Crazy Places To Have Sex With Your Man (51 Crazy Places To Get It On)

Last updated on June 7, 2022 by April Maccario

Are you looking to spice up your relationship, and making unforgettable memories with your partner? 

Then finding crazy places to have sex is one easy way to make that happen. The exhilaration of doing something different has a way of making sex hotter and unforgettable

Plus, finding new and fun places to do it will improve your sex life, and generally improve your sex-drive. If you want to find out the best crazy places for sexual encounters, then continue reading. 

51 Crazy Places To Get Freaky

1. In The Shower

The shower is one of the hottest places to get it on simply because it’s wet and steamy. You can definitely explore most of your sexual fantasies while you’re soapy and wet with your partner.

2. Public Restroom

If you can’t hold your urge much longer, and the moment seems right, then getting crazy in a public restroom is going to be extremely hot, and definitely unforgettable. It might also become a thing for you and your partner. 

3. In A Barn

The coziness of being in a barn will definitely bring up sexy urges between you and your partner. You can turn things up a notch, and reveal your wild side in crazy and fun ways. 

4. Against A Wall

against a wall

The exhilaration of having grinding up against a wall is incomparable to doing it on a bed. The drive and passion will be second to none, making the moment hotter than you imagined.

5. On A Football Field

A football field is one of the sexiest places to make love because it’s wild and you could probably get caught. If you’re out on an open field, with the perfect weather to do something sexy – seize the moment.

6. In A Pool

If you’re looking for the hottest places to spice things up, then a pool is one place to get it on. There’s something erotic about being immersed in water and doing it; so this will definitely heat up the moment. If it’s a public pool, make sure your clothes are nearby so you can pop out and make a run for it when you’re done. 

7. In The Rain

If you want to be wet and wild while making love, but can’t find a pool to immerse yourself in, then doing it out in the rain is a close substitute. This will heat up the moment, and make things hotter than you imagined.

8. In An Amusement Park

If you really want to experience something new, head to an amusement park. There are so many rides to try, but the most important is the one you’ll be giving your partner. Imagine getting it on while the world spinsaround you? Now that’s crazy!

9. On A Trampoline

The motion/vibration of the trampoline is already hot and sexy enough to make you want to do some crazy things. If you want to spice things up in a crazy way, then you can try this, make sure you don’t bounce around too much to prevent sexual injuries.

10. Ferris Wheel

There’s something naughty about being in a Ferris wheel with your partner and having sexy thoughts. This is basically because Ferris wheels are part of the interesting places to have sex. If you can’t fight back the urge, then go for it. 

11. At Work

at work

It’s no surprise that having sex at work is risky but exciting. This is why it’s one wild place you should try if you’re trying to have a little fun. Just ensure you’re not too loud and you don’t get caught.

12. Locker Room

It’s dewy, hot, and tremendously sexy. Doing it in a locker room can make things even hotter because the environment just seems right. It’s certainly one adventure you won’t forget. 

13. On A Roller Coaster

Many have taken their wildest fantasies up to the roller coasters, and you should too. What’s more, the force of gravity will add up to the intensity of the moment and make it an unforgettable encounter. 

14. On The Roof Of A Hotel

If you want to avoid the regular hotel sex on a bed, then doing things in a fun and wild way by sexing on the roof of the hotel, will definitely spice up the moment. You can be gazing at the sun while having the time of your life. 

15. On The Stairs

Can’t make it up to your room? The stairs are the perfect place to get started on the action. The exhilaration of not resisting the temptation is what makes this place even more exciting.

16. Empty Classroom

You’re in school, and you want to be schooled in a naughty way, then find yourself an empty classroom and get in on the action. The fact that you could get caught makes it more deviant and exciting. 

17. Laundry Room

This place is incredibly sexy to get some action because of all the vibrations happening in the background. It could either be in a laundromat or even on your washing machine, so you can feel the vibrations as the moment intensifies. 

18. On The Floor

It’s wild and sexy, making it the perfect place to have some hot action. It isn’t much different from the comfort of the bed, but the intensity of the moment simply brings out your wild side. 

19. On A Balcony

Don’t want to be confined to an enclosed space? Then simply take the action to the balcony. The fact that people might probably see you is what makes it more thrilling and exciting.

20. Bed Of A Truck

The advantages of getting it on in the bed of a truck are quite exciting. With an open space, some fresh air, a great view of the sky, and some blankets, you can maximally enjoy the moment.

21. On A Beach

on a beach

There’s a cool breeze, calming waves, and the perfect beachy vibe to make your sexy adventures even more erotic. This is why it’s no surprise having sex on the beach is a popular way to spice things up. 

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22. On A Train

You’re on your way home and you find yourself thirsty for some action. If the urge is too much to resist, then having sex on a train is an exciting place to make the moment even hotter.

23. Movie Theater

Many have shared their exciting sex encounters at the movies, making it no surprise that it’s a wild and fun place to get naughty. If the moment seems right, then you should consider getting steamy in the theatre, while watching the perfect movie. 

24. On A Plane

If you can’t wait hours just to get in on some action, then doing it on the plane is definitely a moment you won’t forget. With the perfect opportunity, you can sneak into the bathroom for some hot action. 

25. In A Car

Doing it in a car is undisputedly a wild way to spice up your sex life. You can select the perfect music for the mood, and the perfect location to get naughty and excited.

26. Photobooth

A photo booth is an enclosed space where you can capture memories with your partner. If the moment seems sexy enough to get in on some action, then you should spice things up and allow the camera to capture the moment. 

27. In Your Backyard

You don’t have to go too far to create memorable sexual moments. If you crave the serenity of being close to nature, but still want to be close to home, then take the action to your backyard instead.

28. On A Boat

Did you go on an adventurous boat trip? Don’t miss the moment to make it a memorable sexual encounter. If the timing is perfect, then boggle down on some steamy action, just the way you like it with your partner.

29. Dressing Room

Trying out clothes in a dressing room can be a sexy request for some quick action from your partner. Before you put on your clothes, you can seize the moment and make it memorable.

30. In An Elevator

If you’re on your way to your office or hotel room, and you can’t hold back your urge, then make the elevator a wild and exciting place for a little sexual fantasy. You’ll have to make it quick, but good enough so it’s unforgettable.

31. On A Golf Course

This is the perfect scenario for hot and wild fun. You’re out in the open, with a perfect view of the stars, making it a great opportunity to have wild sex.

32. In A Closet

If your closet is big enough to contain your naughty fantasies, then have a little fun with your partner and turn things up a notch in the comfort of your own house. 

33. In A Hot Tub

in a hot tub

Whether it’s a hot tub or a Jacuzzi, having sex in this hot and sexy setting will definitely amount to an unforgettable moment. The steam from the water will also make you relax better and have the time of your life. 

34. In A Tent

If you’re out camping, and you want a little taste of nature’s goodness without getting your hands dirty, then getting some action in a tent will significantly be as wild and fun as you had imagined. 

35. Parking Lot

A parking lot is one of the craziest but hottest places to have amazing sex. It’s quiet and has a little sense of danger attached, making it more exciting to explore fun fantasies. 

36. In The Woods

If you don’t mind a little danger, and you want some spooky adventures with your partner, then going to the woods for some action is one easy way to bring your daring sexual fantasies to life 

37. On A Pool Table

Still thinking of places that can tremendously increase the intensity of your sexual moments? Then try sexing your partner on a pool table. It’s a daring move, which is why the excitement will be greatly increased.

38. At A Library

A library is probably one of the naughtiest places to have a sexual encounter. Simply find a perfect spot behind some bookshelves, and ensure you remain as quiet as possible.

39. On A Car

Taking the excitement from inside to out is definitely a risky yet thrilling way to spice things up. You might probably be seen, but it’s up to you if that really matters or not.

40. On A Cliff

Do you want to take things to a more daring level? Then maybe having sex on a cliff is a sexual experience you can consider. 

41. On The Kitchen Table

If you’re trying to be naughty or sexy at home, then you should try sexing on the kitchen counter. The reason it’s a popular setting is because there’s something irrefutably sexy about having sex in the most unusual places in your home.

42. Empty Playground

Playgrounds are also daring, naughty, and can give you a zest for pleasure. Simply choose a spot that’s comfortable, and ensure the playground is empty.

43. On A Swing Set

One amazing spot for wild and naughty sex in a playground is on a swing set. The motion of the swing set will further amplify the sensation, making it a memorable encounter.

44. At A Hotel/Motel

at a hotel/motel

The thrilling thing about having sex at a hotel or motel is the sense of newness, plus a feeling of relaxation, as opposed to being in a bedroom. This can make you unleash fantasies even better.

45. In A Shed

Getting some action in a shed will give you a taste of the adventures of outdoor sex. It’s also quite private so you can enjoy maximum alone time with your partner. 

46. On A Boulder 

If you want the adventure mixed with nature, then when hiking, boggle down on some pleasured sensation on the boulder. 

47. Moving RV

The motion of the RV will tremendously increase the intensity of your sexual experience. This will make the sensations more memorable.

48. At The Gym

After burning some calories, sweating, and flexing some muscles, you can release some tension by getting naughty and wild at the gym.

49. On A Motorcycle

You can have a taste of adventure on a stationary motorcycle or on a moving one. Just ensure the speed is safe enough so that you can enjoy the moment to the fullest.

50. At The Airport

You can pass time while waiting for your flight by heading to a restroom and getting some action. The setting is perfect to ensure you have an unforgettable moment before leaving.

51. Anywhere In Your Apartment Building Apart From The Bedroom

Your apartment can really spice up your sex game if you decide to take it anywhere else apart from your bedroom. 

To Conclude

Did you enjoy this article on the craziest places to have amazing sex? Ensure you’re comfortable and remember to simply have an unforgettable moment. Leave a comment below if you liked this article, and share with friends that need to see this. 

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