Do Guys Like Tall Girls? (15 Attractive Reasons)

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For the sake of patriarchy, sexism, and society, the thought of men’s preference for taller women has played in most of our minds. It is not uncommon to find a man taken aback by a woman’s height, or women who frown at being with a short man. 

Psychologists have discovered why we, as humans, are concerned about our partners’ height. Relatedly, these studies also show that men are more open to dating taller women than women are to dating short men. 

Maybe, this is why some women are so self-conscious about the topic and often squirm when dating a shorter guy than them. Other ladies, on the other hand, may feel their partners’ would prefer a shorter girl. If you suspect your height is an issue to the person you’re dating, one of the following reasons why men are attracted to tall ladies might help you find an answer.

15 Reasons Why Some Men Are Attracted To Tall Girls

1. He Doesn’t Have To Worry About Looking Like A Pervert

Physically, it might seem as if some girls never age, and it is particularly confusing if such a person is short. However, when men are with a taller girl who looks young, he does not have to worry about looking like a pervert who preys on young women.

2. They Are Effortlessly Elegant

they are effortlessly elegant

Ever noticed how some people can walk into a room and everyone goes quiet because they are mesmerized by their presence? Well, this tends to happen often with taller women. They are effortlessly elegant, even without high heels.

3. She Can Keep Up On Long Walks

Running after your boyfriend while panting during long walks is something taller ladies cannot relate with. This is because their long legs make them walk faster. At least taller ladies can keep up with their pace.

4. She Attracts Attention

Ever wondered why models are tall? Well, it’s because they command attention. 

Like a magnet, taller ladies always get people’s attention, and this could be because of how confident their height makes them look.

5. Exciting Sex

You know how a man can get when it comes to sex, they really like to explore it all. This is one reason for dating taller women; there are several positions that short women may find restrictive.

6. Tall Women Have Gorgeous Legs

tall women have gorgeous legs

It’s no secret that many tall women receive compliments about their height. However, when it comes to those beautiful long legs of a tall woman, they speak for themselves. Many guys have reported that this is what they find most attractive about taller women.

7. They Don’t Need High Heels

A taller woman doesn’t need to wear heels to feel dressed up or look elegant. So a guy wouldn’t have to worry about his girlfriend walking funny because she’s uncomfortable in her heels.

8. She’s Independent

A taller woman is naturally more independent because she does not have to call out to her partner to help her reach high corners of the house. She can certainly do a whole lot by herself.

9. Holding Hands Is Easier

For a tall guy, dating tall women is more ideal. They are the perfect height for holding hands and other cute things. It does not look awkward, and their partner wouldn’t have to strain their arms to reach them.

10. They Can Easily Be Spotted

Taller ladies are always easier to spot wherever they are, so there would be fewer chances of losing you at a festival or concert. We can’t say the same for short women below 5’5”.

11. You Will Always Have Great Photos Together

Remember how they say pictures look better from a higher angle? Well, ladies with long arms have a better chance of taking such pictures without any aid from a selfie stick.

12. You Can Wear His Shoes

you can wear his shoes

Tall women are likely to have bigger feet than short ladies, which means they can rock their partner’s shoes. It could be their slides, slippers, or sandals; you name it.

13. Men Love To Watch Tall Women Walk

There is something graceful about the strides of a tall woman. They effortlessly look chic and classy when they walk, which is a turn-on for many.

14. She Gets To Wear His Clothes

Just as some men really like to share their shoes, they are also happy to see their women wear their clothes. Taller women do not have to worry about packing a sleepover bag because who needs clothes when your boyfriend’s shirt fits perfectly?

15. He Doesn’t Care About Societal Standards

One reason why a man would prefer short women is because of societal expectations. People naturally expect a short lady to date a much taller guy. However, some men don’t mind women that are taller. A guy always has to be the bigger spoon, right? But if the lady is the same height or even taller, they can spoon each other whichever way they prefer.


What Height Do Guys Like?

Each man has a preference; therefore, it is impossible to generalize what height they find attractive. A guy may like a woman for her cute face, her laugh, or curvy body, all of which have nothing to do with her height. 

Do Guys Like Tall Or Short Girls?

Men are attracted to women for different reasons. So, whether you are a short or tall woman, you will always find someone who shares a romantic connection with you, and your height will not be a factor then.

Is Being Tall Attractive For A Girl?

Yes certainly! Many men do find taller women more attractive. Likewise, some men prefer them short. Preference varies when it comes to a woman’s height. That said, society generally likes tall women; they are the ones we see as magazine covers and TV models. Tall women always look confident because their height makes them stand out.

What Height Do Guys Find Attractive?

When it comes to gender, it is quite shallow to make generalizations. However, guys who prefer taller ladies often opt for this over 179 cm. People have different reasons as to why they are attracted to their partners. Some men place a higher value on their women’s style and their ability to engage in conversations over their height. Once again, it’s all about preference.

Do Men Like Short Girls?

Some men like their partners petite because they believe they will look good together; however, that does not mean no one loves the tall ladies. Some men do not care about their lover’s height but what they have to offer intellectually and emotionally.

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In Brief,

Height and dating is an issue almost everyone can relate to and have questioned at some point. So, if you are a tall girl who is self-conscious, I hope this list helps you understand that many men would be happy to be with you. I will love to hear from you in the comment section and don’t forget to share.

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  1. I am a guy 6’3” very attracted to a beautiful woman who is 6’1” and at first would wear either flats or very low heel and just recently she’s been wearing very hi heels and honestly it’s a bit uncomfortable for me with hugging and kissing her and dancing and she’s senses it and is more then accommodating not have me reach up, but bend/lean down/over, I know she enjoys wearing these shoes and honestly she looks even more fantastic because of her fabulous legs, ankles and feet and I keep asking myself am I crazy or what??

  2. lol @ how two reasons are “she can wear his shoes” and “she can wear his clothes” but there’s no acknowledgement that “he can wear her shoes and he can wear her clothes” 😉

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