Do Guys Like Bush Or No Bush (11 Opinions Guys Have About Pubic Hair)

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Surely, there must be lots of opinions regarding a sensitive issue such as this; in fact, it’s safe to say that the jury is divided. 

For many ladies, hair removal is a must; they grew up with this hygiene regime and don’t fail to shave at least every two weeks or once a month. 

However, even as we’re sitting in the bathroom with the shaving cream or razor in hand, there’s much wonder to what men think about hair removal. Pubic hair in males is more overlooked - we see a swimsuit model with hairy pits, but he’s excused because he’s a guy. 

However, not everyone, (or in this case, gender) can pull this off. So maybe it's something we want to leave for the men. Pubic hair is one feature that doesn't look so appealing to ladies. Total hair removal via laser treatment is even done to give that smooth, flawless appearance, especially for models. 

So, do all men share this idea? Do they all want their ladies to shave off their pubic hair? Men are quite divided on the matter though. There are even statistics to prove that. 

11 Thoughts Guys Have About Pubic Hair

A survey that studied a total of 4146 respondents aged 18 to 35 reported that 46% of men would love it clean and shaved down here, while 30% would like it well-trimmed. 12% stated that they would prefer a landing strip, and the other 6 percent would rather just have it natural. This only goes to show the diversity in ideas and opinions regarding this critical issue. 

However, in this article, I have taken the liberty to bring to your notice the different opinions guys have regarding the issue of hair removal. 

1. “It doesn’t bother me”

it doesn't bother me

Some men have considered the issue of whether or not a woman should shave their pubic hair to be inconsequential. To them, it’s totally up to the woman to shave or keep it bushy. 

2. “It is gross and disgusting to see”

Another category expresses resentment towards the ‘hairy bush’ of a woman. In their opinion, this is a major turn-off during sex; more like a deal-breaker for a relationship. It is further compounded by the fact that a full pubic hair generates sweat, which may likely be accompanied by bacteria and odors. 

3. “She is just being lazy”

There is also a section of men who perceive women with pubic hair are just being lazy. It is assumed that a woman who isn’t so lazy, would take out time to adopt a grooming routine that would keep the pubes in check. So, when they meet one who keeps her pubic hair grown, they’ll feel she’s lazy and doesn’t put effort into taking care of herself. 

4. Lack of personal hygiene 

The question of whether guys love pubic hair has suddenly taken another twist in the direction of personal hygiene and cleanliness. Some men have come to classify women with full bushes as those with unhealthy personal hygiene. 

More so, it is speculated that a hairy vagina or armpit will likely generate sweat, and as such encourage the grooming of bacteria and unpleasant smells. However, it is important to note that shaving the pubic area or leaving it busy does not necessarily correlate with the issue of personal hygiene. 

5. Makes oral sex less enjoyable

makes oral sex less enjoyable

Some feel that a well-shaved vaginal area aids in a pleasant experience during oral sex. Men like this because when things are smooth down there. No sweat or unpleasant odors, and of course, very easy to navigate. 

For ladies who shave, a razor burn or irritation could also be an issue during sex. So it’s not just about the lack of hair in the region, but how smooth, clean and healthy it is. 

6. It does not look sexy

Coming down to what looks sexy or not, some men actually have the opinion that putting on a bikini while your bush is all grown is not sexy at all. The thought of pubic hairs sticking out of your bikini does not sound fascinating at all. 

It really just boils down to individual preference, because while others say having a full bush is not sexy for a woman, another wing of men insists that there is nothing sexy about looking like a plucked chicken.

7. Indifference

While we have been able to gather different opinions on whether or not guys love the bush, it is imperative to note that most of the time men do not really think too much about it; it is just insecurity. They feel like there’s no difference between a girl who has pubes and one that doesn’t, as long as they are clean and sexy. 

8. It has a pleasant look

If we are to be sincere on this matter, clean-shaven pubes, unlike a hairy bush, are quite appealing to the eyes. Men are moved by what they see. So, if you intend to appear appealing to your man, you have to be certain that he would like a shaven pubic area.

9. “It’s her choice

Some men have come up with the opinion that the issue of what goes on down there is exclusively out of their jurisdiction, and therefore, left for the woman to decide if she wants to shave or keep a full bush. It won’t be the first time they are being indifferent to trivial matters that concern hygiene. 

10. It doesn’t bother them

Some men are less bothered about things like this compared to women, which may not be a good thing. Don’t feel like a guy loving you regardless is great, every couple should be aware of the things that put them more at risk of infections, STD’s and the likes. 

11. It turns men on

it turns men on

The sight of full public hair turns some men on. As a matter of fact, it is a great feeling moving your fingers all over the hairs and even making a ponytail of it. In all, it really just boils down to individual preference. 


Do guys prefer bare down there?

If you are wondering whether it is best to shave or keep it natural and busy, you should engage in a mature conversation with your man to figure out what he likes. Some men like it, others don’t and the rest don’t really care.

Should guys trim their bush? 

A study has revealed that guys, just like women, actually trim their pubic hairs, while others prefer to wax or shave. In all, it’s not really necessary to remove the hair in this region to keep the body clean. It all boils down to a matter of personal preference and how well they can keep that area clean with or without hair. 

Is having a bush back in style? 

As a matter of fact, it just might be back in style. There just might be a possibility that having a bush down there is going to be the new fashion of things. 

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Do men care about pubic hair?

This question really depends on the individual involved, while some men would say It doesn’t bother them, some others find it gross to see a full bush. Others have also stated that it makes oral sex less enjoyable. Regardless, of the several opinions we have gathered, it is recommended that you speak to your partner about what his preference is, just to be on the safe side.

Do guys care if you have a belly?

When a guy truly likes a woman, little things like this don’t really matter, except he’s a fitness enthusiast himself. Even the skinniest women still have some sort of belly fat. This female curve has been identified as Venus’s Paunch. The first time you meet a guy, he may look at some physical features, but it’s really your warm personality that will keep him going. 

In Conclusion

There are several opinions regarding this issue. Some men consider it a turn-off, others think It is a sign of laziness on the woman’s part or poor hygiene, and some others do not even care about it at all. 

In all, I strongly recommend that you have a talk with your partner, get to find out what he would rather have so you don’t get things mixed up. If you found this article helpful, please feel free to share it with family and friends. 

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  1. My husband is fine with whatever, but I think he prefers me with a full bush. No complaints from me - very little maintenance! We both prefer him to be shaved and he does this regularly. He's mentioned that he likes the stimulation of my hair against the shaved area above his penis. I guess we're kind of backwards when it comes to pubic hair stereotypes, but it's what we want!

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