Dating A Poor Guy (5 Things To Think About When Dating A Broke Man)

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Indeed, money isn’t everything, and dating a broke guy is no taboo. As a matter of fact, cheap thrills are quite underrated. However, it's a bit more challenging for women to date below their financial status. Women are naturally drawn to a provider, it’s in our genes. 

We undoubtedly have the ability to take care of a family and to be a breadwinner or contributor, but from time to time we love good pampering. In the world we live in today, pampering doesn’t always come cheap, this is where the problem lies. Most women are afraid to commit to a guy who is not equipped to provide for her and perhaps spoil her from time to time. 

If, for some reason, your love interest has money issues, yet seems to be the perfect guy for you, then here are 5 things you should probably consider before jumping headfirst into a relationship with this person.

Five Things To Consider Before Dating A Poor Guy

1. You may have to deal with his insecurities

you may have to deal with his insecurities

Poor men are more likely to be insecure; in fact, it’s hard to find a broke guy who does not have an inferiority complex. During celebratory events like birthday dinners, Valentine’s day, or anniversaries, covering the bill may be a real challenge for him. Days like these could slowly become the most turbulent times for you. 

You may have to spend half the day or night stroking and mending his ego, after having to cover the bills. Being with an insecure person is far from peaceful, yes it’s true that regular couples fight, however, most of your arguments and disagreements will be centered around money

Plus, most times, you will end up being the one to apologize because playing the victim is very common among insecure people. If he rarely voices out these insecurities, then you’ve got it easy. He may feel small when your mutual friends suggest a restaurant he can’t afford, or you may feel guilty telling him when a friend or family members take you out. 

You may end up walking on eggshells through most of the relationship and this may get very uncomfortable with time. In addition to this, he may be so indulged in his melancholy feelings that he’ll hardly ever remember that you have emotional needs also.

2. There will be uncomfortable times and a few sacrifices involved

You will watch your friends go on colorful and adventurous dates and even trips with their partners, while you’d have to settle for cheap diner dates or even none at all. You may be reluctant to go for trips, destination weddings, or even fancy events because he can’t afford a plane ticket or a tuxedo and you’d feel bad going without him. 

If you both decide to live together, you may have to forfeit the luxuries you were once familiar with in order to focus on the major needs. Then there’s the issue of dealing with pity and concern from family and friends. Yes, you’re not married to the guy yet, but there’s a possibility that it could lead to that. 

You may have to deal with them making subtle pity-filled statements or hiding certain things from you because they’re concerned that you may feel bad. In summary, you need to consider that your life may be a bit more limited and restricted when you’re with someone that still depends on his parents.

3. It may end up being a new and fun experience for you

Since he has more time on his hands, you two will have more time to spend together. Some women have testified that being with someone with less money was one of the most freeing experiences for them. 

So, being with a broke guy may just turn out to be a bit less pressure on your part. If he’s level-headed and secure, most times he’d not expect anything from you and may not be stuck up like some rich guys. 

You won’t have to bend over backward to impress him and may find it easier being yourself around him. Plus, you two would probably be open to new experiences and even be able to explore your city like you never did before. 

For instance, many people don’t know that there are a variety of social and cultural places and activities around them — like free museums, exhibitions, concerts, clubs, cheap yet delicious street food, and many more. 

Some women are lucky enough to date poor yet secure men and you may be one of them. Also, word on the street is that poor men are not lazy at all in the bedroom. Perhaps, it’s their own way of making up for their financial weaknesses.

4. He may have to lean on you financially 

he may have to lean on you financially

This goes without saying, if you’re more financially stable than your partner you may have to take care of the payments most of the time. If he’s still depending on his parents for money, he may not have enough money in his bank account to take care of even the smallest things. In other words, you may have to be the financial backbone of the relationship. 

You may also have lots of ‘sleepovers’ at your place, not because you just want to hang out, but because he can’t afford a place or he’s late on his rent and bills. Whatever the case may be, you’re probably going to have to be a financial contributor to his life. If you want to date someone like this, be prepared to bear the financial responsibilities most of the time. 

5. You’re at risk of falling victim to a gold digger

We can’t rule out the fact that this man may be after your money. There have been countless horror stories about women who dated someone below their class and ended up being terribly heartbroken. No one would outrightly admit they are with you because of what you can offer, that’s why it’s best to be careful. 

After staying faithful and committed to them and supporting them financially, the men immediately abandoned them as soon as they were able to stand on their own. Yes, it sounds extreme, but it happens.

There’s no standard way to spot a gold digger, some men are well-practiced at masking their intentions, but make sure to question his true intentions with you, especially on your first few dates with him. Also, observe the way he treats other people around you.


Is it okay to date a broke guy?

It all depends on you and your current situation, most women who are financially stable do not mind dating below their financial status. There’s no rule book that condemns or encourages this, it’s a personal choice. However, it’s important to be observative, make sure he is with you for the right reasons.

Should I leave my boyfriend for a rich guy?

Money should never be the sole purpose of giving up on a functional relationship, life is unpredictable and the content of people’s bank accounts rise and fall by the day. If your current boyfriend has a problem with his personality due to his financial situation, then that may be grounds to leave him for someone else. 

What guys should not say when dating?

There are things that should not at all be said by a man when he’s dating you. Statements like; “You remind me of my ex”, “your friend is sexy”, “Your family drives me crazy” or “You’re getting fat, what are you eating?” should never be said. These could be considered verbal abuse in some situations.

Why You should date a quiet guy?

Most quiet guys are very observant, which can be a useful trait for a love interest. A guy who observes you would discover a lot about you in a short period of time, even without you having to tell him. You wouldn’t have to teach him how to treat you, since he’ll probably know what you like and dislike already.

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Should you date if you're broke?

Everyone has the right to date, there are no laws prohibiting broke people from dating. However, it’s better to have at least a monthly income before you decide to date. Especially if you’re looking to get into a serious relationship, you would need to cater to her needs and be a breadwinner at some point.

To Conclude 

I hope you found this article helpful. Remember, dating a poor man may require a lot more patience, mutual love, and stable finances on your part, so be sure to think it through before you commit to him. Please tell me what you think about this topic in the comment section below and be sure to share it.

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