Cute Things Couples Do (227 Totally Cute Things)

Last updated on June 12, 2022 by April Maccario

There are a lot of things couples naturally do, and some things they make plans to do. If you have someone special in your life, then it’s certain you’re looking for new things to do with him. One of the things couples usually do is go for a dinner or two every week, but there are still things that can be done to spice things up. 

People may make comments about how much time you spend together, but it doesn’t matter. One fancy dinner, occasional “baecations” with that special someone will only keep the relationship one step away from ‘basic.’ it’s even better when you’re with someone who values switching things up from time to time.

Whether you’re at home or have the funds to travel the world, you can turn any boring weekend into an unforgettable one with the perfect couples bucket list of things to do with that special someone.

This article narrows down 227 things to do with your boyfriend and just in case you’re looking for the perfect couples bucket list to tick off, I’ve included some of those things too. 

227 Cute Things Couples Can Do

227 cute thing couples can do
  • Cuddle. It’s one of the things both of you will like.
  • Binge-watch new tv series. It just might become a favorite.
  • Write love letters. It’s sweet and romantic.
  • Go on a bike ride. The more fun for the two of you.
  • Plan your future. It’s as important as anything else.
  • Go on a double date. The more, the merrier.
  • Watch movies all day. It’s never a bad idea.
  • Put off your phones for a day. Bonding without the distraction of technology is the best.
  • Cook a meal together. You might be amazed by your culinary skills.
  • Visit each other’s hometowns. Get to know one another's background.
  • Create pet names for each other. It’s both sweet and romantic.
  • DIY anything. Make research and get creative.
  • Create a romantic playlist. It’s cute. You won’t regret doing this.
  • Get massages together. Your comfort is quite important. 
  • Give each other professional-level massages. Then rate each other’s performance.
  • Go on a hot air balloon ride. It’d be definitely one to remember.
  • Go for a painting class. Learn a new skill.
  • Go bowling. Healthy competition will promote growth.
  • Make cocktails together. Get creative with mixing. 
  • Have a slow dance. Be romantic without limits.
  • Lodge at a hotel. Sometimes, a new environment does magic.
  • Go to an amusement park. You can’t have enough fun with your partner.
  • Have sex in new places. Intimacy is important for couples.
  • Read a book together. Pick one you both like.
  • Go to the beach. You need some time off with your partner.
  • Take a horseback ride. You can create fun memories together.
  • Go to a concert. It could be a local one.
  • Take a bubble bath. These aren’t only meant for kids.
  • Eat together. You can also feed one another.
  • Go cliff-jumping together. If you have the guts for it, then go for it.
  • Take a walk around the neighborhood. You can explore new regions.
  • Play a board game. A little competition never hurtsanybody.
  • Watch a play. It’s just like binge-watching, but it’s live and direct.
  • Climb a mountain. You’ll like the exhilaration.
  • Watch a cartoon together. It doesn’t have to be for kids alone.
  • Kiss in the rain. It’s as romantic as anything.
  • Have breakfast in bed. Lovers need to be spoiled too.
  • Get ice cream. Excite your taste buds.
  • Make a bucket list. Everyone needs one of these.
  • Go to the movies. If you can’t binge-watch, then head to the movies instead.
  • Sing karaoke. It’s never a bad idea.
  • Go to dance classes. Grow together with new dance steps.
  • Join a workout class together. Keeping fit is crucial.
  • Stay up all night. Couples do this to have memorable conversations
  • Gaze at the stars after a romantic dinner. 
  • Wear matching clothes. Show yourselves off to the world.
  • Play mini-golf. It’s a cute sport for lovers.
  • Make a lover’s scrapbook. You need to capture all your memories.
  • Sleep outdoors. It’ll be more exciting.
  • Recreate your first date; the moment you first became lovers.
  • Go to a new restaurant. It might just become a favorite.
  • Go on a picnic. If you like food, then this is a great option.
  • Go on a boat ride. It’s a great way to spend time as a couple.
  • Sit by a fireplace, it’s one way to warm things up.
sit by a fireplace, it's one way to warm things up
  • Bake cupcakes. You'll be spending more time with your significant other.
  • Go for a drive-in movie. They're pretty fun.
  • Go to a museum. Explore new sights as lovers. 
  • Try a new coffee shop. For the simple love of coffee.
  • Go on a ferry ride. Ignite your adventurous side.
  • Buy chocolates. It’s a cute method of being romantic.
  • Go on a road trip. The experience might be life-changing.
  • Play a dare game. It’s one way to get your fantasies fulfilled.
  • Plan a surprise date. This is a must-try for all couples.
  • Couples game night. You could either attend or host one.
  • Watch the sunset. It’s one way to chill out together.
  • Dance in the rain. Let your inner child come out.
  • Watch passersby. Just in case there’s nothing else to do.
  • Go camping. Most lovers like the adventure involved.
  • Go house hunting. This will give the two of you new ideas.
  • Try yoga together. The calmer life is, the better.
  • Watch fireworks together. You can finish it off with a kiss.
  • Sleep all day. Relaxation can come in many folds.
  • Take a pottery class. Learning a new skill is always fun.
  • Wear one another’s clothes. Couples do this just to look cute.
  • Break a record. Simply do something you haven’t done before.
  • Go on a spa date. Spoil yourselves to this treat.
  • Express your feelings. There’s no better method of getting closer.
  • Write a song together. It’ll be a memorable experience.
  • Drink champagne. Lots of it, if you can.
  • Tell secrets. There’s no better person to reveal yourself to.
  • Plan a surprise party. Gather mutual friends while at it.
  • Go skinny dipping. Be adventurous as lovers.
  • Say “I love you”. Love is a feeling that needs to be expressed.
  • Go shopping. Getting new stuff is always fun.
  • Watch a romantic movie. Get into your feelings as a couple.
  • Have sex on the beach. If you have the guts to.
  • Ask deep questions. Get to know each other intimately.
  • Play pool together. If you can’t, then you can learn.
  • Meet each other’s families. It’s a cute method of showing commitment.
  • Stay in bed all day. Couples can laze around too.
  • Go wine tasting. Just for the fun of it.
  • Go to a thrift shop. You never know what you might find.
  • Go skydiving. You won’t forget your experience easily.
  • Take pictures in a photo booth. Your memories as lovers matter.
  • Learn more about your families. It pays off in the long run.
  • Go to a sports game. Couples tend to bond over sports easily.
  • Attend a wedding together. You’ll have ideas of yours.
  • Paint a room. It’ll be a fun experience.
  • Go on a motorcycle ride. Do it if you like trying new things.
  • Go bird watching. It’s a cute thing couples do.
  • Play 20 questions. It’s one way to spice things up.
  • Buy flowers. It’s a simple way to be romantic.
  • Adopt a pet. It’s lovely when couples raise pets.
  • Go to where you first met. You’ll love your partner even more.
  • Complete a jigsaw puzzle. You’ll like the fun attached.
  • Run a marathon. If you’re into racing.
  • Plan a scavenger hunt. The excitement is second to none.
  • Write a love story. It could be fact or fiction.
write a love story
  • Go on a cruise. Many memories will be made.
  • Watch each other’s favorite movies. You’ll like the moments spent together.
  • Plan a vacation. Make sure it counts.
  • Learn how to swim. It’s one way to work out while bonding.
  • Go backpacking. Pick a favorable destination.
  • Make homemade ice cream. You might like it.
  • Learn a new language together. You might need it in the long run. 
  • Rent a cabin. Make memories there as a couple.
  • Go to an art gallery. Check out your favorite artworks.
  • Plan an arcade game. Make the competition count. 
  • Visit Disneyland. You’re certain to like the experience.
  • Go on an adventure. Pick the best location.
  • Check out the pyramids in Egypt. It’ll be memorable.
  • Visit a bookshop. Find your favorite books.
  • Go ice skating together. It’s an adventurous sport.
  • Walk dogs together. You’ll like seeing new sights.
  • Take a flight together. Travel to new places.
  • Fly first class. If you have the means to, then go for it.
  • Talk with friends. You can make memories with them.
  • Visit the Great Wall of China. It’s a great sight.
  • Leave each other cute notes. You’ll like it.
  • Have a camel ride. Take a picture while you’re at it.
  • Visit the Grand Canyon. Add it to your bucket list.
  • Look at nature. It never goes out of trend.
  • Visit the Eiffel Tower. It’s a place of romance.
  • Go to a farm. Learn something new there.
  • Improve old skills. You could become a professional. 
  • Go for a swim. It’s never a bad idea.
  • Volunteer for something together. Make a difference somewhere.
  • Go for a bed and breakfast. You deserve some luxury treatment.
  • Dance till dawn. Simply have the moment of your life.
  • Learn how to sail. It could prove important in the long run.
  • Go to a film festival. Bond over good movies.
  • Visit an ancient city. Learn about new cultures.
  • Go on a safari in Africa. See nature at its best.
  • Take a helicopter ride. It’s an exciting ride.
  • Go to a country fair. Just for the fun of it.
  • Fart. It’s weird but cute.
  • Build a blanket fort. It has great importance.
  • Go to a bar. Get your favorite drinks too.
  • Get groceries together. It’s time well spent
  • Learn how to box. Do it for the fun of it.
  • Rent one night at a luxury hotel. The best of the best.
  • Get pedicures. Your feet should look good too.
  • Teach yourselves something new. It’s never a waste of effort.
  • Play ‘Never Have I Ever’. You never know what to expect.
  • Look at childhood photos together. They’re always cute.
  • Get engaged. Make things official.
  • Go skateboarding. It’s an exciting sport.
  • Get married. Build a home together.
  • Have children. Grow your family.
  • Adopt a child. You can consider this too.
  • Go to an open house. Get a feel of different homes.
  • Write your initials on a tree. It’s romantic.
  • Ride a rollercoaster. It’s always exciting.
  • Fly in a private jet. Do it if you have the means. 
  • Set new goals together. The future is important.
  • Find one special song for both of you. You’ll never forget it.
  • Learn different accents. Do it for the fun of it.
  • Play knock-knock jokes. Adults can do it too.
  • Go fishing. It just might be fun.
go fishing
  • Visit the opera. There’s a first time for everything.
  • Fly a kite. Relive childhood experiences.
  • Rent a yacht. Have a luxury vacation.
  • Celebrate your anniversary. Moments spent should be celebrated. 
  • Go to a record store. Get your favorite tracks.
  • Go snorkeling. Just for the fun of it.
  • Play pranks. You’re never too old for them.
  • Go hiking. Embrace nature as lovers.
  • Go see a convention. You’ll get to meet new people.
  • Go on a game show together. You’d bond even better.
  • Go cheese tasting. Just for fun.
  • Start a new tradition. It might be profitable. 
  • Learn each other’s love language. It’s crucial in any relationship.
  • Do something nice for your partner. It could become an everyday tradition.
  • Play a trust exercise. It would help you get closer.
  • Visit a waterfall. The view is amazing.
  • Learn how to ballroom dance. It’s a fun experience.
  • Go for a photo shoot. Make each memory count.
  • Rent a treehouse. You’d enjoy the moment. 
  • Have a candlelight dinner. It’s cute and romantic.
  • Attend a New Year’s Eve event together. You can end it with a kiss.
  • Visit an aquarium. It’ll be one fun encounter.
  • Go to the zoo. Seeing wildlife is adventurous.
  • Play a card game. It will spark healthy competition.
  • Go watch ballet. Do it for the fun of it.
  • Meet each other’s parents. It’ll show commitment.
  • Make out at the backseat of your car. Just like high school students.
  • Hit the library together. Reading can be fun.
  • Go to the park. There are many nice sights to see.
  • Go to the farmer’s market. Get some healthy foods while you’re there.
  • Visit a haunted house. If you like spooky things.
  • Go skiing. It’s a fun sport for lovers.
  • Swim with the dolphins. Dolphins are cute.
  • Look up new meal recipes. You can improve your culinary skills.
  • Go paddleboarding. It’s a simple yet adventurous sport.
  • Play Twister. You’ll enjoy this one.
  • Get brunch. You wouldn’t want to miss this one.
  • Go to a water park. Have a fun splash while at it.
  • Play laser tag. Adults can enjoy it too.
  • Go to an open mic night. Experience entertainment live and direct.
  • Learn the flamenco dance. Improve your dance skills.
  • Go paintballing. Channel your inner child.
  • Make homemade pizza. You can get creative.
  • Go to the club. Couples should get their groove on.
  • Go scuba diving. It’s an unforgettable adventure.
  • Donate your old stuff. Make an impact in your society.
  • Watch the sunrise. It’s romantic.
  • Go rock-climbing. If you have the guts to.
  • Play kickball. Chanel your love for sports.
  • Get matching Halloween costumes. It’s cute anytime.
  • Paint a portrait of yourselves. Do it even if you can’t paint.
  • Choose one favorite restaurant to regularly go to. It’ll create unforgettable moments.
  • Learn how to pole-dance. Just for the fun of it.
  • Make a relationship time capsule. Keep your memories alive.
  • Get matching sweaters. It’s cute and romantic.
  • Rent a beach house for summer. You’d want to enjoy the waves.
  • Add a love lock on a bridge. Keep your love story alive.
  • Relax together in a Jacuzzi or hot tub. Your comfort matters. 
relax together in a jacuzzi or hot tub


What activities do couples do together?

It could range from activities at home like making dinner, leaving comments on his social media page, or watching a movie, to something that keeps you on the road. The most important things are the moments spent together

What do weird couples do?

Weird couples fart in front of each other, use their home bathroom together, and may even text one another in the same room.

What are the 5 most important things in a relationship?

In order for a relationship to work perfectly, you need to love yourself first, then love your partner, trust, open up, and have passion for the relationship to work. 

What can couples do when bored at home?

You can create a bucket list, have sex, or simply do the things you and your partner like the most. The most important thing is spending quality time together

How do I romance my boyfriend physically?

If you want to make your boyfriend feel special, cute things you can do include wearing nice clothes to suit his taste, complimenting him, and occasionally touching him.

To conclude

Did you enjoy this article? You can always be creative and try to explore your own bucket list goal. Keep your comments coming, and share this article if you liked it. 

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