Clothes That Turn Guys On (21 Clothes That Make The Guys Go Wild)

Last updated on June 18, 2022 by April Maccario

It's true that women do not always dress for men. Ironically we dress for other women. This is understandable because women are way more critical and competitive and we love to appreciate style and fashion trends. 

However, once in a while, it does feel good to be noticed and even admired by the men around us, especially our love interests or significant others. 

In fact, if you want to know how to turn a guy on, wear a pencil skirt that clings to your curves or something skimpy. It’s a turn-on for guys when a lady dresses classy, sexy, and fashionably. 

Just the same way we love it when our man looks like a snack, they tend to love it when we’re the snack. So, if you're wondering what types of clothing you should add to your wardrobe, you’re at the right place.

21 Clothes That Men Love To See Women Wear

1. High heels

high heels

High heels are a classic, they have never gone out of style and they probably never will. They were initially invented for men as far back as the 10th century, but just like we women do, we took them and made them classier. 

Men love it when they see their women wear heels, whether it’s accompanied by a bandage dress or sexy lingerie.   

2. Oversized shirts

Guys go crazy seeing their women wear oversized shirts especially if it's theirs. It's a boost to their ego and makes them believe that you feel secure and comfortable around them. Pair them up with high socks and you’ll really be starting something.

This does not only go to show that you’re a laid back and easy-going person but that you find him ‘likable’ and attractive. To men, these are some of the most attractive things in a woman. Plus, who are we kidding, they show off your lovely legs.

3. Yoga pants

Some guys like to act as if yoga pants are a nuisance to them and society. They have often complained that they’re a bit too suggestive and tight and that they don’t belong in public settings except for a yoga studio. Yet, they’re yet to tell us why they can’t stop staring when we walk by. 

4. Lace pieces

Lace clothes are soft and feminine and because most lingerie pieces are made from lace materials. They remind men of these seductive pieces. Lace also screams class and sophistication while also making a woman look sensual and delicate

Almost no one looks attractive in lace, except they don’t know how to pull it off. Any lesson on how to turn on a guy probably starts with a module on how to rock lace pieces. 

5. Shorts

Whenever shorts are mentioned, we think of the summertime. Just like the season itself, a pair of denim shorts or some loose high-waisted shorts on a warm day is a hot choice! The good thing about shorts is that they’re comfortable, sexy, and adorable at the same time. Pair them with baseball caps or a tank top and you’re good to go. 

6. Thigh-high boots

Need I say much? I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying, more is less. Thigh-high boots are the very description of this statement, they cover up a lot and give the observer only a glimpse of skin; especially when paired with something loose that ends just above them. 

7. Leather jacket

leather jacket

Leather jackets scream confidence, both on women and men. The material, fit, and texture are slick with a hint of ‘badass’. Every guy loves a girl who has a mysterious and sometimes even dark side to her. So once in a while, perhaps you could ditch the feminine, barbie look and embrace your punk side by throwing on a fitting leather jacket.

8. Baggy pants

Baggy pants have surprisingly become something men like to see women in, I guess it gives off a really effortless but sexy look. Hopefully, it has nothing to do with how fast they come off (wink).

9. Jumpsuits

Apart from their easy-to-wear and comfortable features, this piece of clothing gives off a sophisticated yet down-to-earth vibe. It also gives you this bold, fearless look. A confident vibe from a woman makes her look as though she knows what she wants, this is one trait that really draws a guy to a woman.

10. Rompers

Some women have complained that rompers make them look like giant babies. As hilarious as it sounds it’s partially true, depending on your physique or the style of the romper itself. However, men find rompers to be very attractive to women, they’re cute, girly, and playful. 

11. Glasses

Several scientific reports have linked glasses to a higher IQ and intelligence. Even without scientific evidence, we can all attest to the fact that glasses do make people look slightly smarter. What’s sexier than a girl with both beauty and brains?    

12. Sundresses

Two words for this, girly and cute! It's one of the perks of springtime. The flowery patterns and breathable cotton totally complement the warm weather. We’re not alone though, because the men in our lives are also secretly looking forward to these times. A girl in a sundress tends to be really attractive to men because it shows off a woman’s silhouette and enhances her femininity. 

13. Skinny jeans

The classic denim jeans are an attractive pair, but if you put on a pair of denim skinny jeans and you can’t go wrong with that. Almost like yoga pants and leggings, the skinny jeans accentuate a woman's silhouette and really give this lovely mold and lift to her bum. 

14. Bodycon dresses

This definitely goes without saying, nothing highlights a woman’s figure like a well-fitted, stretchy body-con dress. Men love a woman with a feminine curve and they sure love when you aren’t afraid to show it off. Try not to overdo it though, there’s a thin line between sexy and trashy, a simple body con dress with some sneakers will do the trick.

15. Peach and pink clothing

peach and pink clothing

Pink and peach are youthful and girly colors, nothing screams feminine like a nice peach top or a pink dress. There’s a sweetness to these two hues and we’re not the only ones who have noted this. Men are also drawn to these sugary, soft, and ladylike colors.

16. High socks

Yes, I do believe that the high socks are a bit underrated, they complete the popular school girl look. Just the idea that you’re covering up one of your best features (your legs) but leaving out just enough to get his imagination active, gets the guys crazy. 

17. Schoolgirl skirts

The classic and famous catholic schoolgirl look has been around as the object of most men’s fantasies for a long while now. This is understandable because as we have noticed in this article, men sure love a good girly look. The innocence of the look also adds that subtle sex appeal to it, so don’t be afraid to add one of these to your wardrobe.  

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18. Lingerie

Lingerie is practically the mother of all seductive clothing. Even though this number can and should only be worn in private, it's still at the top of the sexy clothing list. Whether it be a see-through netty piece, leather, or a lacy bodysuit you are guaranteed to get your beau in the mood. 

19. Leggings

Just like yoga pants, leggings tend to accentuate a woman’s lower body. They show off the hips and make the legs look longer and more slender. The good thing is that they aren’t picky,  they can go with a basic tee and sneakers or with heels and a shirt.

20. Off-shoulder clothing

Showing lots of skin is great, but what’s even sexier is showing just a hint of it and leaving the rest to the imagination. To achieve this mysterious girl look, off-shoulder dresses and tops are your go-to. The neck and shoulder are one of the most attractive parts of the woman’s body according to men. So why not use this fact to your advantage?

21. Crop tops

crop tops

Crop tops are cute and playful pieces, they scream freedom and fun. They’re mostly worn to festivals or carnivals or anything that has to do with fun. Even though they may not be one of the wardrobe staples, they’re quite attractive men. 


What clothing do guys find most attractive?

Guys are most attracted to clothing or accessories that accentuate or highlight the best features in women. Like her legs, hips, silhouette, facial symmetry, eyes, lips, posture, and the likes. 

Do guys like it when you wear their clothes?

Guys love it when you wear their clothes, they find it very attractive. A number of men have confessed that the loose shirt or loose t-shirt look really turns them on. Aside from being sexy, they find it quite endearing, knowing that you’re relaxed and comfortable around them.  

What color turns a man on?

Colors play a major role in a woman’s outfit and overall look, which can also determine how she’s perceived by the opposite sex. A recent study reported that men find a woman wearing red daring, sexy, and bold. Other colors that appeal to men are pink, peach, and black.  

What guys find attractive on girls?

Guys find clothes that accentuate a woman’s figure and highlight her best features attractive. Soft and delicate materials like silk, cotton, and lace also get their juices flowing. Clothing like off-shoulder dresses and tops or other pieces that hide a lot yet show just a little skin are also considered very attractive to men.  

Do men like short girls?

Men like to be dominant and in control, because of this, most guys like to be with shorter girls. They feel they would be a bit more yielding and submissive compared to taller girls. Also statistically speaking, men find shorter women to be more nurturing and potentially better moms. 

To Conclude

I hope you found this article to be helpful. Just remember, style is personal, you can still wow your man while wearing what suits you and what you’re comfortable in. If you enjoyed reading this write up please don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the comment section below and be sure to share this with your friends.    

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  1. I can tell that this article was written by a woman who has no clue what men find attractive. It reads more like an article of what women want men to find attractive. Very manipulative. It's no wonder women in western society are so confused and have become so masculine, when manipulative feminists are teaching women the opposite of the truth. Women, if you want to know what men find attractive, ask a man, not a manipulative feminist who wants to sabotage your success.

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