationship good. It might give you the headspace that you need to figure out your issues.

Relationships go through hard times but if you don’t go a day without having a huge argument with your partner, it may be time to admit that things are over. If you are not able to agree on anything anymore then things are only going to get worse. Try and find a solution together or admit that it may be time to part ways. 

6. He Feels Trapped

In some relationships, people can begin to feel trapped if they feel like they are losing their independence. Your partner may be in need of time away if he feels trapped in your relationship. It is very important in this situation to give him the time that he needs to clear his thoughts. He may just need some privacy and time to himself.

If you spend all of your time together and you never have time to do your own thing, then this may have led to your boyfriend feeling trapped. If he is unable to pursue his own hobbies and interests because he spends all of his time with you, it may mean that he is feeling caged in by your relationship. 

This is a clear sign that you need to step back a little bit and give him a bit more freedom that he has been having. This indicates that you are being too clingy toward your boyfriend and he may even be feeling smothered by it. If you don’t give him any time alone he may begin to feel suffocating and this could mean the end of your relationship. 

7. He Has Other Issues Outside Of Your Relationship

Your partner may need time apart from you because he is going through a stressful time. This may even mean that the issues that he is going through are outside of your relationship and may not even be related to you. He may not be able to focus and sort out his issues if he is worried about keeping you happy all of the time.

If he is really stressed because of work or family problems that exist outside of your relationship he may just need some time away so that he can try and resolve these issues. Let him know that you are there for him if he needs you. Don’t jump to the conclusion that it is your fault if he needs time away. 

However, if he never wants you around when he is going through a stressful time in his life, then this may be a sign that your relationship is not working out. It is important in a relationship that you are there for each other when things are going wrong. You should be able to work through hard times together as a team. 


Does Needing Space Mean It's Over?

The fact that he has asked for space in your relationship doesn’t necessarily mean that he wants things to be over for good. If he has been going through a stressful time or you have been spending all of your time together lately, then he may just need some time to clear his head, so give him the space that he needs. 

Does He Need Space Or Is He Done?

If he asks you for space then he probably just needs some time alone. However, if he has started to pull away and hasn’t told you why, it may be that the relationship is no longer working. It is important in this situation to have an honest conversation about what is going on and try and fix the issues that you are having. 

Will He Come Back If I Give Him Space?

If you give him the space that he has asked for he will likely come back to you. However, if you don’t give him space when he has asked for it, he may find it hard to accept it. Refusing to give him space and time may push him further away. He may just need time to figure out his thoughts if he is really stressed out. 

Why Do Guys Need Space? How Long?

If you have been spending all of your time with your boyfriend recently he may just need some space to enjoy some time alone. Just because he has asked for some time apart, it does not mean that he thinks the relationship is over. Ask him how much space he needs and allow him to have time to figure out his thoughts. 

Does Space Help A Broken Relationship?

Some space may be helpful if you are experiencing issues in your relationship. However, no matter how much space you take, it is still hugely important to communicate with your partner and to talk through your issues together. Time apart is good to figure out your thoughts, but then communicate everything with your partner. 

On That Note… 

If your boyfriend has asked for some time apart, you may be wondering does he need space or is it over? You may also be wondering how long should I give him space. This can be a stressful and worrying time for you, you may think that your relationship is over, but just let him know how you are feeling and remember that time apart sometimes is a good thing. 

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