Dating A Blind Person (11 Things To Know When Dating A Blind Person)

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Meeting someone for the first time is a great thrill, especially when this meeting is geared toward romantic relationships. Within the first few months, so much can happen that helps you grow closer, fall genuinely in love, and probably decide to spend the rest of your lives together through marriage.

Sadly, not everyone gets to experience the term 'love at first sight.’ This inability, however, doesn't take away from their ability to give and receive love, just as people without blindness do. If you've just started dating someone with a vision impairment and you're clueless about what to do or expect, we've curated several lessons and tips just for you. 

11 Things To Know When Dating A Blind Person

1. First impressions still matter

It might surprise you, but yes, these people still think about first impressions and believe it matters; never assume they don't care. When asked, most blind people commented that while they can not see you, they still have a unique concept of what first impressions mean. 

While those with sight focus on your clothing, the patterns, and colors or lack thereof, such people focus on other details like their voice and smell. In most cases, these two features talk louder than the physical features. If you're going on a date with a low-vision person and you're nervous, uninterested, or excited, they'll know; all they need to do is talk to you. 

2. Sound is vital

sound is vital

When dating, two things matter to people who can't see: your sound and your scent. Attraction from a low-vision person can be greatly affected by the sound of their potential partner. Sound doesn't only refer to someone's voice but every timbre within that voice. They consider the sound of your breaths, your shoes as they move along the sidewalk, your chewing, voice volume, and even your word choices. 

Totally blind people are more able to read a person when there's a lot of passion in their voice. If you date someone with no vision, let your passion seep through your voice into their hearts. They want to know that you're interested in them and genuinely love them. 

3. And so is the scent

I was 16, and the one thing that I realized after taking in a whiff of the perfume of a random stranger was the fact that he was going to be my husband. Scent is one of the most important things for blind and sighted people, but mostly for the blind as their senses are heightened to analyze and retain smells.

When shaping your attraction to someone new in your life, there is much-unseen stuff you hardly even think about, and scent counts as one of them. Every human has two kinds of smells. There are smells we don't realize we have and smells that we cultivate.

It is a huge turn-off for such people if you have body odor. As much as possible, work on smelling your best always. Dental hygiene is imperative, just as body hygiene. 

4. They love regular dates too!

Loving a low-vision person doesn't mean you indeed change how you navigate date nights. Chances are, your partner also wants to go to the movies, sit at your right-hand side, and steal some of your popcorn. Whether going to the theater or the movies, don't write off date night ideas because your partner is blind. These are time-honored activities they would like to partake in. 

Thanks to technology, several movie theaters are fully equipped with audio description systems that help fill the necessary gaps in scenes without narration or dialogue. Instead of assuming that your partner won't be interested and putting off the movies for good, it is safe to ask; you might be surprised at their answer. 

5. It's okay to ask questions

It doesn't matter if it's your first date or you're in a long-term relationship; communication is key and needs to be utilized if you're looking to be with your partner for the long haul. Several couples split simply because they don't trust each other enough to talk honestly. Right from your first actual date to the day you decide to be official, you need to communicate as much as possible, and the best way to engage in conversations is by asking questions. 

A friend of mine, Tony, who is blind, states emphatically that he hates when a partner assumes. Whenever you feel unsure about something, ask your partner. It is the same way you'd expect them to behave when they are unclear about something regarding you. 

It is normal to feel the need to walk on eggshells when around someone with an inability, but it is your responsibility as a romantic partner to work on avoiding that as much as possible. Assumptions in the dating world breed distrust and can ultimately end your relationship. 

6. Your partner's guide dog should be your friend too

your partner's guide dog should be your friend too

Never think lowly of the relationship between your blind partner and their guide dog as much as possible. This is one thing every member of the visually impaired community speaks passionately about. As a partner to a visually impaired person, you need to become comfortable with having your partner's guide pet around all the time. This third wheel is an essential part of your relationship, and as such, you must have a good sense not to distract them from doing their duties. 

For the relationship between a service dog and a person with visual impairment to be effective, they both need to trust and feel comfortable with one another. If you're scared or allergic to dogs, you might not be the best-sighted spouse for the person you love. 

7. You're their partner, not their savior

Neither are you in the relationship to be their servant. Everyone loves having a helpful partner around. Their presence might become detrimental when we become reliant on them. This stays true for members of the blind community. As the one with vision, you might be tempted to use your partner's condition as an excuse to do everything for them, which can drive them crazy.

While you might mean well, you take away your partner's power and spirit of self-reliance. They begin to feel inadequate and become more aware of their disability, which can affect their relationship. Your partner wants a romantic partner and not a sighted guide; be sure that the only time you're helping out is when you've been asked directly. 

8. Dating apps aren't their favorite place to be

Regarding dating, technology has tried to make things easier for everyone via the creation of online dating sites. While getting to know others a little easier, it has some limitations. The visually impaired and those with other disabilities have a few specialized dating apps, such as for those with low vision or blindness. 

Still, many prefer to use the regular sites as there's a wider pool of potential dates. One thing, however, stands out from their reviews of dating apps; nothing beats meeting in person to know if people are a good match. Meeting people with visual impairments is best done in person, at events, or in regular places where they get to know face-to-face. 

9. They care about romance

they care about romance

And being with someone they love. People might be blind, but that doesn't stop them from being people. They're people, and they matter just as we do. Everyone deserves to date people, fall out of love with the wrong ones and meet the right ones to build a life with. 

Everyone, regardless of what we like or who we are, deserves a love they can't stop talking about to others. If you thought the farthest thing on the mind of the blind was love and being with someone romantically, you'd have to think again. 

10. Spontaneity isn't their favorite thing

Being spontaneous can be exciting and filled with lots of fun, but for blind people, it can be very unsettling. Dating becomes easier for such people when they are given a chance to plan ahead of time. 

Many of us rely heavily on public transportation to get around, and especially for longer, wider distances, it can be a challenge for the visually impaired. As much as possible, give them ample time to prepare for plans such as travel. 

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11. Out of sight is out of mind

This saying rings true for blind people. Since they can't see you build an instant physical attraction, they always need the person in the flesh, talking to them or spending time with them; they lose their attraction. 

With this in mind, it is imperative to know that long-distance partnerships might prove difficult for the blind. If you're around, however, you can court for more than two years, and they will still feel deeply attracted to you. 


Where can I date a blind person?

The ability to see with a keen interest in love, networking, and technology has put together several specialized dating sites which cater to people with sight loss or any other form of disability. This means if you are visually impaired, you have a chance to meet people just like you if that's your preference.

Aside from this, loving such people can be done anywhere you find fun. You could meet them personally or via many of the online dating apps in existence. Before dating, you only need to feel comfortable with such a union and ensure you have no unknown bias.

Do blind people date each other?

Love and dating know no categorization. There are full-vision people who fall in love with such people, and there are such people who fall in love with fellow visually impaired people. Their ability or disability doesn't deter them from having complete, fulfilling, and love-filled relationships, as some end up in marriage and even go ahead to have children.

Studies from the visually impaired, however, have shown that many prefer to date people who can see because it opens up more opportunities for freedom and spontaneity, as they are allowed to take their minds off blindness to fully enjoy life.

What is a blind relationship?

The term blind relationship comes with varied meanings, depending on the context within which it is used. The first context concerns a union between ordinary and blind people. Several benefits come with being with such a person as a sighted person and vice versa. Patience becomes a big part of your union as you learn to accept new ways of doing this. When the love is pure and true, these relationships blossom into wonderful unions.

Another context is when the people involved in the union have no hope for the union regarding the future. Both planners don't share a future plan regarding their union, so they're always in limbo as to what is next.

Why do people go blind in love?

The term blind in love caused many to undertake in-depth research to ascertain if it is true that people in love go 'blind'. Studies revealed that, in most cases, our perceptions of our romantic partners stem from our positive illusions and no objective reality. This thing applies to instances where we envision our partners as more physically attractive than ourselves. 

When our perceptions about our partners are positive, it can help create better relationships, with the opposite happening with negative perceptions. People go blind when in love because the closer they get to a person, the more reduced your need to assess a person's character or personality. You lose all sense of objectivity even when they play with your feelings or do many wrong things to you.

Does blind love work?

If you're interested in someone and they are blind, there's no need to shun your feelings or avoid the person. Dating a blind person is possible and can be one of the best experiences of your life. Even though they've lost their ability to see, blind people use their enhanced senses to evaluate and experience life differently from those who can see. This gives you a different perspective on life and enables you to navigate life and love differently than others.

In Conclusion

Being with someone with such an impairment is nothing to be ashamed of but something to celebrate. Suppose you're about dating, or you're already with someone who's blind. In that case, we hope this article gives you a little more insight into what your union might look like or tips to help make your union more exciting. 

Be sure to share this article with everyone; make this youth group discussion for the weekend d and let us in on your views in the comment section.

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